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Nigger Racism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is nothing puzzling in an insane world where the ignorant Afroid is held up without examination, like asking a monkey their thoughts E = MC2.

Two horrid examples of what is the Obama colony regressing to the jungle as Africa succumbed to leftism after casting off Queen Victoria's colonialism is this Afroid football player, refusing to honor America, a nation which created and rewarded him.

The second example is another perpetrator of Nigger Racism in Don Cheadle blaming leftist community organized Obama mass murder of blacks on both the right and left wing, while exposing himself for the racist and bigot he is by calling Donald Trump a "White Nigger" in the "drumpf" slur which harkens back to the hatred of Germanic Peoples.

You don't get to cherry pick. All the architects on left and right have failed that city. But Drumpf ain't the ansr 

The Lame Cherry is always open to serving all primates, but has it's limits when such ignorance endangers an entire nation with genocide, from blacks to whites.

It is why the advocacy now of not just enforcing laws against invaders in deporting, but making special circumstance cases of racists such as the above Afroids. American history is overflowing with examples of revoking Citizenship due to being communists, not Caucasians, terrorists association etc... The law was never changed that Citizenship could be revoked for voting in a foreign election. State simply changed the ruling which is not legal.

So therefore, the law should be reinstated that the Afroid racists all be returned to their nativity and their US Citizenship revoked immediately, so they discover what oppression really is and are educated that taking the part of genocidists has a price, and they will pay it by existing among them.

I did not sign up to protect the rights of those who hate America or are joined to the American genocide, by being racists. The only bright point in this is that on Twitter, over 400,000 others were recorded liking Don Cheadel's racism, so from their ISP's they can all be deported to Cheadeland too.

Nigger Racism will produce in 2017 the eradication of Americans. That is a criminal act and as my death does matter, it is legally correct to sentence the appropriate revocation of American Citizenship on those who do not deserve it or protect Americans by having been granted it.

 Cheadle blasted Trump as using the shooting to throw "red meat to his alt-right troglodytes."

The Afroid like the sodomite granted a little power, suddenly goes master race in labeling Americans as sub human.

It is time to revoke Citizenship.

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The MacArthur of Our Time

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

For the past couple of weeks, my main recreational reading has been a quarter-sale biography called American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964, by William Manchester. As I am now at the halfway point, I wanted to share a couple of passages with you, and can say three things with confidence:

1) I have finally figured out why I hate short, squat paperbacks with a million pages-- the page-turning gets in the way of the book and becomes more of a thing than reading the actual book itself.

2) Even liberals with a hatred for legendary figures like MacArthur still retain a grudging respect and admiration for him, even as they defend their beloved dictator FDR's blatant attempts to kill/destroy his political enemies while dismissing MacArthur and other's very legitimate concerns about FDR's subterfuge as "paranoia".

3) The more I read about MacArthur, the more of him I see in Trump. Not saying Trump is a reincarnation, but they are definitely cut from the same cloth.

(Okay, four things, because I came across this nonsense prior to posting.)

4) If you do happen to pick up this book, take everything that is not a firsthand account of people who were actually there with an entire truckload of salt. The writer is apparently too ignorant to research whether or not his pre-formed opinions are historically valid. He blathered something about how life under the Japanese, particularly for the Filipinos, was "basically unchanged" and they "for the most part ignored their rulers" or some such BS. I had a friend whose Filipino grandmother lived through the WW2 Japanese occupation-- she once related a story about how she and her friends did not want their crops (mostly rice) to be completely confiscated by the Japanese for their consumption, so they went sailing down the coast of northern Luzon to try to sell it to the locals at various small ports. They had to be careful and stay in hiding because if they got caught, they would be killed. One evening, they accidentally signaled a Japanese scout instead of their contact at one of the ports, who came and lined them up, kneeling, on the beach. The soldiers beheaded several of her friends, but when they reached her, for God's reasons they didn't behead her (can't remember if the officer ordered the soldier to stop at that point, but she could feel the blade on her neck and she was praying very hard at that moment). According to my friend this story was related in a very matter-of-fact, truthful way, without embellishment or trying to make it seem like she was some tragic heroine. This Filipino woman wasn't part of the guerrilla resistance or anything, just was trying to survive the war. She lived in the province too, so logically the cities had to be even worse under Japanese dictatorial rule.

