Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Sex Machine


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Think about it, in Barack Hussein Obama Chin was birthed in the year of our Lord of 1961 AD. The month was July according to an Obama public Freudian Slip, but that is not relevant here, as there is something which does remain relevant in no one has ever examined the American Afriod experience of the Hippy Generation, in the absolute light of fact in there were two identities involved, and both were in plain sight, and each were available for choice to Barack Hussein Obama.

Which one though did he choose?

I explain this, as most will be confused as to what this exclusive is pinned on, as non of you are Afroid nor Negroid, so you have no idea what was black America.

Frank Davis  Marshall was Barack Obama's sex mentor at Hawaii, and Obama wrote of Uncle Frank's yellow stained underwear in poetry and Obama wrote how Uncle Frank mind raped the young boy in taking away all security from him one evening, in making Obama believe, he was all alone in the world.

Marshall wrote "Sex Rebel" which was a tale of pedophilia and racial experimentation in the Marxist left of America. This reality appeared in 1968 AD in the year of our Lord. Marshall was one of the Chicago pansy crowd, who sucked white penis at clubs, as rich white slummers did not consider it queer to resort to blow jobs from black men, when the wife at home refused to perform the French enticement.

Talk:Frank Marshall Davis' Sex Rebel: Black, 1968 - WikiLeaks'_Sex_Reb...
Frank Marshall Davis wrote a scandalous memoir-novel under the pseudonym Bob Greene, one chapter of which is devoted to the Bob Greene and his wife ...

By 1971 AD in the year of our Lord, in plain site, another sexual deviancy was being promoted in the film, Shaft, starring Richard Roundtree as a black New York private detective.
In the theme song for Shaft, Isaac Hayes literally begins it with, women known John Shaft as a Sex Machine.

Shaft is a man, who has apparently a divorced wife with children, who obeys him, as he dumps a Black Muslim there to hide out, a black sex partner, and at a gay run bar in New York, Shaft hooks up with a white slummer chick, he has sex with in the movie in the shower, cheating on his black girlfriend, as a thing which means absolutely nothing.

Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Lyrics to 'Theme From Shaft' by Isaac Hayes. Shaft / Who's the black private dick / That's a sex machine to all the chicks? / (Shaft!) / You're damn right / Who.

One must understand this, that later black men all based their sexual agenda on the Shaft hero to them, from Bill Cosby now being exposed as a rapist, Eddie Murphy who was mounted on a new woman every night in a dope head buzz, and Richard Pryor who would tell his women, that his black cheating was just something that "you had to be black to understand."

It was not so much that Marshall or Hayes pioneered the roving black dick, as Martin Luther King jr. was infamous in FBI files for beating up women and sex parties, cheating on his good wife. It is that the stereotype of the "black would f*ck anything that moved", was the promoted reality chosen by black males in the Nigger Underground.

You must revisit this, as the Lame Cherry pioneered all of this black sexual study beginning in Chicago in exposing it's genesis. Isaac Hayes, and the writers of Shaft, promoted the out of control black dick, but Richard Roundtree placed a persona on what was the 1971 title for black men, and it was CAT, and not Nigger.

This is important as Nigger has been initiated and come to a place of entitlement of the modern Afroid of the Obama era, when in reality, there was nothing of the sort in the black community in the 1971 era, as the slang was they were all "cats".

We return to this now in the Sugarland bred child, Barack Obama Chin, had before him at age 7 and 10, a persona in the form of Frank Marshall Davis and Isaac Hayes, and which persona did Obama choose?

What was attractive to the affluent "cats" in Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Pryor was straight sex, with those slight John Shaft "innkeeper will by me a gay drink" overtures. This is what the Afroid male was attracted to and provided. Yet one can see by the Barack Obama Chin reality, that Obama chose homosexuality, a black wife in Michelle Robinson to hide his proclivities behind, and fictional women he dated to maintain status with the black cats who really were making the Shaft come true.

This degraded to the Snoop Dog rapper cult, of using white women as cum dumps, but degrading them. That is something Shaft did not promote, nor the other black personas, no matter how deviant they were treating women in abusing them. It is though the "Obama Choice" of what vanished the John Shaft and Isaac Hayes persona of what a black cat was, for this cock sucking Obama Afroid who is closet gay in hiding behind women, as they still try to promote the fiction of the black cat, with a white slummer as the notch on the belt as the high mark of accomplishment for an Obama Afroid.

Davis wrote, "The genuine Communists I knew as well as others so labeled had one principle in common: to use any and every means to abolish racism."  Davis said he wrote to give "the widest possible publicity to the many instances of racism and the dissatisfaction of Afro-American with the status quo."

Obama quoted him as saying: "Leaving your race at the door.  Leaving your people behind.  Understand something, boy.  You’re not going to college to get educated.  You’re going there to get trained."

He added, "they’ll yank on your chain and let you know that you may be a well-trained, well-paid nigger, but you’re a nigger just the same."

