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Army of the Cumberland

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Things do not matter and yet they always matter.

- Lame Cherry

One of my favorite generals is a general forgotten mostly in history except for the charges "he was slow". The reason I delve into the history of General Thomas of the Army of the Cumberland in the American Civil War is due to the reality that he was castigated, then praised, then outed and then made excuse for in the rewriting of his history as it affected the operations in Tennessee in the last days of the war.

I will effect in this a comparison to another colleague in General Philip Sheridan, who served with General Thomas in operations, and sustained high casualty counts, before  being put at the head of the Army of the Shenandoah to defeat General Jubal Early, after Sheridan's Cavalry had ridden behind General Lee's lines and whipped General Stuart's Cavalry in killing him in battle.

General Thomas is one of my favorites not for his success nor failure, but for the way he was mistreated after the war, in he was not given a position of honor in the political gratutities, but instead was insulted by a post of low esteem.
He groused about this to General Sherman, and the literal slap at him is what killed the man, as he had felt so humiliated.

When General Thomas was part of the Army which held General Sherman, General Sherman suffered severely in casualties as it was horrid combat in those series of Southern battles.
Thomas did prove slow, but it was not from not performing his duty, but he was paying attention to details.

One must comprehend that most armies are not all sprite men and full stores. Most armies are sick, broken down with everything in short supply, including good weather. It is those generals who can win with the forces available to them who are the generals who are remembered.

The defense of General Thomas is that General Sherman depleted his stores, his men, his cavalry and left him with the trash. To this General Thomas was to face the competent General Hood in Tennesee.

The backdrop of this was anxiety in Washington and City Point that Hood would cross into Ohio causing all sorts of problems. The reason for this diversion would be to save the South and General Lee's Army which was in the trenches at Petersburg with General Grant hemming Lee in.

Wars are never isolated things. This is why Lincoln, Stanton, Grant and Sherman were pressing for Thomas to attack Hood, so as to keep the political and military disaster from taking place.
It makes no difference if General Thomas was short on supplies and men, as almost every other commander was too.

I use General Sheridan in the Shenandoah as an example. The fight against General Early was hard and costly. Sheridan had numbers of his Cavarly dismounted, but he still was using them to fight on foot. Just because a Cavarly is shed of horses, does not mean it does not exist as a fighting force.
To this General Thomas wanted to wait in attacking General Hood, for the reason that his Cavalry of around 12000 would then be all mounted and able to attack Hood swiftly in flank, and to smash General Nathan Beford Forest's fine Cavalry.

General Sheridan in his victory, marched his Army toward Grant's at Petersburg, and it was not in full force. At Petersburg, he was employed to move on Lee's right flank.
General Sheridan requested "his" 6th Infantry as they were fine men, but was not given the 6th after protest, but afforded the 5th whose commander in General Warren was slow to the battle too.

In the Cumberland an ice storm was to keep General Thomas from deploying. In Petersburg a rain storm which buried wagons to axels and sank horses to their bellies, had General Grant listening to his officers to delay, until General Sheridan rode up and convinced General Grant that they had to attack or be maligned with another "mud campaign" and face political ramifications.

Sheridah leveraged Lee's right, got the Army of Virginia out of their trenches, and then received Pickett's attack which was blunted, all with being deprived of General Wilson and further reinforcements.

The reason General Wilson is brought up is that General Wilson was then with General Thomas, and would upon resupply conduct a brilliant campaign finishing off General Forest at Selma, and marching into Georgia in finishing off the last of the South's manufacturing base.

General Thomas was slow, but he was slow when others did have to take chances, and slow when striking General Hood even in destroying his own forces would mean the Ohio free, more pressure on Lee and greater enthusiasm for Grant and Sherman's Armies.

Sometimes a military division is used up with it's trash in order to use up another enemy army which it is more expedient to destroy then, instead of allowing it to remain as hope for other armies as in Johnston's and Lee's.
This may sound cruel, but it is war and in war people are put into the fight for a great objection to win.

