Monday, July 28, 2014


My children, I have never been drawn to the eating of vinegar, but the Romans were drinkers in volumes of it, in they mixed it with water as their beverage of choice in a sort of cheap wine.
It certainly assists in digestion and is good for you, but even with TL and Mom eating vinegar on things, it just was too much from the white vinegar times of my youth that it seemed to burn my mouth.

This has all changed now and I am perplexed in a way, as when the event took place I was reminded of Boaz in the Bible and of Ruth from Moab, King David's and Jesus kindred.

"And Boaz said unto her, At mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar. And she sat beside the reapers: and he reached her parched corn, and she did eat, and was sufficed, and left."

Ruth 2:14

See Boaz was a big sopper of things in vinegar. I admit I tried making venison in wine, and all it tasted to me was like wine, and when I will to partake of wine, I want to drink it, and not have my meat tasting of it. I guess the French like eating their wine, but it is just not for me.

I like the verse in Ruth a great deal, in we find sops of vinegar, and we find that the Boaz clan parched their  grain. That is quite out of vogue now like dipping bread in wine, like Jesus do recall he was doing that at the Last Supper, and you know now in Lame Cherry exclusive that Judas wanted to be Jesus as King, but that instead by putting his bread in with Christ into the bowl, he was the inferior type, and only partook of death in there can be no spiritual replacement of Jesus, thee only begotten Son of God Who takes away the sin of the world.
That is your treasure in this of the Word, in being explained how you never heard it before in why Judas dipped and what it's Spiritual meaning and condemnation meant. It is a like death those who allow themselves to be marked by the beast for the anti Christ. Just like clones genetically destruct as inferior as their can only be one original.

So, I was talking about parched grain. The Israelites had no corn. Corn was the term for kernels of grain. The grain they had was wheat and barley. Rye was a northern crop and a bi annual. The pasta wheat is a bi annual too of central Europe.
The reason people parched grain, as George Washington and the early Americans all parched grain, including corn as that was an American crop, was that it cooked the grain and made it more digestable for the body.

Parching is simple in one just heats a pan, and sort of pops the grain, as it browns it and the natural water in it expands in the heat to make it burst, but not as large as popcorn.
You can then grind this and eat it that way or just put it into the knapsack like the Kentucky Riflemen on their horses and go chase terror Indians or Europeans to retaliate for their murdering and raping your kind.
Parching was just faster than grinding flour and making cakes as that took time, and often times people did not have time, as in harvest.

As I was saying, TL is fond of vinegar and TL was having me try Balsamic vinegar with extra virgin olive oil. I have not been a fan of extra virgin olive oil, as in cooking it was stronger and it was imparting too much flavor into the food, so I liked the second rendering of it which was light in color.

This though sopping of morsels I am puzzling and pondering over, does benefit from the heavy fruity flavor of the extra virginal olive oil.

I conclude now this is a meal in this Balsamic vinegar mixed with the dark olive oil. Some wine might make it more glamorous with a bit of cheese, and then perhaps some fruit as in kiwi, strawberry, apple or seedless grape........I would do sweet baby carrots too as they might dip nicely also, but I see great merit in this lunch, and for a lunch some ham, cold chicken or pepper stick beef would put this far beyond what Boaz was living off of.

These people were working hard, as cutting grain, and making bundles, stacking it and then flailing it to beat the kernels loose from the heads is hard. You then have to throw it into the air to have the wind remove the chaff.
It is always done in dry weather, hot weather, and it is always dirty and tiresome work. Yet their high octane food content was vinegar and parched barley or wheat.

Having harvested grain I value modern threshing or combines in gleaning grain, as that was long work too even with mechanical means. Eating used to be very hard work and and I am surprised after all that, that people had any energy to eat.

I do enjoy though vinegar and oil, in the Balsamic and dark olive oil, with a chewy bread like French or sourdough. It is a pleasant experience in the fruity olive oil with the sweet sharp taste of the Balsamic.

I suppose they dipped things in vinegar as they had no salt in most cases and pepper was unheard of then from the Spice Islands.