(The background of the names you don't recognize is largely unimportant to the story. All you need to know is that most of them were military naysayers, and they were proven wrong, over and over again... and you can hear their retroactive begrudging of MacArthur's success, particularly from the navy, e.g. Vice Admiral Daniel E. Barbey.)

[Referring to MacArthur's visionary island-hopping decision to take Los Negros instead of Manus- Admiralty Islands]

"...he decided to accompany the task force so that he would be there to order the evacuation of the troops, if it came to that. On Sunday, February 27, 1944, he slipped out of Lennon's Hotel, flew to Milne Bay, and strutted up the gangplank of the cruiser Phoenix, the first navy vessel he had boarded since leaving Bulkeley's PT-41 on Mindanao [Philippines]. Monday morning Krueger came aboard and handed him a sheaf of new G-2 appraisals reporting a strengthening of the enemy garrison on Los Negros. Willoughby now estimated--and events would prove him to be correct--that they would be met by over four thousand Japanese troops. MacArthur handed back the papers, turned to several anxious officers awaiting his decision, and said, in his calm way, "We shall continue as planned, gentlemen." After a pause he added that he intended to land with the troops. Krueger was alarmed. In his memoirs he writes: "He had expressly forbidden me to accompany our assault loadings and yet now he promised to do so himself. I argued that it was unnecessary and unwise to expose himself in this fashion and that it would be a calamity if anything happened to him. He listened to me attentively and thanked me, but added, 'I have to go.' He had made up his mind on the subject--and that was that."
The General spent most of that night alone at the Phoenix rail, gazing out at the black, phosphorescent sea. At dawn, when they dropped anchor in Hyane Harbor off Los Negros, they were greeted by a bombardment from Japanese shore batteries. A Life correspondent who was present wrote: "One salvo went over the ship. The second fell short. Men on the deck, expecting that the third might well be on the target, were preparing to get behind anything handy when it hit. MacArthur began to take an increased interest in the matter at that point, standing up straight on the bridge to survey the scene while chatting with his staff. Fortunately, his survey included the obliteration of the Jap gun positions by the cruiser, which had got the range in the nick of time."
Six hours later he went ashore in a pouring rain. The fighting was heavy. GIs of the 1st Cavalry Division wearing steel helmets and camouflaged battle dress were lying prone, but the General, conspicuous in his trench coat and cap, awarded a Distinguished Service Cross to the man who had led the first wave and then, to the amazement of his party, strolled casually inland. Anguished aides tried to persuade him not to expose himself. One senior officer warned him that he was in "very intimate danger." MacArthur lit up his corncob pipe, waved out the match, and explained that he wanted to get "a sense of the situation." A lieutenant touched him on the sleeve, pointed at a path, and said, "Excuse me, sir, but we killed a Jap sniper in there just a few minutes ago." The General nodded approvingly. "Fine," he said. "That's the best thing to do with them." Then he walked in that direction. Stumbling over the cadavers of two enemy soldiers who had been slain a few minutes earlier--their bodies were still warm--he continued on, merely remarking, "That's the way I like to see them." A GI called, "You are beyond the perimeter, sir!" MacArthur courteously thanked him for the information, but he didn't break his stride until he came to a wounded American infantryman. Crouching down beside him, he took the man's hand and asked, "Son, what happened?"
John Gunther wrote: "He stalks a battlefront like a man hardly human, not only arrogantly but lazily." One officer who was discovering this on Los Negros was Dr. Roger O. Egeberg, the General's new physician, who had joined his staff the month before. Egeberg, an intellectual, had accepted the appointment with misgivings. "I was," he says, "anything but a starry-eyed idol worshipper." He had expected that he and the General would disagree about politics, and had been pleasantly surprised to find that the subject hadn't been raised. Here in the Admiralties he was distressed for a very different reason. Other aides, he remembered, had told him that accompanying MacArthur within range of enemy riflemen was to be avoided if at all possible. Now the physician was terrified. He recalls: "I thought about my children at home. Maybe if I 'accidentally' dropped something, I could stoop over, but I wondered if I ever would be able to stand again....all of the officers with MacArthur were uneasy at Los Negros--uneasy about MacArthur's safety and, more vital to them, about their own safety."
