Thursday, October 2, 2014

Whaling Ships

Blow ye winds in the morning
Blow ye winds Hi Ho
Blow ye winds
Blow ye winds
Blow ye winds Hi Ho

That song was one of my few favorites we were able to sing in chorus as a child. It was a pretty little thing having to do with whaling, which meant killing whales and the celebration of the people in Boston Massachusetts in the ships coming in, which meant prosperity.

I dislike lost knowledge for the reason there is knowledge worth a million dollars, which was wrought by the death of those who gleaned the experience and it is pure sin that such knowledge should ever be wasted simply  because some amoral psychosis ridden hell bound God denying minions of satan now state that killing a whale is some crime compared to killing a cabbage.
Life is life and all is to be conserved and be valued as precious whether it bleeds clear sap and you do not hear to scream or whether it sounds and bleeds by the ton in a Sperm whale.

I have written of the Cachalot, which was a Massachusetts whaler. The conditions for the sailors was one of absolute tyranny and terrorism which broke them as slaves were broken, but no matter the officers and the cowed crew, the thing which remained was the Cachelot, and she was a most interesting vessel in not being at all like merchantmen.

A whaler was run under a completely different chart than other ships, and a whaler was nothing like other ships. While a merchantman was sleek and fast running, as time was money, a  whaler was like a cork floating about the ocean, without ever full sails, as she was hunting prey and not delivering cargo.

That is interesting for the clippers and steamers would burst and drive through the waves, but the Cachalot would bob along in ocean gales contentedly not going any place at all, as she was hunting big game constantly.

The fisheries or whaling grounds in the Atlantic were off Greenland, and off west Africa. A whaler would then move out of the Atlantic south to might surprise a whale of large size in the south Atlantic, but soon enough would steer into the Doldrums of the Indian Ocean and try for a prize in the Mozambique Channel off east Africa.

While there was a dead reckoning on merchantmen, in the Captain and first mate would both chart the course of the ship to compare positions accurately, and on larger vessels like warships, the second mate fell to that task, on a whaler, the Captain of the Cachalot maintained position with a dime store guide, a sextant which not seaworthy, and he was never known to keep time in order to chart latitude.
A whaler was content to bob about in the ocean swells and if they knew what ocean they were in, and were somewhere close to where they should be, then that sufficed in their not being too lost in the great watery plain.

The Cachalot was a stumpy little ship, but she was built for the production of blubber oil. She would groan under the immense weight of heads of Sperm whales lanced off to get the precious oil inside. She would be lashed by chains to the great bodies of the whales and in gales be shuddered and crashed into by the body of their cargo not yet rendered, and, through it all with fires burning under the oil pots, a foot of oil sloshing about on deck, the crew would manage to work where in a merchantman they would have been washed overboard.

The oil would be dipped, drained, rendered and poured into great barrels, which the men would be in danger of breaking free before they were secured with ropes. It was a mysterious and dangerous existence for the crew which scrubbed the Cachalot and sent their little row boats after the monsters of the deep which could crush them with a flip of their tails.

While a merchantman crew might spend a year on a long voyage, the whaler would spend years plying the waters of the world to gain that precious oil. The spermacetti or oil wax was of high quality, as was the whale oil, but it was a mixed bag of "train oil", exactly as it is today in North Dakota, in their sweet crude is mixed with the sour crude of Canadian oil sands, in order to improve pricing.
High grade whale oil, was always mixed with lower grade porpoise oil.

For those who cringe at reading that these mammals were killed for oil which lit the homes of people. It should be noted that if you sat one week with burning candles or kerosene lamps, you would soon find that your head would be full of soot and would hurt. You would soon look upon these swimming mammals with a new reality that porpoise actually eat their own kind in shark type feeding frenzies.
It is a great deal easier to accept whale harvesting when it is your head hurting, your eyes going blind from lack of light, and those blubber carriers of the oceans are not so humane as human fiction makes them out to be.

