Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Why are Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Silent on Sexual Perversion in Joe Barton

 No wonder nothing got done on the Trump Agenda in 2017

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry calls upon the United States House of Representatives to remove Rep. Joe Barton from the People's House, as what has emerged in his posting nude photos online, sending masturbating videos and texting perverse Prince Charles messages are the epitome of lewdness, fornication, stupidity and harms the Republican Party and more to the point, opens Barton up to blackmail by foreign powers.
This pervert does not belong in the US Congress.

The Twitter user who posted the naked shot and graphic text claims to also have several videos of Barton masturbating -- and tagged the Twitter accounts of President Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. It's unclear if the tweeter is the woman to whom Barton admits sending the photos -- but the person claims he/she is being "harassed" by Barton.

It does not matter if this woman is seeking revenge, does not matter if she is a democratic operative. What matters is Joe Barton is perverse and belongs GONE from the US Capitol.

Politically, Texas has a Republican Governor, so a Republican will be appointed, who would win the district and this would send the message that the GOP is not Al Franken.

What is the worst in this is Mitch McConnell could not smear innocent Judge Roy Moore enough, but in this case of absolute proof, McConnell and the GOP leadership are once again providing cover for these crony perverts.
To make the point, the reason so many of these people are retiring is there are Joe Barton problems with them.

As a Christian Conservative, I do not want this pervert in the Congress. He is not some dirty old horn dog working at Playboy, he is a US Congressman and he did this, is responsible, it is disgusting and for the GOP and the Trump agenda, it is time to remove Barton and fix this immediately, as it gives leverage to remove Franken and weakens Hillary Clinton for 2020.

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The McConnell Miscacluations on Judge Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The tides of witch hunts turn and the headlines say it all in the fake polls exposed on this blog that Roy Moore was never behind in the Alabama Senate race, after being trashed by all the Republicans, including Mr. President, has shown a trend that Donald Trump is talking that 40 years ago was a long time and that Mitch McConnell has ceased his "write in campaign" to put a Luther Strange on the ballot, has been shown in polls to be such a disaster by Alabamans that Mitch the Witcher has retreated to another track to keep the deep state in control of America.

White House Joins GOP Line That Keeping Alabama Seat Matters Most
The White House on Monday joined a growing chorus of Republicans declining to formally back embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore but stressing the GOP-held …
MSN News

Yes, the same dolts who could not break the Trump voters in 2016 thought they could roll the Alabama voters to make them go fetal with these lying women in Alabama accusing the innocent Roy Moore. Once that failed, Mitch McConnell has now stated that he will see Roy Moore is removed from the United States Senate, defying the voters of Alabama.
The Lame Cherry states one thing in this, and it is, "Please you fumducker Mitch McConnell, boot Roy Moore out of the US Senate, as that will cement him as a national figure who will primary Donald Trump in 2020, because Roy Moore is the Trump that Donald Trump promised he would be".

Mitch McConnell: Roy Moore Will Face Ethics Committee ...

Nov 15, 2017 · Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that if Judge Roy Moore wins the Alabama Senate race, he will immediately face a Senate Ethics Committee investigation.

Seriously, can you imagine those traitors in Congress with an 82% disapproval rating of public hatred, making a martyr out of Roy Moore for Mitch McConnell? A group of liars, cheats, backstabbers, #NeverTrumpers, child molesters and sex perverts ganging up on an innocent man, Roy Moore might as well start signing his name as Mr. President now, thanks to Mitch McConnell who never gets anything right.

Donald Trump, once he gets this figured out that Mitch McConnell is creating the Make America Great Again with Roy Moore, Trump is going to go Tweet Ballistic. Roy Moore is the man who the deep state threw out of the Alabama Supreme Court and it only made him a greater public figure. Trump and McConnell tried to deny him the Alabama GOP Senate slot and it only made him stronger. This fake floozy witch hunt has not worked and only made him stronger. Mitch McConnell lynching Roy Moore in the Senate is going to make him President and retire Donald Trump.

Report: Roy Moore Raised More Than $1 Million in Last 10 Days ...

Nov 21, 2017 · Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore's Vote Needed for Tax Reform, Alabama Voters Should Decide Fate. Comments;

Roy Moore is a donating machine, and I hope all of you non donors have donated to his campaign, instead of being the dead beats you are.
In case you missed the above, notice what little hose bag is being moved by the deep state to promoted Roy Moore.
Yes Katie Walsh.

