Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Egyptian Airbus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It does require some time for the world to catch up with the Lame Cherry, as on inquiry of the matrix, stated a bomb was placed on board the Egypt AirBus 10 days previous in Germany. The bomb was in the first class passenger ceiling.

Now the proof appears, exactly as Lame Cherry posted with her life on the line again, as I have to be right every time.

 Forensic expert: EgyptAir human remains suggest explosion
CAIRO (AP) — Human remains retrieved from the crash site of EgyptAir Flight 804 have burn marks and are very small in size, suggesting an explosion on board may have downed the aircraft in the...

I did note that immediately after the exclusive a false story was immediately generated, concerning a missile, due to the fact that the last thing those behind this desire, is to try and explain how a bomb, with Finnish explosive materials had been embedded in Germany days before, and the jet had been flying around.

The point is, the matrix by God's Grace was right again. You had the evidence of the story immediately again and the world is catching up.

I conclude there will be false leads in this to divert attention..........and as you will recall, no one has claimed responsibility for this in the terror Islam group, because this is about bringing down the Egyptian government and replacing it with another Obama Ashkenaz puppet regime.

Thank God, the Lame Cherry proven right again.

PS: The burn marks and small flesh size, reveals a break up of the jet at highspeed in the 500 mph range, and that the fuel did ignite by either the engines or the bomb.
Forensics would point to the blast charge detonated downward and not out.....meaning a huge hole did not tear in the jet immediately, but instead jet material ignited, with a cutting of command control in systems.
The cockpit was intact according to inquiry and the pilots could not gain control.


a Witness against

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

There are many of you who feel as though you are kicking against the goads, in asking in your heart what does it matter how hard you try, no matter what you do or say, because the ignorant masses just do not comprehend the Truths you shout from the rooftops (symbolically speaking, because even talking sincerely about some things in private conversations feels like a confession of insanity). Many of you are discouraged from all the marginalization and belittling, even when you are proven right by God's Grace again and again. You lose friends for your beliefs. You lose friends for trying to show them the Truth which they reject. You lose the respect of people who seem to have it all in your circle of acquaintance, and you feel like a pariah who is looked upon as "that crazy ______" by everyone else.

This is normal. This is okay that you feel this way. This is a lie the devil whispers in your ear to stop you from speaking the Truth. And even though you do not see immediate results, or even semi-short term results, what you are doing is more important than you know.

Contrary to what prominent leaders in the "Christian" community like Obama endorser Rick Warren would have you believe, not all of God's Chosen are Called to spread the Good News to the four corners of the earth. Noah had a specific Calling to build an ark for the people and animals God had Chosen to Save from the Flood. Moses had a specific Calling to be God's Instrument in leading the freed Israelite slaves out of Egypt and through the desert. Isaiah had a specific Calling to Prophesy of the Christ as well as the coming End Times of the Wrath of the Lord, against the houses of Israel and Judah and for the Remnant. Jesus had a specific Calling to Live as a man for 30 years and Become the Sacrifice for the sins of everyone in history.

Every Child of God has a specific part in God's Plan, even when it seems insignificant compared to those who have come before us. I believe God has Placed each of us here as Witnesses as prophesied in Isaiah 43-44, not solely to tell others of the Transforming Power of Christ in our lives, but also against those who wrap themselves in their good works and intentions in a false form of godliness (1 Timothy 3:5). God is Just. He will not Condemn anyone without the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses, the importance of which was made explicitly clear in Old Testament Law and which was mentioned by Jesus and also by Paul, multiple times. God could of course be the sole Witness against the wicked just as His Three Persons Witnessed everything at the Creation. However, I do believe this is part of our Calling, just as the Queen of the South will rise to condemn the generation that murdered Jesus (Matt 12:42, Luke 11:31).

For those skeptics out there who are still trapped in the mindset of missionary > stateside Christian, Christ even specifies what to do when people don't receive the Truth of what you say: shake off the dust of your feet as a Witness against them (Matthew 10:14-15, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5). (Conversely, if you believe Jesus meant to give that direction solely to the 12 Apostles, then why isn't the exhortation to preach the Gospel to every creature only meant for the 12 Apostles? Just food for thought.)

What this means: You have a Purpose that doesn't involve carting yourself off to Africa/Middle East, where the Gospel has been Preached for hundreds of years to countless millions who a)hide their lights under a bushel out of laziness in direct contradiction of Christ's Command, or are b)too scared to share the Gospel with their neighbors because of Muslim/Kony-esque dictators who would kill them, shifting responsibility to Bwana, even though whites aren't exactly a protected class (e.g. South Africa's white genocide). You can do more as a Witness-- establishing the Truth, identifying unrepentant pretenders in the midst of the Church, and agreeing to bind/loose anything on earth which will also be done in Heaven (Matthew 18:16-20).

You are important, to God and to your Siblings in Christ. You are Loved. You are more than your "bragging rights" bonafides of how many missions trips you went on, how many souls have a Billy Graham experience because of you, or the visible "successes" regarding people, personal goals, worldly lucre/fame, or anything else in your daily life. You are being Refined to shine even brighter for God's Glory during this time that tries us all. And by God's Grace, you have the Victory in Christ. No one can take that away from you.


We live and die by Protestant America and Russia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By reality, the world has been divided into an uneven balance of the three nation conflict of an enslaved China, a bankrupt America and an afflicted Russia.
It is a construct of the normal diplomatic buffers removed of Japan, England and Germany, with instead a catalyst termed Islam having perpetuated the greatest invasive wave of conquest in world history.