So many men and so many fortunes in this world were employed and created by whalers in those tiny bobbing ships. It is a pity that Moby Dick is what most people in propaganda have the least information on in what a hard and yet glorious life it was in plying this trade of 150 pound men against 30 ton beasts.

Not all whales were hunted for oil. Some had little or poor grade of oil, so were not harvested, and were as content to swim by a whaler for company as any other ship. The Sperm whale or the Cachalot was the prize, and the one hunted for necessity of the quality of life of humans.

The Sperm whale was the great hunter of the deep in going after the great squid of the ocean depths. The giant squid is a most deadly hunter of the oceans  and fitting prey for the toothed Sperm whale, but once again what in degrees of prettiness does one have empathy for a Sperm whale to the beaked predator of the squid savagely killing it's prey.

I though appreciate the learning of information and the artform involved in whaling as thee entire operation was honed and if it was not, everyone would have perished.

To know in a little row boat, how to position for a strike with a harpoon, to then run the whale, to close and lance it, as the whale made the attack on the boat, to row the boat short against the larger turns of the whale, and then back off as the whale made rushes in death, is a thing appreciated if one places themselves in a 16 foot row boat and thinks....."Today I will get me a whale for if I do not I will die."

That sinking feeling in the stomach takes over, as you would not have a clue as to how to do it to survive, and then that little harpoon and little boat, would not seem so menacing to such a ship large creature in the ocean.
Yes you too would have evolved to an exploding charge to kill a whale  and hope for a steel ship to hide in with winches to keep you safe.

Humans do have it far too easy in the slave plantations they are now in, in this feudal world. They are rationed death while they judge peoples who made a living exploiting natural resources.

Odd how the whales have arbitraitors and so many can see their demise as cruel, but humans suffering the same harvesting by the modern whalers sent out from regimes to profit off of the pods of humans, have absolutely no advocates for the two legged creatures swimming through air on land every day in the gulag.



What Little Girls are made of

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter........

I came across something which astonished me, as I am forced to invest far too much time in the exposure of mind conditioning of people from being Christian to apostate, of removing normal moral behavior as  in marriage, family, work and patriotism for sodomy, adultery, welfare and Obama, which is all by design in various programmes from MK ULTRA to Mockingbird, and various other fledglings, including the as of late Rush Limbaugh attempt to indoctrinate children by selling them books in that market scheme.

In experiencing all of this heinous hijacking of human thought, it was an experience which gave me pause in coming across a recently released ebook which was entitled, A LITTLE PRESERVING BOOK FOR A LITTLE GIRL.
I can already hear the lurch inside women of rejection rising up of, what do you mean about women being taught to this is how much the feminist indoctrination has preyed  upon the emotions of women for a generation in building a reactionary fury in them to change them into hating who they are.

I have a fondness for cookbooks and that is why I happened upon this one, and the Holy Ghost started generating me in something I had not examined but was aware of. The Bible is the greatest liberation for women in Christian rights. The same holds true for the Anglo Germanic laws which afforded women protections with American infusions.
Women used to be "finished" as in finishing schools in the 1800's. A young lady was prepared for life, in being well read, musical, introduced to societal morals and prepared for household management as that was a huge task as one sewed clothes as they were a massive expense, and one prepared their own foods as no one else was available.

One can examine if women were liberated in the modern era with being freed from what was traditional expertise to the male work force where they are endangered, exploited, sexualized, underpaid and worked to death as a slave labor force, meant to destroy the family structure, but that is a none issue in this, because what is the issue is in 1920 America, an entire series of books were created in storybook fashion for little girls in order to advance their education and teach them the science of living.

In this book of preserving things, I was delighted in how detailed the information was, as it even mentioned a silver knife being placed into a glass jar. My Mom always schooled me that was for the bleeding off of super heated fluids poured into canning jars, so the jars would not crack and you would lose all your valuable work and necessary food.
In this book, it adds that the silver knife was used to assist in removing bubbles from jelly.