The most dangerous spot on the island was the airstrip. Kenney had told the General that it could become "the most important piece of real estate in the theater." Now he wished he hadn't, because MacArthur was heading straight for it. From the number of corpses later counted there, officers estimated that eight hundred pairs of Japanese eyes were watching as, Kenney remembers, "General MacArthur wandered up and down the strip....digging into the coral surfacing to see how good it was." A correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post who had joined his entourage wrote: "With his yellow trench coat swinging out behind and smoke trailing from his pipe, MacArthur paced off the puddled coral runway himself. At first the width, and then down the length, far outside our lines." A dumbfounded cavalryman said afterward, "Why they didn't kill him, I don't know." Egeberg concluded that "MacArthur wanted to experience the smell of gunpowder and the sights and sounds of combat. Being in or near a battle seemed to quicken him....It was almost as though battle 'fed' his system....It was true also that he could appreciate the problems of his commanders and soldiers much better by getting a taste of the fighting than by poring over maps and operations reports back at headquarters."
Soaking wet and coated with mud, the General re-boarded the Phoenix two hours later, satisfied that no evacuation would be necessary. As he had predicted, enemy troops had counterattacked in small, ineffective charges....By Thursday he was in his Lennon's apartment, where he learned three days later that U.S. troops were in firm control of both Los Negros and Manus. Some naval officers thought he had been very fortunate, that the triumph had been a fluke. Barbey wrote in his memoirs, "Looking backward, I have wondered if MacArthur ever questioned his own judgment in this matter".
After inspecting the beachhead and talking to the beachmaster, he asked Barbey to convey him and his party to Tanahmerah Bay....Here, as on Los Negros, the General himself narrowly escaped being one of the casualties. Despite Barbey's protests, he insisted that he and his cortege ride to and from the shores of both bays in an unarmed Higgins boat The admiral's fears were realized on Tanahmerah Bay, where the cruiser radioed them that an enemy fighter was coming in low, strafing small craft. Barbey writes: "I ordered the coxswain to head for the nearest destroyer to get the protection of her guns. An open boat without protection seemed hardly the place to concentrate most of the brass of the Southwest Pacific when there was a Japanese plane on the loose. MacArthur, however, thought otherwise. He asked that I direct the boat to continue to the beach, which I did. A few minutes later a lone plane came in, swooped over us, then continued on in the direction of Hollandia. In thinking about this incident and similar ones at other times, there was never the feeling that it was an act of bravado on MacArthur's part, but rather that he was a man of destiny and there was no need to take precautions."
One of the three aides cowering on the deck of the little vessel was Dr. Egeberg, who did not regard himself as a man of destiny and felt the need for precautions strongly. He forgot his qualms on the shores of Humboldt Bay, however, where his professional curiosity was aroused by his patient's physical performance. Aged sixty-four, the General was by far the oldest member of the party, yet he took off on a brisk three-hour hike, leaving the others, the physician noted, "panting hard." Not only wasn't he out of breath; despite the equatorial heat, he wasn't even sweating. Later MacArthur would speak of New Guinea's "broiling sun and drenching rain," its "tangled jungle and impassable mountain trails," but he was describing the hardships of others. He himself seemed to be almost unaffected by the climate. Back on the Nashville, Eichelberger noticed that "my uniform was soggy and dark with wetness. I remember my astonishment that General MacArthur, despite the sweltering heat and vigorous exercise, did not perspire at all."

