Monday, October 20, 2014

Nig Wesson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well, what have we here, but an American Afroid in Ferguson Missouri, not the dead Giant, but some 'teenager' opened up with a gun on a cop......firing three shots and not hitting anything vital, before the cop put the in the Giant Position, bleeding on the pavement.

As the Holder Obama regime has refused to arm Afroids, it seems perhaps there is a reason, as these blacks know nothing about firearms. Apparently it is all a Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover moment of "they hit things on the big screen so in little street you get the same results in pulling the trigger".

For this reason, I have some suggestions about arming Afroids.

First, the idea of Treyvon Martin armed with Skittles should be the beginning. I say arm all blacks with Skittles and have them first learn not to attack armed people with them, and second to have them learn to throw them at each other to learn aim and accuracy.

I suggest that as Afroids have large lips and mouths, that this be the target, with the tongue elevated, so as not to choke one with a dead ringer down the wind pipe. Certainly could not chip a tooth with them big ole lips protecting them, and if Michael Jordan can hit the hoops like other blacks, then hitting a black mouth should not be a problem, during commerical breaks of Obama television.

With this accomplished the Afroid could then move up to something more in tune with their learning curve, and for this I suggest a rubber band gun. For those who are ignorant of this device, it is just a rubber band placed on your pointer finger aimed like a gun, wrapped across the back of the hand, and then anchored in the pinkie.
I doubt even an Afroid would shoot out their own eye with this weapon, and as long the alley was not dark, even a cop might not be prone to shooting an Afroid who is Obamaradical in thinking a rubber band gun is being well armed like having a bag of Skittles.

I see no more need to work Afroids up to guns after this, as hitting a big ole black mouth and learning to aim with a rubber band gun, should get them their Second Amendment Rights in getting a real gun........probably not by robbing from some home or part of a dope deal, but perhaps using Obama welfare to buy them a real shooter.

I do think it would be good if the Obama regime would subsidize guns for Afroids though in arming them. By this, I explain, should not Smith and Wesson, open an Afroid Division and call it Nig Wesson?

Opie Howard could make a movie on it, starring Jamie Foxx and hosts of other black actors who can not act and call it Nig Wesson.
It would be the story of some African coming to America, without ebola, and knocking up some Asian anchor wife in Hawaii, and the kid is bought by white folks, taken to Indonesia to be raised, where upon he is smuggled back into America after Muslim indoctrination, and gives up shooting hoops and rounds of golf, for shooting guns as Nig Wesson.

There would be lots of sodomy and child sex for that leftist appeal, with Nig on Nig gun play as they hosed each other down blaming whitey for all problems in life.

Profits from this movie, could go to buying expensive ammuntion for Afroids, which the Obama regime drove the prices up on to disarm all Americans, black, white, yellow, red and brown. That way Afroids would practice and hit what they are aiming at when busting a cap on cops.

I would be pleased to market these Nig Wessons if the Obama regime would fund the plant. I would develop the 44 Nig cartridge in honor of the glorious success of historical Nobel 44 Obama.
The 44 Nig would be based upon the 444 Marlin rifle round, which is based upon the Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum, which was based upon the 44 regular of long ago, which was based upon the 44 caliber Remington of buffalo hunter days or something.....hard to keep track of the history, but the main thing is, the 44 Nig would fire a 444 Marlin round with spire point bullets just long enough not to chamber in the Marlin lever action.
Put this into an extended big frame 10 mm semi them in Nigger Green colors, with things Afroids like, like cell phones and LED lights, and you can just see that any boy down on home street would be showing off that bulge in his pants, and it was not Beyonce's big ass.

Yes Mam, this is the future, I can see it all now. Once again the Lame Cherry looking out for the Afroid, as Obama and Holder will not arm them or train them, and only get them shot doing it with Skittles or Swisher Sweets.
That 44 Nig would be sweet candy and just the thing for Afroids working up from rubber band guns, to lay down the law.

