Friday, June 24, 2016

The Postives of Brexit

Resign: An emotional David Cameron resigning this morning as Samantha Cameron looks on, as Brussels scrambled to make sense of Britain's decision to exit and MEPs warned Europe will crumble 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sometimes do not understand the shortsightedness of everyone in what really matters in Brexit. The top of the list is that Samantha Cameron will soon be on the market, after she dumps her pig head ejaculation husband David, who also took the Obama whip rope for a good swig.

I mean look at this hottie Sammy Cameron.

I can see all kinds of Muslims just going after her like Dodi did Diana. Such a vixen with her chess set dress on and that checkmate blue spot over the area she is hoping to be conquered. Now that is a woman who knows when a marriage is over and it is time to take a hot bath to get the pig sex and Obama sex off of her, and find herself a real man who started out life proper in ejaculating into goat anus while the couscous was hot.

We now know that ugly women and fag boys only wanted to stay in the Union. Apparently they were confused in thinking this EU vote stood for extra uterus, and not Europa, but it is a good thing that we found out that horridly unattractive people were voting to stay in Europe.

Shock: The Remain camp is distraught as Brexit voters outnumber Remain by more than a million

There is now hope that true European heros like Thomas Mair will be released from prison, knighted and given a go at Samantha Cameron before she goes native. Then too Norwegian hero Andres Breivik who started all of this is certain to be King of Norway or something, as Europe needs men now more than ever, and it does seem men are in rather short supply, in the face of Muslim rape cock.

WAFF | Asia & Pacific Defence Forum | World's Armed Forces Forum ...

Personally, I think that the semen from Mair and Breivik should be collected, and used to inseminate every Muslim woman across Europe, slap them on the ass afterwards, send them back home with a loaf of bread and then watch what that white gold does to Asia, because we see what European heritage did to those North African, in none look primate, they are attractive and are never confused with primates of the jungle sort.

Then there is the greatest blessing of all in this, of war.

Yes war, glorious war!!!

I see Brexit being the alternative to reality television. That Londonstan mayor is a real pisser. I can see the Scots in kilts and English in their English, burning London to the ground to liberate it like Falujah in Iraq. Yes a ripping good summer it would be, driving them Muslims into the Thames......and how about them Germans dusting off the old Mausers and driving the Turks into the Rhine........and then Parisian driving them Algerians into whatever the French care to.
Yes that is the thing, nothing like a good cleansing war to get the kinks out, make people feel good, and then they go home and behave nicely with a pinter or two.

America though can not be left out of this, as I think America.....well maybe something like Michigan should declare war on Canada and the Twin Cities. Mind you not all Canada, but just Ottawa. The world has moved past that Obama penis named Trudeau now trying to make Canada into David Cameron's little Londonstan, and I say, let them Yanks just clean out Ottawa and the Minnesota Metro. Get them in practice for the Trump Convention in Cleveland, and then they can march right on to Washington to make things right.

Canadians are just too nice. That is their problem. No it is not that they are not just as cut throat evil as everyone, it is just they suffer too damned much, when a good Metis revolution is what they need. Last time Canadians had any fun, it was that Northwest Revolution and that damn government went off and hung the hero.
It is ok, the Canadians put up a statue to the Louis Riel and worship him greatly.

North West Rebellion leader Louis Riel, represented by this statue on ...

I say let's declare war on our enclave liberals and their invader cities and let the locals get their hands on the big boy toys.........oh who has not dreamed of firing off a neutron bomb in some city eh?

So there are lots of positives in Brexit which are being lost on the trivial things. Brexit sounds like a great deal of fun. Hot political wives on the sex block, rounding up ugly women, impregnating Muslim women with real European men, revolutions, war on liberal enclaves and neutron bombs.

Thing is all of you populations had better fix your problems or it is you who are already being subjected to the above which you think is so astonishing to read now......and it is only time before nuclear terrorism strikes back now in Obama Merkel and Cameron gave the Muslims their H bombs.

Nuff Said


BREXIT: The Choice of a New Generation

It is time to replace these nationalist traitors with Nationalist Leaders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the love of nation, it is time for Europe to rise to their ancestry as Donald Trump has led America, and in peace, rise to the best of Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm, Charles Martel and Frederick the Great.

It is time for greatness and glory and a shedding of this dirge of mongrelism and socialism. It is time for Europe and America to put forth individual nations with leadership, so that this economic depression will be solved, so that in Muslim invasion, the world does not raise up an Adolf Hitler to be made war against as he tries to save Germany.

It is time for Merkel and Cameron to be swept to the Obama bin of history for their epic betrayals and degeneracy. It is time for America in Donald Trump, Russia in Vladimir Putin, La Pen in France, Farage in England, with real nationalists from Norway, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Greece and Italy to be established, to harness prosperity, not for the collective, but for the individual good.

The Anglo Saxon is speaking, as Russia has spoken. It is time for our Protestant religion to restore our morals and our place with God. It is time for the peculiar best qualities of individual races be championed to bring a Golden Age to this world, where the 99% governs themselves, instead of being ruled by the 1%.

Let us be honest in this that the European Union was nothing but exploitation of the  Southern European by the Northern European, as both fed off the Eastern European, as all devoured the wealth of America in oil for dollars in which Americans bled, while the caste lived in the luxury of their 30 hour weeks and weeks of paid vacations.

It is time for the New Generation to arise to save us from plotted World War IV's, for we the peoples to be cropped like wool from a sheep. We have the right to our Nations. We the People have the Right to life, liberty and our pursuits to fulfill our moral lives.

Do not be deluded though, because England only was allowed to Brexit, in the vote not being stolen as in Austria, so a plotting group of aristocracy and financiers in Europe  can seize power in a 10 nation common dictatorship, to once again attempt to strike out and rule and cause wars. It is time though, the Theodore Roosevelt time that each of our nations have healthy competition and not be led into another war that none of us desire.

