Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bernie with the Hot Mic


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a head's up in this, the wife of Bernie Sanders, was caught on a hot mic yesterday with this exchange:

After Bernie was booed to oblivion yesterday when he implored his supporters to vote Hillary to defeat Trump, his wife Jane was caught on a hot mic afterwards telling him, “They don’t know your name is being put in nomination. That’s the concern.”
Oh really? That’s funny, Bernie didn’t mention it…

You do get this right? You understand that the meeting with image Obama, and with Hamrod has just been leaked in part, in Bernie Sanders got his name placed into the nomination process along with Mrs. Clinton's.

That is what Jane Sanders is concerned about, in Sanders hid this from his people deliberately as has the DNC. Meaning what do you think this booing, furious mob is going to do, when it gets bashed around again in a floor vote, to have another election stolen from them?

It sounds like small potatoes to sell out your revolution for, but inquiry says Bernie Sanders sold out to Hillary and Obama, for a job as head of some university, his campaign debt taken care of, and some additional cash........oh and his name placed in nomination.

I doubt I will be watching as my only concern are the cop ponies in Philadelphia.


Another Good Catholic

An 84-year-old priest, named as Jacques Hamel, had his throat cut in a Normandy church this morning in an attack that also left a nun critically injured and both jihadis dead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perhaps the Pater Pope when he is done rewriting the 10 Commandments or praising sodomites.....oh and telling people they do not need Christ to go to Heaven, the Pater Pope could send out those frilly costumed Swiss Guard to protect the Priests from getting their heads chopped off.

French president Francois Hollande (pictured embracing the town's mayor Hubert Wulfranc) said France is 'at war' with ISIS while the terror group has claimed responsibility for the killing

I can see why the Vatican though wants French Priests dead, because some of them just do not want to bow to the anti Christ, but when you have leaders in France as dumb as Hollande and that toothless mayor hugging each other, it appears the retarded politicians will be forever safe as the Muslim has to wonder what the hell it takes to get a response out of Europeans.

Muslims rape European women.....no response, except to blame the women.

Muslims ass rape little children to death.......no response, except to import more rapists.

Muslims drive over hundreds of French........no response, except flowers.

Muslims shoot children in McDonalds......no response, except to change the Muslim's name.

So maybe beheading priests will get something done. I doubt it though as what is one more good Catholic in this world. Are they not assured Vatican heaven like Muslims are for being martyrs? Sounds to me like Catholics and Muslims are wed to each other. One religion promises heaven and sainthood to the queen of heaven for being murdered and the other promises virgin pussy for murdering others.
When the Catholic has the neck and the Muslim the blade, it seems like a match made to please Obama, Hollande and Merkel.

Jesus said something about getting a sword. I think that would translate for Priests to get a nice Heckler and Koch, or borrow some of those nice French police state assault rifles......which seem not to be protecting anyone a great deal.

French authorities say they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack. Armed police are pictured making an arrest at a house in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

It all looks like it will eventually have to come down to a Pur as the Jews unleashed in Persia on their enemies. The Europeans and Americans in order to survive are going to just have carte blanche by some Andrew Breivik President, where the people will take their clubs and guns and rid their nations of all of their enemies both invader and liberal, and then the maxim will be, 'Dead men tell no tales and dead enemies do not rape little children to death".

So until that is something the citizen is not squeamish about nor the politicians are not railing against, there is not much sense in listening to Hollande whine about "war with ISIS" as it is all just words that do not mean a damn thing. It is best to just view it as Africans used to in Nigger 1 got ate by a lion and all the rest of the Niggers have something to talk about, and be happy too, as at least it is not a valuable goat.

I assume that Muslims do not shoot Protestants in America, because Protestants in America have all those evil assault weapons and would learn to use them.

Oh well is a great day, as the Pater Pope has another saint to name and Hollande can tell fairy tales about how he is a leader.

People mourn in front of candles and flowers near the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, southern Germany, where an 18-year-old German-Iranian student ran amok on a shooting spree on July 22

At least the French mutton is making it easy for Muslim rape cock and machete to find the willing of the flock. Yes the Muslims bring guns and knives to their war, and the French bring flowers.

French authorities say they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack. Armed police are pictured making an arrest at a house in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

Until the French police state stops being police and instead drags terrorists out to the street, cuffs them to the bumper of their vehicle and drive off until the arm is pulled off, to then stop and put a bullet in their heads to the cheers of thousands of French, there will be more good Catholics.

France or America or Germany is not at war, for the Muslism are the masters being served with food, sex, shelter, protection and victims to murder. So let us all be honest in this as only the Lame Cherry is. This is Western Genocide, so appreciate it for what it is, and appreciate it when your time comes in meeting the Islamic machete, and then you can be a good turn the other cheek member too.

Nuff Said


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.
Peut-être le Pater pape quand il est fait réécrire les 10 commandements ou louant sodomites ..... oh et de dire aux gens qu'ils ne doivent Christ d'aller au Ciel, le Pater pape pourrait envoyer les froufrous costumés Garde suisse pour protéger les prêtres de obtenir leur tête tranchée.

président français François Hollande (photo embrassant le maire de la ville Hubert Wulfranc) dit que la France est «en guerre» avec ISIS tandis que le groupe terroriste a revendiqué la responsabilité de l'assassinat

Je peux voir pourquoi le si Vatican veut prêtres français morts, parce que certains d'entre eux ne veulent tout simplement pas de se plier à l'anti-Christ, mais quand vous avez des leaders en France muet comme Hollande et que le maire édentée, étreindre les uns les autres, il semble que le retard les politiciens seront à jamais sûr que le musulman doit se demander ce que l'enfer qu'il faut pour obtenir une réponse sur les Européens.
Les musulmans violent les femmes européennes ..... pas de réponse, sauf à blâmer les femmes.
Musulmans ass violer les petits enfants à la mort ....... pas de réponse, sauf à importer plus violeurs.
Musulmans conduire sur des centaines de français ........ aucune réponse, sauf fleurs.
Musulmans shoot enfants McDonalds ...... pas de réponse, sauf pour changer le nom du musulman.

