Monday, September 1, 2014

Hang the Rapists

A sentence is worth a thousand words.

A verdict is worth a thousand rapes

If the scrotums remain hanging then hang all the rapists.


Fondness of Time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was a Congressional Peace Commission for the central Plains Indians of Cheyenne. Arapahoe, Apache and Kiowa. The Indians induced by supplies agreed to go into reservations and leave the interior open to travel and settlement.

Soon enough the young were disgruntled, but every effort was made to keep them well fed into the summer for keeping the peace.
A band of Cheyennes soon raided the tribe of Kaws who were at peace, and stole all their horses and the Cheyennes raided several farms.

The government reacting to this suspended the dispensing of arms and ammunition.

The Comanches and Kiowas then came in for their supplies, but were denied the guns. After much sulking, General Sully handed over the weapons.

By August the Indians had broken camp and were not moving to the agreed reservations.

It was in this time that a part of Indian terrorists, I will place the quote here as it will suffice:

The party consisted of about two hundred Cheyennes and a few Arapahoes, with twenty Sioux who had been visiting their friends, the Cheyennes. As near as could be ascertained, they organized and left their camps along Pawnee Creek about the 3d of August. Traveling northeast, they skirted around Fort Harker, and made their first appearance among the settlers in the Saline Valley, about thirty miles north of that post. Professing friendship and asking food at the farm-houses, they saw the unsuspecting occupants comply by giving all they could spare from their scanty stores.

Knowing the Indian's inordinate fondness for coffee, particularly when well sweetened, they even served him this luxury freely. With this the demons began their devilish work. Pretending to be indignant because it was served them in tin cups, they threw the hot contents into the women's faces , and then, first making prisoners of the men, they, one after another, ravished the women till the victims became insensible.

For some inexplicable reason the two farmers were neither killed nor carried off, so after the red fiends had gone, the unfortunate women were brought in to Fort Harker, their arrival being the first intimation to the military that hostilities had actually begun."

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

American women gang raped by 200 Indian terrorists to the point of being out of their mind.

This "war party" continued to other areas spreading the same rape and graduating to murder.

This history is placed here for reality reasons as one witnesses this modern vast democratic voting block in what they were about. It absolutely stuns the mind there were idiots in the east who were sympathetic to Indians and produce the propaganda still availing itself today.

Nothing has changed on the reservations. They are still the same sullen and brooding peoples who now propagandized to white hatred, are still looking for retribution.........for what? Gang raping innocent women?


Sunday, August 31, 2014

First IED's

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Heinous warfare did not originate with Muslims. It is a tradition of all peoples to be abhorrently brutal in peace and war, until the penalty of their actions harms them so personally as to make it a reason to not engage in murderous activities.

The first IED's were nothing of Russian invention for Muslim militants, but in reality they were a Confederate invention. All types of mines have always been a part of warfare. The earliest ones were simply metal spikes which would ram into the person's foot who stepped upon them.

There is a recording of land torpedoes being unleashed on Union forces under the leadership of General Robert E. Lee, and Union General Philip Sheridan recorded their use.

Sheridan had challenged his superior Genearl Meade to let him have a go at Cavalry General Jeb Stuart, and did just that in taking the Union Cavalry behind Lee's lines and breaking it there in a brilliant battle plan which killed Stuart in the first battle.
On the way out, or the way north in the circuituous route, General Sheridan was marching toward Richmond to join Union infantry forces. On this journey, one of the earliest forms of IED's or landmines, or as they were called torpedoes were implemented on the road.

I post the quote as it explains all, and how the remedy was accomplished.

"The enemy, anticipating that I would march by this route, had planted torpedoes along it, and many of these exploded as the column passed over them, killing several horses and wounding a few men, but beyond this we met with no molestation. The torpedoes were loaded shells planted on each side of the road, and so connected by wires attached to friction-tubes in the shells, that when a horse's hoof struck a wire the shell was exploded by the jerk on the improvised lanyard. After the loss of several horses and the wounding of some of the men by these torpedoes, I gave directions to have them removed , if practicable , so about twenty-five of the prisoners were brought up and made to get down on their knees , feel for the wires in the darkness, follow them up and unearth the shells.