American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964
William Manchester


Turk Muslim NATO now at war with Islamic Obama NATO

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry pointed to some event in Syria, after the NYC824 event structure and it appears that on Friday it began in one of the strangest situations on the planet as NATO Turkey is now at war with NATO America in Syria.

Remember what Uncle Gordie Duff stated months ago that there was not an ISIS, but simply Kurdish oil thieves? The proof is in the headline in Turkey is now firing on US backed Kurds in ISIS, having invaded Turkey with tanks.

Turkey fires on U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in Syria ...

Turkish army tanks drive towards to the border in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 25, 2016.

In logically back engineering this, ISIS was supplying oil to Turkey. That oil must have been stopped now, and Turkey is in a fury over whatever the US involvement was in the coup against Endrogan the mafia thug in their who was carrying Obama's water in the genocide in Syria. So now comes a new alignment of Russia, Iran and Turkey, and they are pounding Syria to get rid of the Obama terrorists there.
It is not an exaggeration in this in NATO Islam in Turkey is in all out war with NATO Mooselum Obama.

If I have the energy I will try and track this down in inquiry, as I did not understand what the event was that the Allgire group were witnessing, but it must be in this mix. My focus is attempting to stop a nuclear war which image Obama is instigating for the global order, with the focus of war with Russia.

Too many headaches and not enough time to cut hair.

If I don't get it done, what difference does it make as no billionaires cared I saved their asses in New York this past week. They die in a Clinton war, I will get their toys after the mob bashes in their skulls and rapes their maids.

Turkey’s military operation was condemned by Damascus on Wednesday, with the Syrian government calling it a “blatant violation of the sovereignty” of Syria, adding that “replacing” Islamic State with “other terrorist organizations backed directly by Turkey” cannot be regarded as fighting terrorism.
“What is happening in Jarablus now isn’t fighting terrorism as Turkey claims – rather it is replacing one type of terrorism with another,” a Syrian government official told SANA news agency.

 ........and this is the headlines in more Obama Clinton clap trap.


Nos Fellere

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was watching Amazing Grace, the British Film, about how the Christians in Britain ended the slave trade. It was a matter of approaching their friend, Prime Minister William Pitt with an announcement that they had given up on producing legislation for Parliament to end slavery and instead focus on outlawing changing flags on ships, which American and French ships were carrying out, and making them prizes in the French British War.

The leaders asked Pitt if he saw anything nefarious in this, and he stated, "No", and their reply was, "Then neither will the pro slave traders".

Pitt was perplexed in not understanding and they explained that, "By making prizes of reflagged ships, the British privateers would attack the slave trade for the bounties and bankrupt the British slave trade in 2 years.

There is a Latin phrase nos fallere which was utilized and it must be understood in the constant smearing of Donald Trump on the illegal invasion.
The oligarch media want Trump spokesgal Kellyanne Conway to utter the word deportation, and when she will not, but utters the words, "Enforce the law" is somehow Mr. Trump going soft on immigration, or having compassion on certain situations........and it all goes to nos fallere.

I am not going to explain Donald Trump nor question him. He is the only horse and the only one to ride across the River Styx. I am not going to continue explaining Donald Trump nor telling you everything about Mr. Trump, because it only assists those trying to genocide YOU.

Nos fellere should suffice and none of you will look it up, so we return to Christians in England quoting Latin in order to win the greater battle. It translates as We Cheat or We Deceive, and is part of the art of the deal.
Abraham Lincoln assessed the entire situation of politics, in stating, "You have to win to govern". Donald Trump has to win to save your lives, and to be shortsighted in believing every damn thing the media is twisting or trying to twist Donald Trump into never having stated does you no favors.

Enforcing the law is supposed to tell you deportation, while it tells those who want to support Mr. Trump in the Latin community that they are not going to have to deal with children having guns pointed at them like Elian Gonzalez as the Clinton's did that child.

If you want to win with morals, then you are going to die at the drone of immoral people, because they will cheat to make you lose and bury you with your principles

- Lame Cherry

At this point, I do not care if Donald Trump sucks a Nigger's cock while reciting the Koran. This is about winning on the same horse who  was not lying to us at the start of this, and is now bright enough to deceive the morons who choose to be deceived.

If you do not love America enough to cheat for her, then you are not the bastard of Sam Adams screaming at British soldiers to SHOOT Americans, not a criminal rum runner like John Hancock thwarting the law and not a traitor like George Washington.

You give your word to God. You keep your word to those who earn it, and you lie to the liars, cheat the cheaters and deceive the deceivers, and you have some faith in Donald Trump, because by God you would be expecting it from him, if you were in his place.

Nolite cogitare quomodo vivent, quia haec scientia de morte morieris militaverant stravit.

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When a headache is not enough

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Professor James Fetzer of Wisconsin has a new book about nuclear bombs being used to bring down the Twin Towers and points to evidence that nuclear radiation was found on the site........never mind that numbers of businesses in the Twin Towers or some regime agency might have been storing such material there for research or some odd regime reason......but this post is not about that, but concerns something Professor Fetzer has brought up, and as this is his domino effect, it is something which should be examined.