Donc, peut-être des prêtres décapitation vont faire quelque chose. Je doute que même si, comme ce qui est encore un bon catholique dans ce monde. Sont-ils pas assurés Vatican le ciel comme les musulmans sont pour être des martyrs? Me semble catholiques et musulmans sont wed les uns aux autres. Une religion promet le ciel et la sainteté à la reine du ciel pour être assassiné et d'autres promesses chatte vierge pour le meurtre d'autres.Lorsque le catholique a le cou et le musulman la lame, il semble comme un match fait pour plaire à Obama, Hollande et Merkel.
Jésus a dit quelque chose au sujet d'obtenir une épée. Je pense que se traduirait par des prêtres pour obtenir une belle Heckler et Koch, ou emprunter certaines de ces belles françaises fusils d'assaut de l'Etat de police ...... qui semblent ne pas être la protection de toute personne beaucoup.

autorités françaises disent qu'ils ont arrêté un troisième homme dans le cadre de l'attaque. Des policiers armés sont représentés d'une arrestation dans une maison à Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray
Tout semble que cela finira par avoir à descendre à un Pur comme les Juifs déchaînée en Perse sur leurs ennemis. Les Européens et les Américains pour survivre vont avoir simplement carte blanche par certains Andrew Breivik président, où les gens vont prendre leurs clubs et de fusils et de débarrasser leurs nations de tous leurs ennemis à la fois envahisseurs et libéraux, et la maxime sera «Les morts ne parlent pas et ennemis morts ne violent pas les petits enfants à la mort».
Donc, jusqu'à ce que quelque chose est le citoyen ne squeamish ni les politiciens ne sont pas contre les garde-corps, il n'y a pas beaucoup de sens à l'écoute de pleurnicher Hollande à propos de "guerre avec ISIS», comme il est tous les mots seulement qui ne signifient pas une fichue chose. Il est préférable de voir tout comme les Africains utilisés dans Nigger 1 fit mangé par un lion et tout le reste des Niggers avoir quelque chose à parler, et être heureux aussi, car au moins il n'est pas une chèvre précieux.
Je suppose que les musulmans ne tirez pas protestants en Amérique, parce que les protestants en Amérique ont toutes les armes d'assaut le mal et serait apprendre à les utiliser.
Oh est bien un grand jour, comme le Pater pape a un autre saint nom et Hollande peut raconter des contes de fées sur la façon dont il est un chef de file.

Les gens pleurent devant des bougies et des fleurs près du centre commercial Olympia à Munich, sud de l'Allemagne, où un 18-year-old étudiant allemand-iranien a dérapé sur une fusillade le 22 Juillet

Au moins, le mouton français est ce qui rend facile pour robinet de viol musulman et machette pour trouver la volonté du troupeau. Oui les musulmans apportent des fusils et des couteaux à leur guerre, et les Français apportent des fleurs.

autorités françaises disent qu'ils ont arrêté un troisième homme dans le cadre de l'attaque. Des policiers armés sont représentés d'une arrestation dans une maison à Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

Jusqu'à ce que l'état de la police française cesse d'être la police et traîne à la place des terroristes dans la rue, les manchettes au pare-chocs de leur véhicule et de conduire jusqu'à ce que la branche est retiré, pour arrêter ensuite et mettre une balle dans la tête sous les acclamations de milliers du français, il y aura plus de bons catholiques.

France ou en Amérique ou en Allemagne ne sont pas en guerre, pour la Muslism sont les maîtres étant servis avec de la nourriture, le sexe, le logement, la protection et les victimes à assassiner. Alors laissez-nous tous être honnête dans ce que seul le Boiteux Cherry est. Ceci est le génocide occidental, donc l'apprécier pour ce qu'elle est, et à l'apprécier quand votre temps vient à répondre à la machette islamique, et alors vous pouvez être un bon tour l'autre élément joue aussi.

Nuff a dit


Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.
Vielleicht ist der Pater Papst, als er die 10 Gebote oder lobend Sodomiten getan Umschreiben ..... oh und Leuten sagt, sie brauchen Christus nicht in den Himmel kommen, die Pater Papst jene frilly kostümierte Schweizer Garde aussenden konnte die Priester zu schützen, bekommen ihre Köpfe abgehackt.

Französisch Präsident Francois Hollande (im Bild der Bürgermeister der Stadt umarmen Hubert Wulfranc) sagte Frankreich "im Krieg" mit ISIS, während die Terrorgruppe die Verantwortung für die Tötung gefordert hat

Ich kann sehen, warum der Vatikan obwohl Französisch Priester tot sehen will, weil einige von ihnen einfach nicht an den Anti Christus beugen wollen, aber wenn Sie Führer in Frankreich so dumm, wie Hollande und dass zahnlos Bürgermeister umarmt einander haben, scheint es, die zurückgeblieben Politiker werden für immer sicher sein wie der Muslim muss sich fragen, was zum Teufel er eine Antwort aus der Europäer zu bekommen dauert.
Muslime vergewaltigen Frauen in Europa ..... keine Antwort, außer die Frauen schuld.
vergewaltigen Muslime ass kleine Kinder in den Tod ....... keine Antwort, es sei denn, mehr Vergewaltiger importieren.
Muslime fahren über Hunderte von Französisch ........ keine Antwort, außer Blumen.
Muslime schießen Kinder in McDonalds ...... keine Antwort, außer der muslimischen Namen zu ändern.