Kosovo was but the first Wahabbist wave in the west with the Urghurs in Xi Xiang comprising the same invasion of the east, all in the Brzezinski oil funded Militant Muslim, which is a wand to the wind, sometimes casting its spell of death in Russia, sometimes in China, sometimes in America, but always bringing murder.

It is the Gordian Knot tied. America can not survive on expensive oil due to inflation robbing to make all poor and Russia can not survive on cheap oil due to deflation robbing all to make poor, with China oil addiction having replaced its opium addiction, for same result.

If one examines this, it is deliberate in a world of seas of oil, that shortages were amplified for the reason of an organized aristocracy to gain possession of the world. A world now with such advanced sciences that the feudal elite are about to become immortals, and immortals never require genetic diversity as immortals never die, the reality is, a neo earth, will be a place not of Asian technicrats or Latin laborers, but a world where the mob is removed, due to it's being a competitor of gaining the forbidden knowledge of immortality, and replaced by a servant robotic class as immortally viable as the amplified humans they will serve.

What is a world of nuclear ashes, scorched chemical earth and biological rotting, when in 50 years all will be the Forest of Pan, to delight the rulers, with remaining human villages of mutant survivors like so many apes of Africa.

For sanity, America and Russia should reach for the stars, while creating a groomed foundation for all humans, in inflating Russian standards of living while deflating American costs of living, in that continuity, the reality would meet the sum of needs, in progressing lifestyles for the world in technology and security with the comfort of personal finances for individuals and families to care for themselves.

For this moment, it will require the leadership of Russia and America, and not the feudal immortals of that caste, to pardon the world from its elitist sins, for the purpose of a next world of clean Thorium reactors for energy production, and the consort of not, "Go West Young Man", but "To Space Young Chinaman".

The Republic of Mars is the long term solution for Asia, and not a three-sided balance which is always out of balance. It is a strange reality in if one feeds a Caucasian Japheth of Slavics, that as much as the Caucasian Shem, they become content and populations decline, but if one feeds a Latin Jesuit, an Asian Mongoloid, the Muslim Mideastern and the African Negroid, they instead breed like rats over-taxing supply.

We live in a world out of balance, and that balance is by design of nature of immortal, about to crop itself of 6 billion inhabitants. The reality is, the Caucasian when nourished stimulates the mind, while the Mongoloid and Negroid when fed, stimulates the genitals.

The world now is in this unGodly balance, of either the Christian Protestant prevails being led by Russia and America, with the rising of Germany, France, Japan and England, or the world will implode to a new dark ages, from which it may never arise again, due to the unique construct which caused modern civilization to appear with the American catalyst.

It falls to Vladimir Putin and it falls to Donald Trump, two Nationalists placed at odds against each other by those who seek to depopulate the planet, for their construct of immortals and their immortalized machines.

We are now in the stars of chaos, war, unbalance and decay. A cancer eats upon civilization by the Typhoid Obama, as Kosovo has now become a global pandemic of invasion. We will live or die by what the deliverers are that God has put forward in Russia and America.

We will live and die by what mercy is obtained by the Protestants of America and Russia.


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.К реальности, мир был разделен на неровном баланс трех национального конфликта порабощенной Китая, обанкротившегося Америке и болеющего России.Это конструкция из нормальных дипломатических буферов удалены из Японии, Англии и Германии, с вместо того, чтобы катализатор называют, что ислам увековечили наибольшую инвазивной волну завоевания в мировой истории.Косово, но первая Wahabbist волна на западе с Urghurs в Си Сян, содержащий тот же вторжение на восток, все в масле Бжезинского финансируемая Воинствующий мусульманина, который является палочкой к ветру, иногда бросая это заклинание смерти в России, иногда в Китае, иногда в Америке, но всегда принося убийство.
Это связано гордиев узел. Америка не может выжить на дорогую нефть из-за инфляции грабить, чтобы сделать все бедные и Россия не может surive на дешевой нефти из-за дефляции грабить все, чтобы сделать бедных, с Китаем нефти зависимость заменив его опийной наркомании, для такого же результата.Если рассматривать это, является преднамеренным в мире морей нефти, что нехватка амплифицировали по причине организованной аристократии завладеть мира. Мир теперь с такими передовыми науками, что феодальные элиты о том, чтобы стать бессмертным, и бессмертных никогда не требует генетического разнообразия, как бессмертные никогда не умирают, реальность такова, что нео земля, будет место не азиатских technicrats или латинских рабочих, а мир, в котором толпа удаляется из-за это время конкурент набирает запретную знание бессмертия, и заменить его слуга роботизированной класса, как бессмертно жизнеспособна, как усиленных людей, которых они будут служить.Что такое мир ядерного пепла, выжженной земли химического и биологического гниения, когда через 50 лет все будет лес Пан, чтобы радовать правителей, с остающимся человека деревни мутантных выживших, как и многие обезьянами Африки.Для здравого смысла, Америка и Россия должна достичь звезд, при создании ухоженной основу для всех людей, в раздувании российских стандартов жизни в то время как разваливающийся американские расходы на проживание, в этой непрерывности, реальность будет соответствовать сумме потребностей, при прогрессировании образа жизни для мира в области технологий и безопасности с комфортом личных финансов для отдельных лиц и семей, чтобы заботиться о себе.На данный момент, это потребует руководство России и Америки, а не феодальных бессмертных этой касты, помиловать мир от его элитарные грехи, для целей следующего мира чистых Торий реакторов для производства энергии, а также супруга из нет, "Go West Young Man", но "к космическому Молодой китаец".Республика Марс является долгосрочным решением для Азии, а не трехсторонний баланс, который всегда из равновесия. Это странная реальность, если один кормит кавказского Иафета из славянами, они так же, как кавказского Сима, что они становятся содержание и население снизится, но если один питает латинский иезуит, азиатский монголоидную, мусульманский Mideastrin и Африканский негроидной , вместо этого они размножаются как крысы более таксировать питания.Мы живем в мире, из равновесия, и что баланс по дизайну природе бессмертна, о том, чтобы обрезать себя 6 миллиардов жителей. Реальность такова, что кавказец, когда питалась стимулирует ум, в то время как монголоидной и негроидной при кормлении, стимулирует половые органы.Мир сейчас находится в этом нечестивые балансе, либо христианская протестантская превалирует будучи во главе с Россией и Америкой, с восходом Германии, Франции, Японии и Англии, или мир будет взрываться к новому темные века, от которого он никогда не может возникает снова, благодаря уникальной конструкции вызвавшего современной цивилизации появляться с американским катализатором.Он попадает к Владимиру Путину, и он падает на Дональда Трампа, два Националистов, расположенных в противоречии друг против друга теми, кто стремится опустошить планету, для их конструкции бессмертных и их бессмертных машин.
Сейчас мы находимся в звездах хаоса, войны, неуравновешенности и гниения. Рак питается от цивилизации тифа Обамы, поскольку Косово теперь стал глобальной пандемии вторжения. Мы будем жить или умереть от того, что освободители Бог выдвинуло в России и Америке.Мы будем жить и умереть от того, что милость получается протестантов Америки и России.


