Sunday, November 23, 2014

How a Prick Screws You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking for a Mac and Cheese recipe..........not that I can eat that chit as noodles with sulfates are poison to me, but because I saw this one on Cooks Country, so I thought I would fetch it up to just enjoy thinking what it would be like to eat something like this.

So this Chris seems like a nice guy on television, but he is really a cut throat prick. It is something if I knew all of these tricks I could do to all of you, as Chris makes people sign up for his the cool part is, he SMILES, calls you FRIEND and then he blurs out all you try to read, until you submit to his will.

I would like to know if it was alright with God to blur things out there until you registered and paid money for things to save your lives..........the rich people could be sorted out for this treatment as begging just does not do it for millionaires and billionaires who expect others to shoulder their debt.

People really have got it good here really. No food police doing KGB information sign ups while a bald dude with glasses smiles at you calling you FRIEND.......I don't know a number of people who would like being called friend as you scam their email addy from them.

So anyway that is my review of how good you have it, and how a prick screws you over, while smiling at you and doing it all on television in making you think it is all just a fun thing to enjoy.

Oh I got the recipe from some skirt named Junie or something. She stole it from Cooks Country and changed the cheese..........I would have went with smoked gouda, but that is just me. Mac and Cheese is basically, eggs, cream and cheese, put onto noods and then covered with cheese and some kind of bread crumbs...........some people like bacon bits on top as everything tastes better with pork products.

I am not going to blur this out.



As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

In the study of linguistics in forensic comprehension of the Israelitish Hebrew becoming Low German and then Olde English to Modern English, the name Ælfgifu is an example.

A-elf geh-fu, seems a bizarre name, but when Æthelred of England brought home his Norman wife Ymma, the English were in total uprising over this "foreign" sounding name. As you do not recognize Ymma, the name is simply Emma, and is as English, German and Scandinavian as John, while the English name Ælfgifu sounds absolutely odd.

The treatise on this is fascinating in examining the amelding of what is "English" as it evolved from Low German Israelite into a more modern form, as in the example of To be or not to be, by Shakespeare, in that soliloquy has 167 words, and 28 are foreign in Latin, Norman etc...

"English" in reality is two languages in Norman is the soft language while English is the hard language. English is cold to Norman Frigid. English is dead to Norman Perish. English is sweat to Norman Perspire.

In the Olde English, Ælfric's Life of King Oswold, is a telling example which is even more distinct in the

"Æfter tham the Augustinus to Englalande becom, wæs sum æthele cyning, Oswold ge-haten [hight or called], on North-hymbra-lande, ge-lyfed swithe on God. Se ferde [went] on his iugothe [youth] fram his freondum and magum [relations] to Scotlande on sæ, and thær sona wearth ge-fullod [baptised], and his ge-feran [companions] samod the mid him sithedon [journeyed].
Betwux tham wearth of-slagen [off-slain] Eadwine his eam [uncle], North-hymbra cyning, on Crist ge-lyfed, fram Brytta cyninge, Ceadwalla ge-ciged [called, named], and twegen his æfter-gengan binnan twam gearum [years]; and se Ceadwalla sloh
and to sceame tucode tha North-hymbran leode [people] æfter heora hlafordes fylle, oth thæt [until] Oswold se eadiga his yfelnysse adwæscte [extinguished]. Oswold him com to, and him cenlice [boldly] with feaht mid lytlum werode [troop], ac his geleafa [belief] hine ge-trymde [encouraged], and Crist him ge-fylste [helped] to his feonda [fiends, enemies] slege."

Grant Allen. Early Britain / Anglo-Saxon Britain

In the above sentence structure, the word described is before the describing word as in High German, which this Olde English immitates, compared to modern English, which teaches people to speak as in, swift bird, instead of what seems backwards in foreign languages in "bird swift".

The following comparison is of German and English to show how languages evolve.

"Stan, stone; snaw, snow; ban, bone. Cræft, craft; stæf, staff; bæc, back. Weg, way; dæg, day; nægel, nail; fugol, fowl. Gear, year; geong, young. Finger, finger; winter, winter; ford, ford. Æfen, even; morgen, morn. Monath, month; heofon, heaven; heafod, head. Fot, foot; toth, tooth; boc, book; freond, friend. Modor, mother; fæder, father; dohtor, daughter. Sunu, son; wudu, wood; caru, care; denu, dene (valley). Scip, ship; cild, child; ceorl, churl; cynn, kin; ceald, cold. Wherever a word has not become wholly obsolete, or assumed a new termination, (e.g., gifu, gift; morgen, morn-ing), it usually follows one or other of these analogies."

