Friday, October 21, 2016

Smog the Net

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry into the matrix points to this smogging of the internet.....(smog would mean creating an internet inversion to deny service by overloading the hub), is from a cartel group of specialists, operating out of New Jersey, in Clinton Foundation IT types, flaming the internet to condition the American People that when Donald Trump wins by a massive landslide, that it of course is vote fraud and point the finger at Russia.

New Jersey, Russia, Poland, Montenegro, Finland.......German router keeps popping up in inquiry at this point. Pinging does not interest me in tracking this.

That is about as much interest as I have in this, as knowing the source through inquiry, explains just another act of criminality to help Hamrod smog up the election with her overcast of doom.

All this is, is another staged event to twitter people off, get them talking about things, frustrated and ready to believe whatever other lies will be produced in this psychological operation.

Oh one more thing, inquiry pointed to the majors left the portals open for this to occur. Not hard as the NSA runs the internet hubs, and with the Obama regime turning over the net to the United Nations, of course all this is so much easier for the insiders to smog things up.


The Trump Prophecy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reading from the Holy  Ghost this day.

This is the Donald Trump Prophesy.

21 And I will clothe him with thy robe, and strengthen him with thy girdle, and I will commit thy government into his hand: and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the house of Judah.
 22 And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.
 23 And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house.

Isaiah 22: 21 - 23

The America Order based upon the foundation of Jesus the Christ is being restored. The rotten metal which has usurped America will be pulled out by God and the nail of Trump will be restored.

George Washington is the Father of the America People, Donald Trump will be a Father to all the Tribes.

BUCHANAN: An establishment in panic...


Donald Trump's 50 Million Wives

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If the Lame Cherry had a donation for every time I have heard, "Donald Trump should have said this", I would have enough to purchase our home.

What this is about is Forensic Psychology in what drives people to think they know more than Donald Trump, who is winning over Hillary Clinton.

Let us first get rid of a Mark Shields of PBS who is a paid whore, who would say anything  derogatory against Donald Trump as would that entire presstitute brothel to keep their high paid jobs from the oligarchs.

So that leaves us with two types. Let us name one Joel Skoursen, who likes to pretend with all his insider sources that he knows more than Jesus in always knowing what Donald Trump should say and do.

This kind of psychopathy centers on fear. Fear based in you connect yourself to secret information, from smug powerful people who control politicians, and then you empower yourself, as a protection from your fears.
If you noticed in this, that Joel Skoursen knows the insider edge, and yet an insider like Paul Manafort caused the Trump rising in the polls to lessen, by doing the  things that Joel Skoursen advocates.

For the record, the Lame Cherry will be honest with you. All of those numbers that Hillary Clinton masturbates the intellectuals with, mean absolutely nothing to the primates watching. The primates communicate not in University debate performance, but in Trump communication.
Americans have 5 second focus, and Donald Trump's genius mind changes around about every 5 seconds, so what sounds disjointed to the mindtards is the perfect commercial for the American mind.

Second, are the Mike Cernovich types who thinking winning looks like Donald Trump dragging Hillary Clinton around by the hair. There is a constant in this from this psychopathy in Hillary can not be dead enough. The reason Mike Cernovich is so interested in hair pulling is he like most people have  transferred all of their failures onto Hamrod, and want someone to beat the shit out of their boogermen, because they can not do it. So Donald Trump winning the correct way, is not what they are obsessed with in their psyche as what winning should appear like, so we have this constant whining of the primates across social media on one spin going panic mode in things are falling apart.

The Mockingbird has the mob well trained, and it has decided it is 50 million nagging wives in finding fault in Mr. Trump, to make up for their known faults they are terrified of, and numbers are backseat drivers who just know if they would grave the wheel that they could do better.

Reality check in this, that there are 100 jobs everyone of these chronic bitchers could have gone out and gathered petition signatures for, to show all of us in running for office, what masterful debaters they were. I am certain that they could make mincemeat of Governors, Senators and City Councilmen, because they tell us how easy they could dispatch Mrs. Clinton on the stage. That is satire, because any campaign starts with people liking you, as that is why the vote for you, and every person bitching does not like themselves, and that is why they want Donald Trump to make up for their faults in a suma cum laude way.

I am not patting myself on the back, as the reason I do not post things about lecturing at Mr. Trump, as that is the Holy Ghost directing things. In watching debates, I hear things and know what I would strike with, but Mr. Trump employs something different and wins.
Donald Trump always gives the impression he is a high stakes gambler, as he does things that I wince at, but the reason I wince, is I have not projected out what he is up to, and that is my ignorance in the Holy Ghost does not tell me everything, and honestly, trolling does not delight me. I like dirty tricks more.