There is no doubt that the re arming, reinforcing and re supply of General Thomas' Army of the Cumberland was a great feat. It does not though bar the facts that General Grant was going to relieve Thomas for inaction and take command of this Army personally to prosecute that front.
Grant, Sherman and Sheridan would have all been expected to prosecute a battle and victory with those  resources and that is what General Thomas was expected to accomplish, even if depleted by General Sherman's march.

As an example in the events leading to Appomatox, General Sheridan moved his Cavalry and 6th Infantry to cut off General Lee's flight. He engaged at Sailor's Creek, General Ewell in a sharp fight. Sheridan did not stop though and was busy probing for Lee's front after destroying his rear gaurd.
This was done while General Meade, an absolute stick in the mud was counter marching to a place Lee had been and left.
The point being in combat, a general attacks with what he has, by bringing to bear the most concentrated force on the best ground. At Chikamauga, General Sheridan was savaged in having the worst casualties, but he and his men attacked and held, because it was all that could be done.

The question with General George Thomas was not that he was slow. He was slow in previous battles and that deliberation is what vexed his superiors. He also was prepared if allowed time, which Tennessee was not allowed. By evidence, his Cumberland Army was deemed a military and political sacrifice which none would admit to, and which Thomas did not seem to comprehend.

General Thomas in taking time, and having an ice storm to gain 3 days time, whipped General Hood in shattering his Army. This then allowed General Wilson who had lost 6000 more horses in the vigorous campaign against Hood to drive into Alabama in pulling the rations and armament supply from the Confederacy.
That credit he deserves, but he also deserves the reality he was deliberately slow to protect his Soldiers, when politics demanded they be used up.

For this, General Thomas would pay for later under the President Johnson Administration, even if Sec. of War Stanton praised him for the victory in the "winners" were not going to share the spoils of victory with him.
Thomas' command was supposed to die for Ohio and not live for the Union.

All of this requires publication, so this arguement can end. The only thing assessed further is that one malcontent in General Thomas' Cumberland Army should have died under the command of another boy General in Wilson.
Captain Benteen is listed in the ranks of Wilson's Cavalry which outflanked Hood, and then finished off Forest in Alabama. Benteen would later finish off General Custer and his command at the Little Big Horn in that intrigue which followed later in the Indian Wars.
Benteen was another brave Trooper, but amounting to a psychopath in his hatred of "command" which one wonders stemmed from the lack of acknowledgement of Thomas and the Wilson campaign, while General Sheridan and General Custer in gained the glory.

It is just some of those things in the interconnecting dots none have ever examined as none ever assess the entire field and only fixate on points of battle.

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agtG 307Y

American Terrorists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter..........

It will seem the oddest of things, but the worst terrorists in America were brought about by a dog fight.

That will sound like more than you will be able to wrap your minds around, but it is the Truth, for if there had not been a dog fight, there never would have been a Geronimo of the Apache.

The Apache comprised two tribes, the plains and the mountain divisions. These peoples came from Canada in the far north, in the Great Slave region of  the central muskeg.

One must understand that the northern Indian, had the canoe and the dog season. Winter was dog sleds and summer was for canoes. During the summer, the Indians never fed their dogs, so they prowled about camps eating everything from leather to puppies and each group had their own clan of dogs.
It was in one such dog fight, that the Indians from each clan got into a dispute as clubs rained down, and the division from the Chipewyan was the Apache.

It is an extremely long distance from the Northwest Territories to Arizona, but of interest, that is where the Apache Chipewyan finally found a place to settle, between the Navajo and the Comanche.

It is of interest that the Chipewyan is a lazy Indian, but kind and honest. The Apache was not in the least humane. It makes one wonder if being pushed south by superior warring tribes, that the Apache found a niche of harsh climate between literal Mexicans, Comanches, Navajos and other warlike Indians, where they themselves became the worst form of terrorists in order to survive.

One ponders in this, that there were no sled dogs with the Apache of any sort or look. It would seem that on their southward trip, they probably ate all their dogs, the very dogs which were the cause of the dispute.