That is most interesting as after Donald Trump fired Katie Walsh for being a tramp leaker, she found succor in the good offices of Mike Pence..........but if you notice in this thwarting of the Will of the People, it was Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence trying to force Roy Moore from the Alabama GOP ticket, and put that deep state Jeff Sessions on ticket. This is bizarre as it would mean booting Luther Strange, making Sessions quit, getting the Alabama Governor who is supporting Judge Moore to appoint Sessions  and then putting Sessions on the ticket which time ran out on.
This is the kind of leadership McConnell and Pence come up with. What you can deduce from the above is simple, in the Governor of Alabama and Judge Moore both told them to take their bribes and stick them up their asses.

Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence discuss removing Roy Moore ...

Real-Time News from; Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence discuss removing Roy Moore, appointing Sessions to Senate

Let us return to Strap on Katie though as here is she is a deep state stooge, and Mike Pence enjoys her company, so just recall the above headline of Pence plotting with McConnell to destroy and replace Roy Moore, and now that the polling shows that Roy Moore is going to wing the Alabama Senate Seat as Alabamans can not be shucked, there appears Katie Walsh in Breitbart now stating for her whore's price that Roy Moore is needed for his vote for tax reform.
A vote which will take place after Roy Moore is sworn in. A vote which Roy Moore will be blamed for defeat and castigated for victory as that is factored in already.
Did you ever think that is why Mitch McConnell is holding off the vote to keep his tax hikes on Americans and sully up Roy Moore with that vote?

Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore's Vote Needed for ...

Nov 20, 2017 · Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore's Vote Needed for Tax Reform, Alabama Voters Should Decide Fate

The Lame Cherry is going to tell you something in what the fear of Roy Moore is. It is not that he is a Christian, Republican or Conservative. It is he is going to go to Washington and tell everyone exactly what a shit hole whorehouse it is and Judge Moore is going to name names. That little black mail shack called Capitol Hill is going to get exposed and then what runs that place against Americans is going to start being exposed.
They smeared this man a pedophile, what do you think he is going to do this heathen bunch? What do you think his next step is when Mitch McConnell throws him out of the Senate?

You are looking at President Roy Moore 2021 AD in the year of our Lord.



The Charlie Rose Cunt Teasers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In everything in life, I always make it a practice in forensic psychology to listen to what people say, because that is what they are thinking, even when they are lying. For most, that would seem odd in how can you learn anything from a lie, but that is not the case in this as even the lie chosen reveals a great deal about the psyche of the person.

It should be obvious by now that this blog does not jump on bandwagons of popular thought. The same blog which created a time line to elect Donald Trump is the same blog which is not going to jump over the edge and believe Donald Trump when he is telling me to trust him when he is lying to me about taxes.

This is the same blog which pointed out that there is not any evidence against Harvey Weinstein, and informed all of you that he is a fucker, not rapist. The women against Roy Moore have been shown to be liars or their story changes. Roy Moore's version has not changed, so that points to the women are at the least embellishing for attention or are pathological.

This blog utilizes a wide array of techniques by God's Grace to make points and to teach. From satire to shock to cold facts, the point is always to search for the Truth and to expose fallacy even if the point is posting girly pictures here to make the point of how far America has descended.
That is why at this point Charlie Rose is interesting to the Lame Cherry, not because he has been the best interviewer in media for years and I am going to make SEXCUSES for him as Al Franken's mauls have, but to have you read Charlie Rose's apology in which he was attacked for NON APOLOGIZING, so that you comprehend something in what was really taking place, because Charlie Rose stated something without stating it that he is the victim in this.

Rose Apology

In my 45 years of journalism, I have prided myself on being an advocate for the careers of the women with whom I have worked. Nevertheless, in the past few days, claims have been made about my behavior toward some former female colleagues. 
It's essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. I am greatly embarrassed. I have behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken. 
I have learned a great deal as a result of these events, and I hope others will too. All of us, including me, are coming to a newer and deeper recognition of the pain caused by conduct in the past, and have come to a profound new respect for women and their lives.

Here is what you missed:

I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.

Now why would  Charlie Rose think that around a half dozen driven with power Snowflake women were interested in him? Because they are all cunt teasers who used that wile to first get hired by Charlie Rose, and then to gain greater access to Charlie Rose's circle, engaged in things that made Charlie Rose conclude they were interested in a sexual relationship with a 70 year old, now 75 year old man.

Obviously these Snowflakes did not grab Charlie by the balls, but they appealed to his North Carolinian gentile psyche. Every one of these women were engaged in this. They knew how to trigger this old man, in they were playing warm southern belle. It was subtle. It was intellectual, it was Charlie the mentor, it was the things this old guy needed, and they hooked him, played him for position and reference, and moved on.