I hear by Rush Limbaugh by Joe Klein that the hijacked Breitbart site has been running with my exclusive on the Obama regime drove up ammunition prices with their record glut purchases of 40 Smith and Wesson ammo. I sure hope no one steals my 44 Nig Wesson plan as I always wanted to like Townsend Whelen in having a round named after me. (That would be the 35 Whelen for those people who do not know important things like that.)

Of course it would  have to be the 44 Cherry, but I just could not do that to Afroids as they need something uplifting after being cut by Equalz Obama in the nut for the good of blacks I will forego all the fame and leave it at the 44 Nig Wesson.

The 44 Nig Wesson......
The black magnum......which gave all blacks that Michelle Obama package look and made their genitals all appear Sam Colt equal.


3 coons too many

As another  Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater.

I found the following wisdom quite informative as it came from Nebraska in 1863. It seemed  that due to drought and grasshoppers, the food was in slight supply and grew worse as the snows grew deep.
I leave it to the Methodist Preacher to fill in the wisdom about coons.

"After almost giving up the arrival of the teams in despair, some of the men concluded they would rather eat coon-meat than starve; so out they sallied for a coon-hunt, and their efforts were rewarded with three nice coons. Their game was nicely dressed and as nicely cooked, and all who were so fortunate as to be permitted to partake of the feast declared the first coon very good. When they began to eat the second coon, it was not so good, and the third was very poor eating indeed. One of the men, in describing his experience, said, "One coon is very good eating, two coons are not so good, and I can not go the third coon at all." However, I should think that a real hungry man might relish even the third coon."

Wells, Charles Wesley, 1841

I never have ate a coon. I have heard of them being baked, for a coon feed, and the carcase looking like so much a baby in the roaster.
The thing is about coons, I have caught them and skinned them, and they have worms in their intestines like a dog or cat, and that is just what is off putting to me, not that I find the imagery of roasted babies attractive.
Coons are fat creatures, and I do suppose if one was about a line of them, that you could render a hundred pounds off of a hundred coons in a hound hunt or trapping them. Coons are not the brightest of creatures, and so active over a trap they get caught. The only thing is, a foot trap numbs the foot and a coon is so carniverous that they will dine upon their own feet. That is what takes place as no animal gnaws it's leg off to get out of a trap. They bite at the trap in raccoons and finding something tasty, they eat it, in their own foot.

They really are of the bear family and some human type diet, although they will eat things rotten or excrement a coyote would.

I just never knew that one coon was good, two coons are off putting and three coons are nothing you want to do anything with at all. I suppose there is some coon lesson in that which some sage could draw out the deeper meaning of it all in.

Interesting in three coons are just too many.


Legacy of Woodrow Wilson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The professor of intellectualism Woodrow Wilson left upon the world a legacy which has little praise.

In Europe, he pronounced sermonettes at the Europeans which they resented completely in being moralized at.

Wilson misunderstood the politeness of Europeans for friendship.

Through his leadership and his sacrifices, he established for the first time in history a systematic and powerful organization of nations to maintain peace.
(The world has now had more war under the League of Nations and the United Nations, with a rescinding of self determination of peoples, than was previously arrested before in 5000 years of inhumanity.)

Furthermore, he contributed a major part to the establishment of the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague
(This is an outlaw body which hangs third world despots, but protects 3rd world despots in Washington in images of Birther Obama for the cartel exploitation of the world.)

and he established the International Labor Organization at Geneva.
(The world is now a feudal slave labor camp pitting Asian, Latin and Muslim slaves against a white race to disempower them while casting the black race to the Darwin natural selection of extinction in history.)