Como otro cereza Lame exclusiva en materia de lucha contra la materia.Por la realidad, el mundo se ha dividido en un balance desigual del conflicto por tres naciones de una China esclavizado, una América en quiebra y una Rusia afligidos.Es una construcción de las memorias intermedias diplomáticos normales extraídos de Japón, Inglaterra y Alemania, con un catalizador lugar denominado Islam haber perpetuado la mayor ola invasora de conquista en la historia del mundo.Kosovo era, pero la primera ola wahabista en el oeste con los Urghurs de Xi Xiang que comprende la misma invasión del este, todo en el aceite Brzezinski financiado Militante musulmán, que es una varita al viento, a veces fundición es hechizo de muerte en Rusia, a veces en china, a veces en Estados Unidos, pero siempre llevando asesinato.
Se ata el nudo gordiano. Estados Unidos no puede sobrevivir en el petróleo caro debido al robo de la inflación para que todos los pobres y Rusia no puede surive de petróleo barato debido a la deflación robar todo para hacer pobre, con la adicción al petróleo de China ha sustituido que es la adicción al opio, por idéntico resultado.Si uno examina esto, es deliberada en un mundo de mares de petróleo, que la escasez se amplificaron por la razón de una aristocracia organizado para ganar la posesión del mundo. Un mundo ahora con este tipo de ciencias avanzadas que la élite feudales están a punto de llegar a ser inmortales, y los inmortales nunca se requiere la diversidad genética como inmortales nunca mueren, la realidad es, una tierra neo, será un lugar no de technicrats asiáticos o trabajadores latinos, sino una mundo en el que se elimina la turba, debido a que está siendo un competidor de obtener el conocimiento prohibido de la inmortalidad, y se sustituye por una clase de robot sirviente inmortal como viables como los seres humanos amplificados van a servir.¿Qué es un mundo de cenizas nucleares, químicas y tierra quemada descomposición biológica, cuando en 50 años todo será el Bosque de Pan, para deleite de los gobernantes, con el resto de pueblos de humanos mutantes sobrevivientes como simios de África.Para la cordura, Estados Unidos y Rusia deben llegar a las estrellas, mientras que la creación de una fundación preparado para todos los seres humanos, en inflar los estándares rusos de vivir al desinflar los costos de vida americano, en el que la continuidad, la realidad se reuniría con la suma de las necesidades, en el progreso de los estilos de vida para el mundo de la tecnología y la seguridad con la comodidad de las finanzas personales para los individuos y las familias para cuidar de sí mismos.Para este momento, se requerirá el liderazgo de Rusia y Estados Unidos, y no los inmortales feudales de esa casta, de indultar al mundo de que es pecado elitistas, con el propósito de un próximo mundo de los reactores de torio limpias para la producción de energía, y el consorte de no ser así, "Go West hombre joven", pero "a Espacio joven chino".La República de Marte es la solución a largo plazo para Asia, y no tres caras equilibrio que siempre está fuera de equilibrio. Es una realidad extraña en si uno alimenta un caucásico Jafet de eslavos, que tanto como el Europeo Sem, que se convierten en contenido y las poblaciones disminuyen, pero si uno alimenta un jesuita América, un mongoloides de Asia, el Mideastrin musulmanes y la negroide africana , en su lugar se reproducen como ratas más de gravar el suministro.Vivimos en un mundo fuera de equilibrio, y ese equilibrio es por diseño de la naturaleza de los inmortales, a punto de recortar en sí de 6 mil millones de habitantes. La realidad es que los caucásicos si lo nutren estimula la mente, mientras que el mongoloide y negroide cuando se alimenta, estimula los genitales.Ahora el mundo está en este equilibrio malos, ya sea de la protestante Cristiano prevalece siendo dirigida por Rusia y Estados Unidos, con el levantamiento de Alemania, Francia, Japón e Inglaterra, o el mundo va a implosionar a una nueva edad oscura, de la que nunca podrá surgir de nuevo, debido a la construcción única que causó la civilización moderna a aparecer con el catalizador de América.Corresponde a Vladimir Putin y cae a Donald Trump, dos nacionalistas colocados enfrentados uno contra el otro por aquellos que buscan para despoblar el planeta, por su construcción de inmortales y sus máquinas inmortalizadas.
Ahora estamos en las estrellas del caos, la guerra, el desequilibrio y la decadencia. Un cáncer se come sobre la civilización por la tifoidea Obama, como Kosovo se ha convertido en una pandemia mundial de la invasión. Vamos a vivir o morir por lo que los repartidores de Dios ha propuesto en Rusia y América.Vamos a vivir y morir por lo que se obtiene merced por los protestantes de los Estados Unidos y Rusia.


Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.Mit der Realität hat sich die Welt in eine unebene Gleichgewicht der drei Nation Konflikt eines versklavten China, einem bankrotten Amerika und einem befallenen Russland aufgeteilt.Es ist ein Konstrukt der normalen diplomatischen Puffer entfernt von Japan, England und Deutschland, mit, anstatt ein Katalysator genannt Islam die größte invasive Eroberungswelle in der Weltgeschichte verewigt haben.Kosovo war aber der erste Wahabbist Welle im Westen mit den Urghurs in Xi Xiang die gleiche Invasion von Osten umfasst, die alle in der Öl Brzezinski Militante Muslim finanziert, das ein Zauberstab in den Wind ist, manchmal ist es Bann des Todes in Russland Gießen, manchmal in China, die manchmal in Amerika, aber immer Mord zu bringen.
Es ist der gordische Knoten gebunden. Amerika kann nicht durch die Inflation Rauben auf teures Öl überleben alle arm machen und Russland können alle arm machen nicht surive wegen Deflation auf billiges Öl zu rauben, mit Sucht China Öl mit es ist Sucht Opium ersetzt, für gleiche Ergebnis.Wenn man dies untersucht, ist es absichtlich in einer Welt der Meere von Öl, dass die Risiken für den Grund einer organisierten Aristokratie amplifiziert Besitz der Welt zu gewinnen. Eine Welt, jetzt mit einer solchen fortgeschrittenen Wissenschaften, die die feudalen Elite sind etwa Unsterblichen zu werden, und Unsterblichen erfordern nie genetische Vielfalt als Unsterbliche sterben nie, die Realität ist, ein neo Erde, einen Platz nicht aus asiatischen technicrats oder Latein Arbeiter, sondern ein Welt, wo der Mob entfernt wird, aufgrund seiner Wettbewerber zu gewinnen das verbotene Wissen der Unsterblichkeit zu sein, und von einem Diener Roboter-Klasse als unsterbliche rentabel wie die verstärkten Menschen sie dienen ersetzt.Was ist eine Welt der nuklearen Asche der verbrannten Erde chemische und biologische Verrottung, wenn in 50 Jahren die ganze Wald von Pan wird, die Herrscher zu erfreuen, mit den restlichen menschlichen Dörfer von mutierten Überlebenden, wie so viele Affen von Afrika.Für geistige Gesundheit, Amerika und Russland sollten nach den Sternen greifen, während eine präparierte Grundlage für alle Menschen zu schaffen, in Aufpumpen russischen Lebensstandard während amerikanische Lebenshaltungskosten Deflationierung, in dieser Kontinuität würde die Realität die Summe der Anforderungen gerecht zu werden, in voran Lebensstil für die Welt der Technik und Sicherheit mit dem Komfort der persönlichen Finanzen für Einzelpersonen und Familien für sich selbst zu sorgen.Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wird er die Führung von Russland und Amerika, und nicht die feudalen Unsterblichen dieser Kaste, erfordern die Welt zu verzeihen von ihm elitären Sünden ist, zum Zwecke einer nächsten Welt sauberer Thoriumreaktoren für die Energieerzeugung und die Gemahlin von nicht "Go West Young Man", sondern "um Raum Junge Chinesen".Die Republik Mars ist die langfristige Lösung für Asien, und nicht dreiseitige Balance, die immer aus dem Gleichgewicht geraten ist. Es ist eine seltsame Realität, wenn man einen kaukasischen Japhet von Slavics Feeds, sie so viel wie die kaukasischen Sem, dass sie Inhalt und der Bevölkerung werden sinken, aber wenn man speist einen lateinischen Jesuit, eine asiatische Mongoloid, die muslimische Mideastrin und die afrikanische Negroid sie stattdessen wie Ratten über die Besteuerung Versorgung züchten.Wir leben in einer Welt aus dem Gleichgewicht, und das Gleichgewicht ist durch die Gestaltung von Natur unsterblich, um sich selbst von 6 Milliarden Menschen zu beschneiden. Die Realität ist, wenn der kaukasischen den Geist genährt stimuliert, während die Mongoloid und Negroid wenn gefüttert, die Genitalien stimuliert.Die Welt ist jetzt in dieser unchristlichen Gleichgewicht, entweder der Christian Protestant vorherrscht zu einem neuen dunklen Zeitalter wird implodieren von Deutschland, Frankreich, Japan und England, oder die Welt mit dem Anstieg von Russland und Amerika, geführt zu werden, aus denen es nie entstehen wieder durch die einzigartige Konstruktion der modernen Zivilisation verursacht bei der American Katalysator zu erscheinen.Es fällt auf, Wladimir Putin, und es fällt auf Donald Trump, zwei im Widerspruch gegeneinander von denen platziert Nationalisten, die versuchen, den Planeten zu entvölkern, für ihr Konstrukt von Unsterblichen und ihre verewigte Maschinen.
Wir sind jetzt in den Sternen des Chaos, Krieg, Unwucht und Verfall. Ein Krebs frisst auf Zivilisation von der Typhoid Obama, als Kosovo jetzt eine globale Pandemie der Invasion geworden ist. Wir werden durch leben oder sterben, was die Zusteller Gott hat in Russland und Amerika vorgelegt.Wir leben und sterben durch das, was Barmherzigkeit von den Protestanten von Amerika und Russland erhalten.