Also vielleicht Enthauptung Priester erhalten etwas getan. Ich bezweifle es aber als das, was ein weiterer guter Katholik in dieser Welt ist. Sind sie nicht Vatikan Himmel sicher wie die Muslime sind für Märtyrer zu sein? Klingt für mich wie Katholiken und Muslime miteinander verheiratet sind. Eine Religion verspricht Himmel und Heiligsprechung der Königin des Himmels ermordet zu werden und das andere Versprechen virgin Pussy für andere zu ermorden.Wenn die katholische den Hals und die Muslim die Klinge hat, scheint es wie ein Spiel Obama, Hollande und Merkel zu gefallen gemacht.
Jesus sagte etwas über ein Schwert zu bekommen. Ich denke, dass übersetzen würde Priester einen schönen Heckler und Koch, zu erhalten oder einige dieser schönen Französisch Polizeistaat Sturmgewehre leihen ...... die scheinen nicht, dass jemand sehr viel zu schützen.

Französisch Behörden sagen, dass sie einen dritten Mann im Zusammenhang mit dem Angriff festgenommen haben. Bewaffnete Polizisten sind in einem Haus eine Verhaftung im Bild zu machen in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray
Es sieht alles, wie es schließlich zu einem Pur zu kommen müssen wie die Juden in Persien an ihren Feinden entfesselt. Die Europäer und Amerikaner, um gehen zu überleben nur durch einige Andrew Breivik Präsident carte blanche zu haben, wo die Leute ihre Vereine und Waffen zu nehmen und ihre Nationen alle ihre Feinde sowohl Invasoren und liberal zu befreien, und dann wird die Maxime sein sagen, "tote Männer keine Geschichten und tote Feinde nicht vergewaltigen kleine Kinder in den Tod".
Also, bis das ist etwas, das Bürger über nicht zimperlich ist, noch die Politiker Geländer nicht gegen, gibt es nicht viel Sinn für Hollande Heulen beim Hören über "Krieg mit ISIS", wie es alle nur Worte, die nicht einen Mucks bedeuten kann. Es ist am besten, nur sie als Afrikaner sehen verwendet, um in Nigger 1 von einem Löwen aß wurde und der ganze Rest der Nigger etwas darüber zu sprechen, und glücklich zu sein, da es zumindest nicht eine wertvolle Ziege ist.
Ich gehe davon aus, dass die Muslime nicht schießen Protestanten in Amerika, weil die Protestanten in Amerika haben all diese bösen Angriffswaffen und würden lernen, sie zu benutzen.
Na ja ist ein großer Tag, als der Pater Papst einen anderen Heiligen, hat zu benennen und Hollande kann Märchen erzählen, wie er ist ein Führer.

Die Menschen trauern vor Kerzen und Blumen in der Nähe des Olympia Einkaufszentrum in München, Süd-Deutschland, wo eine 18-jährige deutsch-iranische Student Amok am 22. Juli auf einem Amoklauf lief

Wenigstens die Französisch Hammel macht es einfach für die muslimische Vergewaltigung Hahn und Machete das Wollen der Herde zu finden. Ja, die Muslime bringen Waffen und Messer auf ihren Krieg und die Französisch bringen Blumen.

Französisch Behörden sagen, dass sie einen dritten Mann im Zusammenhang mit dem Angriff festgenommen haben. Bewaffnete Polizisten sind in einem Haus eine Verhaftung im Bild zu machen in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

Bis die Französisch Polizeistaat zu sein Polizei stoppt und statt Terroristen auf die Straße zieht, Manschetten sie an der Stoßstange ihres Fahrzeugs und losfahren bis der Arm abgezogen wird, um dann zu stoppen und eine Kugel in den Kopf unter dem Jubel von Tausenden setzen von Französisch, wird es mehr gute Katholiken sein.

Frankreich oder Amerika oder Deutschland ist nicht im Krieg, für die Muslism sind die Meister werden mit Essen, Sex, Schutz, Schutz und Opfer zum Mord gedient. Also lassen Sie uns alle als nur die Lame Cherry ist in dieser ehrlich sein. Dies ist West Völkermord, schätzen es so für das, was es ist, und es zu schätzen wissen, wenn Ihre Zeit kommt die islamische Machete in der Sitzung, und dann können Sie auch eine gute Wendung die andere Wange Mitglied sein.

Nuff Said


 В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.
Возможно, Патер папа, когда он делается перезапись 10 заповедей или хвалить содомитов ..... Ох, и говорить людям, что они не нужен Христос, чтобы попасть на небеса, то Патер папа мог посылать эти вычурные костюмированных швейцарской гвардии для защиты от Священников получая их головы отрублены.

Президент Франции Франсуа Олланд (на фото обнимая мэра города Hubert Wulfranc) заявил, что Франция является "в состоянии войны" с Исидой в то время как группа террора взяла на себя ответственность за убийство

Я могу понять, почему Ватикан, хотя хочет французских Священников мертвых, потому что некоторые из них просто не хотят, чтобы поклониться анти Христа, но когда у вас есть лидеры во Франции, как немой, как Олланд и что беззубый мэра обнимали друг друга, оказывается запаздывающий политики будут всегда безопасны, как мусульманин должен задаться вопросом, что, черт возьми, это берет, чтобы получить ответ из европейцев.
Мусульмане насилуют европейских женщин ..... нет ответа, за исключением того, чтобы обвинять женщин.
Мусульмане задницу насиловать маленьких детей до смерти ....... нет ответа, за исключением того, чтобы импортировать больше насильников.
Мусульмане ездить на сотни французов ........ нет ответа, кроме цветов.
Мусульмане стрелять детей в Макдональдсе ...... нет ответа, за исключением того, чтобы изменить имя мусульманина.

