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Just tell them the sky is falling,  just makes it easier to touch.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Disheartening Donald Trump

Unemployment Falls to a 28-Year Low in Age of Trump

Unemployment Falls to a 28 ... and now it can be reported that in this new age of Trump, the unemployment ... the number of continuing claims are down to ...

OK I have had it with the Obama rainbow sky jobs report that Matt Drudge keeps posting about how wonderful the Trump economy is, because it is all a lie.

Gary Cohn, from Jew Street nation rapists was touting that Donald Trump created a million jobs. Pure fabrication as the Labor Department statistics come not anywhere near a million.

.......and for the real bell ringer in this for reality. Every single one of those jobs is going to Donald Trump rape cock invaders, as Trump upped the legal visas, upped the refugees and removed the ceilings on "seasonal workers", so what jobs are "created" are going to 3rd world replacements of Americans and are jobs which are undercutting American salaries in this Chamber of Commerce racket.

Drudge is telling us record numbers of people are employed in America. Note the clever way that is being spun in it is not RECORD NUMBERS OF AMERICANS, but is in fact record numbers of slave labor 3rd worlders dumped into America to replace Americans are working.
It was noted here previously before Trump even got into office that "legal" 3rd worlders were according to Labor data were in the 91 million range. So if 40 million illegals are employed, that is 131 million out of the wonder number of 151 million employed.

Whether you believe the numbers or not is your choice, but what is not up for choice is the reason unemployed numbers fell. This is the important number, because the unemployed number only counts PEOPLE SEEKING EMPLOYMENT.
We already know 1000% that Americans are not getting jobs from the Trump junta. In fact, Johnny DeStefano purged all the Trump loyalists by the thousands in why that number fell in government jobs.......but the real reason the unemployed numbers are falling is this President has destroyed all hope in millions of Americans. Americans have simply given up. They had 6 months worth of hope in them and they have just given up, because they have concluded there is not going to be any make America great again as the President abandoned them to rationed death and taxes.

Those who didn't just quit, either put a bullet in their heads, raising the Obama genocide of Americans in record levels, or the luck of the draw in Rockefeller disease for profit or just texting themselves to death in car crashes, provide Donald Trump with his record unemployed.

So that is the reality, that Gary Cohn is celebrating and lying to everyone about. That is another great guy Donald Trump was defending in Iowa.

Odd how it was 42% unemployed in January and it is all Trumptopia under the wonder of Donald Trump.

Nuff Said

Abortion *:651411
Heart Disease:366474
Medical Errors:149999
Lower Respiratory Disease:85269
Accident (unintentional):81159
Hospital Associated Infection:59056
Alzheimer's Disease:55800
Kidney Failure:25509
Blood Infection:19962
Drunk Driving:20167
Unintentional Poisoning:18944
All Drug Abuse:14916
Prescription Drug Overdose:8948
Murder by gun:6856
Texting while Driving:3573
Fire Related:2088
Domestic Violence:871
Smoking in Bed:465
Falling out of Bed:357
Killed by Falling Tree:89
Struck by Lightning:49
Spontaneous Combustion:0


The Truth about Vampyres

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is so offensive in this Bram Stoker business, corrupted by Hollywood America, that no one has any understanding of the Vampyre. So much bad information being disseminated by the wealth vampyre in confusing the issues which matter. So the Lame Cherry once again cuts through the red tape and explains a great deal about vampyres.

Most people do not know that vampyres have type O blood. It is not that the first vampyre were O blood type, but the reality that O blood type is sweeter. Mosquitoes love it, ticks dig it and chiggers bore for it. Everyone likes desert or the sweet apple, and O is the vintage of the orchard or the cake with the cherry on top in blood pool types.

Ask a Best Doctor: Why Do Mosquitoes Love My Sweet, Sweet Blood?

Ask a Best Doctor: Why Do Mosquitoes Love My Sweet, Sweet Blood? By Rebecca Milzoff. Share. Share; Tweet; Share; Email ... (mosquitoes are really into Type 0); ...

O+ blood types taste sweet
B+, B-, A+ blood types taste bitter
and A-, O- blood types taste more metallic (metal taste) then the others. 

O also has the composite of tasting salty. Yes nothing like having a Salted Nut Roll in both the salt and the sweet.