Let the German arise. Let the English arise. Let the French arise. Let the Scandinavian arise. Let the Spaniard arise. Let the Pole arise. Let the Czech arise. Let the Hungarian arise. Let the Greek arise. Let the Italian arise. Let them sing their national pride and boast of their heroes of old. Let the American join them and the Russian join them in a harmony where prosperity is work rewarding the individual to the lives all of us fought for in our generations.

The choice of a New Generation is not a united planet, but a planet united in the beauty of individual nations separate, but of the whole planet earth.

My God, let us fix the problems in returning the invaders to their lands, giving them land, hammer and shovel to build their destinies, and struggle like all of us for a government and future for our children as we decide.

Let us all exit this dark world of the feudal few and enter the Golden Age for all peoples willing to cherish their own, in God, Family and Country.

Amen and Amen

It is time for the traitors to face arrest and the full punishment of the treacherous who seek national genocide of the true and native peoples.


 Hillary, Obama on WRONG side of history...
Second MAJOR BLOW to Obama in as many days...


Je na čase nahradiť tieto nacionalistické zradca s nacionalistické vodcu

Ako ďalšie Lame Cherry exkluzívnym v hmote proti záležitosti.

Pre lásku národa, je čas, aby Európa vzrásť na ich predkov ako Donald Trump viedla Amerike a v pokoji, stúpnuť na to najlepšie z kráľovnej Viktórie, Kaiser Wilhelm, Charlesa Martela a Bedřicha Veľkého.
Je čas na veľkosti a sláve a prelievanie tohto spevu z mongrelism a socializmu. Je na čase, pre Európu a Ameriku, aby tam jednotlivé národy vedenie, takže táto ekonomická kríza bude vyriešená tak, že v moslimskej invázii, svet nemá pozdvihnem Adolfa Hitlera, ktoré majú byť vykonané vojnu, ako sa snaží zachrániť Nemecko ,
Je načase, aby Merkelová a Camerona, ktoré majú byť pozametal do Obama bin histórie ich epické zrady a degenerácie. Je na čase, pre Ameriku v Donald Trump, Rusko v Vladimira Putina, La Pen vo Francúzsku, Farage v Anglicku, s reálnymi nacionalistami z Nórska, Švédska, Španielska, Nemecka, Grécka a Talianska, ktoré majú byť stanovené, ako využiť prosperity, nie pre kolektívne , ale aj pre jednotlivé tovary.

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Francúzsko, Taliansko, Holandsko teraz chcú referendum ...
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Hillary, Obama na zlej strane dejín ...
Druhý hlavný rána do Obama v čo najväčšom počte dní ...
Brexit by mohlo signalizovať Trump víťazný Biely dom ...
Seizmický zlom s Európou hľadá paralely s rastom ...

Globálneho poriadku otrasený


Anglo Saxon hovorí, pretože Rusko je hovorený. Je čas, aby naše protestantská náboženstvo obnoviť našu morálku a naše miesto s Bohom. Je čas, aby podivné najlepšie vlastnosti jednotlivých závodov sa presadzoval priniesť zlatý vek na tomto svete, kde 99% riadi sami, namiesto toho, aby vládol 1%.
Buďme úprimní v tom, že Európska únia bola len využitie pre juhoeurópske od severnej Európy, pretože obe kŕmené off východnej Európy, ako všetci zjedol bohatstva Ameriky v oleji za doláre, v ktorom Američania Bled, zatiaľ čo kasta žili v prepychu svojich 30hodinovou týždne a týždne platenej dovolenky.
Je čas, aby nová generácia mohli vzniknúť, aby nás zachránil od vynesené svetovej vojny IV je, pretože sme národy, ktoré majú byť orezaný ako vlna z oviec. Máme právo na našich národov. My ľudia majú právo na život, slobodu a naše prenasledovanie splniť naše morálne život.
Nenechajte sa klamať hoci, pretože iba Anglicko bola ponechaná Brexit pri hlasovaní nebudú ukradnuté ako v Rakúsku, takže parcelovanie skupina šľachty a finančníkov v Európe môžu chopiť sa moci v 10 národ spoločné diktatúry, znova pokúsi udrieť out a pravidlo a spôsobiť vojny. Je na čase, aj keď je doba Theodore Roosevelt, že každý z našich národov majú zdravú konkurenciu a nesmie byť vedený do ďalšej vojny, že nikto z nás túži.
Nechajte nemecký vznikajú. Nechajte anglický vznikajú. Nechajte francúzsky vznikajú. Nechajte škandinávsky vznikajú. Nechajte Španiel vznikajú. Nechajte Pole vznikajú. Nechajte České vznikajú. Nechajte maďarský vznikajú. Nechajte grécky vznikajú. Nechajte taliansky vznikajú. Nech si spievať ich národnú hrdosť a chváliť ich hrdinov starý. Nech sa k nim pripojil americký a ruský pripojiť sa k nim v harmónii, kde prosperita je práca odmeňovať jednotlivca pre ľudské životy každého z nás bojovali v našich generácií.
Voľba novej generácie nie je United Planet, ale planéta zjednotení v kráse jednotlivých národov oddeľujú, ale celej planéte Zem.
Bože môj, dajte nám opraviť problémy pri návrate útočníkov do svojich krajín, čo im pôdy, kladivo a lopatu stavať svoj osud, a bojovať ako my všetci pre vládu a budúcnosť pre naše deti, ako sa rozhodneme.
Nechajte nás všetkých výstupných tento temný svet feudálne málo a vstupujeme do Zlatého veku pre všetkých ľudí, ktorí sú ochotní ctiť ich vlastné, v Boha, rodinu a krajinu.
Veru aj amen