To think that a dog fight, was the reason for one of the greatest terrorizations of America in the Apache. They were the last to be neutralized, for they were more sadistic than the Comanche and more cruel than the Mexican.
There never would have been a General  Nelson Appleton Miles who would capture Geronimo, and later lead the American military in the Spanish American War if not for a dog fight. The same holds true for a little boy raised in the southwest on a military reservation known as Douglas MacArthur, whose father was an officer engaged in the Indian service.

It makes one ponder of the reality that the worst terrorists in American history, were Sioux and Apache, and both came to America from Canada out of Asia. The frigid climate of Canada seemed to quell the worst savagery, but transplant these Indians to a warmer climate, give them horse and guns, in being honed by the warlike nature of other tribes, and voila, they became a pariah to the world.

I contemplate that while cold weather does nothing to stop Caucasian aggression, but heat makes the white sloven, that perhaps the war on terror against Islamocommunists should have just transplanted all the Muslims into Siberia, and the cold would have accomplished what war only bankrupted the world with.

Now though you know a bit more reality, instead of the nonsense of "first peoples" and other such rubbish of Indian worship. According the PBS series NOVA, the American Indian is a product of an almost extinct Japanese mountain people, who are a sedate people. These Indians were crossed with Phoenican exiles fleeing Assyrian captivity in founding colonies like Carthage to the American shores, whereby those "European" genetics became infused into the bloodlines.

Fascinating things, as the dog fight was probably due to a Snowshoe Hare die off from their being overpopulated, and it was in a starvation year which the dogs were battling and the Indians were in ill humor.

The natural 10 year cycle of rabbit plague, caused a dog fight, which caused a split in the Great Slave Indian group, which in turn caused the creation of the worst terror cell the world has ever experienced in the Apache.
Honed by other warlike tribes, added horses from Spain and guns from Europeans, they became the American Terrorists immigrated from Canada.

Amazing to me, that dead bunnies and a dog fight could create such a carnage against all. One expects in tales of yore that it was some great crime of massacre, but the roots of it all was a cycle of nature and a bad canine day where the people who would become the Apache were beaten by their own Canadian Indian peoples.

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epic povery

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Stock Index Hits 'Death Cross'...

This blog published the predicted trend which the matrix was trending, and instead upon publication the Obama Geithner regime has been pumping enormous amounts of cash into the market, backed by the cartel and Big Frac to keep the GOP from getting such a super majority that criminal prosecution would have to take place.

The entire market structure is like water injected meat from the market........hollow and nothing inside. The  markets will deflate on the artificial terms which are running this faux trade, but the reality is as I have stated, there is just not enough cash to keep this thing expanding nor to maintain it. It is dead already and it will have to implode on itself, and to correct for that massive money pump, the price of the dollar and "savings" are going to have to deflate as much as stock prices.

They will distract you, but there is epic poverty in all of this. All of this should have been taking place, but none of it is, so it will compress and compound events.
Why do you think they are spiking and spreading ebola now? It was a weapon dropped, and now they will pick it up for their own devices.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would like to preface this, that in the metro in 10 months, I have met 3 nice black people. Two were women and one was a boy. The rest were horrid like most races.

With that out of the way, the following requires examination in the two media generated stories in Ferguson Missouri and the NFL human beaters.

First, these political stories link into past stories like the LA Clippers, which again reveals a singular thread in coons are stupid.
The word coon is utilized as a coon is a person who attacks a police officer by caving in his skull, who is armed, and then taunts the officer not to shoot. A coon is a person who thinks with their cock, impregnating whorish black whores, who are spreading their legs in order to get a child support check and live on easy street.

A coon is someone who like Treyvon Martin is not intelligent, but fights back or picks a fight or picks up a stick and whips a 4 year old to drawing blood.

In the epic 44 historical Obama era, Americans deluded themselves into thinking they were no racists in hating Niggers, by putting a Designer Negro into the White House twice in election theft. In return, Eric Holder has drawn national attention to black thuggery by protecting it, in Philadelphia voter intimidation, Treyvon Martin investigations, Giant Brown digital with holdings and investigations, and now this "Nigger knockin mung Niggers".
The problem coming out is not the NFL, but coons in the NFL who are beating on each other....granted Ray Rice got spit on first and who knows what little black Adrian Petersen jr. was trash talking to Papa Adrian to bring out the switch.......but all the same what have we now in mind in this Age of Obama coming to an end?