What if the hypothesis is my being challenged to be proven wrong, and someone says something like, "What if someone with connections that could bring in terrorists, could load a shit load of radioactive material into a passenger jet. I will not describe what a shit load is for size, but instead note that in all of that dirty bomb propaganda, what would have been more kosher than at a luggage check in that someones luggage might have a shit load of spent nuclear stuff, which in observing a 500 mph jet, slamming into a skyscraper, looks like a pretty great dirty bomb, especially when the NSA has the towers wired with C 4 to pull them.

You do know that with the radioactive stuff, the asbestos and other complications, that those original few thousand dead, there are projected 100,000 dead, so Sheik bin Laden has been killing from the grave, or whoever it was that lured Bush43 into a Neocon Paul Wolfowitz war (Now a Hillary Clinton voter who hates Donald Trump as a "security" risk.).......where was I?
Oh yeah, that initial down payment got all kinds of Muslims dead who were not know 500,000 genocided in Syria.

Any way, we can thank Professor Fetzer for bringing this to the attention of the world, as everyone thinks small. You know tiny things like dirty bombs in dust bombs in Londonstan, but what if you think bin Laden big, and one makes a spray plan out of a passenger jet and the pesticide is for humans, and is nuclear waste, broadcast at 500 mph, like 50 stories up, and filled up with asbestos and a million tons of concrete dust, compounding the radioactive razor dust in the lungs, cutting holes in things for asbestos and nuke powder.

That should be about enough of a warning in thinking out of the box in wondering just what evidence could really mean, instead of what it is being purported to mean.


verify the ballot, by trusting in the bullet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to Sean Hannity with a caller venting in a New York accent about "Donald Trump is gonna lose to a criminal if he doesn't change his message".
When Homo Hannity replied that Mr. Trump has gone teleprompter, did exactly what this fucktard was demanding, the fucktard had nothing to add of genius, as the fucktard had not been informed enough of what Mr. Trump was doing in what the insiders were demanding and the fraud polls were still .......yeah still preparing all of you nimwits for a Hillary Clinton election theft so you mutton accept it.

Homo Hannity did though state something that half the US population would vote for Hillary if she pulled out a gun and shot someone, as the "country is that screwed up".

This is what I desire for all of you to focus upon, as it is the question you will have to ask yourself in awareness, in we all know that the past elections were all fraud from Harry Reid in Nevada, to Al Franken in Minnesota, to Barack Obama nationwide.
You have National Review now mocking the Americans for Trump in the vote fraud in order to try and repulse them to accepting the gulag, so it is a Mockingbird conditioning, and again begs the question you are going to have to answer in, "If Mr. Trump is not in the White House after the November elections, are you going to accept the vote fraud for your death, or are you going to take actions which will get you assassinated by the police state or placed into prison with the Bundy's for the rest of your ass raped lives?"

Are you going to accept vote fraud as under Romney and McCain in losing, and are you going to accept vote fraud as under Karl Rove in your winning twice?
You only have a few months to decide on this, as that answer is going to be made whether you like it or not, and the results are going to be your quick death or your slow death by the police state.

It appears that Mr. Trump will file lawsuits over vote fraud, and launch poll watchers, but you have to understand that the vote fraud is not going to take place at the polls, but is going to take place in the electronic programs tabulating the vote fraud.

When one has Homo Hannity stating that 50% of the American gulag is filled with socio and psychopaths, why is Homo Hannity then telling Americans to trust in a corrupt election system filled with lunatics. It is equivalent of a Christian being in a Muslim Sharia state and trusting in elections that are not going to get them raped or murdered.

That is the reality in this, and the question you are going to have to be aware of, because except for the fringe which is populated with BATFE MOG's implicating Citizens in crimes and keeping files on the Citizens, who are boasting about "doing something" which does not factor in that America is too large of nation for individuals to affect change by coercion or violence, as the individual will be shot down like LaVoy Finicum and the Hillary voters will cheer about it, and the Hannity voters will silently be glad that another right wing trouble maker is dead by the police state, as those Patriots endanger the bribes of luxury all of these fucktard are more interested in than America.