Пришло время заменить эти националистические предатели с националистическими лидерами

В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

За любовь к нации, настало время для Европы вырастет до своей родословной, как Дональд Трамп привел Америку, и в мире, подняться к лучшему королевы Виктории, кайзера Вильгельма, Карла Мартелла и Фридриха Великого.
Настало время для величия и славы и пролития этой Панихида mongrelism и социализма. Настало время для Европы и Америки, чтобы выдвинуть отдельные страны с руководством, так что эта экономическая депрессия будет решена, так что в мусульманском вторжения, мир не воздвигнет Адольф Гитлер будет воевать против, как он пытается спасти Германию ,
Настало время для Меркель и Кэмерон быть охваченными к Obama бен истории для своих эпических предательств и вырождением. Настало время для Америки в Дональда Трампа, Россия во Владимире Путине, Ла-Пен во Франции, Farage в Англии, с настоящими националистами из Норвегии, Швеции, Испании, Германии, Греции и Италии, который будет создан, чтобы использовать процветание, а не для коллектива , но для индивидуального блага.

SKY в прямом эфире ... BBC ...
Франция, Италия, Нидерланды, теперь хотят ... Референдум
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Меркель предостерегает от kneejerk реакции ...
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Хиллари, Обама на изнаночной стороне истории ...
Второй серьезный удар по Обаме, как много дней ...
Brexit может стать сигналом победы Трампа Белый дом ...
Сейсмические разрыв с Европой проводит параллели с повышением ...

Global Order тряхнуло


Англосаксонской говорит, как сказал Россия. Настало время для нашей протестантская религия, чтобы восстановить наши нравы и наше место с Богом. Настало время своеобразные лучшие качества отдельных рас быть отстаивали, чтобы принести Золотой Век в этот мир, где 99% сами регламентирует, вместо того чтобы он господствовал на 1%.
Давайте будем честными в этом, что Европейский Союз не было ничего, кроме эксплуатации Южной Европы по Северной Европы, как и подпитывали Восточной Европы, так как все пожирал богатство Америки в нефти за доллары, в которых американцы кровоточили, в то время как кастовая жили в роскоши их 30 часов в неделю и недель оплачиваемого отпуска.
Настало время для нового поколения, чтобы возникнуть, чтобы спасти нас от нанесены IV мировой войны, ибо мы, народы должны быть обрезаны, как шерсть от овец. Мы имеем право на наших Наций. Мы, люди имеют право на жизнь, свободу и наши занятия, чтобы выполнить наши моральные жизни.
Не обольщайтесь, хотя, потому что Англия только разрешили Brexit, в голосовании не воруют, как в Австрии, так зарисовки группа аристократии и финансистов в Европе может захватить власть в 10 нации общей диктатуры, чтобы в очередной раз попытаться ударить из и правил и причиной войн. Настало время, хотя, время Теодор Рузвельт, что каждый из наших народов есть здоровую конкуренцию и не впасть в другую войну, что никто из нас не желают.
Пусть возникают немецкий. Пусть английский возникают. Пусть возникают французы. Пусть возникают скандинавский. Пусть возникают испанец. Пусть возникает полюс. Пусть возникает Чехия. Пусть возникают венгерский. Пусть возникает греческий. Пусть возникают итальянский. Пусть они поют свою национальную гордость и похвастаться своими героями старых. Пусть американский присоединиться к ним и России присоединиться к ним в гармонии, где процветание работа награждая человека к жизни все мы боролись за наших поколений.
Выбор нового поколения не единая планета, но планета объединяет в красоте отдельных стран по отдельности, но и всей планеты Земля.
Боже мой, давайте исправить проблемы в возвращении захватчиков на свои земли, предоставляя им землю, молоток и лопату, чтобы построить свою судьбу, и изо всех сил, как и все из нас для правительства и будущего для наших детей, как мы решим.
Давайте все выездные этот темный мир феодальный мало, и войти в Золотой век для всех народов, желающих лелеять свои собственные, в Бога, семьи и страны.
Аминь и Аминь


Il est temps de remplacer ces traîtres nationalistes avec les leaders nationalistes

Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

Pour l'amour de la nation, il est temps pour l'Europe de s'élever à leur ascendance comme Donald Trump a conduit l'Amérique, et dans la paix, relever le meilleur de la reine Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm, Charles Martel et Frédéric le Grand.
Il est temps pour la grandeur, la gloire et une effusion de ce chant de mongrelism et le socialisme. Il est temps pour l'Europe et l'Amérique pour mettre les nations selon individuels avec la direction, de sorte que cette dépression économique sera résolu, de sorte que dans l'invasion musulmane, le monde ne soulève pas un Adolf Hitler à faire la guerre contre comme il essaie de sauver l'Allemagne .
Il est temps pour Merkel et Cameron à balayer à la poubelle de l'histoire Obama pour leurs trahisons épiques et dégénération. Il est temps pour l'Amérique de Donald Trump, la Russie Vladimir Poutine, La Pen en France, Farage en Angleterre, avec de vrais nationalistes de la Norvège, la Suède, l'Espagne, l'Allemagne, la Grèce et l'Italie à établir, d'exploiter la prospérité, non pour le collectif , mais pour le bien individuel.

SKY EN DIRECT ... BBC en direct ...
France, Italie, Pays-Bas maintenant Voulez-vous un référendum ...
POUND EN CHUTE HISTORIQUE ... STOCKS Bercé ... Plunge Protection équipes Mobilize ... Les banques mondiales cherchent à rassurer ... SOROS GOES SHORT ...
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«L'Europe va tomber très bientôt» ...
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Deuxième coup majeur à Obama en autant de jours ...
Brexit pourrait signaler Trump gagner la Maison Blanche ...
rupture sismique avec l'Europe met en parallèle avec la montée ...