Так что, может быть, Усекновение священники будут получать что-то сделать. Я сомневаюсь в этом, хотя, как то, что это еще один хороший католик в этом мире. Разве они не уверены, как небо Ватикан мусульмане за то, что мученики? Звуки для меня, как католики и мусульмане ср друг к другу. Одна религия обещает небо и святости к богине неба за то, что убили и другие обещания девственной киски за убийство других.Когда католик имеет шею и мусульманский клинок, похоже, матч, сделанный в угоду Обаме, Олланда и Меркель.
Иисус сказал что-то о получении меча. Я думаю, что бы перевести для Священники, чтобы получить хороший Хеклер и Кох, или заимствовать некоторые из тех замечательных французских государственных полицейских винтовок ......, которые, похоже, не будет защищать кого-либо очень много.

Французские власти говорят, что они арестовали третьего человека в связи с нападением. Вооруженные полицейские изображаются делает арест на дом в Сент-Этьен-дю-Рувре
Все это выглядит, как он будет в конечном итоге придется спуститься к Pur, как евреи развязали в Персии на своих врагов. Европейцы и американцы, чтобы выжить, собираются просто карт-бланш по некоторым Эндрю Брейвика президента, где люди будут принимать свои клубы и оружие и избавить свои народы от всех своих врагов, как захватчика и либеральными, а затем максима будет "мертвые люди не говорят и не сказки, а мертвые враги не насиловать маленьких детей до смерти".
Так что пока это не является чем-то гражданин не брезгует ни политики не поругал, нет особого смысла слушать Олланд скулить о "войне с Исидой", как это все только слова, которые ничего не значат ни черта. Лучше всего рассматривать его как африканцы привыкли в Ниггер 1 получил съел лев, и все остальные негры есть о чем поговорить, и быть счастливым тоже, как по крайней мере, это не является ценным коза.
Я полагаю, что мусульмане не стреляют протестанты в Америке, потому что протестанты в Америке есть все эти злые боевое оружие и научится использовать их.
Ну это великий день, как Pater папа имеет другой святой назвать и Олланд может рассказывать сказки о том, как он является лидером.

Люди оплакать перед свечами и цветами возле торгового центра Олимпия в Мюнхене, на юге Германии, где 18-летний немец-иранский студент неистовствовали на стрельбу 22 июля

По крайней мере, французская баранина делает его легким для мусульманского рапса петух и мачете, чтобы найти желающих стада. Да мусульмане приносят оружие и ножи их войны, а французы приносят цветы.

Французские власти говорят, что они арестовали третьего человека в связи с нападением. Вооруженные полицейские изображаются делает арест на дом в Сент-Этьен-дю-Рувре

До тех пор пока государство французская полиция не перестает быть полицию и вместо этого таскает террористов на улицу, манжет их к бамперу своего автомобиля и отъехать до тех пор, рука не вытягивается, чтобы затем остановиться и положить пулю в их головы к возгласы тысяч французского языка, будет больше добрых католиков.

Франция или Америка или Германия не в состоянии войны, для Muslism являются хозяевами, отбываемого с пищей, пол, кров, защиту и жертв с целью убийства. Так что давайте все будем честными в этом, как только Хромой Вишня. Это западный геноцид, так ценят его за то, что она есть, и оценить его, когда приходит в удовлетворении исламского мачете ваше время, а затем вы можете быть хорошим поворот другой член щека тоже.




Sometimes it's just the devil

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Sorry for the latency, everyone. I haven't felt Inspired to write for months, and have gotten lazy with quick-posts on FB.

Recently there has been an increase in satanic attacks on LC and I. My sister has moved a 12-hr drive away from the nest to begin her "new life", which entails a marriage and a continued training in her specialty. Her move greatly displeases the matriarch, who now has the time (and irritation) to send her demonic thoughts and wishes our way. She has been on a rampage about my move to the briar patch since I informed her of the impending move, and has never gotten over it. In her life, she got to be the sibling who moved away to marry a creep, while the other sibling stayed home to care for the parents. Thus, she expected me to be the next generation's "sibling" to care for her and her husband.

This time the attack has been in the form of thoughts and impulses directed at me about a neighbor. This neighbor, while a good person, does not hold a candle to LC and it would be an insult to even begin to compare them. These thoughts and impulses were bombarding me for about 24 hours, even after LC and I prayed about them, and as I was struggling to ignore them and occupy my attention with other things, it became easier to resist, and they finally lessened and died away. I can sense the occasional ebb of a thought trying to make it past the Spiritual barrier we constructed in prayer, but it is not at even a tenth of the intensity it initially possessed.

Why am I sharing this embarrassing anecdote? Because sometimes it's not you or "the old man" you used to be. Sometimes it's just the devil doing its best to steal your Joy, your Peace, and any/all of the Gifts given you by God. And it is difficult to pin-point the cause of a lot of trouble and upheaval in life via demonic suggestion, but once you identify the enemy, it becomes much easier in Christ to fight and prevail over the foe.