The author, Amy L. Waterman, along with other authors, Caroline French Benton and Louise Francis Cornell produced an entire series of instructional books for girls from cooking, sewing, housekeeping, candy, vegetables, gardening, knitting, nursing, gift making, parties etc....
All of the absolute necessities of life, for the little girls who could not afford finishing schools or school beyond  the third grade as my Grandmother had her schooling ended then.

My Mom's family was very astute in requiring their sons also to know how to cook, do laundry, sew and all the things of household. So I do not approach this with bristles of feminism in being a women's issue as everyone needs to know how to survive in this world, and I would consider it a mandatory rewrite of this being a children's book series with boys and girls, working together, so as to teach them respect and cooperation, and not just degraded to objects of desire.

For myself, if I had the resources, I would re issue this entire series and expand it, to modern things and to the things neglected. Boys of that era would have to know how to deal with horses, lubrication of wheel hubs, metal and wood skills, hunting, firearms, fishing, trapping etc.... A modern series involving electric, automobiles, computers, plumbing, to shoveling snow and mowing lawns would be exactly what this world needs to save these children from what is being indoctrinated into them.

It is possible to remedy a great deal of the damage which has been done to children.

The issue is, the proper God ordained teaching of people and what would be termed English refinement or American finishing schools which turned out ladies and gentlmen has been hijacked to mutate normal humans into these abnormal beasts. It has been deliberate and has turned what was moral behavior into abnormal misbehavior.
What was utilized for good liberation of free peoples has been bastardized for evil feudal enslavement.

This is all to enlighten you again as to the reality of what is being foisted upon all. This is no an issue which is addressed on public stages, but is an issue in which grandparent and parents accomplish this in their own homes. It is an education where one does not throw an ebook at a child and burden them with it, but has read the book, and is then available to safely teach the child the workings of the information.

This is done in calm leadership and direction, so the child is also taught the parent is in a leadership role, and to be trusted. You become involved with your child and they learn from you, they are not then going to be as much of a problem when juvenile issues explode in bucking your authority.

Civil behavior is schooled at home. You teach a child to empower them, and make them understand this, that the information allows them to know how to accomplish a  wide array of things, so they are independent and do not need others or wait for Walmart to open up, in they can accomplish things themselves.

The tools are still there to rescue children in this Obamanation generation. They simply need to be utilized and expanded upon.

nuff said


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the good way to die

My children, it is odd that most people never think there is a good way to die, and yet I can think of a few, as both my Grandpa's died in their sleep, and while I was not there, my giant of an Uncle, died on an October morning while goose hunting.

He had been pronounced in a clean bill of health apparently, but my Auntie did not want him going on the trip. All was well that morning at the blind, but when his friend noticed that a flock of geese had flown over unmolested, he walked over and there was my Uncle lying on the ground, with a serene expression and his hands folded over his heart as if he were asleep.

I was reminded of all of that in the following recount of Nash Buckingham, about one of his friends, a real stud duck out of Massachusetts and head game duck down in Missouri on a hunt in what is now oil county North Dakota for pheasants.

Arthur had not felt well on a drive for pheasants as Nash saw him stop and lay down. His lips were blue and Arthur thought he had went at eating too vigorous, so it was decided he would sit in the car for awhile and let the hunting crew film and shoot birds.

Arthur was feeling prime again after a few drives for birds and announced he was going to join in again, as he noted the lay of the land was nothing to be dealt with

"As I paused at the corner, Arthur had just cleared the barrier. "Buck," he called, and smiled at me when I turned around, "this is certainly a pretty place for pheasants."

"It sure is, Art," I replied, and turned to study the exquisitely sun-tinted rim of a distant moraine.

I'll never know what vague premonition drew me to glance sharply around—but I did—and Arthur Clark was not there—just to my left at corn's edge. Perhaps what startled me, for my hearing is not as keen as of old, might have been the clatter of his falling gun.