Grant Allen. Early Britain / Anglo-Saxon Britain

As this started out with Ælfgifu, we see from the above that gifu is Germanic for gift. So the English named the Norman Princess, the gift of the family Ælf.
Ælf, is the word elf, and was preferred by the nobel households along with æthel, which in modern name is Ethel.
The EL in words harkens back to the Hebrew in "god", so the English chose a name for their Norman Queen which harkens back to "one of the little enchanted ones who is a gift" in the fairies, which were faery at the early period and earlier, Elf.

In less than 1000 years English language transformed from low German Saxon to English. Is it that difficult to come to the reality that in over a 1000 year period of exile that Hebrew transformed into the Germanic dialects, all with the reality that key verbiage still links it to the original dialects.

I leave that at that.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder of sins in degrees. By this I mean, due to emotional sympathies, God reveals that He particularly names some sins abominations, like sodomy, which is a perverting of sex beyond the adultery and fornication it is one thing to before marriage and then attempt to rectify it by being married, and an entire another thing in changing laws to make sodomy legal in the state while it is still an abomination to God.

God pays particular attention to people who are widows, orphans, sick, infirmed and poor. The people who are unable to defend and protect themselves, God reveals He is visiting iniquity to death on those who exploit these people.

So there is a precedent in sins, in the most heinous ones are involving emotions so outside of God's boundaries of the 10 Commandments like sodomy, butchering babies, hurting children or preying on helpless people that God elevates to a worst level.

It is an odd thing in one sin is all sin, in you sin once, and you have broken all the Commandments, so the penalty of death is equal, but the punishment appears in different levels of torment. I base this on in people are rewarded for good, so they will be equally rewarded to their levels of being heinous.

It is like if you kick a dog, people wince, but if you kick a puppy, there tears in the heart a greater anguish, and that is what sin is.

The worst sin for which there is no forgiveness is damning the Holy Ghost or having received Him, you reject Him and go back to sin as satan is that type of creature. You will notice in the 10 Commandments that the first 4 do not deal with people, but sins against God, and God by the order pays particular attention to sins aimed at Him.

I have sinned like all a great deal. Sins I am ashamed of, and sins I do thank God I was saved from which are sins, the seared at heart, indulge in. I was thinking about sins that I am grateful for that I did not fall into, and for myself, the sin in this current time which I thank God, I will never have to try and argue with Christ about at Judgment is the one of putting a foreigner in Barack Hussein Obama on Jesus White House throne, voting for a fake messiah, with a fake halo and who allowed hisself to be called god.

There just is no way around that one, in "Oh by the way Jesus, I voted to replace You as Lord of America with a foreign agent, as I have perverted attraction to sex with Negroids which I claimed was curing America of racism........ah yeah Jesus, I did vote for Obama over you..........."

I wonder if Jesus will say, "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity" or if Jesus will just say, "Go to Obama, let him give you eternal life, if he can."

Both would be effective in slamming the door in the sinner's face.

I suppose people could repent, but I just never saw anyone or group gathering for a national confession. People just sort of think it is a political thing as an excuse and not the reality that they knowingly gave Jesus the Son of God the boot and chose Obama.

Granted there are piles of Yoga positions, Islam, Jewry, Hindus, Marxists and only God knows what else gave Jesus the boot for something else, but there never was quite the American national sin of booting Jesus off the Throne.
Not even Muslims have given Muhammed the heave ho in being allied to that doom in being faithful, so I ponder all of this in how many millions of people have that Obama sin in having voted for him and never asked God for forgiveness of a sin that shattered the first 3 Commandments and the first Article of the American Constitution.

I do observe the most blatant in this group of Obama minions, and wonder how absolutely demoniac they are, in replacing Jesus was not enough to fill their void, so going after those who expose their sins is how they try to remedy it all, in destroying the children of God.

So that the liberal mind comprehends this which hates George W. Bush as evil incarnate. There is a vast difference in asking, "What Jesus would do?", which drew your liberal venom and was not a sin, to having a Birther Obama putting out talking points of his being the messiah, having a pictured halo and being called god.