L'anglo-saxonne parle, que la Russie a parlé. Il est temps pour notre religion protestante pour restaurer nos mœurs et notre place avec Dieu. Il est temps pour les particuliers meilleures qualités de courses individuelles être défendues pour apporter un âge d'or dans ce monde, où 99% se gouverne, au lieu d'être gouverné par le 1%.
Soyons honnête dans ce que l'Union européenne était rien, mais l'exploitation de l'Europe du Sud par l'Europe du Nord, à la fois alimenté hors Europe de l'Est, comme tous dévoré la richesse de l'Amérique dans l'huile dollars dans laquelle les Américains BLED, alors que la caste vécu dans le luxe de leurs 30 heures par semaine et des semaines de congés payés.
Il est temps pour la nouvelle génération de se poser pour nous sauver de tracer la Première Guerre mondiale IV de, pour nous, les peuples à être recadrées comme de la laine d'un mouton. Nous avons le droit de nos Nations. Nous, les gens ont le droit à la vie, à la liberté et à nos activités de remplir nos vies morales.
Ne soyez pas trompé cependant, parce que l'Angleterre ne fut autorisé à Brexit, dans le vote ne soit volé comme en Autriche, donc un groupe de traçage de l'aristocratie et financiers en Europe peut prendre le pouvoir dans une dictature commune de 10 pays, pour tenter une nouvelle fois de frapper out et règle et causer des guerres. Il est temps cependant, le temps Theodore Roosevelt que chacune de nos nations ont une saine concurrence et ne pas être conduit dans une autre guerre qu'aucun d'entre nous désirent.
Que les allemands se posent. Que les Anglais se pose. Que les Français se posent. Que les pays scandinaves se pose. Que l'Espagnol se pose. Laissez le pôle se pose. Que se pose le tchèque. Laissez le hongrois se pose. Que le grec se pose. Que l'Italien se pose. Qu'ils chantent leur fierté nationale et se vanter de leurs héros d'antan. Que l'Amérique se joindre à eux et le Russe se joindre à eux dans une harmonie où la prospérité est un travail récompensant l'individu à la vie de nous tous ont combattu dans nos générations.
Le choix d'une nouvelle génération est pas une planète unie, mais une planète unie dans la beauté des nations individuelles séparées, mais de toute la terre de planète.
Mon Dieu, que nous puissions résoudre les problèmes dans le retour des envahisseurs sur leurs terres, en leur donnant des terres, un marteau et une pelle pour construire leur destin, et luttons comme nous tous pour un gouvernement et un avenir pour nos enfants que nous décidons.
Laissez-nous tous quitter ce monde obscur des rares féodal et entrer dans l'âge d'or pour tous les peuples prêts à chérir leur propre, en Dieu, la famille et le pays.
Amen et Amen


Es ist Zeit, diese nationalistischen Verräter mit nationalistischen Führer zu ersetzen

Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

Für die Liebe der Nation, ist es Zeit für Europa, ihre Abstammung zu steigen, wie Donald Trump Amerika geführt hat, und in Frieden, steigen nach bestem Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm, Karl Martell und Friedrichs des Großen.
Es ist Zeit für Größe und Herrlichkeit und ein Vergießen dieser dirge von mongrelism und Sozialismus. Es ist Zeit für Europa und Amerika weiter zu setzen einzelnen Nationen mit Führung, so dass diese wirtschaftliche Depression gelöst werden, so dass in muslimischen Invasion, die die Welt nicht ein Adolf Hitler erwecken kriegten werden gegen, wie er versucht, Deutschland zu retten .
Es ist Zeit für Merkel und Cameron auf die Obama-bin der Geschichte für ihre epische Verrätereien und Entartung gekehrt werden. Es ist Zeit für Amerika in Donald Trump, Russland in Vladimir Putin, La Pen in Frankreich, Farage in England, mit echten Nationalisten aus Norwegen, Schweden, Spanien, Deutschland, Griechenland und Italien hergestellt werden, Wohlstand zu nutzen, nicht für die kollektive aber für den einzelnen gut.

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"Europa wird fallen sehr bald '...
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Zweiter schwerer Schlag für Obama in wie vielen Tagen ...
Brexit könnte signalisieren Trump gewinnen Weiße Haus ...
Seismische Bruch mit Europa zieht Parallelen mit Aufstieg ...