The prisoners reported the owner of one of the neighboring houses to be the principal person who had engaged in planting these shells, and I therefore directed that some of them be carried and placed in the cellar of his house, arranged to explode if the enemy's column came that way, while he and his family were brought off as prisoners and held till after daylight."

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

As you can assess, the mines were quite brilliant in being tripwire bombs. The remedy being having the Confederates blow themselves up disarming the mines.......but as was the case, the Confederates were more than ready to finger the civilian terrorist who was aiding them.
Frankly, the man behind this should have been gagged with a mine tied to him in the road with trip wires coming in to greet the Confederates.
I do not much care about Soldiers or Troopers dying in war as that is their purpose, but I do not like seeing horses killed, and this terrorist was killing horses, because he was unfamiliar with shrapnell. His ignorance was in he should have packed metal objects on top of the explosive charges to direct them at a 30 degree angle with a clay pack. A little bit of knowledge and he could have sprayed shrapnell like having 4 Napoleons going off with effect.
Calculations point to 40 KIA and WIA's on each detonation, but then it would kill more horses too and wound them, which would be distasteful to me.

In any event, the Confederacy had bright people who progressed iron and tin clads, submarines and IED's, attempted to incite the Indians into terrorism and with guerilla warfare against their own people, they had things well in hand.
No condemnation of their methods as the North was making exploding type shells for killing people from muskets, so it was the human genius at work in making war more lethal for an edge.

I just do not like the killing of horses or mules in war, am pleased it is now Hummers and things, as no one cares a thing about ordnance.


Question of Wealth

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Money was derived as a measure of keeping a permanent record of the labor an individual produced.

You must understand that principle, as a standard was created for the farmer, herder, smith or soldier to compensate them for their efforts as hauling around loads of wheat, tons of beef, pounds of iron or enslaved women was not pratical, as there are only so many loaves of bread, steaks, ploughs and women a person can deal with.

That principle though has been violated in the modern age when labor was replaced with machine, and the value of currency lost labor, and became a set commodity in the petro currency.

If one invests in gold, gold does not burn up. If one invests in bread, one gains strength to produce labor. If one though burns gasoline, it only provides more time to do nothing while producing only revenue for the few who become richer and richer.

This is the incorrect monopoly in this, in the few hold the asset pedaled to the masses at the masses expense.

It is not the Ashkenaz propaganda of the 19th century of Karl Marx in the Communist Manfesto in religion being the opiate and control of the masses, but it is the feudal state of the few confiscating the work of the many in a form which once represented labor, and now only represents a monopoly.

In a true futurist age, humans would not be expendable, but humans would be served by robotics which would replicate themselves and do the production for humans, to return them to an Eden state of picking the fruit of life from the tree. That though is not the case as wealth has become a weapon in using money not to gain wealth, but to impoverish the masses by inflation, tax confiscation and monopoly replacement of labor for "energy".

Henry Kissinger can prattle on about the failure of nations and the coming of a new world order, but the reality is, this is the world which the power elite have created by design to bring about these exact results. There is actually more war now than ever in human history and more poverty. All Marxism managed is to enslave the masses and to monopolize power into the hands of the few. The Roman system never came close to gleaning mankind in the way the modern system harvests humanity as a crop.

Humanity has been an expendable nature since the industrial revolution. It has now mutated into a cannibal society of using up the most effective breeders in the Asian and Latin, and using the ill bred Muslim to terrify the masses to accept a police state which is busy cropping the militant white, who is the only salvation to save all geneses from this demise.

The world has produced in 6000 years assests in over 100 trillion dollars in monetary wealth which is in the hands of the few. Status can not number the assets of the many in the quadrillions of dollars in developed farms to industries to the daily productions of the many. Yet the world is made poor on purpose in the schemes of the cartel.

Has work lost it's value? No, but it has been devalued by pitting a human to an engine, motor or hard drive. The numbers of humans required to produce and maintain an engine literally cheapens all labor, not by the numbers, but by the reality of the few have valued production as if it still required a hundred thousands slaves to produce a ton of iron.
The elite have put the price of a gallon of gasoline as if it were the literal sweat or thousands, and they are not paying it, but charging the masses this high rate.