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

It can be understood that the disciples of Woodrow Wilson, in even Herbert Hoover in the bulging of the Cold War, could cling to the utopian fiction of a leftist, who preached a new world order, not Christian, but based on bastardized Christian values. The reality is though that Woodrow Wilson was typical of university minds in niche oriented, intellectual biased, and ignorant of the human state in how vile they are, and when confronted with reality, like FDR and Birther Hussein, immediately started bombing people to form the world to their personal dictatorship of peace, which turned out more vile than Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

The Wilson ejaculation produced for the 21st century the 3rd world political bastard of Birther Hussein Obama in the reset of global feudalism, after a century of bloody aborted birth by the instruments of carnivore finance and cannibal war.

Woodrow Wilson was an effigy of Crusader whose false prophet of Franklin Roosevelt announced the coming of anti messiah Obama.

-Lame Cherry

That is the legacy of Woodrow Wilson.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

confessions of a rush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Thursday, October 9, Rush Hudson Limbaugh on the start of his second hour, confessed that it is a "small team" which creates these books aimed at children. Only this blog exposed this and has made a point of this issue, as Limbaugh appeared to confess that only his name is on these books.
What Limbaugh was addressing was that there was too much for him to do, in history matters, specifically mentioned.

OK so let us review this in, "we" does the historical research. "we" does thes illustration. "we" apparently is writing these books. "we" publishes what really is left in the book seriously?

What this is, is like Paul Newman putting his face on spaghetti sauce, and everyone else is doing the work. Now this might be ok for celebrity sauce, but when awards are being handed out, in denying others those awards, for creative work on books, then this is pure fraud.

I put it to you this way, if it is bogus for Bill Ayers to write Obama's books, then it is sure as hell is bogus for others to be creating these books for Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and Limbaugh putting his name on it, and taking awards like Obama did for that Nobel Prize.

This is fraud, and I would not have a problem with this propaganda IF, Limbaugh was not gouging money out of children and brain sodomizing them, in making them think he is the source behind these books.
If the several hundred million dollar Limbaugh, would put these books FREE online at a site like Project Guttenberg, with a huge donation to those people in order to provide free books for people, then I would be championing these books as a Limbaugh INC conspiracy in which he just put his name on.

I simply can not fathom how someone with several hundred million dollars, claims to love America, sells things to children, and does not make this free to all people, if this is such an important publication for humanity.
PDF and Kindle have no cost for books once they are trees, no glue and no people needed to assemble them.

I told everyone exclusively what a fraud Rush Limbaugh was, and he confessed to it. I doubt if he does a storyboard for the illustrations in even assisting in their creation and the comedy as much as the content are the work of others.

Look David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Conan O and Jimmy Kimmel all list the writers who do content on those programs. Is it that out of honesty to put in the forward of these Rush Rearended:

Hi Folks,

Rush here. There were talented people who researched, illustrated, created and authored this book. All I have to do with this is putting my name on it and taking the credit.

Would that be so difficult to give attention to artists who could then become their own multi million dollar industries.

If some mogul bought this blog, I would tell you, just like ABC was bought by Disney. Enough money and I would just post God and Prophecy things as what do I care about Obama's image eating fried chicken and watermelon......
See that last part makes it so toxic that none of the pansies will touch this and it also gives you children room to think and play without being called racists, as the best way to end the intimidation of words, is to use them so much that they have no meaning.

Any way confessions of a Rush has proven the Lame Cherry right again in matter anti matter exclusives.


Venison Cuts

Venison is a cover all word for wild game, which literally can include the buffalos, elks, stags, antelopes and bears.
Each species carries with it different flavors and conditions. In Africa, some species are full of grubs and in America there is a list of what is "choice" and rank.
Mountain Goat actually is the worst of the venison and the Pronghorn Antelope the best quality. The list being Antelope, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Moose, Deer, Mountain Goat.

The European likes "aging" their wild game for flavor, but it makes it too rank for most people. So the best in action is to skin any venison immediately. Some animals like moose and elk will rot with the hide on, as it retains so much body heat.
I have a clue here, if you ever have eaten venison and it tasted like excrement, what you have eaten is an older animal which was not skinned and cooled immediately.