For example, in review of the Chris Wallace set up with CBS and others Clinton media, on the "contested election" attempt to smear Donald Trump again, I am convinced that Donald Trump paid attention to what the media was asking Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence, and when he spotted the contested election question, he knew Hamrod and Chris Wallace were going to set him up as others have tried.

Knowing a trap and not being caught in it, are different issues, as much as the reality that somehow Donald Trump knows what the public will support, and how the smear will backfire on the Clinton cronies as it did on the GOPliters.

I do not reveal the above in violating the advice of telling people to keep their mouths shut. I reveal it to dishearten the crestfallen Clinton con artists in how bad they are failing, and to attempt again to settle all of you down in Donald Trump is not going to marry you as Donald Trump does not need 50 million wives.

People have to stop transferring their psychosis onto the Trump campaign as it does not benefit them, and it gets in the way of the information flow, in this non stop "Donald do this", when Donald Trump being Donald Trump has him winning the Presidency.

God knows what God is doing, and Donald Trump is on God's side, so Donald Trump's actions always have him winning.

I did not post this to out Joel Skoursen or Mike Cernovich, as both are intelligent men who are bright enough to support Donald Trump,  winner. The difference is God chose Donald Trump and moves Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is quite a bit more intelligent than both. I could have put any of your names in their places and it would be the same reality. The reason I do not put my name there is because I restrain myself from thinking I know more than the Boss nor am I trying to live through Donald Trump or have Donald Trump slay my dragons.

I kept the objective simple in this as God moved me. There are two goals. Defeat Jeb Bush and then defeat sick old Hillary Clinton. My job as a sapper in the wire is not to be Donald Trump and to shun all notice. I do my small job and it makes Mr. Trump's big job easier. That is what should be our cause in making this easier for Mr. Trump and not looking for attention.

I will reveal one secret in this, in there are thousands of people in America, who you will never know, who have sacrificed and put themselves on the line, and they are not going to be rewarded any more than I will. They are doing small things at key times to help the Trump campaign do things easier. They keep their mouths shut and you owe them your lives.
God is responsible for this blog's success and I am thankful.

To be part of history is a remarkable experience. Each of us has that part. God has given you your part in His common sense to vote for Donald Trump.


American Venezuela: The Hillary Ages

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you desire to know your future?

Seriously, I can make you a third eye, all seeing seer in simply uttering a secret series of words, and you will know what your future is.

This is for those who would care to know their future under Hillary Clinton stealing this election, as I utter the command, "Sean Penn's favorite communist, Hugh Chavez".

That is your future in what Venezuela is, in an oil rich nation, where you do not have toilet paper to wipe the shit out of your ass, no food to make shit to wipe out of your ass, and no electricity to see the maggots eating the shit out of your ass.

The Lame Cherry will translate this so that you understand.

America is a NO GROWTH NATION at 1% gross domestic product. It produces no jobs, and the jobs it has are going to Obama invading millions.

The Obama regime is stealing 3 trillion dollars a year from you in taxes, and it is not enough,as the Obama regime now has almost 20 trillion dollars in new debt in this massive spending of bribes to Wall Street and Welfare Street.

You know we are in a Super Depression, because I have told you. America is in a recessive economic mode at this point, meaning the Obama Super Depression is deepening and sometime in 2017, it will plunge into it's fourth deepening since 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

Into this, Hillary Clinton is going to raise your taxes 1.5 trillion dollars more, meaning you will have less for bills, meaning if you have a job, your employer is not going to have any money for raises, and the stagnant American economy is going to go PUTRID in it will begin rotting down.

Mrs. Clinton likes saying she is not going to raise taxes on people who earn 250,000 dollars and under, but that is a lie, because no corporation pays taxes. The taxes on the "rich" which Mrs. Clinton is stealing that 1.5 trillion for her spending means corporations will raise their prices which YOU PAY at teh store. In actuality, it will be a five fold increased because a business buying from a corporation will pass those raised prices onto you too, it is the Clinton tax in the yeast loaf you are buying, and it just keeps getting more expensive for your daily bread.

Once you understand that, you will understand that a Vice President or President of a conglomerate will simply have the board raise their salaries so they still get the same Clinton take home millions, and that is a cost which will be passed on to you.

So the poor in America are going to pay another 1.5 trillion into the 3 trillion which Obama is already raping from them, as rich people always pass on their taxes to the poor.

Now think about Hugo Chavez, in he did all of this in Venezuela which was once a beautiful, oil rich nation, which is now filled with jungle primates with shit in their ass.

I ask you, where are the rich people?