Obama is your golden calf and you have been following him to your doom and destruction, as there is only one Jesus the Messiah, and either you kept Him on the throne of your heart or you put Obama in there to legalize your sin.

I in not any way pat myself on the back in this being kept from the heinous sin of voting for Barack Hussein Obama, because Scripture points to the reality that there is another son of perdition out there, called the anti Christ, which will deceive even the elect if it were possible.
The appearance of Birther Hussein was only an alert, as for the Christian, there is making the absolute effort in the end game, that being kept from Obama, that you are deceived into bowing to the anti Christ for that mark of the beast or empire on your hand or forehead.

That is the warning in this for Christians in be vigilant as by God's Grace, you were delivered from the Judas sin of the betrayal of Jesus in voting for Obama. There is still the necessity of the worst sin to come which will also bring condemnation.

I heard once that Pontius Pilate repented of what he did in ignorance. I would believe that Pilate is justified in the reality that he was ignorant, tried to set Jesus free, and let the sin in washing his hands fall upon Jews and their children perpetually for murdering Jesus. Further now justified in Pilate can point to millions of Obama voters and witness, "Those American had the Bible, knew of Jesus, and threw Him away, like the Israelites did God and the Prophet Samuel for their king Saul.".
It still requires Jesus, repentance and obedience to God for Salvation, but it is an amazing precursor event in the millions of Judas Iscariots and former Pontius Pilates which America and the west are guilty in unpardoned sins of in national sins.

Obama sins, infanticide, sodomy and the coming child rape. Logic would dictate that the people guilty of those sins, are going to be guilty of the anti Christ sin too.

So much fear and dread of the mark of the beast, and how many millions have not washed the mark of Obama off them.


British at War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The greatest butchery in these United States was never inflicted on the American Indian, but was instead inflicted upon Americans by the British in the states of Connecticut, New York, Virginia and New Jersey.

The names linked to this were Matthews in Virginia and Tryon in Connecticut, Haldimand on the Ohio frontier, with lesser atrocities along the way.

"The principal occupation of the British was to send out marauding expeditions and cut off outlying parties. Tryon burned and pillaged in Connecticut, Matthews in Virginia, and others on a smaller scale elsewhere in New Jersey and New York. The blundering stupidity of this system of warfare was only equaled by its utter brutality. Houses were burned, peaceful villages went up in smoke, women and children were outraged, and soldiers were bayoneted after they had surrendered."

Henry Cabot Lodge

Tryon was the worst of this group of terrorists in he was the one with American Tories who instigate the plot to assassinate General George Washington.
I will repeat the above reality in America, that the British sent out terror squads who raped women and children.

I will repeat that again in the British war cabinet of King George III had an  American policy of mass rape against American women and children.
Yes real history which you are never informed of. It was not Adolf Hitler who first advocated scorched earth as policy, but the British Empire against their own subjects.

I give a few examples of the conduct of the British against Americans in the American Revolution.

"The continental currency had fallen to something like forty to one in gold, and the decline was hastened by the forged notes put out by the enemy."

Henry Cabot Lodge

The British were forging American currency. This was not all they forged, for they sent forth a stream of forged letters by George Washington attempting to ruin General Washington.

They created an assassination squad with Washington's own gaurds to murder him.

A British delegation appeared before the Continental Congress to bribe the members to betray America.

The British succeeded in creating a traitor in Benedict Arnold, who handed them over West Point.

The British engaged Indian terrorists to slaughter Americans for genocide.

The American Revolution was no Gentlemans War. It was murderously heinous in violating all the principles of civilization. American Soldiers were thrown into prison and abused. Numerous Americans died on a prison ship and were cast off New York, where their bones then washed up on shore and required a constant vigil of burial.

The British leadership was not only arrogant and stupid, but engaged in Crimes against Humanity. They threatened to hang Americans constantly, and before the war they did just that while scourging clergy to death for the crime of demanding representative rights.

There are charges that the British used biological weapons in a sore on General Washington's leg was perhaps anthrax. As small pox blankets were a remedy in dealing with Indian terrorists, that is not farfetched in the charge.

The British government was very cunning at what it did. It was just not that cunning in military commanders.

I place this hear for those dolts who think America just happened. America was birthed in psychological, biological, physical and torture war. It is obvious that if King George had nuclear bombs he would have used them too on the Americans.

It is something to remember and to never forget.