Die Anglo Saxon spricht, wie Russland gesprochen hat. Es ist Zeit für unsere protestantischen Religion unsere Sitten und unseren Platz mit Gott wiederherzustellen. Es ist Zeit für die besonderen besten Eigenschaften der einzelnen Rassen verfochten werden, um ein goldenes Zeitalter in diese Welt zu bringen, wo die 99% selbst regelt, anstatt von der 1% ausgeschlossen werden.
Lassen Sie uns in dieser ehrlich zu sein, dass die Europäische Union durch den nordeuropäischen nichts anderes als Ausbeutung der südeuropäischen war, wie sowohl die osteuropäischen gespeist aus, als den ganzen Reichtum von Amerika in Öl für Dollar, in dem Amerikaner blutete, während die Kaste verschlungen im Luxus ihrer 30 Stunden Wochen und Wochen bezahlten Urlaub lebte.
Es ist Zeit für die neue Generation entstehen uns aufgetragen Weltkrieg IV zu sparen, denn wir sind die Völker wie Wolle von einem Schaf abgeschnitten werden. Wir haben das Recht, unsere Nationen. Wir, die Menschen haben das Recht auf Leben, Freiheit und unsere Bestrebungen unserer moralischen Leben zu erfüllen.
Sie werden aber nicht täuschen, weil England nur zu Brexit erlaubt wurde, an der Abstimmung nicht wie in Österreich gestohlen werden, so dass eine Plotten Gruppe von Aristokratie und Finanziers in Europa kann Energie in einem 10 Nationen-Diktatur zu nutzen, um noch einmal versuchen zu schlagen und Regel und verursachen Kriege. Es ist Zeit, obwohl, die Theodore Roosevelt Zeit, dass jeder unserer Nationen einen gesunden Wettbewerb haben und nicht in einen anderen Krieg geführt werden, dass keiner von uns wünschen.
Lassen Sie die deutschen entstehen. Lassen Sie die englische entstehen. Lassen Sie die Französisch entstehen. Lassen Sie den skandinavischen entstehen. Lassen Sie den Spanier entstehen. Lassen Sie die Pole entstehen. Lassen Sie die Tschechische entstehen. Lassen Sie die ungarische entstehen. Lassen Sie die griechische entstehen. Lassen Sie die italienische entstehen. Lassen Sie sie ihren nationalen Stolz singen und rühmen ihre Helden aus alter Zeit. Lassen Sie die Amerikaner sich ihnen anzuschließen und die russische verbinden sie in einer Harmonie, in der Wohlstand, um das Leben von uns allen in unserer Generationen gekämpft Arbeit belohnen das Individuum ist.
Die Wahl einer neuen Generation ist kein United Planet, sondern ein Planet vereint in der Schönheit der einzelnen Nationen trennen, sondern des ganzen Planeten Erde.
Mein Gott, lassen Sie uns die Probleme zu beheben, um die Eindringlinge in ihre Länder zurückkehren, ihnen Land, Hammer und Schaufel zu geben, ihr Schicksal zu bauen, und kämpfen wie wir alle für eine Regierung und Zukunft für unsere Kinder, wie wir entscheiden.
Lassen Sie uns alle Ausfahrt diese dunkle Welt des feudalen wenige, und geben Sie das goldene Zeitalter für alle Völker bereit sind, ihre eigenen zu schätzen, in Gott, Familie und Land.
Amen und Amen


Coup des Trump

Reince Priebus to Donald Trump — Back Off!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes I do not know how to begin an expose and simply have to start writing, and they story then by God's Grace begins to write itself.

This begins with several meetings, two to be specific, before Ted Cruz was forced for criminal reasons from the 2016 race. The first meeting was about setting up a series of events in order to seize control over the Donald Trump for President campaign.
The second concerned how to force Donald Trump to accept a GOPliter Vice Presidential choice to thwart all the American people and Mr. Trump have been working for.

You have witnessed the manifestations in this, in the principle players. I will inform you that the work featured here from David John Oates on the Jeff Rense site was definitely noted, and from the second program, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus were no longer being told anything about this coup against Donald  Trump.
They were given directional orders, and those orders have been followed.

You have heard exactly what those behind this are up to, because they  tell you. They take polls on it, they make issues of it and they do this, because they are the ones behind it, so they know what the story is already.

Donald Trump in this coup against him, was to be hit on two fronts. The delegates and the finances are the primary wedge at this time. I have told you exclusively that there is a plan to indict Donald Trump in liberal New York on the next phase of this, in order to give Hillary Clinton cover for her crimes.

You know the source, when you are reminded that it was Paul Ryan and then Scott Walker, again of Wisconsin, telling "delegates to vote their consciences", in order to create enough unrest, to force Donald Trump to choose his LBJ, for the time they light an eternal Trump flame sometime next year. If we are talking Wisconsin, it is Big Koch, the Hillary Clinton voters and Ted Cruz packerbackers who are the billionaires behind this.

You have heard stories of "fundraising problems". How would anyone know what the Trump finances really are, unless someone had a list of all the major GOPe donors, and had been making contact with these rich people to shut up their funding?
The message from Big Koch has been fear, and the fear is simple in they are being told that Donald Trump is going to raise their taxes, break their 1% monopoly on draining the US Treasury which Obama set up for them, and they are putting the squeeze on Mr. Trump this way, but it is more than a squeeze.

If you were at this insider meeting in New York, you might have heard something about, "Sure we will make this bastard Trump pay and play. It is not going to be enough to take this election from him and humiliate him. No, we are going to make Donald Trump cripple his finances by getting him to liquidate and go into debt, so when this is over, we are going to take that g*d damn tower from him as a lesson to all, to never f*ck with us ever again."

Big Koch is going to buy up the debt on Donald Trump self finance, who Mr. Trump will be led to believe are friendly financiers. That is why that Veteran donation was hammered so hard. It was conditioning to get Mr. Trump ready for this point in time.

There has been an immense effort of intimidation and leverage against the GOPe and they are all keeping quiet about this subject and not donating, so their names are not red flagged, because the promise is, they will be facing millions in investigations and prison, just as Donald Trump is destined to face jail, if he is not delivered by the Lord and begin being the ruthless person he is not.

There has been talk for some time out of the Wall Street Journal in a Condominium, in  the House of Koch and the House of Trump existing, or more to the point, Koch through Paul Ryan running the regime and Donald Trump getting the pretty view.
This is part of the smoke screen, not for the general public, but the insiders who Rupert Murdoch is carrying the message for Big Koch to the GOPe. Big Koch wants Donald Trump to focus on Ryan as the creeper, trust in PJ Manafort and think that Priebus is his new guy pal, as this is being progressed.

This is all about the Vice Presidential slot, and Sheldon Adelson is in on this, in not donating to Donald Trump, but the donation went to bribing Congressional slugs who want that money for an election that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell led them into political oblivion called the Obama Abyss.

After Mr. Trump saw through the Sheldon Adelson bribe of 200 million dollars to put Newt Gingrich as Vice President, the dynamic changed, and Big Koch went to the clever plan, which if you trace this, it seems bizarre that a woman from Tennessee showed up at CPAC talking of her own presidential run. Then she was featured non stop in Newsmax Hillary Clinton publications and Robert Mercers' Breitbart.
Yes seemingly someone was the darling of all of this, taking on Al Gore even without any retribution in his home state of crooks.