This system by design is meant to enslave the masses by confiscating capital from them, not for wealth sake, but in order to return the human to a helpless state in a feudal world.

The way the few manage 7 billion people is to impoverish them into a poverty prison in charging the population to live in their own homes, charge them for water, food, protection and even the air they breathe to the health care which is designed to thin the herd.

Biblical doctrine held the only civilized way to rectify this, and that was every 50 years to return the property to the original holders. The alternative in the modern era is one group of people to murder millions of others in war, and the victors of the elite stealing all the wealth.

I do not state these realities to wake people up for none will awake, nor to claim a return to a legal system as those in control will not forfeit that control. It is though one of those exercises of intellect which do not appear any longer for the mind to be jarred by in something which no longer occurs as in the writings of Burke and Adams.

I do not see any value in any of this knowledge at all, as I believe Christ will return, so no blundering mind will ever require to come across these writings in a time to come to enlighten them with profound discourse to bring about another age of enlightenment.
You are the children of the flickering flame and I do not fear it is about to go out, for it is my hope that it does.

How else could better come? 7 billion miserable people being robbed with weapons which can kill 100 billion. The future would be mass enslavement, mass cropping and mass misery to a counter of mass revolt, massive war and mass extinction.
I chose to hope in a Christ, instead of the logical digression of what the future will abort in this system.

It is far better to live in hope than to perish in reality.

Enough of this intellectual waste on the refuse of humanity. Happy labor day.


Flat Rock Bread

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.........

You can call this flat rock or board bread or biscuits

1 quart of sweet milk
1 quart of sour milk
2 quarts of Indian meal
1 quart of flour
1 cup of dark molasses
1 teaspoonful of soda
1 teaspoon salt

Knead thoroughly before baking.

Bake at moderate heat for 4 hours.

If you can soak the corn meal in milk overnight it will help a great deal.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bee Buzz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few days ago you may have read a letter of inquiry from Woody. This is a follow up as to the background of all of this and due to Woody is an acquaintance of the Viking, it deems a bit more in depth answer.
The reason for this I am going to explain a few things of why I do things a bit more in meaning. The reason I rarely tell people what I am about is if the mice know the maze, then they will not learn the maze.

My concern though is the Viking in his contacting me he had focused on the "a liar will tell you I am telling the truth" sentence, "while a virtuous woman is not believed no matter what I might say". In that I was speaking of me doing the speaking, but the Viking read it as him doing the talking, and would therefore be the liar if I was a liar. See the written word is the worst form of communication, as people are always reading into it what is never intended.
As Jesus said, the children of this world can always in their wisdom make excuses for their indulgences and self righteousness, but when it came to Jesus, He was evil because He ate with sinners and John the Baptist was insane for preaching in the wilderness dressed like Elijah.

I perhaps would have been more nurturing if I was aware that this was a friend of the Viking, but that would have been a mistake, because what the response from me was intended was to have a stick about the place. The world is full of people which Woody has experience with, in if he is nice to them, they will view it as a weakness, and the next letter I would receive from someone would be some ass demanding sex from me or whatever nonsense the past rabble had been contacting me about, thinking for a crumb of bread I would give up anything.
A grown man requires the stick about or he does not understand the authority. It is no different than Woody saying, "no offense" after deliberately insulting me. As John Wayne stated if someone calls you a son of a bitch, they meant to call you a son of a bitch and offend you. There is no answer for Woody, no more than the people who kept demanding Jesus jump through hoops for them, after He informed them Who He was. People will either believe or they will not believe.
Woody like most people thinks he knows the world, but knows little, so he can probe and demand answers to satisfy his focus of this has to be all about money.
Money is a weapon, a tool, in this of the elite as I have stated and is in the archives which is all there if people would stop being lazy and read them. If money had value, the cartel would not be deflating it's value and making it worthless. Money will mean absolutely nothing to this group when they are immortals and they know this. All that will matter then is martial control and having a few mortals about to watch suffer and die, to give their possession of immortality worth. That is the same issue as satan.
See not dying is a gift, until you are in a jail in this world, placed there by mortals who have risen up. The elite know this, and while robotics will serve what is to come as they can be controlled, there will still remain a fraction of mortals to treat as so much sheep of the pasture.