The question is, how insane are each one of you who look to fraudulent elections for deliverance, and then accept Hillary Clinton having the election stolen for her, which will lead to your being rounded up by SWAT if you are not shot first, for all of the stupid things you posted on Facebook. You literally are looking to November, but not past it, without one thought of what you are going to do, except to accept the elections and think that this entire Minder State is just going to ignore you for being an enemy of the state.

The reason I place these facts before you, is no one else will. We have all now witnessed the "Fix Trump" advice and it has not done a thing to change the FRAUD POLLS, no more than it will the FRAUD ELECTIONS, so the question again comes to you, in what are you going to do as you are absolutely clueless.

There is a denial in America and it goes to journalists who are for America as in Devvy Kidd. This writer has written of vote fraud, and uncovered a most interesting repeating pattern in incumbents usually win by an 81% vote and  the loser ends up crushed by 18%. 81 18 is a pattern whenever a Paul Ryan is challenged. Yet Ms. Kidd in her latest column is once again following the "Reince Priebus must send out an election alert to all party heads warning of vote fraud"......ah Jeff Rense with David John Oates caught Reince Priebus meeting with Cruz and Kasich and spoke of "menacing the vote" in Wisconsin which was stolen from Donald Trump.
I sort of believe that the head of the GOP who in Reverse Speech spoke of terror funding coming into the GOP from Muslims to destroy Donald Trump, sort of in Big Koch Wisconsin knows all about vote fraud, as he is part of it.
The same case is made for "election observers" as I touched on above. It does not matter if 500 million Americans watch a billion US votes cast at the polls, because the fraud is the electronics and you can have all the ballots on paper you like, because the official tabulation will come just like Al Franken stealing the election from Norm Coleman with full cooperation from Karl Rove in the State and Federal regimes verifying this, and protecting all the fraud ballots.
Do you really believe that any County Treasurer who oversees elections is going to produce ballots that her Secretary of State and Governor just stated gave Hillary an 81% landslide if they want to keep their lives?

So you know what this is and the way it would play, it will be ballots will disappear, and in key precincts it is certain there are already paper ballots giving Hillary Clinton the win, just as they did Obama, and the real ballots ended up in Lyndon Johnson's trunk to be burned in a big Texas fire later that night.
(That would be how landslide Lyndon stole his first election from the people of Texas.)

That is the reality, and why Mr. Trump is correct in vote observers, who can document enough vote fraud, BUT IT HAS TO BE REAL TABULATION which is going to be a problem and in the end, Mr. Trump requires experts like Robert Mercer to monitor the software tabulation, but then Mr. Mercer is going to lose his head as his software stole elections for Ted Cruz.

So this is the election. It is going to be the Obama Dominion software for Clinton, the Bill gates software for the Neocons and the Mercer software supposedly for Donald Trump.......if that is not another set up. It is going to be who can steal the most votes electronically and that is what will decide it.

It then comes down to what was posted here that it was going to take 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump so Mr. Trump can seize his rightfully won election from those who are stealing American elections. It all depends on that reality. Mr. Trump has to muddy the waters of Hillary Vote Fraud enough, not trust the courts, and stir up the mob with the loaded guns to make the vote frauds back down in realizing that the police state has somehow been bribed to stand down or back Mr. Trump.

You have to answer the question though, to get beyond the fiction of trusting in elections and thinking that there is an America with rights left for you after this November, as there is no America with rights for you now. Try ignoring Obamacare. Try being like those fool Bundy's in thinking they can fight the fight in the courts.

Come midnight November 8th and November 9th dawns, is the reality in which you will be forced to answer a question. If you are foolish and ignorant to wait until then, you will be a product of despair and fear, and only react which is stupid as emotions will get you killed.

I don't see the rich well off in this, as fleeing from one Isalmic rape gang in Europe or Oz is not exactly a rapture you will enjoy, no more than Rapistan Canada or Zikastan in South America. Logic points this to in numbers of people are going to die horrid deaths no matter their decision. The best solution is President Donald Trump taking his victory in walking softly with a big stick. Mr. Trump needs the big stick and must come to the complete picture that trusting alone in the ballot of 2016 will make Ivanka a prison whore in the gulag and the grandchildren sold to the DC pedophiles.