Those are the facts in this concerning vampyres, in most have type O blood. The rest predominately have relation to cup size, as vampyres like larges breasts in they are comforting and some have a fetish for long legs. So if you witness a vampyre with long legs or large breasts, chances are they have the type A, B or AB blood as the type O have a variety of body shapes, as deserts do, when a vampyre is ravenous, but given the choice the vampyre will pick an attractive O type, rather than an unattractive type.

Here a examples of non O types, but the Lame Cherry is not outing these people as vampyres, but this serves only as a discretionary type.

This is the comforting breasts type.


This is the comforting long legs type.

This is the combination comforting breasts and long legs type.


Do not though be fooled by fructose as a vampyre does not get lemonade by mixing sugar and bitters. Bitter is bitter and putting sugar on copper, still tastes like copper with sugar on it.

antigens which constitute blood types include fucose and galactose which (as is typical for compounds which end -ose - glucose, fructose) are sugars. So perhaps you might expect B blood to taste sweeter as it has an extra galactose. 

So this set up the bias and prejudice in the reality of vampyres. All good looking vampyres have type O blood. All ugly vampyres have type O blood. All vampyres with large breasts or long legs are predominantly type A, B or AB blood.

I am sorry if you are unattractive and have dreams of becoming a vampyre. It is not likely to happen. Then again the discriminating vampyre is not about to seek out druggy type and end up getting high, as being stoned does not assist in flying in bat mode.

For those in fear of vampyre attack, take heart that garlic is effective, as garlic is bitter, but it must be cooked, as cooked garlic makes one's breath smell like a Mexican, but that is not enough to overcome a bite for sweet blood.
Also a Christian cross is effective, but for other reasons than taste.

With that cleared up, the Lame Cherry of course has proprietary rights to this vital information.

Nuff Said




As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The germination of the defeat at Gettysburg for the Confederates began with the death of General Stonewall Jackson. It had though absolutely nothing to do with General Jackson not being on the field, but instead had to do with two deliberate failures in leadership by General Robert E. Lee concerning the Army of Northern Virginia.

General Lee's mistake was that he was prejudiced in the extreme for his country. His country being Virginia and that meant all Virginians. When Stonewall Jackson was killed, there were several other superior ranked generals and generals of ability who should have been appointed to the Second Corp to replace Jackson. The top and correct choice should have been General DH Hill, who was second to none in the Union Army, and had only one general of equal ability in General James Longstreet, the American Napoleon. In that though, General Hill as Field General even surpassed General Longstreet in performance.
Time and again, General Hill fought, to even on the line in Antietam with his men. He was an incredible leader, soldier, tactician and fighter who never lost.

Into this as another superior general was General Richard Ewell. General Ewell was as solid and tested on the battlefield as any.

General Lee though instead chose a Virginian of low ability and less accomplishment in General Jubal Early. In most cases if there was a way to be in the rear and shoot your own Confederates in front, or lose a position to the Union, Jubal Early would complete the task for Abraham Lincoln. Early would after the war create the racist fiction of the Lost Cause, excusing his failures, the Confederate political and military failures, excuse Yankee brutality of the South, because the South had lost already before the war began.
Early would smear General Longstreet as the reason the Confederates lost the war, when in fact as the events detail, Jubal Early was the main reason that the Confederates lost at Gettysburg.

General Lee appointed Early though to the Second Corp and this is where events begin the problems of Gettysburg as there were three days of battle, in Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.
Most readers will be ignorant of the fact that on Day 1 the Confederates won handily, in what was a minor route where General Ewell drove the Union lines off the left extreme, out of Gettysburg and into the surrounding countryside.

Day One Gettysburg

"Day One" though was a disaster for the South and the Army of Northern Virginia, because what Second Corp accomplished was driving the Union from untenable positions, and into their lines, and the premier spot of the battlefield on the left in Culp's Hill.

This is what General Longstreet remarked from his First Corp position, in all General Ewell had accomplished was to drive the Union into stronger position of the high ground.

There was a man on the left of the line who did not 
care to make the battle win. He knew where it was, had 
viewed it from its earliest formation, had orders for his 
part in it, but so withheld part of his command from it as 
to make co-operative concert of action impracticable. He 
had a pruriency for the honors of the field of Mars, was 
eloquent, before the fires of the bivouac and his chief, of 
the glory of war's gory shield ; but when its envied laurels 
were dipping to the grasp, when the heavy field called 
for bloody work, he found the placid horizon, far and 
away beyond the cavalry, more lovely and inviting. He 
wanted command of the Second Corps, and, succeeding to 
it, held the honored position until General Lee found, at 
last, that he must dismiss him from field service. 