All of these women made Charlie Rose think there was a chance with them. That is why he opened up and spoke of them swimming nude in a pool as he watched. They knew there was not any danger of being raped, so they became his muses, let him conclude by conversations he was among people he could trust, so he pops out of the shower after a conversation they had about being ok with nudity.

This fascinates me as this is a group of women, not like Weinstein's group which were needy, but these were a group of educated liberal women, of the same group as Mika Brzezinski in intelligence work from her NSA old man, and it comes to mind that someone in the deep state was providing minders to Charlie Rose, as Rose obtained all the elite interviews which no one else could get, and that there was a rotten apple in the honey pot, in someone knew this Weinstein operation was coming years ago, and they set up Rose and numbers of other men and women, for just such an event to take Rose down.
These Snowflakes appear deep state. They lined up on command, reported to CIA papers and the networks who keep racists, rapists and traitors around, cut the cord on Charlie Rose like he was a Republican.

That concludes that Charlie Rose really pissed someone off in the deep state, and as this Weinstein firestorm was ignited by the deep state, that a score was going to be settled with Charlie Rose.

It has not dawned on intellectual Charlie Rose that he was played by the deep state just like he plays Donald Trump for the deep state.Charlie Rose was dating while these Snowflakes were working the honeypot.

The question is now is who had it out for Charlie Rose and why no one is asking why is it these young liberal Snowflakes ALL were conning this old man in manipulating his emotions to get what they wanted in access to power. A few crafty women is chance, but when there is a string of them, that is an operation of the deep state.

Watch this all very closely in how fast Charlie Rose was terminated, and how Al Franken is protected by the Clintons for far worse. How Judge Moore has a witch hunt against him like Donald Trump, but once again Al Franken gets to issue an apology and go eat turkey.

Each of you think about Charlie Rose in how he was emotionally manipulated, and then think of the creatures in your social interaction who have manipulated you, and then spread lies about you when you thought you could trust them. Think of the damage it did, and then think if the deep state was running this operation in how much more lethal it would be.

Charlie Rose was the victim in this. That is fascinating because this is one of the most skilled manipulators in media, and those Snowflake assets led him around like a dog on a leash, having convinced Rose it was not work they were interacting with, but was romance.

What are the triggers of Charlie Rose? Braless, short skirts, gentle touches, talking southern, baking cookies, being mammy, just how did they sexualize old Charlie Rose to bring out his perv? Remember how you were manipulated and hurt, because Charlie Rose just got his in public and he told the world he was led to believe by a series of actions by these Snowflakes that these young girls all wanted a daddy to cuddle up with.

Those are the facts of the above evidence. Now who are these cunt teasers really working for and who called in their markers now to force them to bring down Charlie Rose?


Nuff Said


Where is Mrs. Al Franken?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Women complain and wonder about sexual abuse, and yet who was it that was holding the pants of the Sarah Palin political rapists, but the liberal females of America.

Who is on a witch hunt against Judge Roy Moore, but women at the Washington Post and a number of lying Alabama women.

Who joined in when Hillary Clinton was busy assaulting the women that Bill Clinton raped, but the same liberal females who were giving the Kennedy abusers a break.

This has now descended into thee most bizarre of conditions in the "weepers of Hillary Clinton". You remember these sobbers who were  around Hillary, sounding like their Barbie got ate by the dog, and then became ranting Ashley Judd looking psycho, and have now gathered around the RU486 empty pill bottle pile and issued a cover statement for Al Franken that molesting women was alright with them, because Al was a good family man and whatever, when he was not bullying, molesting and assaulting women.

The Viking sent me a note, reflecting upon his passing experience with Al Franken. The term was feeling creeped out and needing a shower, after just being around Senator Molester.

Al Franken venture into wooing the ladies: “Menz told CNN that what happened immediately after she took the photo with Franken that summer day in 2010 has also stayed with her.” As I said in an earlier mail, the impression just doesn’t go away. It’s like encountering a demon from hell without being there.

The question in this is, where is Mrs. Al Franken? She certainly, while not taking Al's name, has benefited greatly in her husband's assaults upon women. She is a woman who has remained silent, while her husband broke his marriage vows, attacked women, bullied women, assaulted women, cheated on, Fannie Bryson is the Hillary Clinton of Minnesota in she is the one who helped Al Franken steal the election from Senator Norm Coleman in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

Franni Bryson, Al Franken's Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Franni Bryson is the wife of U.S. Senator Al Franken. The couple met in college, got married, and raised two children together.

We do know the abuse in the Franken household though, as Al Franken drove his wife to drink and then these two used her being a drunk, to sway public sympathy for the abusive Franken in 2008.
Again where is Mrs. Al Franken, when American women are speaking out about sexual abuse?