The answer is that when any despot raises taxes and starts seizing wealth, the rich people move their money out of that nation first, and then those rich people move to another nation. So the end result is the best business people are not in their nation, nor is their money to pay taxes with, and the next thing you know is the economy degrades, the infrastructure degrades, there is not any revenue for jobs or welfare so things degrade more, and in a few short years, the electric goes off, the store shelves go bare, and people have no toilet paper as, you can not import from other nations if you do not have the money.

Venezuela America is what the United States will be under Hillary Clinton. It actually will be much worse, because Venezuela shipped out their worst terrorists, while Obama Clinton imported the terrorists to America, and America is the last stop.

All of these Chamber of Commerce slave traders are going to have a problem in the oil they think they are pumping, is going to be sold to Asia and the revenues confiscated like all revenues for Hillary Clinton to buy votes....same way Hugo Chavez did, and soon enough the entire system begins imploding.

I do not understand why people do not say, "Mrs. Clinton you have 3 trillion dollars under Obama you are robbing from Americans. That is more in taxes than most of Eurasia combine with 4 billion culls. Now you want 4.5 trillion dollars to waste as the people you are buying are a cancer on America that there is not any way to feed".

It seems the Lame Cherry said it, so that should be enough. But the point is, now you are a clarvoyant. You know what your future is under Hillary Clinton, as it will be Venezuela. The American Stock Market is a sham. American banking is a sham of 100 trillion in debt. Obama robbed Peter to bribe Paul, and Hillary Clinton's policies are like million crack whores all using the same US credit card and it is melting from friction in being swiped so much.

No one has stated any of this, as FOX lies to you about great economic numbers which are a disaster, as all of these nation rapists desperately are trying to install Hillary so they are not tried an hung for this Ponzi Scheme which Obama initiated in America, and which Hamrod is going to expand in ever larger tax hikes.

America the beautiful will become America the morgue in this putrified rotting economic flesh.
Hillary Clinton is about to take the American technological, political and economic engine out of the world, and without that money feed and advancement, the entire world collapses into the Dark Ages......or in this reality, the Hillary Ages.

No need to clutter your wee minds up any more, in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



Do you want stalks or corn?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oscar Will is an American businessman who I have featured on this blog previously and I was delighted to discover on a series of his catalogues to look through. It is the most wonderful thing to flip through a catalogue with a mouse click and visit an era of 1918 in an America where most varieties of garden fruit have disappeared.

It is eye opening to see an Indian cabin North Dakota, very well made, and with corn drying on the roof in this particular manner. All of this old knowledge is lost as to why they did things the way they did.

 One of the most fascinating things for me is Oscar Will's Dakota White, which was a flint corn of his breeding, acquired from North Dakota Indians. I am in the process of seeing what kind of success I will have with this Will variety which is astounding as most claims are from seed companies. It though is very early corn and did last year produce some very long ears which surprised me from the very old seed I had tried.

What was of particular interest to me is in 1918 Will had started selling Minnesota 13, the legendary moonshine corn, but warned his North Dakota customers that it simply would not mature there. It is not that 13 was a long season corn, but that North Dakota had such a short season to produce a crop.
Dakota actually produced corn in Montana highlands by Bozeman, so this variety is remarkable in producing food in areas that were not "corn growing" areas again in hybrids until the past decade.

It gives me pause every time I walk by the old varieties I am trying out, because I know the Indians grew them and Oscar Will, along with other farmers trying to make homesteads work, because it meant not dying literally as there was not any welfare programs to fall back on. The Will varieties of corn allowed farmers to have a bit more variety in raising hogs, dairy and chickens, which required the higher energy corn to fatten on and to survive on in North Dakota 20 to 40 below weather.

I often think of the Crimean Germans from Russia who I watched on a PBS special in the one quote they had, "In Crimea we had fruits and gardens, and in North Dakota all we have is  rocks and weeds". Those settlers all they did was cry, but North Dakota is all they had, for the voyage almost killed them and if they went back to Russia, the Czar would throw them all in the army and they would die.
By 1930 their letters stopped to relatives in America for these Germans would all be dead in Stalin genocided those who remained. They told the American Germans, you at least have something in America, for we have nothing in Russia at all.

 Fruit never looks this good, nor does anything in North Dakota. It is a harsh land which does not allow for any mistakes. I love though the propaganda of it all, in railroads lured settlers there with promises of trees and changing the environment, and trees grew to shrugs with all the branches worn off on the northwest side from wind.