In this time, General Lee surveyed the field in person, and noted to General Jubal Early that if advisable, Early should in the night, take Culp's Hill as it was an important position on the field. Early instead did not move throughout the entire night, by which time the Union lines had constructed works and reinforced their position.
Culp's Hill should have been seized by General Early before General Ewell began his engagement, as preparation for the coming battle at Gettysburg. Instead Culp's Hill became a fortified position that it would have taken vast resources as in the entire Second Corp to take that position, and wasted a Corp against a Union Brigade.

When I left General Lee, about seven o'clock in the 
evening, he had formed no plans beyond that of seizing 
Gulp's Hill as his point from which to engage, nor given 
any orders for the next day, though his desperate mood 
was painfully evident, and gave rise to serious apprehen- 
sions. He had heard nothing of the movements of the 
enemy since his crossing the Potomac, except the report of 
the scout. His own force on the field was the Second 
Corps, Eodes's, Early's, and E. Johnson's divisions from 
right to left through the streets of Gettysburg around 
towards Gulp's Hill 


Culp's Hill bore the same re- 
lations to the enemy's right as Little Round Top did to 
his left. General Fitzliugh Lee quotes evidence from 
General Meade that had Gulp's Hill been occupied, in 
force, by Confederates, it would have compelled the with- 
drawal of the Federal troops.
This was the key to the field, not the Ken Burns or other Ted Turner focus upon General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain on Little Round Top, and equally important feature on the field to enfilade the Union lines, but as will be seen, if General Longstreet would have been supported as General Lee Promised, Longstreet could have encompassed Little Round Top and negated it as a Union position of strength and made it one of weakness.

During the night, General Meade held a council, which 
decided to fight it out. So it began to look as if the vicis- 
situdes of the day had so worked as to call General Meade 
from defensive to aggressive battle for Gulp's Hill. But 
the Gonfederates failed to see the opportunity and force 
the issue as it was presented. 

Day Two Gettysburg

Day Two of the battle began with the stars shining brightly, with Longstreets' remaining divisions having marched all night and began to arrive at dawn. General Lee had no orders to give, and this refutes the claim of General Pendleton that Lee had ordered an early morning attack by General Longstreet.
It was a situation where General Longstreet's not rested troops should have never been ordered to battle on that day.

The stars were shining brightly on the morning of the 
2d when I reported at General Lee's head-quarters and 
asked for orders. After a time Generals McLaws and 
Hood, with their staffs, rode up, and at sunrise their com- 
mands filed off the road to the right and rested. The 
Washington Artillery was with them, and about nine 
o'clock, after an all-night march, Alexander's batteries 
were up as far as Willoughby's Run, where he parked 
and fed, and rode to head-quarters to report. 

As indicated by these movements. General Lee was not 
ready with his plans. He had not heard from his cavalry, 
nor of the movements of the enemy further than the 
information from a despatch captured during the night, 
that the Fifth Corps was in camp about five miles from 
Gettysburg, and the Twelfth Corps was reported near 
Gulp's Hill. As soon as it was light enough to see, how- 
ever, the enemy was found in position on his formidable 
heights awaiting us.

The events of Day One had moved the Union commanders to decide to fight it out at Gettysburg. During the night the Union wasted no time and gained the heights above the Confederates, commanding the entire battlefield.

It was then during the day on Day Two that General Lee made the decision for an corresponding engagement of all corps, but the main battle would be First Corp of General Longstreet. In what was the coming zephyr of disaster, as General Longstreet was ordered to attack, General Meade in command of the Union forces was conferring with General Sickles, and messaged General Halleck in Washington City, about still withdrawing his forces, if the Confederates were moving to cut off his communications and lines with Washington City, which the Confederates were. Meade had made the decision to withdraw, but Longstreet promptly was following Lee's orders for a later afternoon attack. If the attack had come 40 minutes later, the Union lines would have begun withdrawing and Little Round Top would have been taken by encirclement as other Confederate forces joined Longstreet.

At the opening of the fight, General Meade was with 
General Sickles discussing the feasibility of moving the 
Third Corps back to the line originally assigned for it, 
but the discussion was cut short by the opening of the 
Confederate battle. If that opening had been delayed 
thirty or forty minutes the corps would have been drawn 
back to the general line, and my first deployment would 
have enveloped Little Kound Top and carried it before it 
could have been strongly manned, and General Meade 
would have drawn off to his line selected behind Pipe 
Creek. The point should have been that the battle was 
opened too soon. 