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.En réalité, le monde a été divisé en un équilibre inégal du conflit d'une Chine asservis, une Amérique en faillite et une Russie affligée trois nation.Il est une construction des tampons diplomatiques normales retirées du Japon, en Angleterre et en Allemagne, avec un catalyseur au lieu appelé l'Islam ayant perpétué la plus grande vague envahissante de conquête dans l'histoire du monde.Kosovo était, mais la première vague Wahabbist à l'ouest avec les Urghurs dans Xi Xiang comprenant la même invasion de l'est, le tout dans l'huile Brzezinski financé Militant musulman, qui est une baguette au vent, parfois coulée il est sort de mort en Russie, parfois en Chine, parfois en Amérique, mais apportant toujours assassiner.
Il est le nœud gordien attaché. Amérique ne peut pas survivre sur le pétrole cher en raison de l'inflation voler à faire tous les pauvres et la Russie ne peut pas surive sur le pétrole pas cher en raison de la déflation voler tout faire pauvre, avec la Chine dépendance au pétrole ayant remplacé son dépendance à l'opium, pour même résultat.Si l'on examine cela, il est volontaire dans un monde des mers de pétrole, que les pénuries ont été amplifiés pour la raison d'une aristocratie organisée pour prendre possession du monde. Un monde maintenant avec ces sciences avancées que les élites féodales sont sur le point de devenir immortels, et Immortels ne nécessite la diversité génétique comme des immortels ne meurent jamais, la réalité est, une terre néo, sera un lieu non de technicrats asiatiques ou ouvriers latins, mais un monde où la foule est retirée, en raison de son être un concurrent d'acquérir les connaissances interdit de l'immortalité, et remplacée par une classe de robotique domestique comme immortellement viable que les humains amplifiés ils serviront.Qu'est-ce qu'un monde de cendres nucléaires, terre brûlée chimique et biologique de pourrissement, alors qu'en 50 ans tout ira la forêt de Pan, pour le plaisir des dirigeants, avec le reste des villages humains de survivants mutants comme autant de singes d'Afrique.Pour la santé mentale, l'Amérique et la Russie devraient atteindre les étoiles, tout en créant une fondation damées pour tous les humains, à gonfler les normes russes de vie tout en dégonflant les coûts américains de la vie, dans la continuité, la réalité répondrait à la somme des besoins, dans la progression des modes de vie pour le monde de la technologie et de la sécurité et le confort des finances personnelles pour les particuliers et les familles à prendre soin d'eux-mêmes.Pour ce moment, il faudra la direction de la Russie et l'Amérique, et non pas les Immortels féodaux de cette caste, de pardonner le monde à partir de son péchés élitistes, dans le but d'un autre monde de réacteurs propres thorium pour la production d'énergie, et l'épouse non, "Go West jeune homme", mais "To Space Jeune Chinaman".La République de Mars est la solution à long terme pour l'Asie, et non trois équilibre face qui est toujours hors de l'équilibre. Il est une réalité étrange si l'on nourrit un Caucasien Japhet des Slaves, ils autant que le Caucase Shem, qu'ils deviennent le contenu et les populations diminuent, mais si l'on alimente un jésuite latine, un mongoloïde asiatique, le Mideastrin musulman et l'négroïde africaine , ils se reproduisent comme des rats au lieu de plus de taxer l'offre.Nous vivons dans un monde hors de l'équilibre, et cet équilibre est par la conception de la nature de l'immortel, sur le point de se recadrer de 6 milliards d'habitants. La réalité est, du Caucase quand nourri stimule l'esprit, tandis que le mongoloïde et négroïde dans l'alimentation, stimule les organes génitaux.Le monde est maintenant dans cet équilibre Ungodly, soit de la chrétienne protestante prévaut dirigée par la Russie et l'Amérique, avec la montée de l'Allemagne, la France, le Japon et l'Angleterre, ou le monde va imploser à un nouveau âges sombres, d'où il ne peut jamais se présenter à nouveau, en raison de la construction unique qui a causé la civilisation moderne à apparaître avec le catalyseur américain.Il tombe à Vladimir Poutine et il tombe à Donald Trump, deux nationalistes placés en désaccord les uns contre les autres par ceux qui cherchent à dépeupler la planète, pour leur construction des Immortels et leurs machines immortalisées.
Nous sommes maintenant dans les étoiles du chaos, la guerre, le déséquilibre et la pourriture. Un cancer se nourrit sur la civilisation par la Typhoïde Obama, que le Kosovo est devenu une pandémie mondiale de l'invasion. Nous allons vivre ou mourir par ce que les libérateurs Dieu a mis en avant en Russie et en Amérique.Nous allons vivre et mourir par ce que la miséricorde est obtenu par les protestants de l'Amérique et de la Russie.


Zuòwéi dújiā zài wùzhí fǎnwùzhí lìng yīgè bǒjiǎo yīngtáo.