People have pondered before and I have answered about the content of this blog as they judge it harsh or non Christian.
Was it Christian for Jesus to take a whip and whip people out of the Temple? Was it Christian for Jesus to allow a little girl to die in order to prove the Authority of God? Was it Christian when Jesus told the disciples to buy weapons which would be used to kill adversaries? Was it Christian for Jesus to be around prostitutes and thieves?

The answer is yes.

What is worked in part through me here is as I have informed all of you children and brats, in there is the cartel which started out in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord with a heavy dose of branding all racists and whatever to shut them up. They tried it with me, and the charge did not stick as I was a champion of blacks and latins. So it degraded to my being nuts or on a bad trip to attempt to smear what is posted here.
By the work here, in hard work by God's Grace, I have given all of you a battlefield to operate on in language, information which is forbidden and actions, instead of being penned in not being able to say words like Nigger or being made to accept that sodomites are pure. Sodomites are an abomination and there are indeed Niggers in this world. These  are issues not about sodomy or Afroids, but about control of you, so you will allow yourselves to be bullied, so the real issues of removing the Christian white class from America will be completed and the next step to legally raping your children will become the law of the west.

All of you can now post anywhere, anything of Obama's crimes, and you will not see the Obamaniacs calling you a racist. That term is finished and it is because of this blog in the work accomplished here as others tried to nuance this away. You do not win anything in battle by slapping at a tank. You hit it hard with everything you have and smash it with all speed.

There was a person who was posting content from here and being squeamish about being labled of Lame Cherry, so she had to put on the post she was "uncomfortable" with some things here. She was so eager to gain the stage which I built for her own presence, but not eggs enough to stand up for anything as she was too ignorant to know what was fully taking place here as most people are clueless of. So she was castigated and like most who think they can piss on me and tell me it is raining, then went away hurt, instead of apologizing and accepting she was seeking her own attention and not God's, and was not as bright as she thought she was.
That is no condemnation of this woman. It simply is what it is. I am humiliated and humbled constantly, but I do not have the luxury of slinking away. I simply take the Spiritual pike and drive it through those who contend here and pin them to the pavement in the hope that such austenacious displays will save some poor miscreant from the same experience.
For the astute that line is from Big Jake stated by John Wayne.

I personally would be friends with all, even the brats, but it requires having the stick about instead or the people do not mind their manners. You might recall that person who wrote to me, and I was nice enough to try and highlight their work as they were feeling down. Their response was no good deed goes unpunished in trying to hijack this blog and then blaming me for some dreamt up charge bouncing around in their belfrey.
I do not suffer fools and I am not baited into fights. You will be exposed here for what you are and I know that the many are waiting for me to stumble and fall, so they will then mount the corpse of this blog on their wall as a trophy the canned assassins they are.......they of course will term it in how they did it all, like Obama chest thumping about his knocking off that bin Laden acting troup.

I never mind questions, but when there are preconceived biases in people thinking they know it all and their view has to be the way it is all laid out, there can be no teaching there. It requires years of their failed ideas to be ground down to teach them then, and I have not the time to debate things which God has settled for me in Faith.

By God's Grace, I have been proven right about a number of things from ANALGATE, Benghazi, Powellgate and I honestly do not keep track of it all. That though is never enough proof and people always want more, and by God's Grace I have been teaching you of the matrix in how that information flow works, the dynamics, and how it's information there can be muddled, and how future events can be altered, and how it will in most cases reset and attempt to accomplish the event again, as was the case  of June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.
Some events vanish, some reset, some other events take their place, and sometimes lesser events in image replace the greater event.
By evidence it has been proven that June 13th was a waymark event. Before that date, Obama was a winner with demonic assistance, after that date, the image of Obama never gained a victory as the popularity evaporated. Those are the facts playing out in two Obamas by evidence. My information upon inquiry pointed to a completed assassination on that date by a faction of the cartel and an image was put in Obama's place. The corpse as of last inquiry is still in the doomsday bunker, in the frozen food locker, and will not be moved, as it is deemed buried there and not worth the Jarrett effort of being caught.