What then took place was not a general engagement, but a lighting of the fuse in General Lee for a blood letting like few others in the Civil War. What Day Two accomplished was to set the Union lines in strength, even more so than Day One and taught the Union and the Confederates that the battle could be won by the Union and lost by the Confederates, if repeated.

Thus the general engagement of the day was dwarfed 
into the battle of the right at three o'clock, that on the 
left at eight by a single division, and that nearer the 
centre at nine o'clock by two brigades. 

There was a volcanic fury building inside Robert E. Lee, and Day One ignited it, Day Two whetted it, and Day Three would destroy the Confederacy, as General Lee violated his battle plan in engaging the enemy.

That he was excited and off his balance was evident on 
the afternoon of the 1st, and he hxbored under that op- 
pression until enough blood was shed to appease him. 

Day Three Gettysburg

Day Three at Gettysburg was a day in which General Lee offered up to the Union the slaughter of the First Corp of the Army of Northern Virginia. It is vital to understand this, because only First Corp engaged in combat on that day. Second Corp of Jubal Early did not assist, and Third Corp where General Lee was observing offered absolutely no support. It was a reality of 13,000  of First Corp decimated from the previous day, having to rest from the Day One march, was ordered to attack fortified Union lines of an Army of the Potomac of 70,000, with superior artillery and position.

General Longstreet challenged General Lee on every point. 30,000 men were the minimum force necessary with close cooperation with the two other Corps. There was a thousand yard march under long range musketry before the Confederates could reach the Union fortifications.
In a bizarre exchange General Longstreet challenged the march was a mile under cannon fire and musket, but Lee countered that it was only fourteen hundred yards. That would still be 1400 yards too long for infantry attacking such fortified placements.

It was then that General Lee informed General Longstreet that General Pickett's brigades would assist with elements of Third Corp. When Longstreet inquired as to the strength, he was told it was 15,000 Soldiers.

General Longstreet then replied," That the 15,000 men who could make successful assault over that field had never been arrayed for battle."

General Lee though was impatient with listening and General Ewell's batteries opened up from Second Corp.

It then fell to Colonel Walton of the Washington artillery to begin work on Longstreet's part of the field, The problem being part of his force had been ordered off, and the artillery was low on ammunition. The Union had superior range and artillery, but the Washington artillery was not at strength enough to deal with the Union lines.
The orders were for Colonel Walton to notify General Longstreet when there was slackening in the Union artillery. This never took place and in a desperate note to carry out General Lee's orders, Colonel Alexander director of artillery sent this message.

"If you are coming at all, come at once, or I cannot give you proper support, but the enemy's fire has not slackened at all. At least 18 guns are still firing from the cemetery itself.
- Alexander.

General Longstreet handed the note to General Pickett who asked if he should advance. Longstreet would not voice the order, but only nodded to it. This began the slaughter which went down in history.

Single files were cut here and 
there, then the gaps increased, and an occasional shot tore 
wider openings, but, closing the gaps as quickly as made, 
the march moved on. 
Colonel Latrobe was sent to General Trimble to have 
his men fill the line of the broken brigades, and bravely 
they repaired the damage. The enemy moved out against 
the supporting brigade in Pickett's rear. Colonel Sorrel 
was sent to have that move guarded, and Pickett was 
drawn back to that contention. McLaws was ordered to 
press his left forward, but the direct fire of infantry and 
cross-fire of artillery was telling fearfully on the front. 
Colonel Fremantle ran up to offer congratulations on the 
apparent success, but the big gaps in the ranks grew until 
the lines were reduced to half their length. I called 
his attention to the broken, struggling ranks. Trimble 
mended the battle of the left in handsome style, but on 
the right the massing of the enemy grew stronger and 
stronger. Brigadier Garnett was killed, Kemper and 
Trimble were desperately wounded ; Generals Hancock 
and Gibbon were wounded. General Lane succeeded 
Trimble, and with Pettigrew held the battle of the left 
in steady ranks. 

Pickett's lines being nearer, the impact was heaviest 
upon them. Most of the field officers were killed or 

In a testament to the Confederates, there was no rout, there was no panic. There was the organized withdrawal from this slaughter field.
The bravery shown by enlisted and officers was of the noblest of any army. Staff officers of Longstreet were sent forward with orders, to return with their saddles and bridles in their hands.