Yóu xiànshí shìjiè yǐjīng fēnchéngle núyì zhōngguó, yīgè bīnlín dǎobì dì měiguó hé èluósī zhémó de sān gè guójiā chōngtú de bù jūnyún pínghéng.
Tā shì rìběn, yīngguó hé déguó de shānchúle zhèngcháng de wàijiāo huǎnchōng qū de jiégòu, ér bùshì yǔ yīsīlán jiào chēng wèi cuīhuàjì yǐjīng yánxù zài shìjiè lìshǐ zhēngfú de zuìdà qīnrù bō.

Kēsuǒwò shì dàn yǔ Urghurs zài xī xiāng xībù dì yī Wahabbist bō, bāokuò dōngbù de tóngyī rùqīn, dōu zài bù rè jīn sī jī shíyóu zīzhù jījìn de mùsīlín, zhè shì yīgè mózhàng fēng, yǒushí zhùzào tā de sǐwáng zhòuyǔ zài èluósī, yǒushí zài zhōngguó, yǒushí zài měiguó, dàn shǐzhōng bǎ móushā.

Zhè shì kuàidāo zhǎn luànmá zhuī píng. Měiguó bùnéng duì ángguì de shíyóu shēngcún, yóuyú tōnghuò péngzhàng lüèduó, shǐ suǒyǒu qióngrén hé tìhuàn tā de yāpiàn yǐn, duìyú tóngyàng de jiéguǒ èluósī bùnéng zài liánjià shíyóu surive yóuyú tōnghuò jǐnsuō qiǎngjié dōu shǐ chà, yǒu zhòng guó shíyóu de yīlài.

Rúguǒ nǐ jiǎnchá zhè yīdiǎn, zhōngshíyóu hǎiyáng shìjiè gùyì, jí duǎnquē kuò zēngle yīgè yǒu zǔzhī de guìzú zhī suǒyǐ huòdé zhànyǒu shìjiè. De shìjiè xiànzài zhèyàng xiānjìn de kēxué fēngjiàn jīngyīng jíjiāng chéngwéi shénxiān, hé shénxiān yǒngyuǎn bù xūyào yíchuán duōyàng xìng shénxiān yǒngyuǎn bùsǐ, dàn xiànshí shì, yīgè xīn dàdì, jiāng shì yīgè dìfāng de bùshì yàzhōu technicrats huò lāměi gōngrén, dàn dāngjīn shìjiè, bàotú bèi shānchú, yīnwèi tā zhèngzài huòdé bùxiǔ de jìn zhīshì de jìngzhēng duìshǒu, bìng tōngguò yīgè púrén jīqìrénlèi tìhuàn chéng bùxiǔ kěxíng dì fàngdà rénlèi, tāmen jiāng fúwù.

Shénme shì hé huījìn, shāo jiāo dìqiú huàxué hé shēngwù fǔlàn, dāng 50 nián dōu jiāng shì pān de sēnlín, qǔyuè tǒngzhì zhě, shèngyú túbiàn de xìngcún zhě xiàng fēizhōu de xǔduō yuán de rén lèi cūnzhuāng de shìjiè.

Duìyú lǐzhì, měiguó hé èluósī yīng dádào de xīngxīng, tóngshí wéi suǒyǒu de rén yīgè dǎbàn jīchǔ, kuādà èluósī de biāozhǔn shēnghuó, ér fàng qì de shēnghuó měiguó fèiyòng, liánxù xìng de, xiànshí jiāng mǎnzú xūqiú de zǒnghé, zài qiánjìn de shēnghuó fāngshì shìjiè zài jìshù hé ānquán xìng de gèrén cáiwù zhuàngkuàng de gèrén hé jiātíng de shūshì zhàogù zìjǐ.

Wèile zhè yīkè, zhè jiāng xūyào èluósī hé měiguó, ér bùshì jiējí de fēngjiàn shénxiān, lǐngdǎo shèmiǎn shìjiè, cóng tā de jīngyīng zuì, duì néngyuán shēngchǎn qīngjié tǔ fǎnyìngduī de xià yīgè shìjiè de zōngzhǐ, fùmǎ bù,“xībù dà kāifā de qīngnián”, ér shì “yào kōngjiān niánqīng de zhōngguó lǎo”.

Huǒxīng gònghéguó shì yàzhōu chángqí de jiějué fāng'àn, ér bùshì sānmiàn de pínghéng shì yǒngyuǎn shīqù pínghéng. Zhè shì yīgè qíguài de xiànshí zhōng, rúguǒ yīgè sìliào Slavics de báirén yǎ fú, tāmen bù yǎ yú gāojiāsuǒ shǎn, tāmen chéngwéi nèiróng hé shùliàng xiàjiàng, dàn rúguǒ sìliào lādīng yēsū huì shì, yàzhōu ménggǔ rén zhǒng, mùsīlín Mideastrin hé fēizhōu hēirén, tāmen fǎn'ér zīshēng xiàng lǎoshǔ zài zhēng shuì gōngyìng.

Wǒmen shēnghuó de zhège shìjiè shīqùle pínghéng, ér zhè zhǒng pínghéng shì bùxiǔ de, jíjiāng cáijiǎn 6 shí yì rénkǒu běnshēn xìngzhì de shèjì. Xiànshí de qíngkuàng shì, dāng zīyǎng gāojiāsuǒ cìjī tóunǎo, ér ménggǔ rén hé fǎnkuì shí de hēirén, cìjī shēngzhíqì.

Xiànzài, shìjiè zài zhège èrén pínghéng, wúlùn shì jīdūjiào xīnjiào shèngxíng shì yóu èluósī hé měiguó de dàilǐng xià, yǔ déguó de juéqǐ, fàguó, rìběn hé yīngguó, háishì shìjiè yě huì bēngkuì dào yīgè xīn de hēi'àn shídài, cóng tā kěnéng yǒngyuǎn bù huì zài chūxiàn, yóuyú dútè de jiégòu zàochéng xiàndài wénmíng chūxiàn yǔ měiguó de cuīhuàjì.