"It is well to turn back and study the exploits of Tryon, and it is not amiss in the same connection to recall that English budgets contained a special appropriation for scalping-knives, a delicate attention to the Tories and Indians who were burning and butchering on the frontier."

Henry Cabot Lodge

It well worth to remember the name of Tryon in the American holocaust and that it was Americans who were being murdered and scalped in attempted genocide against Americans.

Only the Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter ever educates you children about the American Holocaust which has been hidden and the attempted genocide of Americans. This will happen again in the future and only I am warning you of this.
Once again the rich people are told to donate in large sum as your life depends upon it.

"Just after the inauguration, Washington was laid up with an anthrax or carbuncle in his thigh, which brought him at one time very near death. For six weeks he could lie only on one side, endured the most constant and acute pain, and was almost incapable of motion."

Henry Cabot Lodge

nuff said


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Belle for the Long Road

My children I have decided it is a lovely day for a Belle update.

TL has been putting coconut oil on her ear tips in a prayerful attempt to save them, as they had been sucked and chewed on by another calf, which left them in a frozen and horrid state.
We are awaiting the results as things improve hopefully to not stubby ears, which if you have ever witnessed that in cattle......that is the reason in the ears froze off.

Belle has discern tastes. She loves boot laces. She turned mine into a mass of gummy horridness which I was not pleased to find at 4 am in checking on her. Upon moving the boots to the living room, Belle returned to her crimes and was quite displeased and disgruntled that her chew toys had been rescued, whereupon she quickly returned to her fridge bed post and laid down.

She is now eating like a horse literally. That is good. Her ribs are almost non noticable now in she is putting on weight. Her coat still looks grubby though which will improve. There is also a bunch on her neck from either the lezbos giving an ill placed vaccination or it is a stress cyst. That will clear up in time with nutrition and health in either case.

"Always trust the man with a good looking woman, as she can not be wrong".

- Lame Cherry

Thought I would throw that wisdom in which is the norm and not the rule.

Belle is interesting in she seems to like pooping and peeing in one spot. I see my horses do this outside, and it seems to be a dog like quality she has. I never had a calf in the kitchen for extended periods, so this is new in learning their psychology.

She stepped on Mom's toe the other day, and that turned red and swelled up. Even for being wispy those little hooves are large in weight like a woman wiith high heels. TL has experience this, but I am fortunate not to, as I had a toenail auditioning for an ingrown and it hurt like hell this past week. No time to care for it as was too busy...........until it hurt to much that I had to deal with it. Is better now, but am glad that Belle did not stomp on it as the boot laces were enough of a frown for me.
Thing is I would rather have tattered laces than a sick moo calf.

TL combed all the poo off her hide this week, and Belle looks fitting. Jersey's must be more like Golden Retrievers in getting darker with age, as her sandy blonde is becoming darker, and she has that classic eye shadow ring around her eyes making her look very pretty.

I am waiting on a warming trend, as yesterday we scooped out the shed which needs siding and roofing put on it. I think we got 10 inches of snow, but then those whiners in low state Cuomo New York were titting about that little bit of snow they got in a dump. We have had winters which I could almost touch high line pole wires in the snow which was piled up from the roads.

Do not want nor require any more snow, so am commanding a warm dry winter for of the rich people can have  a coffin cave for snow as they have the money for snow removal.

I am doubting we are going to get Belle outside any time soon, as I will not have any setbacks in her getting sick again. She cud coughs some and nasal wheezes a bit, but she is not slowing down any, so she is well I believe. Just have to keep her that way. Am going to stop the aereomyacin crumbles in a few weeks to wean her off of them too. Will just then do GMO corn that is cracked and maybe get her on oats to transition the way to a better diet.

Am Thanksgiving thankful, even with all the problems for God to solve, to not have this calf dead, as there is not much opportunity in that. I still can not ascertain if Jersey's have really yellow cream for butter like that Ayrshire we had. These do not appear to have gargantuan big udders which is not what I got them for and the teats do not seem anything but milk parlor type which is not good for hand milking, but maybe someday we will by God find an Ayrshire calf too for the zoo we are gathering.

The picture above is for Warbex, and insecticide pour on for cattle. The Ivomec folks got it all banned, for monopoly, but I always liked that stuff. I could use it once every 4 years to kill lice and grubs and that was all that was needed........unlike Ivomec every year. I still hope to find some stored away gallons on it on some old place to liberate.