So, how do I identify the cause? Is it always the devil? Yes and no. All evil in this life originates from the foe of man. However, as LC says, "100% of the trouble you run into can be avoided if you just stay home." If I am actively flirting with temptation, of course it will run me over like a freight train. If I allow these thoughts/impulses to take root in my mind, instead of instantly rejecting and rebuking them, they are like an ignored weed in the garden that can grow and flourish without rain while the good crops stagnate. It is my responsibility to keep my garden free of weeds (along with prayer for God's Help and the Strength to keep it weed-free), and to pluck out any weeds that rear their ugly heads and throw them far from my garden, where it will not choke out the harvest of good things that God is Growing in my character. If those weeds are allowed to grow unchecked, they eventually become too big for a person to fight and completely take over the garden.

The devil knows every person's weaknesses, and had all of mine figured out long before I was just beginning to realize what a weakness is. If I guard my Achilles' heels, and run from every situation where they might be exploited, then I know I've done everything in my power to protect myself and those I love.

What about the times when these temptations show up out of nowhere? For years, I've blamed myself for thoughts and feelings that swayed me like a tree in a tempest, because I thought it was "just who I was" and "an unpleasant part of life". That is a lie from the pit of hell. Anyone who is a Child of God is FREE from sin and has the victory over sin in Christ (Romans 6:6,14,18). They are a new man, no longer subject to the old weaknesses and lusts of the flesh (2Cor 5:17, Eph 4:17-32). That "old man" is no longer a part of you or me, because that person was nailed to the cross with Christ (Romans 6:6) and is dead. However, that dead thing, though buried, is still present within us, and this is what satan appeals to, to attempt to make us stumble and fall. It is NOT me, but the "sin that dwells within" (Romans 7:17,20) that satan tries to reanimate and turn us back into a zombie as a slave of sin to satan's will. It takes the power of Jesus Christ working within the person and the help of His Holy Angels to sit on the grave of that zombie and keep it where it belongs, dead and buried.

satan cannot force any Child of God to sin. All it can do is suggest and tempt, sometimes directly, but more often, especially as the Christian matures, via the ambush sneak-attack of satanic people in our lives. In some cases, it is "friends" who only keep people around for validation or because they want someone to take advantage of, soul-suckers that literally drain the vitality right out of you, or satan-whisperers that persuade you to do foolish things or get yourself into situations where you know you will be tempted just to be "accepted" by them and the rest of your group of "friends". In other cases, it is the person you fall in love with, who is a tool of satan sent to destroy every last vestige of your personhood. In my case, the family bonds are strong and due to certain Spiritual abilities, I am like a lightning rod that picks up the will of the people who selfishly wish I was down there, giving up my entire life to pamper them into the grave. The more time that goes by, the stronger my resistance has grown to where I do not allow the will of those people to influence me, but it has taken quite a while to develop to this point.

That's another thing about God. He wants us to mature, so just like as infants we had to learn how to walk by occasionally falling, He allows us to make mistakes so that we learn from them and grow stronger in our Spiritual Walk with Him. Everyone likes to think of the "Footprints in the Sand" story and imagine we are the ones being carried, because it makes us feel better, but the hard Truth is that the times when we are carried are few and far between. God doesn't want Spiritual babies He has to coddle all the time. He wants Spiritual warriors, battle-tested and strong in Faith, which is exactly why He lets us experience hard times, stumble, fall, get back up (with His Grace), fall on our faces again, and keep pressing on until we are strong enough to at least face the hard challenges in life without screaming and running the other way. He does Win the victory for us, but we are the ones that must wield the Sword of the Spirit.

Anyway. Back to my original point, and summary. A lot of times the source of the attacks/moments of temptation can be Christians who allow themselves to be tempted, but sometimes it's not you. Sometimes it's just the devil or one of its servants. Resist it in Jesus' Name, and it will flee. If it's still there or if it tries again, keep resisting it in Jesus' Name, and it WILL flee. (And if you don't have the will to resist, pray for it. God is always there to help you.) And you will be one step closer to becoming the finished glorious Creation that Jesus has Intended for you to be, since the beginning of time.

Stay strong, friends.


Huma Abedin reveals Hillary Clinton is Brain Damaged


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Judicial Watch has released a FOIA concerning an email exchange between Hillary Clinton's staff, Huma Abedin and Monica Hanley. While the focus on the emails is the revelation that Mrs. Clinton is described as "confused", there is something more disturbing about the revelations in these emails.

  • Abedin: Have you been going over her calls with her? So she knows singh is at 8? [India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]
  • Hanley: She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call. Will go over with her
  • Abedin: Very imp to do that. She’s often confused.

If one observes in the screen grab in the time stamp, one notes that the first email from Abedin appears at 4:56 PM on Sunday afternoon. Hanley replies immediately at 4:59 PM on the same afternoon, and the last email on the subject is Abedin stressing the importance of refreshing Mrs. Clinton's memory at 5:27 PM on the same date.

Examine the real facts in this for the disturbing part in this, in Huma Abedin is not an assistant in this case, but she is literally the caregiver, checking up on Mrs. Clinton. Abedin is not on site, so it is Hanley and Hanley reveals that ALREADY AT 5 PM IN THE AFTERNOON, Hillary Clinton is napping, which apparently is a regular situation.
Again, Hillary Clinton is napping at 5 PM already, and will not be available until the next morning. What the email indicates is that Hillary Clinton "naps" before she goes to sleep all night, and there is in reality, absolutely no interaction with others, in checking messages, as one would expect from the Secretary of State.
I stress this as Huma Abedin knows her elderly boss is so debilitated, that she must be checked on, as she is sleeping at least 14 hours a day.  Then there is the revelation that Mrs. Clinton literally is so incoherent that she has to be talked through subjects in order to bring her understanding to the correct way of  thinking.