Venison skinned and boned in the first hours, has a light sweet scent to it, and nothing repulsive in the least.

Once again, the best cuts are on the backbone for steak and jerky. You can smoke the ham muscles which are very good, but roasts might be too rich in flavor, so once again what is not a steak, grind up and put it into sausages as you will enjoy it that way with 1/3rd pork to moisten it.

Do not cut the scent glands on the legs, but leave them in place, as that will in using the same knife transfer it to the meat.

The main point in all meat is to kill it quickly, gut it quickly not severing the intestinal contents, skin it quickly and then bone the meat as readily as possible, keeping it clean and free from flies.

Doing this makes venison of all sorts a pleasant meal, which must be cooked not rare, due to grubs and disease, no matter what the experts are attempting to get you to eat.

No. 1. Shoulder, used for roasting; it may be boned and stuffed, then afterwards baked or roasted.
No. 2. Fore-loin, used for roasts and steaks.
No. 3. Haunch or loin, used for roasts, steaks, stews. The ribs cut close may be used for soups. Good for pickling and making into smoked venison.
No. 4. Breast, used for baking dishes, stewing.
No. 5. Scrag or neck, used for soups.


Upon the Delaware

My children, we hear from history snippets of "Washington Crossing the Delaware", but fail in it, to see the complete picture of General George Washington. The following is an account written by Commander David Akerson of Alexandria, Virginia, in a camp observance as the General was in camp.
This contact took place three days before the crossing of the Delaware River and it has value for the observations of who George Washington was and what it was like in the camp.

"Washington, had a large thick nose, and it was very red that day, giving me the impression that he was not so moderate in the use of liquors as he was supposed to be. I found afterward that this was a peculiarity. His nose was apt to turn scarlet in a cold wind. He was standing near a small camp-fire, evidently lost in thought and making no effort to keep warm.
He seemed six feet and a half in height, was as erect as an Indian, and did not for a moment relax from a military attitude. Washington's exact height was six feet two inches in his boots. He was then a little lame from striking his knee against a tree. His eye was so gray that it looked almost white, and he had a troubled look on his colorless face.

He had a piece of woolen tied around his throat and was quite hoarse. Perhaps the throat trouble from which he finally died had its origin about then.

Washington's boots were enormous. They were number 13. His ordinary walking-shoes were number 11. His hands were large in proportion, and he could not buy a glove to fit him and had to have his gloves made to order. His mouth was his strong feature, the lips being always tightly compressed. That day they were compressed so tightly as to be painful to look at. At that time he weighed two hundred pounds, and there was no surplus flesh about him. He was tremendously muscled, and the fame of his great strength was everywhere.

His large tent when wrapped up with the poles was so heavy that it required two men to place it in the camp-wagon. Washington would lift it with one hand and throw it in the wagon as easily as if it were a pair of saddle-bags. He could hold a musket with one hand and shoot with precision as easily as other men did with a horse-pistol. His lungs were his weak point, and his voice was never strong.

He was at that time in the prime of life. His hair was a chestnut brown, his cheeks were prominent, and his head was not large in contrast to every other part of his body, which seemed large and bony at all points. His finger-joints and wrists were so large as to be genuine curiosities.

As to his habits at that period I found out much that might be interesting. He was an enormous eater, but was content with bread and meat, if he had plenty of it. But hunger seemed to put him in a rage. It was  his custom to take a drink of rum or whiskey on awakening in the morning. Of course all this was changed when he grew old. I saw him at Alexandria a year before he died. His hair was very gray, and his form was slightly bent. His chest was very thin. He had false teeth, which did not fit and pushed his under lip outward."

As a historical note and medical note from personal experience concerning George Washington, when my allergies were killing me, my nose in cold weather would turn red. It has to do with the effects of allergens constricting blood flow. This also affects breathing, as well as I was always chilly.
My throat too often would constrict.