General Pickett, finding the battle broken, while the 
enemy was still reinforcing, called the troops off. There 
was no indication of panic. The broken files marched 
back in steady step. The effort was nobly made, and 
failed from blows that could not be fended. Some of the 
files were cut off from retreat by fire that swept the field 
in their rear. Ofiicers of my staff, sent forward with 
orders, came back with their saddles and bridles in their 
arms. Latrobe's horse was twice shot. 

General Longstreet expected an immediate counter attack and rode forward with the shells over him. He was confident his men would rally once they reached their lines to receive the Union charge. The Union sent out skirmishers but was driven back by Confederate artillery. It was then that General Lee and his staff first appeared on the field, encouraging the troops.

Looking confidently for advance of the enemy through 
our open field, I rode to the line of batteries, resolved to 
hold it until the last gun was lost. As I rode, the shells 
screaming over my head and ploughing the ground under 
my horse, an involuntary appeal went up that one of them 
might take me from scenes of such awful responsibility ; 
but the storm to be met left no time to think of one's self. 
The battery officers were prepared to meet the crisis, — 
no move had been made for leaving the field. My old 
acquaintance of Sharpsburg experience. Captain Miller, 
was walking up and down behind his guns, smoking his 
pipe, directing his fire over the heads of our men as fast 
as they were inside of the danger-line ; the other officers 
equally firm and ready to defend to the last. A body of 
skirmishers put out from the enemy's lines and advanced 
some distance, but the batteries opened severe fire and 
drove it back. Our men passed the batteries in quiet 
walk, and would rally, I knew, when they reached the 
ridge from which they started. 

General Lee was soon with us, and with staff-officers 
and others assisted in encouraging the men and getting 
them together.
Save for the Cavalry clash beyond the front, the three days of Gettysburg battle were finished on July 3rd, when retreat was made by General Lee.

This is what Gettysburg really was. It was not some grande battle, but a Southern success on Day One which produced stronger Union positions. An attack on Day Two which should not have been made, but delayed as further encirclement and reinforcement took place, as the Union was about to withdraw in fear of having it's supplies cut, was unsupported and against fortifications and heights which could not be overcome. Day Three repeated the mistake of Day Two, in ordering exposed  brigades to their massed slaughter on open field against fixed positions.
There has never been an army which could carry against those odds and with such suicidal leadership as General Lee produced.

Allow your enemy to command the heights, fortify their lines, provide not for artillery cover, send massed brigades on the open field, and Gettysburg will occur every time.

The Confederates lost many men after the battle, and 
before they recrossed the Potomac, from the toils of the 
march and the continuous and severe harassment of the 
enemy's cavalry, which followed closely and in great force. 

The casualties were : 


First Corps 7,539 

Second Corps 5,937 

Third Corps 6,735 

Cavalry 1,426 

Aggregate 21,637

God rest their souls.


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3 Senators to Watch

The Running Rebs of the Right


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not believe in the ruse of elections any longer, but for a positive process, the Lame Cherry advises the readers to keep an eye on these 3 Senators, who are about to unseat the #NeverTrump McConnell frauds in the United States Senate.

There is hope in these three, in they are proven firebrands on the right.


They are Dr. Kelli Ward who will unseat the #NeverTrumper Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Danny Tarkanian of Nevada who will unseat #NeverTrumper Dean Heller


Judge Roy Moore of Alabama who is about to rid Alabama of Luther Strange who Donald Trump is stupidly backing.

 The Jewish site Conservative Review, has done a very good job on reporting of these races, and this is something to be aware of, as we are in this internecine Jewish warfare of the Neolib McMaster and Neocon Kushners with the leftists of Gary Cohn, going at Mike Cernovich and the moral base element of Allan Derschowitz, who has been fantastic on the legal issues.

Kelli Ward, Danny Tarkanian and Roy Moore are all solid. America gets a real Conservative base back in Congress after Bush43 destroyed them all, and Jim DeMint was driven from the Senate, will give America a change, but with the philandering of the President in 3rd term of Obama, it is a matter of how late is the clock which struck midnight.

There are people, real Americans who one can rally to, who are not bending at the McConnell waist or down on their Kushner knees.

It is disappointing to have been betrayed by Mr. Trump, but there are voices out there running to unseat the traitors of the Republican Party. Besides looking to Christ's coming, this is a positive channeling of frustrations into something to look forward to.