This is not some 3 AM call when a person is groggy in being awakened. This is Hillary Clinton at 5 PM on an afternoon so comatose that no one can wake her up, and when she is "awake" by at least 7 AM the next morning for a meeting with a world leader, Mrs. Clinton has to be spoon fed information, as she does not remember facts or events.

For a reality check, this is the Secretary of State of the United States, and Mrs. Clinton is in bed for most of the day. It begins to shed light on why there was the rape and murder of Americans in Benghazi, in no security measures were acted upon. It is a reality that Hillary Clinton is so brain dysfunctional, one could email her the day before, and she would forget by the next morning if Huma Abedin was not monitoring the events.

This is highly alarming in Hillary Clinton is trying to be installed as President, and the woman can not keep awake and when she is awake, she can not comprehend what the facts are. This is not a woman who belongs with her finger on a nuclear button. This is an elderly woman who belongs in Boca Rotan, with her biggest decision of the day if G 26 on the Bingo card is close enough to O 36 for a Bingo.

I do not make light of this for the security of America. It would be different if Bill Clinton was operational yet, but in viewing his open mouthed and blank eyed stares, he is not able to do the heavy lifting any more than Mrs. Clinton is anymore. They both belong in a retirement home, and not the White House.

It all assembles a most troubling pattern in Hillary Clinton in her "barking" episodes and her recent 'head bobbing' which appears as if she has had some seizure.

Queen Hillary's Growing 'Bobblehead' Problem - C-SPAN.org

Poor Queen Hillary, ever since her last facelift, she has developed a noticeable 'Bobblehead,' especially when she is forced to endure the endless…

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog to slam Republicans ...

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog to ... the dog, if it is not true, he is going to bark,'" Clinton said. "And the dog was barking on the radio and so ...

In brain injuries the effects are accumulative, in that one sharp blow to the head will not reveal a problem, but in time that blow does manifest in problems. Joe Biden is an example of having brain dysfunction in saying and acting in ridiculous ways after his near death experience from an aneurysm. If one couples the concussion of Mrs. Clinton several years ago, her age, her heavy drug use, exposure to sexual diseases, one understands that what should have been something Mrs. Clinton recovered from, is something in the high stress of a presidential campaign is degrading her further.
Simply put, the years Mrs. Clinton was forced to do the heavy lifting for Barack Obama, used her up, and now the effects are cumulative in debilitating her.

The question is for Democrats in are they willing to elect Huma Abedin as President, because that is what is taking place. It explains a great deal why Mrs.Clinton has her lesbian associate on her arm all the time. It is not fondness of Mrs. Wiener, but Mrs. Wiener literally is minding the store because Hillary Clinton is not home most of the time.
It explains why "Hillary Clinton falls" and why Mrs. Clinton has banned the press from photographing her getting on and off planes.

Video: Hillary Clinton falls boarding plane - Telegraph

... Hillary Clinton, falls over as she boards a plane in Yemen. Accessibility links. Skip to article ... Hillary Clinton falls boarding plane

It makes one wonder if Mrs. Clinton is being carried off planes or in a wheelchair as all photographs of her campaign jets disappeared.

It is not that Hillary Clinton could not pass a security check to gain employment in the American regime, nor is it that Hillary Clinton is a career criminal, it is the fact that Hillary Clinton is not mentally nor physically capable of accomplishing the job of President. Frankly this woman could not be trusted to bake cookies or little alone be around needles to knit as her narcolepsy appears to have her so comatose she would burn the house down or impale herself on the needles.

We have all witnessed how the Presidency ages all those who take that job. The reality is Hillary Clinton will probably not survive past her first term and that is not something America needs to deal with in a transitional regime with a Tim Kaine whom his own party rejects and who Republicans will not back.

For the sake of America, this confused woman named Hillary Clinton, needs to be retired and cared for with a full time nursing staff, as the American Presidency is not something after the Obama vacation years, something that an Islamist like Huma Abedin can be trusted to run or Tim Kaine to follow the orders of Bill Clinton, when Bill is getting his 14 hours a day too.

Nuff Said


Lame Cherry White Paper: The Dark Roots of Hillary Clinton's American Genocide


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In every instance of history, Senator Edward Kennedy is blamed for "immigration" in his legislation, but if one knows the real history, the invasion of America began with the white paper written by then Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, Democrat in 1954, in conjunction with New York Public Affairs Committee and championed by Dr. Israel Goldstein of the American Jewish Congress, who had this forward comment:

"Immigration policy shapes the pattern for our dealings with other people. It helps form thinking and action on our relationships to persons whose race or creed or national origin
may differ from our own. Our procedures relating to naturalization and deportation touch the very heart of the problem of civil liberties."

- Israel Goldstein.

After Mr. Goldstein begins this by tearing down Catholics and Protestant immigration to America in this quote:

"The number of possible immigrants of the Catholic and Protestant faiths, for example, is so vast that the need cannot be dealt with effectively by action by this country alone.
The Jewish immigration potential, on the other hand, has been drastically curtailed by the decimation of the European Jewish community, the absorption of hundreds of thousands of Jews by the State of Israel, and the ban on migration from the Iron Curtain countries."

Note in the above, the message behind this is that America could not possibly deal with immigration of Christians, as there were just too many, but in examining the 1960's to present flood of invaders into America, there have literally been almost 100 million Mexicans, Muslims, Hindus, Asians etc.... while the entire Christian immigration has ceased.

Literally the Obama regime too the funding of religious groups in Faith Based Initiatives of George W. Bush, and turned Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities into a per head volume human traffick slave trade in paying these groups to import Muslims into America by the hundreds of thousands. This is the Obama bastardization of American Immigration Policy, and it must be understood as it all goes back to Hubert Humphrey.