I find these Jersey's now to be like elk or reindeer calves in looks. They are right pretty in the dark colors and the mascara eyes. I am interested in what jazzbo messed with the genes and turned them from mottled cows to these brown ones. At least it solves my memory bank problem as I know in looking at old AI journals that the Jersey was like a Holstein in mottled.........and then I seen this skirt who left the metro on CBS to milk cows and sell New York restaurants butter for a high price to make a living.........and she had these brownie cows, which did not match the 486 memory banks. Someone apparently thought pretty was better and got to breeding brown.
I feel bad for Belle's mom as she had to be in some big cow dairy.............

Oh that was cute in this page highlighted everything and it all vanished. NSA is pissed about the American Genocide piece put up yesterday apparently.......easy come and UNDO it comes back thankfully.

So Belle's mom is probably suffering badly, and will be dead in a few more years in burned out from nothing but a high corn and bean GMO diet, built for milk production and not life. Is why you get 4 dollar a gallon milk in this corporate Obama agriculture monopoly.
I will remind you children that when you had small family farmers, that you were paying 87 cents a gallon for milk, as small farmers could not be paid more than  that according to the government........yeah and the regime benefactors out in Jerry Brown California with Mexican milkers beating on cows and calves get the monopoly and sure have to pay 4 bucks a gallon at least.
I am not PETA nor ELF paid for nut by the will notice how all of those groups have stopped protesting Obama agriculture now that it is owned by billionaires, but it is not right that animals are abused in the mass housing they are now from your turkey to your milk.
Oh get this hoot too in a FRESH TURKEY is 1.99 a pound and one injected with toxins is cheaper than that. Yes a turkey not needing additional injections costs more than a poison one now. I spoke with the grocery boy and the owner said when I asked if he was going to get more in.........."No I am not, as I ordered this many last year, and this year they are all spoken for in people putting their names down, except for these 8."

The food they are cartel poisoning all of you in Obamacare rationed death is cheaper to get you to eat it, instead of the healthy stuff that requires less processing........that only the rich are buying.

I digress.........

That should be about it for this Belle update. Belle is over a year and half away from producing calf and or milk. So I do not even know without another place which I am still praying for, that we will have even goatikins this spring for milk. Just too busy and no room here any more. The goats look good now......except the one buck broke his horn fighting off another buck and was bleeding this morning. Something always seems to crop up, but they are getting quite fat now, which is what I want  for winter.

Still wonder about Belle's udder in the I do not want some Holstein sack dragging on the ground, but I have seen Herefords on the trail hanging more milk production than this little girl. Well it will at least be concentrated in less much to ponder which time will take care of on it's own.
If Belle was a heifer's calf.....she will be smaller, and then maybe miniature...........worth more, but I am not selling her or the calf probably..........that will be AI injected I hope or am plotting for.

.....and no I am not putting Warbex on Belle as I do not have it. No pour on when the time comes........probably be an Ivomec injection much later. She has enough holes in her now and I do not think any vermin problems.

Yes you learned about food gouging and other things for those who bothered to read what was hidden here.

Wouldn't you think for all the repetition rich people had in using plastic cash, that their arms would naturally move to donate here eh? Sort of reflex action don't cha know.........then could afford a cozy room with a view for Belle and she could rent to me.

Oh say for the hateful brats.........I have a few ailing people who are on this blog, and if you are legit, we could see about hooking you up with people who could use some big donations as you are not being Christian in donating here. Got a friend on crutches, one in need of more than a hive and a gal who almost went to Heaven from flu. Lot's of people in need that you could put that big 350,000 donation to. They never ask and whine like I do, so donate to them or open your eyes and help someone  in your estate section..........Belle is my project for awhile.
I just will not be passing money along or be involved as I am not paying a wad in taxes for money not in my accounts. Just be easier to find some Tiny Tim in your village to be Christian too.

Nuff for now.


Adolf Hitler's Providence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Is Thomas Jefferson's Providence any less than any other American's gods?

"I often feel that we will have to undergo all the trials the devil and hell can devise before we achieve Final Victory. I may not be a pios churchgoer, but deep within me I am nevertheless a devout man. That is to say, I believe that he who fights valiantly obeying the laws which a god has established and who never capitulates but instead gathers his forces time after time and always pushes forward - such a man will not be abandoned by the Lawgiver. Rather, he will ultimately receive the blessing of Providence. And that blessing has been imparted to all the great spirits in history."

- Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Jefferson was one of the most heinous revolutionary leftist traitors to his own country in ruining John Adams, causing the murder of Alexander Hamilton and smearing George Washington after the President was dead.
Jefferson has his own memorial, his own propaganda wing to this day and is featured on Mount Rushmore, as well as being on the Two Dollar bill.

The contemporary of Adolf Hitler was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who embargoed Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, where FDR had removed all the new warships from the attack, but to drag America into World War.
FDR's friend was the butcher Joseph Stalin. FDR overthrew the US Constitution in stacking the Supreme Court for his socialist programs and violated George Washington's mandate of trust in no President should serve over two terms.
FDR has his own large memorial in Washington City and is on the dime coin.

Dichotomies are realities which must be examined, as the propaganda branded Adolf Hitler a threat and incarnate evil, because  he was a threat to international interests and intrigue of the elite in America, but never the American people.
Adolf Hitler had every right to manage his indigenous peoples, just as Thomas Jefferson did with Indians and just as FDR did in throwing Japanese into concentration camps and forcing them into conscription in the military or else they would be imprisoned.

The above quote named to Abraham Lincoln, but I deliberately named it as something President Lincoln stated to prove a point as it sounds exactly like something Lincoln would state. The above statement and correctly labled below statement were professed by Adolf Hitler.

"I often feel that we will have to undergo all the trials the devil and hell can devise before we achieve Final Victory. I may not be a pios churchgoer, but deep within me I am nevertheless a devout man. That is to say, I believe that he who fights valiantly obeying the laws which a god has established and who never capitulates but instead gathers his forces time after time and always pushes forward - such a man will not be abandoned by the Lawgiver. Rather, he will ultimately receive the blessing of Providence. And that blessing has been imparted to all the great spirits in history."

- Adolf Hitler

No one ever is shown the references to Providence by Adolf Hitler, but the few remarks of Jefferson and Roosevelt are drudged up to provide an illusion of an American myth.

Adolf Hitler was not a practicing Catholic, but he was a secular Catholic. That is hidden from the world as it would offend the Vatican, which had little problems with German or Italian dictators. Hitler was a dynamic man and one of the most adept leaders of the 20th century. He also led a subordinate group who were incompetent.

The complete Hitler deserves acknowledgement, not to bash God nor to have God prop up any other demagogues like Jefferson and Roosevelt.

Adolf Hitler was a purest. He devotedly professed that if Germany could not win the war, then Germans did not deserve to live and should be vanquished by a superior race.

The fact is Winston Churchill, Joe Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt, conscripted, martialized and organized their populations, including forcing female labor, to a far greater extent in forced labor than Germans ever did. Yet that was not evil to the press, but Germans using labor under their historic jurisdiction was evil.

Is Thomas Jefferson's Providence any less a god than Adolf Hitler's Providence?


feral plants

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The other morning after TL left, I walked out to the cul de sac thingie by the garage expecting to find some wee baby maples growing in a crack, as I observed them growing there, and thought of rescue, even if I had not room, shipping nor money to save them.

When I arrived at the crack in the street, the wee baby maples were all gone.......chewed to obliteration, probably by some two legged predator which satan had sent as satan does such things.

Partially pleased I did not have to try the rescue, on walking back, I noted in the side of a garage foundation, a foot long plant growing in another crack. Walking over, I discovered a not so wee baby tree growing there. Thinking it was a mulberry, I pulled and the nice part here, is when I pull on things, the things come out of the ground, as it was not like I could be digging up the concrete with my well manicured nails.
So on seeing white roots, as mulberry have white roots, I hid it away in my hand like a concealed handgun, and walked back to the ivory tower.

Not having any pots left, I found one and stuck it in there, and soon enough wee not so baby tree, started to wilt as the buggers will, if one does not take out some dirt in a root ball. That is the thing about plants in I am convinced that it is not the roots you see, but the microscopic roots which are the problem in transplanting........yes another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.
Bare root stock have all the little root to soil connections obliterated and this is what causes the extreme problem. The smaller the plant in a seedling, the more easily the moisture absorbes into the plant. Larger or older roots need to send out microscopic baby roots to soak up nutrients and water.

So now we got a wilty plant which is very unhappy.