The illusion of the black man promoted by cartel leftists against the stereotype of the Nigger will f*ck anything that moved, is a theater which blacks have struggled with and failed at. They search for white women to sex for status, they hoodlum to gangster in being afraid of the sexual queer they are, and they exist in a psychosis of ruining themselves, as they are all what Birther Hussein was before his demise and replacement by the image of Obama, in they all trash talk the Shaft icon, but in reality swing deliberately to the Frank Marshall Davis sex fag.

Obama had before him as an impressionable child, a Sex Rebel or a Sex Machine, and Obama chose the rebellion against normal sex, which swung to pedophilia. That is the reality and the legacy of Birther Hussein Chin. It is the reality, because it is the proof of black identity in sex.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, which has been before the world for over 40 years, and none of you placed it in public, as none of you children had any idea in the least what you were looking at.

Isn't it amazing that after all these Obama years, when Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah ran for the closet at the threat of the regime dragging them out at 3 AM in their underwear, in Corsi hawking Kennedy books and now George Nouri fixating on Iranian nukes by Obama, that the Lame Cherry still produces new forensic exclusives in psychology of the reality of what Barack Hussein Obama Chin was. Thee most pertinent of stories in forming the Obama legacy, and it is yet to be written and these experts are incapable of the job.

Now you have a new toy to play with, and it is not even black history month. It is black historical cultus though. Oh and it is embarrassing to black identity........and the poser boy Obama is the biggest embarrassment of all to the illusion of black.

*Note to self: Interesting in the new crew monitoring the blog posts appear to desire this information published. The Bush and Clinton camps for the cartel are both going to write the Obama legacy. They should pay me the big donation as the ghost writer.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

The pimp of babylon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hear the Word of the Lord. The following is the revelation in the timeline of the sequence of America in her downfall along with the other 9 peoples of Israel who are displaced and lost in the world deliberately by God to hide their identity.

The Word of the Lord came to the Prophet Amos who was a herdsman and orchardman. God sent him to the American forebears in Samaria which were the 10 tribes cut off from Solomon due to his idolatry. In Amos chapter 7, by exclusive Lame Cherry matter anti matter, you are now given the timeline in where America is.

In Amos 7, God shows Amos three visions. 

The first vision is of locusts in the grub stage. The key to this is locusts were sent for the first fruits. The first fruits were the government's share, meaning America has been mown down by actions like 911 in divesting her people of their wealth which God gave and the regime is stealing more from the citizen.
The Prophet interceded for the people as they had been so lessened in power that they would not be able to stand the coming invasion, much like America's wealth and power no longer existed after 911 and required international effort.

The second vision is one of fire in which it consumes from the deep or the roots of the nation. That great pimp of Babylon, that apostate idol which inhabits 1600 Penn Ave has overseen this consumption of America and it is fulfilled.
America is at this point and she has had God repent of her absolute destruction but that does not mean this is over nor Judgment is not coming.

The third vision was one of God showing Amos a plumbline in the center of Israel. God stated that He would no longer pass by the sins of Israel and He would measure them and mark them for destruction.

This is where America is and what she will now face. This is a nation void of the Word of God and it is pathetic that the Lame Cherry is this voice telling you what is about to happen as there is a drought of Christian understanding in what is taking place. It is a high honor for me to be stuck doing this as I foolishly prayed it as a child. Honors though are fleeting in this world and only in Jesus' Kingdom will there be any honor as the brats do not want to hear the Word and the Faithful are fearful of it.

The American regime will be overturned as it is no longer a Republic. It is not what God Created, and it has no purpose except to satan to enslave and destroy God's People. In that, the clergy in America and the West will watch their wives become whores as concubines of the state.

That is the reality of the Word of the Lord in the duality timeline of Amos the Prophet. That idol which you set up is the pimp of Babylon, is as apostate as the golden calf, Solomon's high places, and Manasseh's butchering children for the fire demon. You threw Jesus out and you put in a false messiah. You will answer for this in all the West as your cartel masters cracked the whip and you bowed to the image of apostasy.
The Samarians made the people to forget God. You forgot the Holy Mount of the Lord Jesus Christ and erected your bethels, your houses of self worship across the land. It will all be pulled down and those who had part in this will be fertilizer to the weeds of the unplowed fields.

That is your lesson.


Friday, May 22, 2015

All the Intelligence Assets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Intelligence programmes fascinate me, due to the protocols it operates under in hiding things in plain sight. By this I mean.........would you like to see the names of some of thee most elite intelligence assets in the world?

Just go to, and you will see a list of Mockingbird assets, listed and promoted by Big Jew (this division of the glam cartel) and you will see every twister from Eleanor Cliff to Sarah Palin. I have told you before, that you do not get hired and paid the kind of Limbaugh bucks and promoted, unless the intelligence community has your number.

If you want to know of a secret intelligence operation, I can tell you about Operation Up the Slot. What is that?
Two rural states, Conservative in South Dakota and Missouri have been targeted and deluged with sodomite promotion, Obama glam and that is the reality. They are flipping those states with high  stake conditioning of the population to be lewd in making sodomy a non stop push, all through the Mockingbird. That operation was sanctioned and it has been feeding money in massive amounts to media stations like KELOland in South Dakota, hiring fag Minnesota flat top boys like Brady Mallory to anchor the fag face of KELO.

