Sunday, April 23, 2017

To Love, Honor and Cherish

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am wondering after Trump Trans cut out all the Loyalists, the Christians, then destroyed Chris Christie and Mike Flynn, recused Jeff Sessions, threatened Conservatives, performed on a coup on Steve Bannon, just what it is President Trump thinks a rally in Pennsylvania this weekend is going to accomplish instead of going to the White House Correspondents dinner?

After all, after Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Reince Priebus blew Obmacare repeal and Mr. Trump threatened Conservatives for the problems his trusted envoys created, Mr, Trump turned to the fake news New York Time and Washington Post........his best friend reporter at the Post who just got PBS Washington Week In Review basically called Mr. Trump a buffoon this past Friday night, as Mr. Trump has shunned every Conservative media outlet before or since, so what is Pennsylvania supposed to accomplish?

For most Trump voters, we feel like the spouse who got married to love, honor and cherish, and Donald Trump has not loved us, honored us nor cherished us. He has though done the nice things like hold the door open for us when the neighbors were watching, said we looked nice when the preacher came calling and complimented us in telling our mother she could ride in the back with the dog, because honestly that is what the Trump actions have been.......

We get coal, but no program to use coal and lower our electric rates.

We get a pipeline, but Chinese steel used to build it.

We get Syria bombed, instead of peace with Russia, and somehow Chinese terrorists are sleeping in our guest bedroom, invited in by Mr. Trump.

President Trump has been busy, very busy, but he is symbolism without substance. He is war and not peace. He is globalist and not nationalist.  He smells of cheap liberal perfume with banker lipstick on his collar as he promises fidelity.

Donald Trump has been pissing on numbers of people's legs and telling them it is raining. He knows what the hell he has been doing, as now he keeps running to the NRA, to injured Veterans, to Christians, in tossing them a few photo op crumbs to make them believe he has not been out catting with the neocons and communists all night.

So what does Mr. Trump expect from Pennsylvania? An affirmation of how much America adores him, as his favorite fake news is supposedly his sworn enemy when all they have done is cheer Mr. Trump in breaking his word by shocking his base.

Pennsylvania should embarrass the President in chanting KEEP YOUR WORD, KEEP YOUR WORD, KEEP YOUR WORD, because all he is going to bring Pennsylvania is more establishment Republican lies of "Just be patient" as all of us just got tax raped by the IRS, are watching these goddam Obama invaders are now Trump green card legals pouring in replacing Americans, and now we have Russian bombers at Alaska, Chinese bombers in Korea and the Trumpenfuror with HR McMasters fake intelligence starting world war.

2017 is not 2016 Mr. President. 2016 was about promises to love, honor and cherish Americans. 2017 is about keeping those promises, and not more promises that you won't be drinking any more McMaster kook aid, no more IVANKUCK broken promises and no more playing slap and tickle with Gary Cohn and Dina Powell.

President Trump should play to boos or an empty auditorium as there is nothing to rally about, cheer or celebrate. Donald Trump instead should instead just stay in DC and serve up a beautiful chocolate cake for him, Mike Pence, Gary Cohn, HR McMaster, Rex Tillerson, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell to eat as all Americans have gotten are crumbs and the same old lies from that pedophile Dennis Hastert to that drunk John Boehner.
Rallying for Obama's 3rd term as Donald Trump becomes Jeb Bush is nothing anyone voted for in November 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, unless of course they were voting for Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

To Love, Honor and Cherish, is not to make enemies lists, cheat on and abandon your voters.

When President Trump starts being the President he promised in 2016, the Lame Cherry will be his strongest backer again, but until then this blog is not going to be engaged in propping up the guy that John McCain is cheering.

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a most disturbing bit of information which has arisen in the press, concerning National Security Advisor HR McMaster and Ivanka Trump's co conspirator in Tomahawk salvos in Syria, and that is there was nothing but Twitter evidence for the bombing of Syria, and it was not until after the bombing, that the entire National Security Council produced a fake intelligence report, as ludicrous as the Pissgate Dossier, and the individual responsible for compiling this fraudulent report was HR McMaster.

The Trump Administration’s Syria Gas Attack Narrative Continues to Unravel

In order to cover up the lack of intelligence to supporting the president’s action, the National Security Council produced a fraudulent intelligence report on April 11 four days later. The individual responsible for this report was Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor.