Fairly early on in the couple’s marriage, Bryson struggled with alcoholism. Thankfully, Bryson was able to overcome the addiction, but it’s something that isn’t far from her mind, especially because of the support that she received from her husband.
Although this struggle has been a very personal one, Franken has never publicly spoken about his wife’s battle, according to the Star Tribune.
However, Bryson opened up about her battle in an ad for her husband’s senate campaign in 2008.

If one examines the case of Charlie Rose, he had his testicles cut off by his female co hosts at CBS. They did not give him a pass, and in that they were not the women of Saturday Night Live giving an abuser cover. Yet Fannie Bryson has joined 36 other women in covering up for Al Franken attacking other women, because those other women  "were not liberal women".

“It takes a lot of courage for these women to come forward,” she said. “Let me be very clear. There is no excuse for this alleged behavior. This I know: Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace and in society until there is a reckoning… This has to end.”

Or is it that Al Franken has so browbeat Mrs. Franken, in a recovering drunk that she simply is holed up like a battered wife in the Franken compound, with the curtains pulled, hoping Franken will not be on a tirade today with her not able to deal with it.

Does there need to be an intervention of Fannie Bryson, as she is locked away over Thanksgiving, as she certainly is not free to speak out as Judge Roy Moore's wife or Amber Tamblin denouncing her abusive husband, just what is the situation in the Franken compound, as no one sees this wife of Al Franken  who has alcohol problems  due to Al Franken as a husband and Franken having abused select women over the years.

As everyone else has made a statement in this, where is Mrs. Al Franken? Does Al have her under house arrest? Is the media colluding on this captive as the wife would run for the hills like Harvey Weinstein's wife if she had the chance? Or is it that Al has been spiking the tea with a fifth of vodka to keep his wife under control through all of this.

Either Mrs. Al Franken is being abused by Al Franken or Fanni Bryson  has enjoyed the enablers who think that it is acceptable for liberal men to rape, molest, abuse and bully women.

Where is Mrs. Al Franken?



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been moved I suspect by God to post a Thanksgiving message, but I have not been so thankful or in much of a thanksgiving mood. It is a note from Annie though that put me over the top and has me tapping on the keyboard to say Happy Thanksgiving.

No one is thanked for being the best..okay, I'll thank you. You are the best, then there is the rest. Thank you LC!

Kind words are appreciated from those who sent them,  God bless you.

Somewhere I lost this year. I do not remember summer, fall was good for a few weeks and then it was sunless suck.

I noticed that I am not feeling like hell from almost getting killed last winter. My collar bone only hurts if I sleep on that side all night and my left arm does not feel like it is being pulled out of the socket when the Puntz is playing behind me so I reach back so she can bite and claw me.

I guess I will say that I am thankful I ain't dead and I appreciate not being dead as I appreciate TL for TL puts up with in me.

The downer was the huge disappointment Donald Trump has been as President. Expecting one thing in getting out from Obamacare mandates, to hoping for tax breaks to really get this economy moving for real Americans, was not too much to expect, but it certainly was. Getting up to WWE Tweet every day as Donald's left brain in Mitch McConnell is obliterating America's 2016 will and America's one chance in Roy Moore going to the Senate.

Thankfully I am not human refuse in Harvey Weinstein, Ashley Judd, Kevin Spacey, that star fag who reported him, and Al Franken. I still would not want to be Al Franken's hands even having touched LeeAnn Tweeden's tits. That is saying a great deal in how no one wants to be Al Franken with LeeAnn Tweeden's tits attached.

Just was thinking since Al Franken was reflecting this week and on Thanksgiving, what must it be like sitting around the table giving thanks:

Al: Thank Jew gods of Babylon that I got to touch LeeAnn Tweeden's tits.

Ma Franken: Thankfully I am one day closer to being a widow.

Boy Franken: I am thankful that everyone knows my famous father is a pervert.

Girl Franken: I am thankful I have liberal friends who understand as their fathers rape women too.

Franken grandchildren: How do I get adopted into a Christian family.

 That didn't even help.

All I have been able to do, except working on this blog saving Darwins, is trying to paint a license plate to restore it as a project. Of course when I got it, it was nice, and immediately POOM, snow and cold. Can't paint inside as TL has allergies to toxins, like that Presto cooker I got, the old woman was like cooking her pickles in Mary Kay cosmetics and I fired it up and it smelled like Hillary Clinton's tampons. Trust me, you do not want to know how I know that.
So thankfully God moved me to check this pot out, or  my food would have tasted like Yard Guard. One more thing to be thankful for in a disaster was averted.
Just sort of expected after donating 18 months of my life to save America, all of you and put Mr. Trump in the White House, that there is nothing to show it, but more game players bothering me.