We learned from Barack Hussein Obama, that he did not care about his family in leaving them destitute. We learned that he runs the dope trade and his homey terrorists are ruling the hood. We learned that Obama does not work, but does nothing but play sports. We learned Obama lies, deals guns in Mexico and piles of dead people show up.
Now on top of this we learned that coons are stupid in attacking armed people, or having only cocks for brains as all they do is sex each other and beat on each other.
We learned they would rather sodomize themselves than.......well dance a jig....although Obama does his groove thing with Latin chics at White House parties.

Simply put, Equalz Obama has not reinforced black ethnic stereotypes, but his puppy press, along with Eric Holder have gun powder burned and blood beat to knock out onto the American psyche, all of the stereotypes which blacks like Martin King were trying to overcome.

I mean like Bill Cosby and all his lecturing at blacks, he was doing nothing but knocking up the old lady, while out hosing down his girlfriends........then telling the press he was not saying what he did was wrong, but he apologized to his wife. See it is that kind of mind turdology which blacks got away with in being Richard Pryor Nigger Nonsense for bad behavior, but after Obama it is on the front page as the BLACKLASH political event as this blog predicted.

Look it up in the archives. This blog predicted that Obama would be the worst nightmare to the black image, and now Equalz is. BLACKLASH, this is not coming from the NRA, Rush Limbaugh or the Rovians, but this smearing of the Afroid is coming from Eric Holder, the Obama regime, and all of their puppy press.

The only thing which has been left out of the Obama searing of the world conscience on blacks is fried chicken and watermelon. The Obama's have created an entire industry in black face paint, as every time they appear in Europe, they get blacker than Toby.

For those who have discomfort on the terms Nigger, Coon and Face Paint, sister you better know that this talk is in the Letterman Cocktail Crowd, or the Washington Post would not be posting articles teeing off on the image of Obama.
The very essence that Equalz was forced to back off on amnesty for border busters is the absolute proof that someone took the image to the woodshed as it was going to put into place a real GOP super majority which the public would require to overturn all Obama anti Americanism or a revolt would take place.
The regime has had to wait until after the midterms to push it through as a Hillary election issue for 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

Blacks have always been propaganda bullshit, but at least in the Martin King era, before Obama trampled on his grave with the Colin Powell hordes, there was in the American mindset that Lt. Uhurha was someone everyone could trust as a strong black woman like the King women were in that family. There was the image of class in Lena Horne. There was Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. There was Condi Rice as the foreign policy persona of the Bush Administration.

The NFL was Jerry Rice, Doug Williams, Warren Moon, Jerome Bettis and hosts of others that people admired for Chris Carter performance on and off the field. Now what is there, but Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen and this image has come out of liberal NFL, liberal Roger Goodell, liberal Obama puppy press and liberal political axes to chop into the American psyche for political wood pile gain.

Certainly, this was aimed at white cops in Missouri being brutal, but the story fell apart. It was aimed at the white NFL, but the image that appeared was instead blackness. All of these stories started as a liberal push to psychologically rape the American psyche into submitting to liberal immorality, but in every case what has become the story and the image is the stereotype of the American Afroid.

This is the racial legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, and none of this from the catalogued "ugly nigger" in media ads exposed here that started out in 2009 with apes appearing in every ad, that this has been deliberately done and accomplished.
No one is featuring the astute and handsome reality of a Tavis Smiley or the intellect of Cornell West calling out the Obama regime, but instead the image has deliberately been infused into every person's mind that blacks are worse than the stereotype.

We know that this Obama regime began an importation of Latin forced labor deliberately to remove the employment positions and to replace the black voting block with a Mexican voting block. All of the media image which the Obama regime has generated for blacks is chosen and deliberate. Susan Rice is ridiculed as a liar and Eric Holder is feared as a thug.
No one is going to forget what black is now, and as this blog wrote of, it is a psychological problem that blacks are not going to chosen for advancement nor positions in elections, due to the absolute smear taking place which is being generated from this regime by the cartel.