In forensic psychology, when a decision is made as in bombing Syria, a male would assemble evidence in order to prove the need for bombing, as in John Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis. In Mr. Trump's case, the Ivanka Decision was made to bomb Syria based on fake news planted by John McCain terrorists, and then after the fact in feminine mind construct, "reasons for bombing" were constructed in order to shore up the corrupt, criminal and dangerous decision which was made.

If one examines this past week at the White House, HR McMaster has dominated Mr. Trump's afternoons, and this is disturbing, considering the McMastegate cover up, where this advisor produced a dossier of fake intelligence to cover up for an act of war based on fake intelligence.

McMaster is the source for this Russophobic insanity which has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and it began in January and has digressed into a sheer lunacy whereby we now have a Kushnerian Psychosis running the West Wing, of "EVERYTHING RUSSIA BAD. EVERYTHING TERRORIST CHINA GOOD.

Cernovich --- "H. R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence ...

... McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump, Cernovich Media can now report. McMaster is ... in Syria, as McMaster is ...
Do not forget in any of this that is was McMaster who tried to get Ezra Cohen Watnick for protecting President Trump and forwarding information to Rep. Devin Nunes, which proved the criminal conspiracy of the Obama coup plotters against the Trump Administration all through 2016.

H.R. McMaster and things that make you go hmmmmm....., page 1

... and then illegally leaked, ... As NSA, McMaster's job is to synthesize intellience reports from all ... General McMaster tried to fire Ezra Cohen ...
There is no doubt in the pattern of evidence that the much praised McMasters by John McCain, is a source of every foreign policy disaster, and that McMaster has been running his own silent coup in ridding Mr. Trump of Loyalists. It began with the target of Cohen Watnick.

McMaster's Influence Noted in Syrian Airstrikes

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster's influence grew this week with ... Bannon and Kushner intervened when McMaster tried to fire Ezra Cohen ...

.......and it continued on with the removal of the most qualified woman in the Trump Administration in KT McFarland, removed as McMaster's deputy.

KT McFarland to depart as deputy NSA, take ambassadorship to ...

KT McFarland to depart as deputy NSA, take ambassadorship ... Deputy national security adviser KT McFarland is expected to leave her position and accept ...

In all of these patterns,  there is now a criminal element, where it was HR McMaster who constructed the Russophobia in the White House, targeted Russians in Syria, created the plan to Tomahawk Syrians and Russians in Syria for Ivanka Trump, and after it was revealed it was all fake intelligence which brought this attack, HR McMaster's created a cover up four days later in order to shield himself from this criminal attack on Syria.

Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017

For the sake of repairing the shattered relations with Russia, and to keep America from being brought down by Peking, HR McMaster must be immediately removed from the National Security Council and fired as NSA Director. It is dereliction of duty and incompetence to stage an attack in which Russians were shot at over fake intelligence and it is criminal to create and forward an NSA report which manufactured fake intelligence to cover up the original crime.

The United States is in jeopardy and HR McMaster is with Dina Powell the chief conduits of this "loving the bomb" policy which has engulfed President Trump. Attorney General Jeff Sessions must bring this before a Grand Jury and more to the point, the NSC must be repeopled with competent and non criminal advisors as this simply must be put a stop to as it has shattered Russian American relations for the entire Trump tenure and China is playing America for a fool, and it is all coming from HR McMaster in one of the worst scandals in all of this fake intelligence, McMastergate.

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Tangles wove by wetware joves

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In tracking forming events in the matrix, I discovered something which of course is no discovery at all, because God always knew this reality, but simply because Newton has an apple strike him on the skull does not mean that gravity suddenly came into existence.

I have pondered for a number of years the fail safes in nature. For example, two plagues never take place at the same time, in you do not have cholera or leprosy in the same location, because the disease organism would kill out the human host, and therefore cease to exist.
It is even more minute in viral, in the human body never catches a lung flu and an intestinal flu at the same time, even though logic would dictate a weakened condition would be excellent breeding ground, but there is a fail safe in disease to not destroy the entire host.

It is that in which I call this the Cherry Effect, but since there are so many Cherry Effects, it should be termed instead the Lame Cherry reported Chaos Effect, as that is what it is.

In tracking events which the Seers have reported in their visions, I noticed two primary events, both nuclear in manifestation, and as the government is practicing nuclear saber rattling in North Korea and is practicing nuclear terrorism in New York, this again is not this blog reporting anything, but simply commenting on events which are in the press.