Tā shǔyú pǔjīng hé tā shǔyú tángnàdé·tè lǎng pǔ, liǎng míng guómíndǎng yóu nàxiē shuí xúnqiú rénkǒu jiǎnshǎo dìqiú, tāmen de shénxiān hé tāmen yǒngshēng de jīqì jiégòu fàng zài péi lǜ fǎnmùchéngchóu.

Wǒmen xiànzài zhèng chǔyú hǔnluàn, zhànzhēng, bù pínghéng hé fǔlàn de xīngxīng. Áizhèng chī jīng shānghán àobāmǎ wénmíng, kēsuǒwò xiàn yǐ chéngwéi rùqīn quánqiú dà liúxíng. Wǒmen jiāng shēnghuó huò yóu shénme, yùnsòng shén èluósī hé měiguó tíchūle sǐ.

Wǒmen jiāng shēnghuó hé liánmǐn shénme shì yóu měiguó hé èluósī de xīn jiàotú huòdé de sǐwáng.

Blocking Hotmail Trolls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes in Bill Gates Hotmail, you put people on Block Lists and their emails keep showing up. I did a search online and no one covered how to really block people other than terminating the account, so I will provide a walk through here.

Your links are in RED________

The secret is not in OPTIONS in the top right corner of Hotmail, but the secret is to the left of your screen in CONTACTS. 

Click CONTACTS and that will open a page which lists the following:




After this a new page opens, and you click in the upper left of this window tab NEW CONTACT.

Click on that tab, and a new page will open, and all you have to do is paste in the email you want to block in the email address line, and Click SAVE.

Now you have this troll blocked in a way which they can never undo, unless of course they hack you and then you report them to the FBI or if Microsoft keeps clearing out your block list files.

This method will work, when the junk tab alert with 'adding this address to block' does not.

Nuff said

Sometimes though this will not work, and then you will have to report the abuse directly by forwarding the email to whoever.


Mother Russia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this era of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, the Lame Cherry seeks to produce a series of diplomatic white papers to engage security for the entire world, and the Russian American Construct is the most vital for world peace, and has been greatly damaged by the Obama Clinton Kerry aggression and has been void in the Ted Cruz diaries of carpet bombing of Arab lands.

There is a long historical cooperation between America and Russia. The Russian Imperial Government looked to American naval leadership in John Paul Jones and in the American Civil War, the Russian Government assisted in protecting America from European aggression.
It was only through European intrigue and the socialism of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, based upon Schiff and Rothschild betrayal of mother Russia, that the worst of relations became the Stalin Truman cold war, which thawed under Ronald Reagan, but became the worst of words in Obama Clinton "reset".

Vladimir Putin is rightly the most adept world leader at the start of the 21st century. He has endured abuse from the cartel powers, and America was a proxy to this fomenting of international discord. Russia should never have been viewed after World War I as a Stalin Oligarchy to be gleaned for the international economic rapists of all her resources. Russia and America cooperation produced a peaceful construct with German Imperial diplomacy up until World War I. The world from 1860 to 1915 was one of the best progressions for humanity in protecting colonial advancement from savage and barbaric races.

In this construct, Vladimir Putin is vulnerable without Donald Trump and with Mr. Trump or true America, Mr. Putin fulfills his complete destiny as the Russian Czars became leaders in ending slavery and advancing their peoples in associating with Americans placed upon the throne of Jesus the Christ in the New World.

One must be aware of the Russian weaknesses in order to find her strengths, for in weakness she has allied herself to the antithesis of her survival.

In the West, the aristocracy cartel is embarked again upon another plan for Russian genocide in her division to be spoiled of resources for European powers, with the Obama subterfuge. All of this works together in the Brzezinski doctrine of militant muslims making war upon the world and Russia specifically, so Russia is allied with Shia Islam which is the weaker construct, and in the far east Russia has provided the technological military leap to China with 1 billion infringing upon Russia's borders.
Literally the antithesis of Russian Christianity and Russian Caucasian genus has been what Russia has wed herself to.

In this, America should lead for the promotion of Russia, not as a European power, but as the West Asian power of Christian Republican form of self governance for the security of Asia, Europe and the world.
There should be developed a central European Slavic block of nations in self defense to replace NATO on Russia's border, for trade and security. Neither promoting Russia, America or western Europe, but engaged in promoting themselves in peaceful cooperation with the three other powers.

Of necessity, Russia will have to embark upon a program, wed to its Orthodox Christianity in promoting larger families, with the intent of Russian resources to reward with oil revenues, and a promise of 40 acres and a dacha to every Russian family which remains law abiding, productive, and produces 5 offspring, with greater rewards for more children in order to expand the Russian native population to sustainable levels.

Russia has many strengths. It is the breadbasket and energy tank of Europe and Asia. She has invested wisely in advanced weaponry and in defense shelters. She is a nation which is poised to survive a nuclear or meteor holocaust, but a people who has gone to bed with a Muslim sword and a Chinese dragon, and can never fully go to sleep for fear of entering a perpetual sleep of Muslims and Chicoms taking possession of the Russian house.

Like America, Russia can be the greatest asset of the world or the greatest debt of the world. It all depends upon political direction which is moral and sound. Russia can not be blamed for self interest, but America in the former Obama age does have responsibility in having her Reagan heritage hijacked by conglomeratists and speculators in the form of nation rapist, George Soros, who has by proxy for the cartel, made war upon America, Russia and the world.