This account and knowing that the President did die from a "sore throat" which suffocated him in shutting off his breathing, hints that George Washington suffered from some type of food allergy. This would bring on a red nose, the need for rum to warm one in the morning (I used an electric heater like a reptile absorbing heat.), not having enough wind to speak and being particular about eating, as you became weak in not being able to absorb nutrients even with food in your system.

People tend to crave what poisons them in food, because the body will not absorb it, so they eat more, and it worsens the condition. Notice he ate large portions of food and the food was bread and meat.
In later years, George Washington mentions his meal as wine and mutton which seems odd as greens nor bread are mentioned.
It is an educated guess that either George Washington had a protein allergy, or some reaction to meats preserved with salting, and he alievated it with mutton, or he may have had a wheat allergy or some type of raising agent allergy.

Those looking for faults in a great man, would jump to conclusions about drinking too much, or eating too much or not being a complete man in not having enough breath, but from my experience the above points to some type of allergies which were degrading the General and would eventually kill him through a throat cold.

nuff said


Saturday, October 18, 2014


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that almost 30 years have past, it is time to revisit something that most of you will not remember or either have been a part of ridiculing First Lady Nancy Reagan for, as none of you were her and understood exactly what she was trying to protect Americans from, as the liberal media gave her the guillotine treatment over and over again, in ridiculing her for replacing broken White House China, wearing red dresses, saying NO to drugs, and not wanting the Beach Boys playing at the White House.

Compared to the Nazism of Michelle Robinson Obama in attacking fat children in America and using military families as political stooges and being praised for those atrocities, Mrs. Reagan's dilemas expose how petty the left wing press is and always will be.

For those who are already raising their hackles in defense of the Beach Boys in another brush off of ridicule, I desire here to ask you to put yourself into Mrs. Reagan's place, not as First Lady, but as the First Lady of California in the 1960's.

Mrs. Reagan was part of the group of the affluent Hollywood set, as both her and Ronald were stars, meaning they had money and were associated with the people who ruled America in the intelligence, military and industrial complex.
Ronald Reagan was Governor of California and had to deal with John Kennedy's and Lyndon Johnson's war in the cultural revolution which was fomented in California, as the rich children there had all the money to sit around and debate such issues.

California became the testing ground for all types of Standford mind conditioning programs which have become Obamamerica today in sodomy and rationed death. Ronald Reagan warned of all of this destruction of America morally and financially almost 50 years before it was dictated to an overthrown America.

Still put yourself in Mrs. Reagan's shoes. She is the wife of the Governor. She is privy to all of the counter culture intelligence. Their friend is the former Vice President and in 1968, the elected President of these United States in Richard Nixon, with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, having all surveillance and access to groups like Bill Ayers Weather Underground murdering police in California and the Saul Alinsky's programme of American overthrow.

Mrs. Reagan saw daily how her children in Ron jr. and Patty were being Stockholm Syndromed against them. Ronald Reagan once asked a friend if children could be born evil, and the child he was asking about was Patty, who was soiled by the singers of the music industry and would later pose in Playboy as a final shot at her parents.

The Reagan family knew exactly what counter culture was, as their family was shreded by it, as millions of other American families were. That includes the later shocking information that step son Michael was raped by a male as a child. Yes Obamamerica was preying upon the Reagan family in the 1960's.

For those asking now, "What does this have to do with the Beach Boys?", as they were completely harmless in wishing for California Girls and Good Vibrations.

Let us peal back what the Beach Boy crowd was. The Beach Boy crowd was the original Dobie Gillis group of dope heads, beatniks and surfers, who Bob Denver, who later starred as Gilligan, portrayed on that said program, Dobie Gillis.
This was the original first stage group of counter culture which ripped California and America apart. They were rebellious rich children who set off anarch which led to Jefferson Airplane acid trips, all generating out of San Francisco and spilling onto Berkley. All the names of the Dunham Obama past in California come out, as this was the counter culture.

But surely you would say, "The Beach Boys were the wholesome side of this."