Nuff Said


Hillary Clinton's skin crawls with Trump but gets tingles on her skin with rapist Bill Clinton

from the mother of Webb Hubble's daughter, Chelsea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hillary Clinton must exist in a Nazi state of Pyongyang reality in she believes one day as world dictator she will be able to burn all the books and hard drives, so that only her written record will be the history of mankind........or she is writing on meteor proof stationary, as this fat sick old lesbian, for Hillary MacCauliff 2020 keeps throwing thee most ludicrous hanging balls over the plate to be swatted over her big ass fence, reminding all that Hillary Clinton abused all  the women, her rapist husband Bill Clinton assaulted.

My finger up your ass, was up Barack's for a pre nooner

Bill Clinton's ong history of sexual assault - Albert Peia

Women have been charging Bill Clinton with sexual assault since his days as a Rhodes ... the young English woman who said Clinton raped her in 1969. ...

Yes Bill Clinton raped em, and Hillary Clinton gagged them and drove them to the back alleys to hide in her Bimbo Eruption Terror Operation.

This quote from Hillary concerning Donald Trump is what the Pyongyang fiction of Hamrod Clinton will be for the people of the 58th century when they unearth the Clinton bunker and find the Herstory of the World.

I took Donald's money, spread myself wide on his issues,
but that does not make me a bimbo!!!

"My skin crawled," Clinton said. "It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching 'well, what would you do?'"

Well apparently, Huma who was sucking between Hillary's fat sweaty thighs said, "Go kill Seth Rich, oh wait you already did that for leaking your crime files to Wikileaks, so how about collude with Jeb Bush and image Obama to commit high treason in making sure the fake Pissgate  file you paid for, with fake leaks and fake news, destroys the will of the People in the 2016 November elections".

This is not defending Donald Trump, because his part as Ivanka's 3rd nipple and Jared's 3rd ovary of leftism, has proven he is not worthy of any political defense. This is just the reality of the THANK GOD America and the world was saved from this mentally delusional woman in they psychotic Hillary Rodham Clinton. She literally does not operate with a sound mind or body. She makes things up and denies she has any past sins as she is the Virgin Hillary who would have birthed the Christ if only that other Virgin had not gotten in the way.

Oh and for Hillary Clinton's skin, as a reminder, this is the same married Mrs. Clinton who had Vince Foster, before he was murdered, grabbing her ass and feeling her up in public, and Hillary  was cooing, "Oh Vince!!!"

Clinton 'fixer': Hillary's affair with Vince Foster 'an open ...

A man claiming to be Bill and Hillary Clinton's "fixer" - hired to cover up their "dirtiest schemes," including steamy sex romps and a major ...

Rape and Adultery makes Hillary Clinton's skin tingle. She is the perfect candidate for the overwhelming defeat of Democrats in the Congress, and States, and White House for 2020 AD in the year of our Lord.

Where is that Muslim Keith Ellison when you need a Black voice more reasonable than this Cauclinton whose reality left the building about the time Elvis did.

Nuff Said


Mr. Trump gives Obama's best 2010 speech at Arizona Rally

If you heard this speech before in it sounding like Obama from 2010
just think of it as Trumpbama 2017

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to the Trump rally speech in Arizona, and I honestly thought I was listening to liars like John McCain and Birther Hussein Obama.

Donald Trump is clever in the deceptions he tells his bleaters, and the one which really is the most upsetting is his "clean coal mines are opening up". Yes that is a 100% correct statement, but when is someone going to ask for CHEAP AMERICAN COAL PLANT ELECTRICITY IS MR. TRUMP GOING TO BUILD 50 NEW POWER PLANTS ACROSS AMERICA WHICH BURN THIS CLEAN COAL????

I mean John McCain and Barack Obama at least lied to American in 2008 in stating they were going to build new power plants for America, and instead drove up the price THREE TIMES THE ORIGINAL BUSH43 PRICE, but Donald Trump is doing nothing to bring down American enery prices. Instead that coal is being mined and dumped into China, where the radioactive heavy metal pollutants are being belched back into the atmosphere and raining literally down on America in an environmental disaster.
The fact is Donald Trump in his policies cares nothing about the American consumer, and only for the billionaires who are gutting America of our resources for their fortunes while they slave labor inside American mines.