For this reason, the greatest political leader in the world at present, Vladimir Putin, should have a vested interest in a spirit of cooperation with the risen Donald Trump. Both are Christian leaders of Christian peoples whose nations are under duress from outside interests whose scope is exploiting nations and making World War IV.
Russia and America must come to a trust. A trust where each nation is provided advantage, and where opportunity to take advantage of the other is not seized upon, because each nation understands the world is more secure and prosperous with the other having its rightful place in it.

I believe in the era of American and Russian cooperation from 1776 to 1876. It was a world of advancement of serf and slave, and industrial heights, with the necessity of the great German political and diplomatic leadership. All of this was voided when Germany was conspired against, and nations believed that robbing the Deutsch of their empire would provide a place of stolen satisfaction, but all it has constructed is a world in perpetual war.

The above white paper began with the photo of General George Armstrong Custer in Topeka Kansas with Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich on a hunting expedition in the American West. Few people in the modern age knew of the Spirit of Trust and Cooperation between America and Russia as each people freed themselves of repression and stood against the global order intent on their destruction. The world is on the brink of World War IV and all can comprehend now the Great Eurasian War which the Lame Cherry spoke of a decade ago.
For the survival of the best of the human race, the American and Russian races must become Christian Soldiers standing guard with each other armed and plowing the world for peace.

Nuff Said



Monday, May 23, 2016

Senator John Thune Reach Out To Facebook With Federal Warrants

... on 'becoming the engine room of the firm' - Legal news - NewsLocker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The absolute arrogance of Facebook lawyer, Colin Stretch is disgusting to any American, because after the Electronic Rapists had molested the children of this world, they conducted their own police investigation, and concluded that after confession, their crimes were nothing, and swatted Senator John Thune on the ass and told him to go crawl back under his buffalo chips in South Dakota.




Senator Thune now has before him a criminal reality. A reality that Matt Drudge was defrauded out of an immense sum, and that fits exactly the Truth of how the Lame Cherry was censored from net traffic by the limbo of my account, and how all of this terrorist activity against people in the right wing,  attempted to destroy the Donald Trump campaign.

I wrote to Jim DeMint challenging his reply that Facebook is a private company. Facebook is not private when it uses public venues to profit off of and to manipulate news. Facebook's programs manipulate every user and addicts them, while making them think that validation only arises in the Facebook identity.
What Facebook is engaged in, is criminal psychological rape of the most heinous sort, and these billionaire spies for the NSA, just told the United States Senate to piss off.

This needs to be a matter of the criminal justice system, as crimes have been admitted to. People have been defrauded of internet traffic, and thousands of Americans in the right wing have had their identities stolen from them, and left in terror limbo, as Facebook ignores the complaints.

Mr. Thune, send Federal Marshals to haul this entire Facebook terror group into detention, to appear before the America People for speedy trial and even swifter justice.


Apparently the World Hates Hillary Clinton

Jack Ohman column

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Sacramento Bee published an interesting article, where the reporter concluded that the reason people hate Hillary Clinton is misogyny. That is incorrect and this is the Lame Cherry reply.

Dear Mr. Ohman,

I enjoyed your article as it offers a venue to explain something about Hillary Clinton, and I would remind you that the reason people hate Hillary Clinton, actually was answered by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, in her own catharsis in dealing with men.

Mr. Ohman, it is not misogyny, but instead if you are old enough to remember the 1990's, of this strange reality of Mrs. Clinton, and that is the more the public saw of her, the more they disliked her. The exact opposite is true of Bill Clinton.

It is a basic formula which is obvious. Everyone likes the good natured scamp, who was good looking, and that was President Clinton. Men like that always have a wife who people stereotype as a nag, and the rumors of Mrs. Clinton throwing tantrums and lamps, fed into this prejudice. That was the majority of the public who wanted to make excuses for Mr. Clinton, because too many people are familiar with the nagging wife.
This though goes much deeper and this is where Maureen Dowd inadvertantly opened the world's eyes to why people dislike Hillary Clinton with such intensity. See, Ms. Dowd mentioned that she had a number of lovers, and some of them were married. Married men like Bill Clinton are always promising things. Women like Maureen Dowd believe the lies in hope, and when it all falls apart, it is not Bill Clinton who gets blamed, but that shrew of a wife who just would not let that dreamy Bill Clinton go to all that happiness.

If the rumors are true, Bill Clinton had a 1000 lovers, and that means 10,000 friends of these jilted women, and it all adds up because the world is full of players, and the next thing you know is you have 30 million people mad, because the husbands have to deal with what the Clintons did and the women all are filled with scorn yet as they had their own Hillary who ruined things.

So you see it is not misogyny, in hating women. People simply can not hate the manwhores, because they are so much fun, and people can not blame them for their stupid choices, so it is easier to blame that wife making every person's life hell, and Hillary Clinton just fits the stereotype from hiring men to intimidate the Kathleen Wyllie group, and now that she is in the company of the handsome Huma Wiener, the lesbians are furious over this, as Hillary Clinton has it all and these people have nothing.

People do not hate Hillary Clinton. People just get reminded of their mistakes they are suffering every day, when they look at Hillary Clinton.

As for Donald Trump, none of this is about lies. It is about the happy camper. The ex wives and ex employees of Donald  Trump are all pleased with him, because he was not like Bill Clinton in taking the stolen fruits and blaming the wife for it. Donald Trump is about relationships gone bad which we all have, and making the bad into something good.
Hillary Clinton has a history of making bad things, worse.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Sincerely, LC