This is the list of traitors behind this and it is vital to understand this, because it all dovetails into the Clinton Obama Ryan invasion of America by the conglomerates and Chamber of Commerce in there is money in modern slavery.

Erling M. Hunt, Chairman
Telford Taylor, Vice Chairman
Maxwell S. Stewart, Secretary
Beulah Amidon, Treasurer
Theodore Abel
Ethel P. Alpenfels
Eleanor C. Anderson
Francis J. Brown
Stuart W. Cook
C. Ward Crampton
Robert E. Cushman

Hubert T. Delany
Thomas D. Dublin
Samuel H. Flowerman
Roma Gans
Sidonie M. Gruenberg
George T. Guernsey
Howard Henderson
William L. Holland
F. Ernest Johnson
Otto Klineberg
Harry W Laidler

Benson Y. Landis
Alfred McClung Lee
Kay W. Levin
Edward S. Lewis
Edwin J. Lukas
Robert M. Maclver
Robert McDevitt
John Godfrey Morrii
Ernest G. Osborne
Robert H. Reid
Marli Starr

Maxwell S. Stewart, Editor

Mabel C. Mount, Managing Editor

Lura Street Jackson, Educational Director

Dallas Johnson, Educational Associate


I take all of you back to the last 1800's when the infamous "give us your poor" Jewish poetry was penned and championed to bring in the leftist radicals of Europe, focused upon Jewish communist entry into America, but brought in the same rush of lunatics who began assassinating United States Presidents.

This is what open immigration brought to America, as Americans are brought to guilt that "their ancestors" were immigrants too. The difference in that era was, is that most of your ancestors were exploited in being turned into pioneers in making farms of American wilderness. The terrorists though stayed in the cities and rioted and assassinated peoples, as they overtook unions and began that cultural upheaval from the Rugged Individual to the Organized  Community.

The reason for composing this article is to show how a very wise and pro American liberal in Hubert Humphrey, could be convinced to write an incredible piece of propaganda attempting to neutralize immigration policy in America, for the Democratic reason of increasing Democrat immigrant voters, and how the following list of "what is wrong with not letting people immigrate" has now been proven in the Obama regime, absolutely why the invasion of America and Europe should never have happened.

Humphrey the wise man, has been proven Humphrey the fool or the willing Father of American Genocide with Barack Obama running the Planned Americanhood Clinic and Hillary Clinton is handing out the RU486.


Hubert H. Humphrey
Stranger At Your Gate

1. Rigid laws are needed to prevent the country from being
flooded with immigrants.

2. Immigration threatens American living standards.

3. Certain races or nationalities are undesirable.

4. Immigrants do not make good citizens.

5. There isn't room for many more people here.

Not one of the five assumptions can be supported by statistics,
science, or history.

As one can read from the Humphrey list, every single point he made has been destroyed. America is now being flooded with invaders. American's standard of living is 2nd world and approaching 3rd world. Certain races as in Muslims and Mexicans are not desirable for their criminal and disease relations. Invaders do not make good citizens, but spawn terrorists, and, there indeed is not room for all of these invaders, who have brought the American Genocide to a reality.
Truthfully, every single one of Hubert Humphrey's points can now be absolutely supported by statistics, science and history which Americans and Europeans are being murdered and raped in.

Why this matters is, we now can read the roots of this in a liberal New York group desiring pets to exploit, and Jews desiring more Jews to be dumped into America for their political clout and exploitation, joined with Democrats, seeking a wider election margin over Republicans, produced this piece of heinous propaganda, putting a respected Democratic politicians name upon it, and if you notice, this was not unrewarded as in 1963 Hubert Humphrey became Vice President of the United States on the assassination of John Kennedy.

Why this matters, is all of the above are Barack Hussein Obama and the image's entire talking points which the conglomerates, the NGO's and the slave trade Chamber of Commerce have unleashed upon America, are the Hillary Rodham Clinton policies backed by Paul Ryan and the rest of these traitors.

Will it stop your genocide in knowing this? Not in the least, but at least if you know the history of this, you will be able to express the reality of where this started, who pushed it.

If one reviews the above names in this New York Public Affairs Committee which was promoting flooding America with invaders for the Jewish Cause, one will not find the NYPAC listed, but a few of the names have left tracks so one can begin to understand who this group backing the invasion of America was.

Telford Taylor, would be General Telford Taylor of Army Intelligence who began the railroading of Germans at the Nuremberg trials, and returned to America to denounce Senator Joseph McCarthy's rooting out of communist traitors in America.


Beulah Amidon, would be with the National Women's Party, a graduate of the New School for Social Research, Editor Organized Labor and Production, and Editor of the Twentieth Century Fund


Erling M. Hunt, would be head of teaching the social sciences at Teacher College, and embarked upon the Social Studies of America. (For those who remember that class in American High School which made absolutely no sense except in multi culturalism, Erling Hunt was the brainwashing source you were tortured by.)

Who the above are, are America's 5th column, being financed exactly as George Soros is utilized to finance the anarchists in America in the 21st century with complete carte blanche. This was a group of fellow travelers who had to wait until foreign born Birther Obama to rape and murder America to submission, and is in the process of attempting the Obama 3rd term in Hillary Clinton's criminal enterprise.
In reality, Hubert Humphrey was the front man for this scheme which he was conditioned to for the Democratic Party and now Mrs. Clinton is bringing it to it's conclusion in the American Genocide.