Representative Marsha Blackburn has certainly been on the back burner for some time, even if you have never heard of the woman.

Marsha Blackburn to "Test the Waters" for 2016 Bid ...

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn will consider running for president in 2016 -- if she sees an opportunity to do so, an aide to the 7 th ...

Yes all of these pro Hillary Clinton and pro Ted  Cruz publication just fawning over a right wing Republican woman, when political rape of Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell was all the fare for them.

Now why would that be?

Marsha Blackburn - Center for Responsive Politics

Marsha Blackburn. Summary; Elections; Industries; PACs; Donors; Geography; CAREER PROFILE (SINCE 1989) ... Koch Industries : $54,500: $1,000: $53,500: Gen Cap America ...

Oh Marsha Blackburn is the Koch girl, complete with a juicy little campaign finance problem she called a press conference over.


In April 2008, Blackburn summoned reporters to explain that she had found errors in her Federal Election Commission filings going back several years and had failed to report $286,278 in expenditures, including $18,821 to a fundraising consulting company run by her son-in-law, Paul Ketchel. She also failed to report $102,044 in contributions

Suddenly though as Marsha Blackburn became a Koch girl, she just has not had any political problems or criminal problems, just like Ted Cruz............and yes Ted Cruz is well informed of the Big Koch meetings as it was coordinated out the Mockingbird smear wing of the National Review.

The media in this as you have noticed has cut out Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh, who have gone silent. Instead it has fallen to trolls like John Fund and Dave Blount to plant the acid stories, in driving the indictment rumor of Donald Trump, the financial ruin of Donald  Trump in Mr. Trump is not as wealthy as he appears, and the Delegarch operation, none of which are true, but this is ALL cover, and my children and my brats who still are not donating to this blog to save your lives, it is to the point that one Lame Cherry exclusive is never enough in telling you about what went on inside that meeting which most have not told their bed partners about. No the Lame Cherry has to tell you who Big Koch is moving forward to be Vice President, and she sounds like the perfect Conservative, until you discover she is just like Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and most of the politicians trying to sabotage Donald Trump, in owing Big Koch her soul.

I do not give advice to Donald Trump, because what would an important person like himself have to do with an obscure blog of toxic satire. I would though post here what I would do, if I was someone who inquired into the matrix.
If it were me, I would accept whatever candidate they offer as Vice President. I would tell them for suspense that I would have others on the list leaked as the probable choices. Then on accepting the nomination, I would announce that Jame Beutler was Vice President. I inquired of her, and she will be loyal as Vice President, but I would get her to sign it on the line and promise it to impeachment if  she broke that contract.
I inquired about another suggestion in Cathy Rogers......inquiry says she will not be loyal as VP.

The flow of the matrix is thus that a President would not survive, no more than John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, if they accept the terms of the cartel.

sur ce notre ère. jour de crispin


A Deer in the Land

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering today that I had not seen any deer, or more to the point their tracks, and then tonight at twilight, I stepped outside and something did not look right about 50 yards from the door and I could not figure out what that brown was, nor the white stripes around the tail and down the back legs, as God made does that way so fawns could follow them in low light conditions, but it was not until she flicked her tail, that I made out the entire deer.

There have been three of them, and two were around an ash tree, nipping new leaves off of them. They were oblivious to me, and then TL with the door opening and closing. Deer are creatures that if they know your routine, they pay absolutely no attention to you. I presume these are the same children who would surprise me at midnight at about 30 feet away when I went to check chickens last year.

We have had deer here for most of the time since my dad died. I try to protect them, but do not have the land, and deer just do not comprehend how the world works, so the does get shot off by ignorant hunters who should be shooting the fawns, because the older does produce the better fawns.......but shooting a "Beeg Doe" or a "Nice Buuaahck" is what I hear too often.
I have shot my numbers of deer for food. I would hunt now or shoot that big buck that ripped one of my trees to death last year, but I just do not have the time or license now.........including the money, as hunting is an expensive enterprise in this raise the predators to murder the deer and pets game departments we have now.

These deer are so oblivious to us, and they should be, because I am not about to be shooting the pets. No sport in that, and I like seeing wildlife around. If that buck would not be doing what a buck does in eating my sweetcorn and thrashing my trees for his velvet, I would not really bother with them, as deer ticks and Lyme is not a huge problem here.
If we had our land, we would have our herd of things, and flocks, as I am certain I would be eaten to the nubs, and then it would be convincing all the neighbors to hunt from afar and then it would be deer galore in picking what would be harvested.

They remind me a great deal like most of you, in so oblivious to the dangers. So many of you have satan's sights or the police state license on you, that as you stand around looking at things, you never contemplate the Great Tribulation coming.
I decided long ago that I would not worry about things, as those who would gun for me, would be professionals and I would feel no pain, only the pressure of the bullet. I doubt some sadist would bleed me out like LaVoy Finicum. There just is no sense in not being like a deer really, in you might as well enjoy life, as Wormwood, the anti Christ and only God knows what is out there. Can die from a jar of pennies falling on your head as much as a meteor. One just seems to have more glamour in it.

Now I have the dilemma of a very rare corn which I was going to be growing, and a duo of does who will just relish eating little corn plants off. So much life being consumed in what are the priorities and prejudices.

I would judge that Sherlock was more precious than the human who ran over him and I desire that human dead.
I apologized to God for shooting a tomcat who had been fought off from some other farm, by a tomcat, who would no doubt fight off TL's kitties and kill the kittens, as it was not that cat's fault, but the people who should have shot the original cat.
I like the deer and mourn for my corn not eaten yet.

..........and six billion dead in the Great Tribulation would please me, and knowing a million beeves are slaughtered for beef I enjoy gives me remorse.