To explain this, let us examine the Bible in the asteroid named Wormwood. If one notices in all the scientific jargon, that there are "extinction events", meaning an event which wipes out dinosaurs in theory. What the Chaos Effect proves though is that there are never 2 Wormwoods in historical context, at the same time.
The odds are that ther would be, and yet this effect never  takes place like flu viruses.

What the matrix was pointing to was a sort of dual or duel nature in these two atomic signatures. It pointed to if an event occurred in Korea, then what the government was practicing for in drills in America would not transpire. It appears that events can be swapped out in one event sponging the energy from another event in a sort of "that which tames the savage breast".

As the government has the looking glass and the demon machine, in having sidelined the remote viewers who were discovering too much of the deep state in operation, it is an emerging reality that the regime would be aware of time line events by their viewing machines, and also would be like the Jews in 33 AD in the year of our Lord, in 'it being better for one Jesus to die for an entire nation, than for an innocent Jesus to live and an entire nation die".
That logic in Biblical recordings though did prove a generational measure, as the death of an innocent Christ, manifested 47 years later in the complete destruction of Jerusalem. The time line event which should have been in 33 AD did not vanish but manifested later in complete destruction.
Ninevah is another example with Jonah, in the "sin" there was a cosmic debt, which while repented  of, still became full in another generation and thus the great city state was wiped out.

So is it possible that the looking glass has revealed the time line event which was building again, and the President was shown a way out of this, by creating another event to syphon the energy away from it.
As a hypothetical of a recent high energy even as in September 11th, 2001, could that event been removed, if it had instead been predated by an event in Paris, as an example? That appears to be what the matrix indicates in the Chaos Effect.
As history indicates though, delaying an event or replacing it, does not lessen the events, but indications are it instead amplifies to greater events following.

This study of the matrix is a fascinating science of how this flowing pulse of time lines driven by wills affects both the spiritual, cosmic and physical realities. How even it appears that large future events seem to gravitate energy to them and build in a cyclonic effect, in being an entity almost in their event cycle.

Tangles wove by wetware joves.


China in English Threatens North Korea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Xi of Peking has now confirmed that the Ameirican Intelligence community is Neanderthaltard and the President who is fed fake intelligence will believe anything as long as beautiful chocolate cake is involved.

As has been reported here and around the net, the Chicom PLA has been getting action ready it's heavy bombers. The Chicoms have lied to the Trump Administration in stating they are to bomb the North Korean nuclear power network.

BREAKING: China Threatens To Bomb North Korea!

... China Threatens To Bomb North Korea! China has threatened to bomb North Korea and its nuclear ... Beijing warned it would attack North Korea's ...

OK let the Lame Cherry tell the gullible about this so you get this.

China is going to bomb North Korea to stop chaos which is the one thing it will create and cause a disaster for refugees and starvation along the Chicom border.

China is going to bomb nuclear facilities to create atomic pollution which will cause more chaos and expose China to radioactive death.

North Korea has sufficient anti aircraft gunnery to stop Chinese bombers.

Yet because President Trump's good chocolate cake friend Xi says he is helping America, the asstard American intelligence community is believing the terror state of China which has been stealing land in the South China Sea from Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, while threatening American ships there, and threatening South Korea over military training with America.
Of course China is going to bomb North Korea........about the same time Donald Trump regrows his baby teeth.

Everyone is pointing to the official communist media though posting the story about China glowingly going to bomb North Korea for America......a North Korea with hydrogen bombs on rockets which can hit Peking just a few hundred miles away in retaliation..........

But that story only up for moments, was suddenly removed..........BEING WRITTEN IN ENGLISH.

Ok if you still need to be led along, you have the lying Peking Press posting IN ENGLISH a fake news story meant to sucker Americans into thinking that those Chicom bombers are not being loaded with cruise missiles to blow US aircraft carriers to the bottom of the Sea of Japan, in another clever Chinese propaganda operation of China playing all sides against each other as usual, for Peking dominance.

A message in English in meant for Americans, who McMaster and  Kushner Mockingbird Media could not run that story fast enough as it even beat out the story of Donald Trump hiring hookers to piss in the Obama's bed.

This President of the United States is being ill served and ill used, not just by the American fake intelligence, but the Chicoms have the Americans believing any damn thing China twists.