These are Obama choices directly from Val-erie Jarrett. Do you require reminding how George Zimmerman who is Hispanic and black, was termed "white" incorrectly and then promoted as "White Hispanic" in that attempt at racial profiling? Think about this my children, in you have the greatest information, intelligence and money source in the Obama regime, and Holder and Jarrett are going to blow it choosing a case of black on black crime, in mislabeling it black on white and looking life fools?

These are the manipulators who created this dreams of Obama deception. They are backed by the most accomplished societal conditioning geniuses in history, and they are going to be making mistakes like this?
Not a chance of any of that ever happening.

So this is deliberate, the puppy press is pointed in the direction to smear whites, but in the end the Truth comes out this is political machinations and in the end the reality is searing into the public mind the worst of black stereotypes.

I warned blacks of this and warned all of this, and now it has degenerated worse than I did not even imagine it would be this reprehensible.

The joke of Barack Obama, which this blog wrote of, in the cartel who put him into power, is not a joke in the reality is the image of Obama has been the Judas Goat, the Pied Piper, leading an entire race over the edge.
Honestly, by what the white media of Ashkenaz control has been engaged in, in creating these horrid stories, it appears like an old plantation ordeal, where a sadistic owner allowed the Niggers to go to town, and then sent the overseer to beat the hell out of them for leaving the plantation. Examining this is necessary and no Joseph Farah or Robert Morton are going to Matt Drudge feature this in asking, who in this on the left is with the assistance of the Obama regime, retaliating on all blacks in creating an image of the worst stereotype they are?
This is coming directly out of the cartel in their media, finance and industry running a Mockingbird operation of conditioning. That is the reality.

I honestly feel bad for the three black people I met who were some of the nicest people ever. They are going to suffer for this as how in this world can a Tavis Smiley become an Atlas trying to relift an entire race which Obama has shrugged off like an RU 486 pill.

Equalz Obama has aborted thee entire black race politically in America, and that means the world. That is the most reprehensible of actions, and why is it again that only this blog, a Christian Conservative is the only one warning of this, exposing it and making the reality known. It is because I am not working for Mockingbird, and inspired, I deal in the Truth.



In America, there is still one Constitutional Law not destroyed in forbidding the housing of soldiers in people's homes, which was of reality in populace Europe as it was how troops were fed and sheltered, as there was no room for them any place else.

The Americans hated the British for housing them, feeding them and the rape of creatures which took place.

I came across this amusing story from Lt. Col. Ted Roosevelt while in France in World War I.

"In another town an excellent billet was not used by the officers because over the bed were hung photographs of all the various persons who had died in the house, taken while they lay dead in that bed."

Theodore Roosevelt. Average Americans

Perhaps that is the last grace of the American Constitution in people having troops foisted upon them by the regime can hang pictures of dead people above the bed, and tell the troops that 500 people have died in that bed.

I doubt it would work with gun confiscation nor worship of God.



Today my children the thing that you will learn is what Berserk is.

Actually there is no such thing in Berserk from the start of this, but instead there were the Berserker.

You know those sedate Norwegians, quiet Norman French, reserved northern English and pleasant Icelanders? Well when they started out, they were all Norsemen. I like Norsemen as they were exiled Israelites who took to the sea after having sense enough to know that Norway was the hind tit of a dead hog for a place to end up.

You ever been to Norway? Nothing but rocks, mountains, jagged inlets and cold ocean waters. I think Norway would be as big as Europe if you hit it with Thor's hammer and made it go flat, but the point is, all the Norsemen got out of Norway and what you have left are these things that give Obama Nobel Prizes for showing up black.

So the Norsemen took off and had this cool idea. When you met strangers, you hit them with an axe, because they might be a ghost or something and if you killed the stranger, then you knew it was not something to be scared of. It also helped in dead strangers did not stab you when you had your back turned.

The Norse ended up in Normandy France, England as the Normans, Iceland, Greenland and America. You know they must have been a handsome people as Iceland women who are of the Tribe of Benjamin are all good looking females.
Maybe the Norsemen took all the good looking women with them. I do not know.