What was 2017? The deep state undoing 2016 and the neo distraction of secularist getting sex lynched.

I sincerely hope all of your Thanksgiving is filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and pies.  I'm thankful for God finding a use for me and the what I look forward to is one day is not this world.

I did bake a loaf of bread today for lunch. A recipe of my own design. I will post it for around the 12th of December as it is filler. I better get on that before I forget the  recipe.

God bless the good of you and God bless the bad of you to change to good, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

Seem like my life in being thankful  Hillary is not President and we have just Obama's 3rd term in Trump so we can all lie to ourselves how it is not so bad.

Osceola, Merriam, Eastern, Rio. Those are the 4 wild turkey species in  America.


Jeff Sessions Plan to Starve America and Ma Bell

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Leave it to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General for the deep state to impoverish Americans more.

AT&T Merger Challenge Lands With Judge Who Approved COMCAST-NBC...

WSJ: Dubious Trust-Busting...

I will not invest a great deal of time in this, but to simply educate each of you that once upon a time in America, Americans had wonderful, affordable and technologically advanced communications called AT&T and Bell Telephone working a monopolies.
Then a corrupt judge broke the trust up and for a generation Americans have been gouged and treated like shit by cell phone contracts, high priced monopolies in various Bell mafias and a world where everything is going backwards as you think your new cell phones are advancing.

At this moment ATT is moving on the cheap Tracfone market and is underwriting cell phone and internet service by satellite television, so that for the first time, they dropped prices and exposing Verizon for the frauds they are.

But leave it to Jeff Sessions for the deep state to try and stop ATT from doing business as it used to be done by Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, in cutting costs, destroying competition, going global and giving Americans the cheap prices.

See all of you have been brainwashed that monopolies are wrong and harmful, when the exact opposite was true. What you have now are these fragmented ponzi schemes run like a Chinese laundry driving up prices on your food, oil, communications, real estate, guns and medical treatments. This the epitome of the Obama Conglomerate monopoly meant to rob you to the grave.

I will repeat this fact. When there were 3 million trained, armed men after World War II, the regime in DC knew it had to share the pie or the Veterans would shoot these crooks and take the country back. Once this group got too old, the rapine started on Americans in full force after Ronald Reagan.
Suddenly you heard of lies of oil shortages, food shortages, over population and global warming to scam you to high prices. It is like the bullshit of  "beef prices fell" this week due to Thanksgiving and turkeys. Like people stopped eating for a week and have been eating nothing but turkeys for week before Thanksgiving.

America used to be a nation managed where poor people could have a turkey on Thanksgiving and a gun to bag a bird. That all ceased in this crooked shop and now when ATT is starting to give consumers a break in prices, it is time to stop them and put financial strains on that corporation, and it is coming from Jeff Sessions in Justice for the deep state that Sessions can not find criminal charges against Hamrod Clinton, but can find them against the Bundy's.

Nuff Said


The Charlie Rose Inquistion

 and now watch how Meg put a smile on my face with a Boston Pop.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 This isn't The Boston Pops.....this is the Inclintsition!!!!

Charlie do you ever think of me swimming naked under your window?


 No, well....maybe with Melania naked  too.....and Mozart playing.......


Mozart gives me gas...


Is that what that was? I thought it was a piccolo.



Charlie stuck his hand between my thighs and made a flute sound.


 Come on Charlie, tell me you want to Tweet Me.


I wanted to try it, but I am flute phobic.


I'm very uncomfortable with this in mistaking flutes for piccolos.

 You bastard Charlie, I thought we had something....
I wrote With or Without You for YOU!!!!!


Charles do you ever think of my flute covered in pizza sauce............

I played the tuba.


Charlie why don't you like little boys like Kevin Spacey.....


So you wanted to put the wood in the brass horn section, you sly bastard!!!


 We have ways of making you talk Charles Rose.....

For Rockefeller sake Charlie, tell them what you know.....


I'll swim under your window Charlie.....just tell us what you know....


 Charlie is that your crease in your slacks .....can you crease me Charlie please...


 So you wanted to fly like Cosby without doping the ho's first.....


What did you think when I said I like my tomatoes grabbed.....


Charlie, you really thought young girls were interested in you
and not playing a lonely old man.......


I have a penis you know too......

I write rape fantasies you know Charlie...........


I remember floating on the Thames with your magnificent big balls....


I want to say that I was not coerced at all into saying what I did
and you should not compare me to Al Franken walking free.......