This is why all of this matters, as too many on the right are immigrant guilted to this invasion and too many on the left are immigrant guilted to this invasion, in one has ties to the past and one feels sorry for the present, in this continued Tavistock operation against Americans. Once again only the Lame Cherry brings you these exclusives in matter anti matter, connecting all the dots, and not just ending at Teddy Kennedy, because Ronald Reagan accused Senator Kennedy in his memoirs of this immigration catastrophe.

This goes back to the 1950's in the communists in America and comes full time to the feudal Marxist image Obama in the White House, all connected in the above evidence for the first time.

Now when you die in the American Genocide, you will at least be informed, and not another dumb ass, laying their gut shot, waiting for some Muslim or Mexican to cap a 9 into your brain in your ignorance.

Nuff Said


When Democrats Nominated Americans For President

Vice President Richard Nixon Vice President Hubert Humphrey


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most readers will not recognize the name Hubert Humphrey, but in the 1960's in America, Senator and then Vice President Humphrey of the Democratic party was one of the most powerful men in the world.

He was termed a liberal, because he was, and if one studies Mr. Humphrey, you will note how his progressive dynamics of politics for the good of the American People, have been bastardized to abuse and enslave Americans in the Obama Clinton era.

So read the below words of Hubert Humphrey beginning with Gun Rights for all Americans, and understand exactly what extremism has been the Clinton, Obama regime, and what a 3rd term for Obama is in reality, as nothing what Hillary Clinton advocates is American.

“Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. This is not to say that firearms should not be very carefully used, and that definite safety rules of precaution should not be taught and enforced. But the right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible."

- Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey

People who are poor can have their troubles remedied by money; but the victims of poverty have suffered defeat and failure. They are hopeless and helpless. They have lost motivation and self-respect, and they are sick in a very serious and fundamental way—and it takes more than just income or income maintenance to bring them out of that sickness.
We are coming to grips for the first time with the hidden poor and with the victims of poverty.

Today there isn't a single problem that confronts this country that can be handled successfully by any one of these governmental structures or any one of these groups. No problem. Racism cannot be handled by the trade unions or business or the churches or the universities. It requires both legal sanctions and a change of heart and attitude and prospective.

It is my view and my conviction that until we are able to obtain peace and disengagement—obtain it not in a sporadic outburst of emotion, but with full consideration of our responsibilities —until then, many of our domestic priorities will be set aside.
Therefore, peace must be the first priority; We can't have two Americas. We need a positive program to set priorities for the development of human resources.

The strength of this nation is not in its arms or in its industry, it is in its people. And the wealth of this nation is not in its banks or its insurance companies, it is in its people. We must develop these human resources.

It isn't a matter of whether we can trust the Russians, because we have developed alternatives for trust—sophisticated detection systems. So it is a question of whether we have the confidence and the will to understand that we are all together on this planet—and we're going to live or die here.
I recall Adlai Stevenson's words as I leave you today. Adlai Stevenson was defeated for the presidency twice. But he was, in a greater sense, a winner. There's a lot of difference between failure and defeat, you know.
Failure is when you are defeated and neither learn anything nor contribute anything.

And this is what creative federalism means—a government that never stands still, a society that sees change as a challenge not as an enemy, a social structure that constantly expands and opens its doors because we, the people, know that there are new people to be heard from, new ideas 'to be discovered, and new ways of life to be found.

Peace. That is what America needs to be resurrected and not more Obama War, expanded upon Bush War, in more funded terrorism against America.

The epitaph of the Obama regime is the fact that from the 1970's on, terrorism was funded by rich people in the Mideast for political means, and it became oil funded terrorism. Under Obama Clinton, terrorists became a financial syndicate of dope, contraband, human traffick and weapons. Where there was only one source of terrorism in the PLO in the 1960's and one source of terrorism in Iran in the 1980's funded by oil, now in the Obama Clinton 21st century the terrorists are appearing from Algeria to the Philippines, with trading on the markets for funding.

An active Constitution is not for the licensing of degrading Americans, but an active Constitution is for establishing, promoting, securing and defending Americans in their God given moral Rights.
- Lame Cherry

Preamble to the constitution - Hubert Humphrey - YouTube

Preamble to the constitution - Hubert Humphrey kshea32. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 5 5. ... INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR HUBERT HUMPHREY (11/23/63 ...

Hubert Humphrey was leading America when Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama were all choom heads stoned weed.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Cement Mixer


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Question: If Hillary Clinton is not in control of her own convention, then ask yourself who is?

The cover for the operation

She started a Facebook rallying cry five weeks ago to help Sanders supporters figure out how to get to Philadelphia for the DNC. Five weeks later, she said, her group is nearly 25,000-strong.

Taylor received approval from the city for 30,000 demonstrators at FDR Park the entire week. Cestnick is seeking approval for a march of 5,000-15,000 people on Monday, July 25, from City Hall in Center City to the convention at the sports complex in South Philadelphia.

The diversion for the operation.

Philadelphia: No crackdown on Democratic convention protests

By KRISTEN DE GROOT , Associated Press
Jun. 22, 2016 9:49 PM ET
(AP) — Philadelphia officials say they will respect the First Amendment rights of all protesters during the Democratic National Convention, but they are sticking with requirements that all demonstrators have permits.
"There is no intended 'crackdown' on un-permitted protesting," City Solicitor Sozi Pedro Tulante wrote in a letter to the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. The letter, dated June 17, was in response to the ACLU's concerns about how the protests would be handled.
Tens of thousands of protesters are expected at the July 25-28 convention.

The antagonists.

Maria Elena Durazo.jpg    http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/siteupload/2012/11/valerie-jarrett.jpg

The projected outcome.


The wranglers have the cousins word that read the legend of the burn of the neighbours.

Tinker, Tailor,
Soldier, Sailor,
Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief.

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