Monday, November 30, 2015

I think they called him Larry Tait

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is approaching midnight and I finally have a moment in exhaustion to not work and tell a story of the beggar I am.

I am pleased in this, as I splurged in something which I absolutely never do. It seems like most of you, that for some reason something happens like food or bills, that consumes all of those things I can see would purchase things like handguns or an electronic predator caller to kill murderous large predators.

I can not state who I did business with, but awhile  back I offered a credit card sign up for Mom, and she undertook it, which gained both of us 50 dollars in a sign up dividend. This has sat there for some time as it requires a bank account to transfer money into.

The other night it occurred to me to be moved to bitch at a retailer in never giving me any discounts any more. This took a few letters of me bitching about things, but after awhile, they offered me a coupon which pleased me.

I had mentioned to TL if I was given a discount, I would buy something which I was looking at for years, and that was the original Star Trek series. As I was looking through things tonight, I noticed that with the 50 dollars the credit card company awarded me and the discount, I could afford Star Trek and the Star Trek cartoon series in American corporations paying for it all. Yes I need a blessed lot more important things than CD's and I feel guilty in doing this as I probably should have bought spaghetti or something........but this is the first time I have done something stupid........since God only knows. I do not spend donations as that is for TL's and our place. Any spare money I have had for years has always gone toward things like army surplus blankets or things to survive. I honestly do not know the last time I did something like this. It is so out of character and is why I feel guilty.

We did do good something today though in we drove by a rancher's cattle in a storm, and the gate was down and a few cows were out. I could not figure out if he was out there or I figured I would stop by his place and tell him. He was getting his mail, and I stopped and alerted him to the problem and off he went.
Doing something good though does not appease me for what I feel was something stupid. I should be Greek in this tragedy, but I am not interested in broken foot tendons or swords dangling on top of me.

Sorry was looking up Willis Bouchey.......he was on a Perry Mason episode and a judge, and the memory alpha was hearing him in a John Wayne movie........I thought Liberty Valance, and it was instead the Horse Soldiers......pretty good movie.

That made me feel better in remembering things. Is what David said in the Psalms in remembering God's Goodness when times are tits up. Accomplish something else when the milk is who knows there might be a cat liking that accident.
I do not know if TL's cats would like watching Star Trek. Jubal did like watching TV though........she probably has better things to watch in Heaven.

Oh and I was right.......Willis Bouchey is on Liberty Vallance. He is the train conductor and has the last line in the movie. "Nothing is too good for the man who shot Liberty Valance."

That Jean Peters is pretty.


 Burt Lancaster as an Apache..........ok, the liberals protest the Washington Redskins and say nothing about this?


Land of the Lost

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Seriously how does America get an upgrade in these inbred looking world leaders in at least some of them look like comedian Norm Crosby or David Arquette, and America gets Mr. Mo the chimp.


Do we have to wait around until Vladimir Putin annexes Europe and then conquers America, to get a President who looks not like a stage prop or something from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom?

I mean I would be ok with Norm or David as President......they would not be Birthers and they are pleasant people. I would even be ok if Mr. Mo was President, as he was at least born in St. Louis.

In the above photo, I count 6 darkies, 2 David Arquette tan, 1 image Obama yellow, 1 Islamist and 4 pinkos. No wonder the world is going to hell, in you have a crew like this talking about flat world things. I mean when people look back on this, they are going to wonder about these flat worlders making war on civilized thought, and how the devolution of humanity took place. How could in a few short years after Thatcher and Reagan could it have primates in charge like the Slestak in Land of the Lost.

It needs to be stated. I am ashamed of America. Ashamed of what is in charge of America. Ashamed of what this climate change is, in a scam of feudal globalism to enslave billions and confiscating world wealth and resources for the few.

The world needs a revolution in about every nation except Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, Iceland.....and that is about it. The peoples need to hang all their politicians, their bankers, professors, their police state and whatever conglomerate traitor billionaires are involved in this global genocide of humanity. 7 billion rising up to cleanse itself of probably three hundred thousand trolls, and what would result is a global peace, and the peoples would then take back their nations, their resources and their  wealth, and in peace feed themselves.

The  above photo proves that. My God in Heaven, there has never been assembled a larger group of pimps for the cartel who are this mentally retarded......a chimp looks more intelligent than this group of primates!!!