I leaped past the view and saw him stretched face downward in the clipped wheat stubble. Kneeling swiftly and shouting for Siebens, I lifted Arthur and caught him into my arms. The sharp, stiff stubble-brush had scratched and bloodied his left cheek. But on his face there was only an uncontorted, peaceful half-smile. And when he sighed faintly and relaxed, I knew, somehow, that the end had come with beneficent swiftness and mercy.

- Nash Buckingham

I think about things like that. I consider it no more pleasant thing than in meeting your maker being a moral person. It is just one of those good things to have your last moments in life, joking with your friends, and then calling attention to how pretty the world is and just appreciating life.

I wonder how many people's last words are something mean. How many people's last act is something sinful. How many are taken from this life filled with hate.

It is a hard thing for those in this world to have someone did good, but it is a worse burden to have someone die bad, for all the guilt it causes as you are pleased the SOB is dead.

A blessed end is really one of the greatest gifts from God. It still bothers people in the sorrow of it, but it is something that brings peace in time in appreciating it.

I would much prefer dying well than to living well, although they are not exclusive in God, as both are a gift.

Auntie sure had a bad time of it, and Uncle did come back and ask her if she was ok.  It is interesting the things a person starts thinking about at those times of the years as those dates come around again.


A Tale of Two

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The delusion of the leftist mind is a fascinating thing in seeing the sins in others, but the righteousness of their sins.

America in 1960 had as a voting block a group of bratty draft dodgers who had avoided Harry Truman's Korean War and grown pacifist in the Stockholm Syndrome of the Soviet Nuclear Bloom. President Dwight David Eisenhower had afforded them this snobbish intellectualism, and it personified in the Dan Rather type.

America was facing in Joseph Kennedy the overthrow of the Franklin Roosevelt machine, which had neutered  Mr. Kennedy to the political sidelines, so as not to be a FDR machine contender from 1940 on, but the grasp of the old gaurd had slipped as Joe Kennedy embarked upon the Massachusetts style of bully thug electioneering to seize the 1960 democratic Presidential nomination.
In any fair process, Lyndon Johnson would have walked away with the process, but Americans tired with old, ugly and safe nominees, threw it all away for the criminal theft of the 1960 Presidential election by the Kennedy machine.

I was thinking of the utter bias of sinners and the self righteous in the smearing which Richard Nixon endures and the adulation that John Kennedy is endeared with, when the reality is, Richard Nixon was the moral man and John Kennedy was the immoral delingquent.

Richard Nixon grew up with no money. John Kennedy was a millionaire trust fund baby at birth.
Richard Nixon fell in love with a girl named Pat who would have nothing to do with him, but Richard loving Pat, did have access to a car, and drove her and her date on their dates. With that, Richard Nixon won the heart of the woman he loved and was always faithful to.
John Kennedy, married a young girl of affluence named Jackie who was pretty as a political statement. He cheated on her constantly.

In World War II, Richard Nixon was in the United States military. He served in the Pacific as an officer, and being poor he would not play poker to squander his money. When he found out that in playing poker in only betting on hands which would win, he began playing and actually saved over 1000 dollars in his winnings.

John Kennedy in World War II was given command of PT 109, which was sunk and his crew harmed. There never was a court martial over this, and for this he was propagandized as a hero.

Richard Nixon could not afford to go to college. He had to enter a California junior college in order to prove himself, and was then allowed to enter Georgetown University.
John Kennedy had all doors opened to him, as a party boy and graduated from Harvard.

Richard Nixon took on communism and helped bring it to ruin in America. John Kennedy focused on unions for political gain.

John Kennedy as President unleashed his brother Bobby on Conservatives in order to legally define them as insane.
Richard Nixon as President spoke for the Silent Majority of law abiding Americans.

The smear is Richard Nixon had dirty tricks, but it has been show that democrats provided the dirty tricks on Richard Nixon and Watergate was a Kennedy linked coup to bring down Richard Nixon in operations under E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy which Nixon had no knowledge of.
John Kennedy was nothing but dirty tricks in the guise of his operatives hiring old women to come up to Nixon after the debates to tell Nixon he had lost. John Kennedy stole the 1960 Presidential election from Richard Nixon, and for the good of the country, Richard Nixon did not legally challenge it.