Drug use, fornication and protests against America, that is not a wholesome stepping stone. The Beach Boys guided the children in and the Byrds delivered them to the Janis Joplin acid trip.

The Beatles were nice Liverpool boys too, until a doctor friend put LSD in their drinks, and suddenly the Liverpool boys were Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I am coming to the reality of what Nancy Reagan knew was the Beach Boys culture and others are already looking for the punchline in Brian Wilson.

For those who do not know who the Beach Boy genius of Brian Wilson was, he was a music artist, dope head, and in those days, all of the big stars were within touch to all sorts of people, and there was not high gates nor security surrounding anyone.
In this group around Brian Wilson, appeared a talented singer and song writer, who was about to get a recording deal, and that man's name was Charles Manson.

Yes the direct connect to the Beach Boys in not seven degrees of seperation, but no degrees of seperation was Charlie Manson, leader of the Manson family.

That fusing of Beach Boy culture with counter culture, brought about all the whispered things which have been written of here. Charlie Manson was a fringe operator of the MK ULTRA experients in America. Mr. Manson knew of a great deal of the things going in that Beach Boy culture. He happened at times to blurt out things emotionally, such as the people he was sending his women into murder were child rapists, dope dealers and making all sorts of debauched films.
Manson with his family tied directly into the experiments run by the "church" or the satanist guise of the elements which created the serial murderer Son of Sam in New York, that connected the things there to murders in California and North Dakota.

Does that all sound wholesome to you now? This is the same working group who oversaw the operation which installed Birther Hussein Obama into 1600 Penn Avenue for the destruction of America. Obama just happened to be the choom head doper final phase of what the Beach Boy culture propagated.
Few dope heads ever start popping acid strips, but begin with Beach Boy weed, and then like Corey Haim are snorting coke for the best trip of their lives which destroys them, as Obama is dropping their pants ramming a dick into their arse, as another studio head jams one into the kids mouth.

Sure the Beach Boys were the "tame" side, but they were produced that way, to lure the children into the real mass experiment and that agent of change Birther Hussein pushed America into the abyss in the final coup de grace.

I right wrongs here, and this is a wrong carried out in the first political mass rape of an American Lady in Nancy Reagan long ago. Unlike Sarah Palin, Nancy Reagan never sold out to the cartel, but she in mother's love, did move President Reagan into areas which he should not have entered in that "feel your pain" nonsense later espoused by Bill Clinton.

Who feels American pain now? It surely is not the Obama regime, as they lie to you and tell you being ebola stricken is nothing to fear and to be Ferguson assaulted is something Eric Holder promotes.

Yes the Beach Boys seem like paradise found, compared to the lost nation of misery in Obama change, but that is the culture which lured supple children in, and destroyed those who could not handle it like Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, John Belushi, Chris Farley and if you like the list of AIDS dead in Rock Hudson, Liberace and the uncle of a girl I knew in Chicago who was a hemophiliac and died of AIDS from a blood transfusion.
That is the list of millions of peoples of lives destroyed covertly and in time millions will be destroyed overtly in these bio and nuclear wars upon America in the Obama abyss.

That is what Nancy Reagan did not want around the White House, as she knew, saw and experienced in her own family and in the families of her friends, just what was taking place in this conditioning of the masses.

I repeat this now as you have at least an inkling of what Nancy Reagan's sound reason was in trying to protect America, as to what the stolen elections of 2008 and 2012 produced in Birther Obama.......a foreigner who had a halo about his head, called a messiah and god, with calling a Super Depression of 93 million Americans not working and Jimmy Carter stagflation a "recovery".

That is insane, but that is MK ULTRA's workings and it all ties into that genital point of the Beach Boys coupled with the tool of the Manson family, being manipulated by the Stanford and Tavistock conditioning of the world.

So as you try still to defend the Beach Boys culture, just know it is you defending it from being soul raped and not even aware of how you have been degraded.