Is it so hard for you bleaters who posted about the Lame Cherry being like libtards to get it through your shit for brains thought processes that the Lame Cherry wants 30 dollar an hour jobs for Americans, and for each of you to be only paying 50 dollars a month on your electric and gas bills, because energy is so cheap?
That is Lame Cherry policy for you,  and I do not lie about it.

But then we move onto Mr. President's border numbers on invaders. The numbers are not down, but going  up. That is added to the flood numbers of diseased, terrorist and family associates of the original invaders who are now pouring in by Mr. Trump LEGALLY on visas so they will get amnesty is the reality of Mr. Trump in the slave labor trade.
Again the Lame Cherry wants a wholesome, Christian and prosperous American society and culture, not this 3rd world Obama rape invasion destroying American jobs.

That is another issue in now Mr. Trump is lying about the jobs numbers, in they are low. There are still 95 million Americans out of work, and more are being fired, because Mr. Trump keeps importing these Curry Nigs into high tech jobs, eroding those American jobs to 3rd world levels.
Again the Lame Cherry wants an American society for you, where you are paid high wages, are appreciated at your jobs, where you do not have to work as much in our mechanized world, where you are buying American things, made from American resources and keeping American money inside America, so we can all as under Ronald Reagan, retire by age 60 and live off the interest in our BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and not the fraud of the stock market.

That is a bell weather too in Mr. President, bragging about the stock market being up. That market is a fraud, and is up because American money is cheap, debt cheap, and the wealth is concentrated in these fraud inflation economy conglomerates being fed under the table by fed bail ins, and over the table by Nazi regime Congressional spending mandates to feed trillions to these robsters.
Again, the Lame Cherry wants a legitimate stock market without bubbles, where you invest in corporations making legitimate products, who then reward you yearly with a dividend to make you a millionaire at retirement, because America is selling to the rest of the world.

The Lame Cherry is disgusted at the fraud of Donald Trump. This blog did not construct this time line to put a fakester like this in power, so he could tell you all to eat cake, but in the end that cake is made by blood terror money and it is first shit out of Mexican slave laborers ass. It is beyond the pale for Donald Trump to go and misstate the facts to people who trust him. It is absolute abyss for these bleaters to cheer a speech like this with "Drain the Swamp" when Donald Trump has Gary Cohn, Herbert McMaster and Jared Kushner doing a sewage toilet flush daily of leftist genocide of the American Dream.

The President called out John McCain and Jeff Flake, for the lying frauds they are, but Donald Trump is the same politician. He tells you one thing in 2016, then does not pardon Sheriff Joe saying "he will be ok"...yeah with a bankrupting legal bills and jail time, Sheriff Joe is really doing great, and then Mr. President tells the bleaters one fairytale set of numbers, but when a Conservative Christian examines this in what should be the policy for Americans in life, liberty and pursuit of their dreams, it is the same old Obama, Bush, Clinton rapine, and in many ways it is a million times worse.

America traded bribing North Korea to stop nukes, to having nukes fired at America and bribing China.

America traded our oil for Americans, to our oil being shipped to Eurasia.

America  traded our coal stuck in the Obama ground, to our coal exported by Trump to China.

America traded Obama invaders for Trump visa slave workers.

America traded liberal Obama for liberal Kushner 1600 Penn Avenue.

This is the world and  the policy of  Donald Trump. He lied flat ass  about getting out of the Paris Accords, when America is still in them, and then Donald Trump signed a globalist slave labor deal in "global trade" at the same summit.

Of course you are never going to hear any of these realites, as the transcript of Mr. Trump's speech in Arizona has not been posted for obvious reasons. Instead one gets the leftist diversion and the bleater aversion to believing Pied Piper Don, telling you everything is wonderful when it is the same Obama economic Super Depression.

For you bleaters on the right and the left, I have a clue for you in this. If Hillary Clinton had stolen this election, the exact same foreign and domestic policies would be enacted with the exact same numbers. If you want a real drama, Hillary Clinton would have "fixed" Obamacare on the same schedule with a Republican Congress fighting it, but John McCain an these other leftists voting to work with President Hillary Clinton.

This blog was done following and making excuses for these frauds on the right after Bush43 who betrayed Conservatives. I will not follow Mr. President back into the Obama abyss, with Steve Bannon now at Breitbart herding all of you bleaters to accept the neo Trump liberal agreements on DACA aliens pouring into America and Hillary Clinton knows what else.