To deal with this, in necessary experiments this spring, due to a wee baby maple that was said dead as it was wilted like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree without is the fix.

The best cure for little feral plants is long periods of it ICU care. As rain does not appear in most localities on command, the next step is to water the blessed Heaven out of the plant as you put it into a clay type soil....leave the loam at home as well as the sand.
In addition, leave the pot sit in a water tray, so you have an IV pumping as much access to moisture as possible.

Do not put it into direct sun if it has wilted or to keep it from such things. Bring it inside, in the cool of your home. 75 degrees is about as high as it should go. Do not expect though any revival in the plant though as most homes are too dry.
I have not attempted plastic bags nor misting the I assume diseases might spread with this, and the plant is already in critical condition.

Here is your secret now though in what all of you have for wilty plants.

Make sure they are watered, sitting in that water container, and at sundown, put the plants back outside. Night air is humid air, and that is the transpiration which you want that plant absorbing. You are making the leaves and trunk your emergency root system and nothing is so reviving to a plant than night air, except a 100% humidity rain for a day.

If you do not do this for a week, your plant will burn off. With a little care though, they will respond quite well.

The plant I pulled was bare root, and it wilted. I over watered, kept it in shade, brought it inside, and returned it to the night air in leaving it's pot sitting in water, and it has regenerated half way back on day 3. With care today, in I will bring it in before 10 AM as the morning heat will hit it......but I do want to see how it responds to this, as much as it is more humid outside than inside......I will pamper it again.

Another little tree, only two inches tall I sort of dug and pulled out, came with a clay ball, and after the wind broke a leave off, I see that it is now at day 5 growing a new leave in shooting out again.

I realize it takes a bit more work, but the more you pamper a plant, in the less shock it gets, the better it will grow.

TL's parents have some fruit trees planted by their drive which absolutely puzzle me in they look like plants from the deserts of Montana. For some reason, these plants are stressed and have never grown. Trees not that far away are growing like trees, so I am wondering what is wrong.

I once planted some chestnuts and the PH was wrong and the trees never did grow but 1/4 inch a year until they died. Most trees require about 2 years to get their tap root established in dry locations, and then grow like weeds. I realize in some areas like the American coastal regions or the Ohio, that you can just throw things at the ground and they grow, but in other areas the plants require some assistance to reach potential.

What plant doctor me is wondering is, if the parent's trees might have been in a nice fertile root ball, and placed in some compact clay, refused to send roots into it, so the tree is depleated. Perhaps a fertilizer dug in around the plant out to 6 feet might do it. It is just puzzling when plants get sick and stay sick.

I have had many sick plants, and am stubborn in learning yet too. TL had some potting soil with fertilizer in it, and I can see the absolute difference in this soil compared to other soils, as the apple seedlings are almost a black sickly green color they are doing so well. Just like babies if you feed them a lot of high fat Mother's milk, along with bacon, eggs, meat and sugar, you get a child that is superior to those on plant diets. Put an average tree into above average conditions, and you end up with sickly Teddy Roosevelt becoming President.

It is the same with feral trees.

I pulled this tree thinking it was a mulberry, as it had an offshoot and mulberries always have that, and had a white root.....another mulberry trait, even if the leaves looked hackberry...........which TL pointed out and TL is right on this, no matter how much I try to talk myself into this being a different type of mulberry, compared to the three lobed, waxy leafed, black mulberry I am used to.

It resembles the first hackberry I pulled which did have 3 lobed leaves starting out.....but I knew robins had eaten the fruit and popped the seeds out while perched on a very sickly maple I doubt no matter my thinking on it, I am going to change a hackberry into a mulberry.

The hackberries here are different though than those I have seen.....different bark and the leaf is longer serrated and more heartshaped.......guess are different genus of them too.

Still do not know what my elms are........neighbor confirmed what I thought, but the plants I see coming up still look like weed flowers to me, but I know there are no weeds in this kind of production on the asphalt and these seeds ended up on a second story growing in pots.

In any case, now you should know how to get your plants out of critical condition. It is night air and is why people did not want to breathe night air in the old days, as they had lung and circulation problems, which the night air compounded to pneumonia.

What do you think this is......medical school? This is about trees and plants, and if you can spade them out in root ball, and drop them into a hole in 5 minutes, water them in full.....that is best, but sometimes roots break off and it is bare root and you have to pamper them for about a week.

nuff said