I do know they had fun games like, "Hey savage person, let's have a game of shooting at things and the winner gets to live and the loser throws himself over the cliff". That is a real Norseman game and the Norseman lost and threw himself over the cliff.
Got to like people who pay their debts no matter what.

So the Norse came to America and I have it on some real evidence, there were like 50,000 of these Vikings in America at one time. That is where the blonde Mandans came from and the fair Shoshone Indians came from.
It got dry and the packed up and left apparently, but all the same they built things, made mooring rocks in Minnesota and you can find their Runestones and medicine wheels showing the solar events all over America.

The Norse were here before lots of Indians left Canada so that first people and Native American stuff sort of legally goes to the Vikings.......well the Phoenicians on the east coast and southwest area of America from their writings there.

Where was I?

Oh yeah the Bersekers were part of the Norse, and they would work themselves up into frenzy before battle. This would have then fight reckless and go about attacking others with insane fury. Sort of explains the "going berserk" thing that has come into English dialects and no one remembers it was the kindred of Eric the Red who were Norwegians gone wild. I think they were called Royal Scyths before the name change and you know them as Russ when they sailed up the Volga and made serfs of all them Japheth sons of Putin now.
Yes the Norse with red hair were the Russ and that is why Russians are called that now, but you know that, and this is about Berserkers.

You know a telling thing about this, is once the Berserkers got away from that Norway, they got civilized everywhere they went as time went on. William the Conqueror was a Norman and he made the English the cloth of the land like the cattle, but that was 1066 and by 1776 one of their Israelite sons in George Washington did a pretty civil job in liberating America. Today with Icelanders you never hear about them hitting people with mauls in meeting them. The cause of it all must have been Norway driving them insane, and what was left in Norway just sort of brain burned out, so you got these comatose Swedes and Norwegians as I suppose with all the good looking women in Iceland there was nothing to get excited over any more.
I am out on dill weed though, as I can see that both making a Scandinavian boring and also driving them berserk as it is just such an obnoxious taste. I would think maybe dill was some type of narcotic, except Germans eat that stuff and they seemed to like war at least until they all got killed off.

So that my children is the lesson in berserk. So much more fun than any 50,000 dollar a year teacher could do and better than any tenured professor could lecture at you with.

Unless a Norwegians idea of going berserk now is giving a million dollars to a warmonger like Birther Hussein? Somehow is not as thrilling as sailing across oceans in open boats, hitting strangers over the head with axes and taking pretty girls to Iceland and naming it that, to keep all the competition away.


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I sometimes do not need to say things, as an alternative genius is available,  I share this beef etiquette as most people will not have a clue in the eating of beef due to flavor.
My brother was complaining of no taste Angus beef just this past month and how he was hungering for a good hereford steak.

"I had 1 corn on the cob tonight along with a bit of home canned marbled beef from a polled hereord bull from calf2007. The best cold beef you will ever eat with jelled meat taste along with marbled fat, a Mennonite, German staple since canning was invented. I am ready for a couple of spring lambs again and a bull calf for beef. prefer black baldy or polled hereford uncut males for quick growth and feed utilization. 2 are buddies and 3 will tare the corral to shreds!!!"

Hereford's were the staple of American beef from England to the American ranges. They would prolapse some (push their wombs out in calf birth sometimes and die). The Baldy is an Angus Hereford cross, which milks like a milk cow, but too much milk will pinch the calf's gut and kill it on a warm spring day.

There is a real treat in canned beef. My Grampa would can wild duck too as he hunted a great deal, but Mom and I have made numbers of pints and quarts of the stuff and it is delicious and I have made deer too which is very good.........rosemary in some for a change in the flavor too.

People are interested in the family of Lame Cherry and the beekeeper is an American success story of being like myself in a savant, in other minds not understanding sometimes the complexities of what we see or communicate, but he has built in God great accomplishments in pioneer virtue and the hidden knowledges like in beef which are more important than the college degrees.

Just wanted to share that for you to remember, as when things go down hill, people will need to know what tastes good and why.........like what wood burns hot or what wood makes good smoke cure on meat.

...and yes I like hearing about warped wood, beef and whatever as the Obama image world is unfun and insane.

nuff said