To look upon though such industry and hope of one man in Oscar Will, who by 1918 was featuring Pioneer brands, which would become one of the most prosperous seed companies in America in hybrids is a glimpse of witnessing America being transformed from a wilderness to a civilization, as the Obama regime has turned America into sodomite barbarians.

The world continues to spin and my collection grows with a corn which has in it the genes to reproduce unlike hybrids and to make a crop through nuclear winters or meteor winters. It is as old as Oscar Will used to ask in his catalogue.

Do you want a crop or do you want stalk when it comes to corn?


Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Press Watch

The Faces of the Grim, Reaping Hillary Clinton's Defeat


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above is a snapshot of Hillary Clinton with her inexperienced press corp which has been covering for her in crimes and collapse. All of you are so busy in thinking you can be a better Trump than Trump in being herded by the Clinton propaganda that you are missing the above faces.

What do they tell you?

Hillary Clinton is spent. She had a week of sleep and is exhausted.

Her press is on the death watch. You can see their dejection in Hillary Clinton has lost the election. They are stuck now for two weeks covering for sick, old, loser Hillary. There is not going to be any White House press corp. Their careers are dead unless they suck some old genitals or spread their ass cheeks again for a better assignment.

That is what the faces above reveal in Hillary Clinton's campaign is dead. It is not dying. It is dead. It died at the DNC in Philadelphia and has been on life support ever since. The Clinton press is just wanting this all over, so they can put the nightmare behind them.

This has become a point that even her press corp now want to finish this old bat off, in they are asking her about her crimes and Hamrod is cutting the press conferences short and running away.

After taking a couple questions, she was asked about the Project Veritas videos appearing to show Democratic National Committee operatives bragging about triggering violence at Donald Trump rallies.
“I know nothing about this. I can’t deal with every one of his conspiracy theories but I hope you all have something to eat, something to drink on the way back to New York!” she told the reporters.
Three minutes after her Q & A started, it was over.

The Clinton press is telling you she is finished. Her campaign is laid out in the morgue with a toe tag on it.

The Clinton campaign is telling you she has lost. Look at her schedule to the election, AND SHE IS QUITTING two weeks before the election!!!

Cleveland Ohio October 21st

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia October 22nd

Raleigh October 23rd

New Hampshire October 24th

Florida October 25th

THAT IS IT. Hillary Clinton has nothing scheduled for the final two weeks.

You have to get this point in Hillary Clinton is not in Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio or Nevada. Nor in any other states as she is plummeting in the polls across the nation. There is a sweep building and Hillary Clinton is being swept away.
She is only doing second stringers in weirdos like Jon Bon Jovi, John Podesta and Katy Perry which is not going to bring out any voters.


Keep Calm and Trump On

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Wednesday, before the 3rd Trump Debate Victory over sick old Hillary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh invested a great deal of time stating his insider information that a big bombshell would drop on Thursday against Donald Trump from the Clinton campaign.

It made no sense as the other smears took place days I wondered what insider information would be released so stupidly.

Still am wondering as it was all bullshit.

I got this a few days ago, and yes I do read emails, including waterworks things, but am working on content windows now which will not distract as much of this is meant to get you worried or argue about some bullshit.

Reading where a-hole Rick Wilson GOPe, says he is positive there will be an opposition release of devastating scandal about Trump that should finish him. Even his die hard supporters will go, “whoa”….
Nothing will deter me, but I’m curious if you are picking up anything about this….

Instinct tells me there are probably a few things out there, which are bogus, like in the original plan to indict Donald Trump........I will track this down in the next days as I have something for inquiry am thinking Saturday on another eye opener. The thing is Hillary had to shoot her wad by the 3rd debate for effect. Other avenues must now be with different subjects. She is locked into that woman thing in a desperate move to keep them from all fleeing, but that was her entire operation, and it failed.

Am just reminding you that Rush Limbaugh like all of these frauds were working against Donald Trump and you will notice their motive now was to worry people with insider spin which was absolutely bogus.

The facts are:

Donald Trump won all three debates devastatingly.

Hillary Clinton is sick and losing.

Americans are now surging toward Donald Trump for the election and the wave is building.

Be of good cheer. Do not be distracted. You have a proven leader in Donald Trump who knows exactly what he is doing and with reason. So start acting like a winner, because the Hamrodians are all acting like losers, because they are behind and losing.

Know this, it took us 3 days to knock down the last smear. We effectively had the Hamrod frauds neutralized in 3 hours last night. They did their worst and Americans rejected it instantly as Americans recognized the lies.

Just be alert and do not doubt, as whatever Hamrod pulls will be more pure lying venom. Move by the left flank and keep outflanking them. They are being vanquished. Keep on, because this is the stuff you will tell your grandchildren in being a part of.