Here is your gem for the day. Bill Clinton was put into power, to get him to sign all of the New Gingrich contract with America which destroyed the GOP and Donald Trump has been now moved off the message of 2016 where Mr. Trump will legitimize everything Barack Obama established, and the wars Hillary Clinton was going to blow the world up with in her Queenship.

Arizona proved that Americans will swallow Donald Trump hard in the dark, and ignore the salty taste as they are told it is a sweet lollipop.

You are about to get Lindsey Graham's bribery rationed death repeal, being floated under Rick Santorum's name and Mark Meadow's blessing, as Steve Bannon at Breitbart shoves it down your throats to swallow hard.

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HTC Phones are a Fire Hazard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Being poor like many Americans, I was suckered into purchasing an HTC phone, from one of Donald Trump's much celebrated Asians companies in America and expanding to America. The phone seemed alright until awhile back when I noticed that the back cover plate was warped as it had produced so much heat that it almost started on fire.

This is where the nightmare began which is HTC around the globe, because I soon discovered that this international giant out of Taiwan treats Americans like dirt. The HTC customer service terrorists are well skilled in giving the giant FU to customers as I discovered my experience was exactly like numbers of others who logged their nightmares with HTC.

My first inquiry produced silence.

My second inquiry from a consumer protection group, got me a phone call from a Mexican, who called from no identifying number, and then instructed me to call back.....without leaving a number.

My third contact was my email from the same Mexican, who could not comprehend my original email as he was trained a foreigner to deliberately antagonize consumers so they would give up.

My fourth contact was an instruction for me to send my phone to them, so I would be without a phone, so you deadbeats would have no articles to read, whereby HTC would send my phone to Taiwan for 4 weeks to ascertain the problem.

My fifth contact rejected that ludicrous proposition, as without a phone, I would give up all my leverage that they almost burned my home down to which one sentence replies appeared from then on, in send phone as that is the only way HTC does business in terrorizing customers.

That is when I started reading the absolutely hilarious complaints on Consumer Affairs concerning HTC. The things I was being suckered to do, others had done to their chagrin. The scenario went something like:

Your warranty does not cover this.

We sent you a phone but it did not arrive.

We are processing your phone.

You owe us 300 dollars to fix your phone.

There is deep water and shallow water damage, and this is deep water damage.

Take it up with your bank, as this is not us charging your credit card.

Fix it yourself.

My absolute favorite in the entire pages of negative feedback was the person whose HTC phone broke in India, and they sent it to the India repair shop, and it came back with a different phone. This is NOT UNIQUE, in constant reports were logged that people sent in good phones and got back other people's phones which were not working and smashed.
This is the funny part as it is not happening to me. The person in India returned to America, sent it to HTC in the States, and they eventually got the phone back..........this time more damaged, not their original phone, but it had on it after a month and a half, a number of selfies from an HTC tech, and numbers of them were perverted.
Apparently HTC employees do not own their own phones, they just steal them from customers, use them until they are shattered and then return them with pervy selfies.

If you get the idea, that HTC does not belong in America of anywhere in the world, you are right, and yet this is the type of Asian garbage companies who swindle Americans that Mr. Trump is praising in investment, when these are conglomerate who are turning America into a 3rd world shit hole.

Seriously, you have before you a reality, where an Asian company deliberately is telling their customer service to abuse customers so HTC does not have to pay up. One person's feedback was amusing in he was put on hold, but the rep did not put on music, so instead they listened to HTC reps and supervisors not working, but playing, and after a length of time, this person just heard the dial tone.

If Donald Trump were a real American President, he would be fighting for the forgotten poor who are being swindled by his Kushner Asian deals. HTC should be made to pay back every American who ever bought one of these phones in full, or the United States would hand over Taiwan to China. I personally used to back Taiwan, but after what HTC did to me, I am all for Peking nuking that fricking island and ridding the planet of a regime that is as corrupt as HTC.

As I am never going to get any satisfaction out of this, this post is the warning to consumers to never buy anything from this horrid company out of Taiwan. It is all a matter of breaking these crooked conglomerates, and you might as well spend money where the customer service actually is designed to help the customer, not terrorize them.
It is one dollar at a time, and now when the day comes, I am going to celebrate the communist's skinning what is left of the Taiwanese alive in conquest, because they screwed me over. All I have is a phone sitting on a canning lid to keep it off things which will catch fire, a warped back cover, and the lesson to never trust HTC or support this fraud Asian investment in America, as it is all shoddy if it is not coming out of Japan or South Korea.

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