John Kennedy almost brough the world to nuclear obliteration at the Cuban Missile Crisis. Richard Nixon through detente brought the beginning of the end of the Cold War.
John Kennedy started Vietnam. Richard Nixon ended Vietnam.

John Kennedy was assassinated for cartel reasons. Richard Nixon had a coup staged against him by communist cartel sympathizers.

Those are the absolute historical facts. Richard Nixon was not perfect as no person is, but Richard Nixon was a faithful and moral man, who worked for the prosperity and security of these United States.
John Kennedy was an adulterer and immoral man, who worked for the prosperity and security of the United States.

Yes in this, Richard Nixon is held up constantly by the agents of communism as the worst person ever, and John Kennedy is enshrined by deluded liberals as the most wonderful person ever.

John Kennedy's administration was one of dope use and using the CIA to assassinate other leaders. Richard Nixon played the piano and used the diplomatic corp to find detente in a world on the nuclear edge.

It is ludicrous and criminal what has been done to Richard Nixon in knowing the facts, as much as how John Kennedy has been protected when his failures and nature were known.

Was it a good thing that John Kennedy issued Treasury notes? Yes it was. Was it a good thing that Richard Nixon issued price controls? No it was not.

It is the matter of it all coming down to a moral man in Richard Nixon being castigated when John Kennedy did far worse politically and was nothing of the morality of Richard Nixon by actions.

Richard Nixon was one of the greatest Presidents America ever had or will have. His policies should be a study in foreign and domestic issues to learn from, and to build upon.
John Kennedy was mediocre. The contest to the moon and issueing Treasury Bills were his two legitimate actions. The rest were absolute failures of the worst kind to harm America.

If the Marxists and deluded Liberals would leave Richard Nixon in peace, I would not bother with John Kennedy, but hold their debaucherous criminal up as an example to recognize Richard Nixon as a man of character, who had a coup waged against him, smear campaigns and through it all was at the close of his life, called upon by President Bill Clinton to council Mr. Clinton in how to deal with world politics.

Those are the realities and why this blog defends the underdog of Richard Nixon, as he truly was among the great Presidents

nuff said


A Little Mutton and Wine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am curious in all forms as to the bias and prejudices of a successful married life, in the physical health of it. As of late I have been moved to study George and Martha Washington, who are the epitome of vitality in wholesome living.

I have featured the Washington pumpkin custard in recipe here and I have tasted it by my own hand with delight. I add to this though a most interesting principle of George Washington's simple life.

It touched me deeply in understanding when Billy Dixon in his memoirs of the Great Plains, that as his life closed, he recorded that nothing was more satisfying to him, than if he could once again have his French camp cook, broil him a buffalo steak over an open fire, eat fresh sour dough bread and drink from his quart tin cup.

Mr. Dixon was feasting upon not food alone, but the liberty of being an American roaming free over the land.

President and Mrs. Washington, kept up a steady diet of visitors, as he noted that he had not dined alone in 20 years. It is in that, that the President wrote this:

"My manner of living is plain, I do not mean to be put out of it. A glass of wine and a bit of mutton are always ready; and such as will be content to partake of them are always welcome. Those who expect more will be disappointed, but no change will be effected by it."

It was said that after the President retired, Mount Vernon butchered and ate a hog a day, for all the family, visitors and slaves there.
George Washington noted that he had 100 cows in his herd, but that he still had to buy butter for the mouths he was feeding.

The expense of this, was great, as a pig sold is a big earned, but a pig into bacon is only keep for the welfare of another at your own poverty.

I find it interesting in the common meal at the Washington table was sheep with a glass of wine. Mutton is a highly lubricated meat as most do not appreciate the lanolin if not grilled off, but it is most healthful in resembling venison of a high grade. Coupled with a glass of wine, and the company of conversation, this is what the souls of the Washington's dined upon.