It is much better in the deer never have remorse for what they kill, as there is nothing good nor bad in it for them.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

and behold a pale horse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL and I were watching Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck two evenings ago, and she played a Princess who was being asked about the coming European Union, in a propaganda film of long ago...............

What Brexit means to me is hope.

Hope that now all of this evil genocide which Obama Merkel and the Pater Pope have unleashed on Europeans, which heros like Andres Breivik and Thomas Mair have fought against, will not usher in what the cartel lusts for most, and that is the anti Christ and his illuminated leader, satan.

I hope for this now in this breaking along the old European Israelite Lost 10 Tribe fault lines. I hope for this in Germany having Martin Luther Protestantism arises to neutrality, that France finds her Joan of Arc, that the Americans prevail with Donald Trump to join with President Vladimir Putin, in the Christian Crusade against the son of perdition and those coming 10 nation states for that Neo Empire, even the defeat of others as the Bible predicts, all to save the world from complete humanicide.

Think of it, in the Ephraimites of Joseph might have just unleashed the final years of the End Times. Think of it in Jesus the Christ, His Two Witnesses and host of things in stars falling from the sky might be on the horizon event in the time line I am looking for.

That is what Brexit means to me. It means a coming rest. It means the Great Tribulation, but knowing that I no longer have to wait for the Lord to return.

I hope to God, Nom de Deus, Gott en Himmel, that this is what I have been working for and waiting for in the time I was born to.

Europe had better find her Lord, or Babylon the haunt of owls awaits.

Come out of her my People.



Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

TL und ich beobachteten Roman Holiday mit Audrey Hepburn und Gregory Peck vor zwei Abenden, und sie spielte eine Prinzessin, die über die kommende Europäische Union, der vor langer Zeit in einem Propagandafilm gefragt wurde ........... ....

Was Brexit bedeutet für mich ist Hoffnung.

ERGEBNISSE...ES IST EIN BREXIT!Märkte aufgewühlt; Gold-Sprünge ...Sky Live ... BBC, LIVE ...Welt Uhren ...PFUND IN HISTORISCHEN COLLAPSE ...DOW FUTURES POINT zu stürzen ...CAMERON ZUKUNFT IM ZWEIFEL ...Hillary, Obama auf falschen Seite der Geschichte ...


Ich hoffe, dass jetzt alle diese Übel Genozid, die Obama Merkel und der Pater Papst haben die Europäer entfesselt, die heros wie Andres Breivik und Thomas Mair gegen gekämpft haben, werden nicht Platzanweiser in dem, was die Kartell Lüste für die meisten, und dass die Anti-Christ ist und seine beleuchtete Führer, satan.

Ich hoffe, das jetzt in diesem Bruch entlang der alten europäischen Israelit verlorenen 10 Tribe Verwerfungslinien. Ich hoffe, dass dies in Deutschland Martin Luther Protestantismus mit entsteht zur Neutralität, dass Frankreich ihr Jeanne d'Arc findet, dass die Amerikaner mit Donald Trump vorherrschen mit Präsident Wladimir Putin, in der christlichen Kreuzzug gegen den Sohn des Verderbens und die kommenden 10 Nation beitreten Staaten für das Neo Reich, auch die Niederlage der anderen wie die Bibel sagt, die ganze Welt vor der völligen humanicide zu speichern.

Denken Sie daran, in die Ephraimites von Joseph könnte nur die letzten Jahre der Endzeit ausgelöst haben. Denken Sie daran, in Jesus Christus, seine zwei Zeugen und zahlreiche Dinge in Sterne vom Himmel fallen könnte sein, am Horizont Ereignis in der Zeitlinie ich suche.

Das ist, was Brexit für mich bedeutet. Es bedeutet eine kommende Ruhe. Es bedeutet, die große Trübsal, aber zu wissen, dass ich nicht mehr warten müssen, denn der Herr zurückzukehren.

Ich hoffe zu Gott, Nom de Deus, Gott en Himmel, dass das ist, was ich schon lange arbeiten und warten in der Zeit als ich geboren wurde.

Europa war besser finden ihr Herr, oder Babylon, die Treffpunkt der Eulen erwartet.

Kommen sie aus meinem Volk.


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

TL et moi regardions Roman vacances avec Audrey Hepburn et Gregory Peck il y a deux soirs, et elle a joué une princesse qui était interrogé sur l'Union européenne à venir, dans un film de propagande depuis longtemps ........... ....

Que Brexit signifie pour moi l'espoir.

RÉSULTATS...IT'S A BREXIT!Marchés troublé; Or Sauts ...SKY EN DIRECT ... BBC en direct ...Mondiale montres ...POUND EN CHUTE HISTORIQUE ...DOW FUTURES POINT DE Plunge ...CAMERON FUTUR DE DOUTE ...Hillary, Obama sur le mauvais côté de l'histoire ...


Espérons que maintenant tout ce génocide mal que Obama Merkel et le Pater pape ont déchaîné les Européens, qui heros comme Andres Breivik et Thomas Mair ont combattu, ne sera pas ouvrir la voie à ce que les désirs de l'entente pour la plupart, et qui est la lutte contre le Christ et son chef éclairé, satan.

Je l'espère pour ce maintenant dans cette rupture le long des anciennes Israélite européenne a perdu 10 Tribe lignes de faille. Je l'espère pour ce en Allemagne ayant Martin Luther protestantisme se pose à la neutralité, que la France trouve sa Jeanne d'Arc, que les Américains l'emportent avec Donald Trump à se joindre avec le président Vladimir Poutine, dans la croisade chrétienne contre le fils de la perdition et de ceux qui viennent 10 nation Etats pour que l'Empire Neo, même la défaite des autres comme la Bible prédit, tout pour sauver le monde de humanicide complète.