Donald Trump must express one prayer in this criminal age and I neither speak for him nor lecture at him for the sake of humanity and civilization.

In 2016, it will be the American Reagan Russian proverb, upon a new guarded city on a hill, verify the ballot, by trusting in the bullet.

- Lame Cherry

I speak of realities here and not fiction. I live in the future and predict your present from that vantage point, because the illusions of the past have provided you, your delusions of your present, and that fallacy condemns you not to a future, but to a vanishing point.

again, the popular girl, Lame Cherry

You no longer have Lyndon Johnson around protecting you from the fruits of assassination for your good. It is all evil now for your great hurt.

Nuff Said


Friday, August 26, 2016

The Secret Service Action Alert

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not so long ago a murdered CIA Director summoned his friend in Nebraska to express his concerns over the militia movement in Americans no longer trusted their government.

That era has now passed, but not the pedophiles behind it. Nor has the era passed when Christians, Veterans, Patriots and Gun Owners were first placed on terror watch lists in the 1990's by the Clinton regime by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the desperate focus of Hillary Clinton in Nevada, upon the right wing conspiracy in order to keep the blacks herded on the Clinton slave trade, something appeared which no one has yet realized in the shout which was heard round the world.

An American there, Sean Lewandowski, first shouted out INFOWARS.COM when Mrs. Clinton singled out Alex Jones. What followed though is the walking across your grave which no one has noticed.

Mr. Lewandowski next shouted PEPE when the ALT RIGHT came under attack from Hamrod. Pepe is the green frog meme of the Alt Right.

“As for the ‘Pepe’ shout… She gave me the opening by saying “alt right” with a bit of a pause, so I pounced. It was just to kind of throw off her false narrative and a shout out to the fellow patriots on “Frog Twitter” for all their hard work in trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. About 3 seconds after I screamed “Pepe”, I was escorted out by Secret Service”.

What is chilling about this is, Alex Jones exhibited absolutely no reaction from the Secret Service, but they closed immediately in one person shouting out PEPE. The entire Hillary Clinton audience had absolutely no idea of what Pepe was, but the Secret Service does.

I will repeat that the Secret Service knows what PEPE is, and they have action orders to close on anyone associated with that name or image. If one requires a further explanation, PEPE is an action order, equal to producing a firearm at a political event. Do not lose that reality in understanding the red flag alert on that.

Return to Michelle Fields, chasing down Donald Trump, a device in her hand, her accosting Donald Trump in touching him which is forbidden, and there was absolutely no response. No response really ever from the Secret Service in anyone shouting out murderous things at Donald Trump, and it requires literally a lunatic attacking Mr. Trump on stage to get a response from response even in Minneapolis when Afroids jump on Trump vehicles......but one person calling out PEPE, and the Secret Service closes and pounces instantly.

All of that violence and threat against Mr. Trump by the left and neocons, and no response from the Secret Service, but the Secret Service knows what PEPE is and immediately takes the person down, because they are viewed as an assassin and terrorist.

I am not exaggerating this reality, because in observing what the BATFE does in setting Americans up with their MOG's and witnessing how the FBI data mines every last word Americans post on Facebook and Twitter. one realizes that the Secret Service is not just watching Ricky Vaughn and the Alt Right, Alex Jones audience, the Breitbart commentators and others listed by the Obama Clinton regime......that those on this list are listed as terrorists and assassins, and their entire dialogue is well known by Secret Service, and simply uttering one word in PEPE brings the same response as a firearm.

There is a reality in this that no one has focused completely upon, and that is all of those listed above, in if you have posted comments, are associated with the above targets of Hillary Clinton, are going to be facing the Bundy and Finicum treatment, with the same silence that Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin greeted that adventure.

I am going to repeat this so it soaks in. The Secret Service is educated, well versed and active alert on the speech patterns of certain Americans.

There is an action alert against those listed above by the Obama regime, and if Mrs. Clinton views it politically necessary, ask yourself how long it will be, before one of the above in a PEPE t shirt is shot as an assassin or is manufactured as one.

The police state knows what PEPE is and views it as a threat, along with all of those linked to it or other groups.

Understand that this is not a game and the police state is on action alert, and been conditioned to view this as part of the Threat Matrix in briefings.