In Faith, time proves this blog correct on what is not speculation or the matrix as that is a fluid entity.

The Viking in thoughts wondered of the matrix in how it came to be called as such. I will explain how certain words appear here, in as I have stated, when I deal with the Holy Ghost, I open myself to Him. I find definitions and words appear, which I have not thought of previously and in every case, they prove to be the correct definition.
It is like "cartel", and this can speak to Woody. Years ago I had a few snot boys on Newsbusters mocking me for using the word "cartel" as defining what was behind Obama. The Ashkenaz Rothschilds being but the Judas money purse holders as that is where they get their resonant validation from.
For those who have not figured this out, there are on every site a group of snotty little piss ants who not having lives, find mutual discord and bully others in order to beat up on people to feel superior in their inferior existences. I had never really paid attention to the word cartel, but simply was Inspired to use it. It was later in looking up definitions that I found that "cartel" actually was a German word, meaning a group of commerce thugs setting up a monopoly to gain absolute control by exploiting others. That is exactly what I have been writing about.

The Rothschilds have spread their legs and driven their dicks into the Israelite lost 10 leadership, after their original incestuous inbreeding program of the Mayer family, in order to gain admittance to the inner workings of power. They bought their way in.
Think of it this way in you have the English Royals, and you are George Soros. The Royals look at George as a tool, but one hardly invites the tool to the parlor as the ruling class does not play with the moneywhores. That is what these round tables are about in the departments which overlap have their expertise they are validated by. The Rothschilds resonate finances to bring control for what they are striving for.

I desire at this point for all to know the mystery in this. Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Oliver Cromwell, were those who advocated setting up Christ's Kingdom on earth. They were stopped though, because it was not God's Time yet.
The Rothschilds are no different. They would have taken Jerusalem, built that Temple to offer up to satan in the abomination which makes desolate long ago, but it is not time yet according to God's Time. Money is but a tool, as war is a tool, as the internet is a tool, as cell phones are a tool. Yes there is a centralized authority of actions, but while the Rothschilds focus upon like Obama exchanging Mexicans for Afroids, in the Ashkenaz for Judahites in a false messiah order, the Aristocracy at the top is still who the Rothschilds must give way for. The Rothschilds are merchants. They might have royal blood in them now infused, but they are not royalty.........big difference as this is a court. They are Chancellor of the Exchequer and not the crown on the throne.

I have to water the pot plants now, but as the Viking noticed the workings of the matrix in songs posted and what he experiences, that is the matrix speaking in the din. People pick up all sorts of information and are aware of things and never realize it.


First Court

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mr. Iredell of North Carolina.

Mr. Rutledge of South Carolina.

Mr. Wilson of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Cushing of Massachusetts.

Mr. Blair of Virginia.

You probably do not have an idea of who those men are. If I add the clue of John Jay, some might comprehend who they are, but if I add Chief Justice John Jay, then most will understand that this is about the Supreme Court, the First Court of Founders, who was chosen and appointed by George Washington and consented to by the United States Senate.

This was the best Supreme Court in American history. It was guided by the character of John Jay, and amplified by these lawyers schooled in the law and all devoted to the United States Constitution.

You will notice that there are not 9 justices appearing on this bench. The only reason that 9 justices are on the Supreme Court is due to that Constitutional ursurper Franklin Delano Roosevelt who refused to leave office and also expanded the Supreme Court for the purpose of overthrowing America in socialist programs.

It is worth noting that in George Washington, America once had a fine court. 60 years of Thomas Jefferson mob rule courts brought America to the treacherous Franklin Roosevelt courts 100 years later which have destroyed the Constitution.

John Jay and this first court would never have permitted Birther Obama Chin to ever be seated in the White House in being proven a foreign subject.

America once had a Supreme Court, but it ended after George Washington.

nuff said