So how foolish is it to believe Peking propaganda written in English to deceive tard Americans?

You should probably answer that.



Saturday, April 22, 2017

Anyone can make a war and few can keep a Peace

AP Photo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This ain't the fake news.

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) -- President Donald Trump on Saturday awarded a Purple Heart to an Army sergeant recently wounded in Afghanistan, the first of many Trump likely will award during his service as commander in chief of the U.S. military.

You keep listening to that McMaster fake intelligence, that Mattis war hunger and that Cohn war profiteering advice there Mr. President and there won't be enough time in 8 years in office to award all them medals your daughter got you started in this venture.

Make Peace not war Mr. President, build bridges to hope, not tears to our fears, Mr. President.

- Lame Cherry

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The Nuclear Beaver

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking wanted me to write something on the story of the beaver and the cattle and it has taken me some time to get around to things as TL is dealing with a health issue, along with all the other eventful discoveries around here in life.

SEE IT: Bold beaver herds 150 confused cattle in Canada — 'They couldn't figure out what the heck it was'

I had my first beaver moment when I was 6 due to the fact my brain was rodent intelligent then as I could be conned by primate brain sized idiot brother.
My brother had a fixation on ducks. He thought, talked, dreamed, ate, hunted, watched and actually farted smells that had the stench of duck shit. My dad's favorite line was about his favorite number one son was, "You got your nose up a ducks ass".
That was a fatherly way of saying you are a lazy, brainless protege who should be consumed by the virtues  of working your ass off, while my ass is planted in the bar drinking cheap whiskey.

So there were these ducks, and these Galloway cattle, my brother, me and me assessing the situation of crawling on a duck pond in a pasture of thorns, dirt and cow shit, and us without running water for baths or washing clothes seemed like one of the last episodes in my life I cared to create.
That along with the dire warning as we were looking through the barb wire fence, hidden in the trees, "Oh and if the cattle come, as they keep trying to kill people, run like hell for the fence".

I think that we made it 50 feet, before the bovines came and we got back to the fence with their hot breaths scorching our butts, but being raised a cowgirl you get educated in animal psychology.

In the above photo, no one is pointing out the realities. Beaver are quite intelligent and this one is close to a blanket beaver in it is an old one. It is on the move in the spring, so that means it's mate died or someone drained his water hole.

The cattle are all yearling heifers as in breeding stock. All young cattle are animals that are like all young teenagers in they all gather around you and cause problems. Girls end to sniff, steers tend to like to try and run you over. Older cows have the same inquisitive nature, and will chase, but you can bluff them.....although I have thought about plugging some cows in the head with a shotgun while duck hunting when things got interesting in open ground. Bulls one does not play with.......elderly bulls just look at you and say PISS OFF, but young ones will come and try to thump you.

Daisy frequently bucks like a bronco and bellars like an enraged ox for the fun of it. She jerked me on a rope a few days ago and educated my back and shoulders to having fallen through two stories awhile back. It is what advil is for.

Cattle are most interesting creatures and beavers play them well, because if they waddled off, they would get chased and trampled. Is best in beaver brain to just sit there and look stupid, until a stupid cow sniffs you, then you bite it's nose with those chisel teeth, it bawls and probably runs off with the herd 99 times out of 100. The one time the beaver becomes fertilizer for the fodder of the pasture.

It looks dry in Alberta. Not a good thing for ranchers selling box beef to Americans.

Nothing but those black and red angus cattle. Such a pity as Herefords are much prettier in the pasture.

I have not been much of a mood for things lately. I was reading about Pat Buchanan's life and after doing this writing thing, I can not understand why any person would want it. Of course Pat does 104 columns a year, and I by God's Grace do around 2000 columns a year, and Pat has a million dollar home and drinks wine every night, and I am homeless and drink sorrow, so there is probably a difference between writing and being paid six figures a year and my getting a few bucks on the average, which makes writing a bit different on who is doing it.
Then again Pat never gets interviews with Homeland. He just gets Politico pissing on him in his own home. The pissed on part we at least have in common. I would rather have the money part.

LC, I check out your blog at least 2 x a day. You can't help it if God made you have the most interesting blog..ever. Thank you for all you do.

I wanted to thank those who have been good to us. It is always appreciated. It is wondering about future tense events. I wondered enough this past week to splurge in purchasing 50 pounds of flour in bulk and a supply of toilet tissue.
I wonder what popular girl told you the power outages were cyber yesterday as all of the chimps were standing around talking about infrastructure as that is what the police state was telling Drudge to feature.