Pensez-y, dans les Éphraïm de Joseph aurait pu simplement déclenché les dernières années de la fin des temps. Pensez-y en Jésus le Christ, ses deux témoins et foule de choses dans les étoiles tombent du ciel pourraient être sur l'événement d'horizon dans la ligne de temps, je cherche.

Voilà ce que Brexit signifie pour moi. Cela signifie un repos à venir. Cela signifie que la Grande Tribulation, mais sachant que je ne dois plus attendre que le Seigneur revienne.

Je souhaite à Dieu, Nom de Deus, Gott en Himmel, que ce que je travaille depuis et en attendant dans le temps que je suis né pour.

L'Europe avait mieux de trouver son Seigneur, ou de Babylone le repaire des hiboux attend.

Sortez d'elle mon peuple.


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

TL и я смотрели Римские каникулы с Одри Хепберн и Грегори Пек два вечера назад, и она играла Принцессу, которого спросили о предстоящем Европейском союзе, в пропагандистском фильме давно ........... ....

Что Brexit значит для меня надежда.

РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ...ЭТО BREXIT!Рынки взволновали; Золото Прыгает ...SKY в прямом эфире ... BBC ...Мир наблюдает ...Фунтом COLLAPSE ... ИСТОРИЧЕСКОГОDOW ФЬЮЧЕРСЫ POINT погрузить ...КАМЕРОН БУДУЩЕЕ В СОМНЕНИЯ ...Хиллари, Обама на изнаночной стороне истории ...

Global Order тряхнуло: Великобритания ВЫХОДИТ ЕС

Надеюсь, что теперь все это негодное геноцида, который Обама Меркель и Pater Папа развязал на европейцев, что Heros, как Андрес Брейвика и Томас Майр боролись против, не будет вступить в то, что картель вожделения для большинства, и что является анти Христа и его освещенная лидер, сатаной.

Я надеюсь на это сейчас в этом преломлении вдоль старой европейской израильтянин потерял 10 Tribe линии разлома. Я надеюсь на это в Германии имея Мартина Лютера протестантизм возникает нейтральности, что Франция считает ее Жанна д'Арк, что американцы преобладают с Дональдом Трампом, чтобы присоединиться с президентом Владимиром Путиным, в христианском крестовом походе против сына погибели, и тех, кто прибывает 10 нации состояния для этой Neo империи, даже поражение других, как предсказывает Библия, все, чтобы спасти мир от полного humanicide.

Подумайте об этом, в Ефрема Иосифа, возможно, только развязали последние годы конца времен. Подумайте об этом в Иисусе Христе, Его два свидетеля и множество вещей в звездах, падающих с неба может быть на горизонте в случае временной линии я ищу.

То есть то, что Brexit значит для меня. Это означает, что грядущий отдых. Это означает великую скорбь, но зная, что я больше не придется ждать, пока Господь, чтобы вернуться.

Я надеюсь, что к Богу, Nom-де-Деус, Gott ан Химмеля, что это то, что я работаю для и ожидания в то время я был рожден, чтобы.

Европа лучше найти своего Господа, или Вавилон пристанищем сов ждет.

Выйди от нее мой народ.


Ako ďalšie Lame Cherry exkluzívnym v hmote proti záležitosti.

TL a ja sa pozerali Prázdniny v Ríme s Audrey Hepburn a Gregory Peck pred dvoma večery, a ona hrala princeznú, ktorý bol požiadaný o nadchádzajúcej Európskej únie, propagandistický film dávno ........... ....

Čo Brexit pre mňa znamená nádej.

VÝSLEDKY ...JE TO BREXIT!Rozprúdila trhy; Gold skoky ...Sky Live ... BBC LIVE ...Svet sleduje ...POUND v historickom COLLAPSE ...DOW FUTURES POINT ponoriť ...CAMERON FUTURE POCHYBNOSTI ...Hillary, Obama na zlej strane dejín ...

Globálneho usporiadanie vytrhnutí: UK LEAVES EÚ

Dúfať, že teraz všetky tieto zlé genocídy, ktoré Obama Merkel a Pater pápež rozpútali na Európanov, ktorý heros ako Andres Breivik a Thomas Mair bojovali proti, nebude ohlasovať to, čo kartelové túži pre väčšinu a že je proti Kristovi a jeho osvetlené vodcu, satan.

Dúfam, že k tomu teraz v tomto lámanie pozdĺž starej európskej Izraelita Lost 10 kmeňa zlomových línií. Dúfam, že k tomu v Nemecku majúce Martin Luther protestantizmus vzniká neutralitu, že Francúzsko nájde jej Johanka z Arku, že Američania zvíťazí s Donald Trump spojiť s prezidentom Vladimirom Putinom, v kresťanskej krížovej výpravy proti syn zatratenia a produktmi pochádzajúcimi 10 národ stavy tomto Neo ríše, dokonca aj porážka iné ako Biblia predpovedá, všetko zachrániť svet pred úplným humanicide.

Premýšľajte o tom, v Efraima Jozefovi možno práve rozpútal posledné roky od konca Times. Premýšľajte o tom v Ježiša Krista, jeho dvaja svedkovia a celý rad vecí, vo hviezdach, padajúce z oblohy by mohla byť na obzore udalosti v časovej osi som hľadal.

To je to, čo pre mňa znamená Brexit. To znamená, že nadchádzajúce odpočinok. To znamená, že veľkého súženia, ale s vedomím, že som sa už nebudú musieť čakať na Pána k návratu.

Modlím sa k Bohu, nom de Deus, Gott en Himmel, že to je to, čo som pracoval pre a čakanie v čase, keď som sa narodil, aby.

Európa radšej nájsť svojho Pána čiže Babylon strašiť sov čaká.

Vyjdite z neho mojich ľudí.