It is not to say that their table was not varried by ham, beef, chicken or wild game, but it is of interest to me in "we'll kill the old red rooster when she comes", that America was without refrigeration except the ice house in northern states, and preservation was salt and smoke cure of meat, that the reason common people kept and ate chickens was their ready fresh meat, and the Washington's in their prefered meat was sheep, which was their chicken as they had an extended number of mouths to feed.
Meat could be kept in winter for longer periods safely, but in the other three Virginia seasons, it would have to be "done something with" in cooking so it would not spoil.
Sheep fit the George and Martha Washington menu and it was a very good choice as it was healthy, and a beef would spoil, as the fatted calf was a thing of feasts.

George and Martha Washington were eating healthy before it was known. They were both in good health for that era and it is interesting to this exploration, that as America became beef oriented, that the Abraham and Sarah Biblical roots of dining have been passed over.

Providing the hunters and trappers kept the wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats and panthers killed, a small flock of sheep was the best thing for self provision, along with a flock of chickens for the American family in being Yankee thrifty.
Add wild game as in Davy Crockett bears and the menu was complete.

It is my intention to reinact this Mount Vernon menu. I just need to find some ugly stupid sheep, which there are numbers of to complete the menu. I make plain in ugly stupid, as I just saw for sale some very pretty lambs that my heart went out to, but the Holy Ghost whispered, "You know you turn animals into pets when you like them, so maybe you should look for something ugly."
Problem is I even think ugly is pretty after I am around it long enough.

Be easier if I had some colored to do it I suppose.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Toaster Prize

My children it is always odd what people get fond of.

Like this toaster I got TL for a dollar from the junk store. TL was not the fondest of it, as if you set it beyond 1 1/2 on the Procter Silex setting, it turn toast black and to TL's non amusement set off the fire alarm for the smoke it caused.

I am affectionate of it though as TL had no toaster at the start, and only the oven. Now the oven made good toast, but it took to long and this is a pretty white toaster and it sort of  toasts half the bread while leaving the other sort of untoasted.

I suppose I could look online about if I could fix the thermostat on this thing, but I never think of it, as I just use this toaster to my contentment. If I want all toast, I just flip it upside down and give it a few more half minutes and I got toast.

Oh and it refuses to go down twice in a row as the thermostat keeps popping it up until it cools off.

So I can see why people would have gotten rid of it, but for some reason I am drawn to it, as it comforted me a long way from home. There is something about glowing coils and toast being made in it's own way, that is a nice thing that gives security to a soul. This toaster which I am surprised was not thrown out by TL sits on the counter and looks all pretty at me, and I think we have some kind of connection because it is so imperfect, in you really can only call it a toaster by looks, as what it produces is in such a finite realm of toast that it is either charcoal or bread or half toast and half bread.

I am thankful for the dollar toaster. Thankful in my absence that Mom blew up my other toaster which was really nice in I think I paid 2 dollars for that one. I know my rich brother in law spent a wad of cash for a deluxe toaster and I honestly can not say it is anything a popular girl would be attracted to. It just fails in an expensive way, the way the dollar toaster sort of succeeds at.

I suppose when we are given the money for our home, that the dollar toaster would appear there, not toasting all that well, but well enough for probably till Jesus comes back toasting in not ever being replaced.

Maybe now that the toaster is a celebrity, the way Lame Cherry is a famous celebrity now, I should do something like Elvis in "Lame Cherry once toasted here". What better thing could there be than for some multi millionaire to donate 350,001 dollars for the purchase of that toaster with no gaurantees, as the idea is to have Lame Cherry's toaster like Elvis' kerchief he sweated on.........and no I will not sweat to the toasties as I am not looking to get electrocuted.

Yes my prize toaster, my companion, I believe I would part with for 350,001 dollar donation as I am losing money on this, in the shipping would be like 8 bucks I suppose and I would only have 349, 994 dollars. For all those big numbers, that price sure looks small compared to the 350,000 dollars.