I thought I would touch on something as it requires a grope though as history does need to be set straight. No queer intended in that not being double entendre.

Do you remember Abu Gharib? You know that little Iraqi blow up during President George W. Bush's plunge into Saddam Hussein's netherworld? You know the story of Iraqi psychos on dog leashes and little white American girls holding the leash right?

You do know that Dan Rather and CBS had those photos for months right? You do know that CBS sat on those photos when asked by the Pentagon's Chief of Staff right? You do know that the only reason CBS went with the pictures was because another outlet was going to run them? You do know that Dan Rather phoned the Joint Chief of Staff and warned him.......and the General thanked Dan right?

Now to prelude this so you get this, in just how in the hell was it, that non compoops were in charge of security in Iraq, putting Iraqi's on dog leashes, and yes photographing it all.......and tossing idiot National Guard girlies into prison for it...........and those photos just so happened to end up in the media's hands, and when CBS would not run them......they ended up in other media hands for the big scandal?

You get it now right? You get it that George W. Bush, invaded Iraq to finish off HW's big mistake......against the wishes of the cartel who had Marc Rich laundering billions into liberal accounts, and the beginning of the "teach George a lesson" was not the IED's, but the Abu Gharib photos to tarnish the American effort in Iraq.
It was all plotted out and run in a third level operation, with the ease of the reality in putting non trained dupes into positions of power, setting minders in to put them into the leash mode, and then just standing back for the close ups.
Oh and there were more operations other than Abu Gharib.........and that included that mass rape story which was planted and run with by liberals in Congress.

This is all a conditioning program in which minders across the spectrum are in place to skew things just enough to make the mass public "think along these lines" for the major promotions. No it is not absolute as there are realities like der Spiegel posting a story proving the German Airbus pilot was smeared, by making a story of other Airbus computer control being defective in another crash. It is though a constant hum, and that includes corporate structures.
One does not get the big dollars nor the big promotion, unless one is a conduit for the intelligence community to funnel information through you to promote a cartel agenda.

All of the people Drudge lists, are all recruits, all being utilized to provide their group with hyphenated response in telling them what hate they desire to hear, but informing them not to act on it...........places like Ferguson and Baltimore are vistas like Hutatree of the hands on the Boston Bombing.

Each of you have these in your own communities, whether it is California, Germany, Australasia or Canada. The world of Pyongyang Pravda is not Peking oriented.

You just study the transformation of the fag boy of KELOland, in afro curls to wedge head when he penetrated the big rape psyche. They are not all Bill O'Reilly's or Chris Matthews. They all start somewhere in media, corporations, education or foundations.

It is the operation, and until you figure out that YOU are the target, just like a German Airbus pilot being smeared to the turning of Sarah Palin, you are never going to get this complete societal transformation being completed in it's final phases.

This all matters as this flat top Mallory being queer guy for the fag eye is like others who are groomed in these backwater markets and appear in your first tier markets after learning the scam.

nuf said.


Maytag Centennial

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a product review for poor people.

I spend too much time in the public laundromat.....damn Mexicans and journeymen.......and dopers, but anyway I came across some data on the Maytag Centennial as the best cheap washing machine.

I was able to use one recently and this is the report on it, along with some million dollar knowledge.

Oh let's do the million first. You know you all got them lace panties.....boys too, as you got them sheer Playboy undies you parade around in when feeling romantic and the wife somehow goes blind with lust long enough to rip them off of you....but any way, they got these handwash setting which suck, and lace stuff gets caught up on everything, but here is how you get by without it all.

You get yourself a pillow case. Stuff your bra and panties into them, tie a loose knot in the end, and just wash things on tap regular cold with other clothes. Protects the lace and they all come out as they should.

Now here is the Maytag thing. The parts of this are foreign, but the machines are assembled in America. Full year warranty and all.
These machines are interesting in yes they have dials and not electronics, but they "sense" the load size, and with this have huge wash drums, but you do not fill the drum up, but instead leave the middle open, and you wash clothes with less water and less soap.
This centennial seems pretty sound which is good, as it is in that 500 dollar range which is cheap for the washing machines. The ones I checked were delivered price, and when I phoned a local retailer they said they would actually beat the price.

So you wash clothes for less, and on tap water, not hot water, which saves more money. The clothes come out clean, and smell like the soap recommended which is Purex.

I do not intend for poor people to trade in their washing machines for a new one, but this new technology is interesting in using a great deal less water. In reality, the Maytag spends more time washing the clothes gently than filling up a tub with water.

I do plan on looking for a throw away washer........or washers as the old ones are built better, but for a new product review..this is not that bad of machine for over half the price of the expensive models.

It is top load, plastic hook ups, runs as noisy as any washing machine and the clothes come out almost dry as with less water, and a better spin, they are not as wet which is another plus.

There are never enough feedback posts of people who actually have tried things, and that is the purpose of this article. It is a place to start and it reviews the new technology which appeared, which is something that works very well.

That is enough of is a light washing machine too.......comes with no water hook up pipes though, at least this one did not.