UPDATE: Multiple Cities Hit With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures...

Cyber Attack?

Lame Cherry proven right again, in just a few hours. But continue to trust the beautiful Chinese cake as that chocolately flavor is a fake intelligence we can all enjoy.

But the President is at least occupied in garden tours, and space calls. Can we expect Ivanka will Tomahawk the roses and McMaster will convince the President that Syria is holding the astro hostage in why she can not get home.

THIS WEEKEND: April 22nd & 23rd: The White House grounds open for 2017 Spring Garden Tours
Read More
April 24th: President Trump calls space to congratulate record breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson

God how I have wanted to get the land with a stream, introduce beaver on it as Boddicker does, and watch the beavers build and the cows mill around being cows.
Cows tend to watch the nuclear beaver instead of running away.



Who's the Girl with all the Tears

Family of Spies

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has been almost 4 years since Edward Snowden deemed being a whistleblower would destroy him as it has others, and instead fled to China and Russia in order to expose what we all now know as the spying on Donald Trump and all Americans.

Wikileaks has been involved in this document release even longer.

In all of this, beyond the strange Bradley Manning who got himself captured to get a free sex change operation, one issue is missing in this, and that whistleblowers are of a group of IQ of the 140 plus vantage point, while the normal CIA, NSA, FBI department head is of the 120 group.
I clear comparison one is dealing with an A+ mind average to a B+ mind average. This entails one reason leakers as in the latest Wikileaks exposure to NSA and CIA criminal actions against Americans, is why they can not capture individuals or an individual.
Can you outwit a 5 year old or the 5 year old outwit you? The genius we are discussing is not some egg head like Stephan Hawking who can not figure out God exists, but an Edward Snowden who understands animal behavioral psychology in the human animal.

To make the simple point, those involved in Wikileaks do not simply react and copy documents. They first assess how to access the documents without their ever being suspect.

CBS News has learned the CIA and the FBI believe the recent theft at the CIA was an inside job. Investigators say the materials were stolen from a highly secure section of the intelligence agency where it takes two people to access information.

So now we know that it in 100's of people, it requires two different access keys to access information. As I am not affiliated with NSA or CIA internal security, each of us has witnessed enough cinema, to know that retinal scans can be spoofed, as much as access keys copied or borrowed.

John Walker who was selling information to the Soviets actually found a female Naval Intelligence officer, who was with a female friend of his, who was having boyfriend problems, and he seduced her and borrowed this IA's security, and that is how he gained access to the system.

How difficult would it be for a genius, without a physical check to drug two individuals, gain their clearance, walk in and copy everything. How difficult with a physical check would it be to wait for a diversion or bathroom break, sign in with the borrowed clearances and copy everything and the leaker's trail would never be found.
How difficult would it be for a leaker to gain access, implant a data mining which would download when others logged into the system. There are hundreds of ways and Wikileaks is proof that anyone can accomplish this  and Wikileaks is proof that the individual or individuals engaged in this, effectively produced a cover  that the FBI, NSA and CIA could not track.
What if it was that coup plotter Brennan at CIA, and his career fellow travelers he implanted, who actually copied all of this for the deep state, and someone as sly as Anthony Wiener simply copied Huma's emails.

From the past year, we know there was a floodgate of information being accessed and distributed.

Michael Morrell
CBS News
“We can’t keep all of the information in one place. We need to spread it out. We have to have better rules about need-to-know, and if you don’t have a need to know you don’t get access to the information,” said Michael Morrell, a former acting director of the CIA.
A former top Justice Department official told CBS News Assange could be prosecuted under a number of statutes, but any case will be “messy.”

Is MESSY another term for Wikileaks may have smoking gun orders to break the law in hacking and copying files for the deep state?

We know for certain that the individual or individuals involved in this are of high IQ, that they are not emotional, nor egotistical, as they are stable in not acting out for attention, nor in panic over their actions in needing to confess. The are in effect the Edward Snowden prototype, a very skilled and trained intelligence officer or asset, with nothing to prove. Their motive is not money nor fame, but in the protection of a system they value.

In the end, what if this was an operation of the deep state against itself, in order to protect the deep state from a misdirection which this shadowlands was experiencing.

How does the shadowlands catch itself.