I never intended to make this an offer to sell my toaster, but then the Holy Ghost comes up with all of these entertaining and clever ways to appeal to the heartless rich for the big donation in so many ways.

I will miss my toaster munificiently if it is sold, but I do make sacrafices of great extent for all of you. My toaster which does not work is a great prize of mine.



A Lame Cherry Moment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I believe I am an example of approximately 70 million Americans. It is that example which terrifies Homeland, NSA and the Boehner right and the Obama left, as they know what they are putting these people through, and expect them to act out violently, but it has not come, and this perplexes them as the psychological models all state it should be and it is not.
It has occurred to them that a Soveitization of the west has taken place in this patriot is there, but just watching smouldering under the surface.

People like hearing of my existence, so I thought I would share an answered prayer and my years of Egyptian misery.

I have mentioned my chickens and how American breeders have created birds that will not set on eggs to hatch them, by crossing them with Mediterranean fowl. Most people just get phobic about this hen setting as they feel they are cheated out of an egg a day and that is some loss to their greedy persona.

I have tried breeding a flock, which to make a long story short was mostly killed off by predators because the goddammned government raises predators, as predators kill wildlife, so there is no need for hunters or trappers to manage, who are armed with guns. It is a disarming of states in heinous way to destroy the Constitution.

I had probably 2000 dollars or 5000 dollars if you take my time in producing this flock which was mostly murdered by regime predators.

To add to this, I tried to get some South American ducks as they breed like rabbits, and they were killed. I obtained some more, but the huckster who sold them to me cheated me, and then was an ass in not responding.
So it was like 90 dollars for those ducks. Then they ate all summer and winter in Soros expensive non medicated high protein feed, and then cracked corn, which was costing me around 50 dollars a month, as for some reason when you order ducks, most of them are drakes and you get few hens.
Experience has taught me not to cull, as for obvious reasons your birds die, and you are left with only one sex of animals, as previously I was left with only 2 males a fox did not kill.

Project this out, as I am not always able to be around with Mom in the hinterlands in trying to take care of her and things. Into this, there was a satanic person who got into one of the Spiritual doors, and what do you know what happened?

I raised through very hard labor last year in saving baby chicks, 10 birds. My one pen one cold day, Mom reported to me by phone had 4 dead birds in it, with one hen escaped. She is not a trapper or a reader of sign, so her thought was cold and a cat ate on some of the birds. I wondered, but as nothing else took place I just wondered.

Then a surprise came, as my ducks were dying. Yes, and would you not know it, but out of 3 hens, two of them were dead. Mom who is elderly, finally moved them and all was none dead any more from this second location.
From her description, I immediately knew the signs of a mink. Mink are bastard predators. They slaughter for fun, and then just eat the neck meat off a bird no matter the size.

Knowing sign helps, as I turned to help once to a government trapper when my chickens were being murdered and the asshole announced it was "raccoons" killing my chickens. I glared at that asshole with his fucking college degree and informed him, "Raccoons do not carry off chickens and it was either a fox or a coyote".
For some reason the college boy just shut up and did not continue lying to me.

Have I mentioned I hate these educated idiot college boys with a burning fury of passion as they are the penis head problem of this entire world?

So TL prays on the predator for God to kill it. I am depressed as I am past the end in trying things to get some rich person to donate here that 350,000 dollars, and they just sit there keeping that money, as they got it all Limbaugh secure in thinking they are safe from what is coming.
My pets being killed affects me deeply and is about the only thing that knocks me down emotionally any more and that is why satanic tools inflict that way.

So I just wait daily as I can not get Mom to do a thing in trapping or anything, to try and kill that goddamned  government predator and those assholes just are welfare workers not doing their job. Nothing else dies, but I know what is lurking out there.

So, and if you do not like SO, there is always another there is no other source than here with information on what is really going on, so, SO, I get a wake up call today and it is Mom doing the daily report, as I check on her twice to make sure she is not dead or lying in the yard dying as she is old and some predator is circling her.

Anyway Mom says, "A cat caught and ate half a weasel."

I wonder at this point if it has something to do with a worship service I performed the other day in pleasing God, but am pleased that God rose up one of my cats to kill this poultry killer.
This was not a least weasel which are only as big as a hotdog, but a long tailed weasel. No difference in size between them or a hen mink. I told Mom that is what was killing things and it surprised me as I had not seen one of them for a very long time.

Weasels do not do very well, as they are stupidly tame things. Out in gopher holes they are quite entertaining in how fast they move and probe everything. My cats kill numbers of things, including a tribe of least weasels years ago, and once again they got a bigger variety.

I suspect this weasel being hungry decided to try and kill one of my cats. They bite the throat like on poultry and hang on until the prey dies. This time kitty got the same throat bite and got a meal.

Weasels like mink, like wolverines are not very good eating, and is why nothing makes a habit of eating the savage things, and other things tend to get ate by them. They stink in my nasal senses worse than skunk, as their odor is sharper when they spray.

I am grateful to God using one of my cats to kill this weasel. I will probably be more fond of them for awhile as I hate cats, but they like me a great deal, so I end up liking them.
I was petting my neighbor's cat who is a cut stud cat named Elvis. Like all cats, he comes by brushing against me, and letting me pet him, then he walks away and comes back, and then lays six inches further away than I can pet him just looking at me. It is why I hate cats as they are always around you when you do not want them and always on you when you want them away.
Mine like walking between my legs in figure eight while I am walking and tripping me, another reason I hate cats.

My beloved Uncle had Manx cats. I know this as TL showed me some last week. They still show up a few miles from where Mom is, but I think I would like them in being odd cats. Mine are Russian blue which are like Siamese, TL informs me this as I know little of cats, and some are Anghorrah, which I do like as Puss who started them was a killer cat, that killed everything and eventually a horned owl killed her on my step.
I hate horned owls with seething passion too as they kill poultry and only eat the brains out. Great news in a 30 pound gobbler laying there dead, because a goddamned regime protected predator at his brains out.

Oh my gobbler died too, so I got two hens and no gobbler. Did not get anything last year as skunks ate the nests. The skunks are dead as I killed them, but that took all summer.

So I know things like the beekeeper who has some ass spray his bees in how much that costs and how much it is a wound to the soul. I have not forgotten what tools of satan did to Emma last year in her being murdered. I do not forget any of this, as in my small economy world, things being killed is a huge investment in prices.
I take it all personal as it is personal. It is people with money cursing me and satan acting out on those ill thoughts, just like satan does to everyone of you, in making your lives hurtful and dead.

That though is my life, and it should be a warning to you people with money, nice homes, nice cars and spend more money on shit that I have to spend on dead birds. America is a nation of millions of very hurt Christians, and another 70 million Obama voters with no Christian virtue holding them back. They are the problem as when the push comes to shove they are going to be bashing your heads in as they rape the good looking in your family, as those finished loot your home, then murder you and burn it all down in what is coming ahead.
See my type is not going to then not bother in protecting you, because you left me to rot and die, and I will not risk my life nor will I allow my meager poultry supply be killed to feed your stragglers. You probably would not reach my shack where Mom is, because you would run into some bullets from others you tried to beg food from before you ever got to my gun barrel.

I keep making the point to people with money, that you invest in your life by donating that 350,000 to me, and then I have the ability to push the policies which will keep you safe in your locality in a greater chance.

Simple things, but even if God seems He forgets me, there is a dead weasel which says otherwise. You rich people and tools of satan are going to be dead weasels. It will be by the tooth and nail of Obama voters rising from their slums by design, just like George W. Bush let the Iraqi Niggers loot Saddam's elite in order to handle the competitor situation.

Was fun then was it not eh? Yeah Alfalfa, same regime is going to put them buckwheat with bling at you when the time comes.

That is a Lame Cherry moment, and I look forward and relish the time that God avenges me. That is what Christians expect and Homeland will find it hard to arrest God, and of course I am innocent of it all, as that is the way God runs things.

Nuff said