Just thought I would share the experience in Bible eats, and people in America ate this way into the mid 1800's, as it was only after that the country was settled enough to farm wheat in quantity and having mills in all locations to grind the flour for biscuits.
Americans  though had no access to olive oil and no grapes really for vinegar, so their culinary habits were directed toward the English, bread, butter and jam.
When corn pressing became more available after the Civil War, I know George Custer in his last meals was eating just bread and corn syrup on it, in his dipping of the morsel. This was common in America up to the second world war.

I do appreciate that TL has broadened my horizontal palate, as I find myself like Sam I am, in I do, I do, like Green Eggs and Ham.


More than Bird and Bee Sex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter........

I have long warned of the dangers being inflicted upon Americans by the mass poisoning of birds in America which is deliberate. This might have people confused of what I am talking about, but birds like blackbirds have been destroyed by the hundreds of thousands under the guise of "their pooping on cars in New Orleans".

There are reports off and on of flocks of birds being found dead with no apparent reason. The reality is that it is part of this insane war on America, just like the destruction of honeybees.

Birds are meat eaters in insects. They ingest large volumes of insects in creating their young in the nest as protein is the only "milk" which will generate rapid healthy growth. It is why mammals do not produce carrot juice and produce milk. To grow something young to maturity requires protein, and that is from lizard, to cow, to birds to humans.

Birds in doing so stop pestilence, because insects transmit pestilence.

I give this example:

"There is a bird in that island called the "martin," but it is more property the "mina." This bird is about the size of the starling, whose habits its possesses in a great degree. It exists in immense numbers, and is a grand destroyer of all insects.

On this account it is seldom or never shot at, especially as it is a great comforter to all cattle, whose hides it entirely cleans from ticks and other vermin, remaining for many hours perched upon the back of one animal, while its bill is actively employed in searching out and destroying every insect. During the prevalence of the cholera at Mauritius these birds disappeared.

Such a circumstance had never before occurred, and the real cause of their departure is still a mystery. May it not have been, that some species of insect upon which they fed had likewise migrated, and that certain noxious animalcules, which had been kept down by this class, had thus multiplied within the atmosphere until their numbers caused disease? All suppositions on such a subject must, however, remain in obscurity, as no proof can be adduced of their correctness.

The time may arrive when science may successfully grapple with all human ailments, but hitherto that king of pestilence, the "cholera," has reduced the highest medical skill to miserable uncertainty."

Sir Samuel White Baker. Eight Years' Wanderings in Ceylon

I have given the modern example where Barack Obama's favorite leader in Mao of Peking, decided one year that he hated English sparrows, so he mandated that all villagers ran around banging on pots and pans, and this chasing exhausted birds and killed them all.
Within months, what happened but an epic pestilence in bugs were eating the Chinese crops and spreading disease.

There has been a great deal invested in things like chemtrails, but no one except this blog has exposed nor made an issue of the deliberate destruction of the underpinnings of the America ecosystem. Bees are required for the surplus production of fruit. Birds are mandatory for the eating of billions of bugs to keep food sources and human beings safe.
The Saddam Hussein West Nile biological attack upon America was a feature which started wiping out a greater portion of the American song bird population. The odd anamolies of the past years of flocks of birds reported dead in group is another manifestation of this.

There is a reason that Dr. Germ released a new daytime mosquito for the West Nile virus, and as that story was only broken here as the new Obama West Nile Virus, again ignored by all.

I do not have 3/4's of the birds I once had in my locality, and this is a trend I have found in different locations around the country. This is part of the deliberate killing of key components of human life in America.
You have been conditioned to expect Jack Bauer ticking nuclear bombs, but there are operations being carried out which are destroying the underpinnings of life in America.

Yes another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, but big deal that it means unless some person with money makes the 350,000 dollar donation. You rich people feel safe, but you have no idea what is even being engaged in to exterminate you.

The birds and the bees is not about sex. It is about survival and with them dropping like flies, the day will come when you drop like flies.

nuff said

agtG 239

Sunday, July 27, 2014


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When one begins to consider that in 2008, a question as, "Who is a better leader, George Bush or Barack Obama?", would resound with Obama, but at this late term date, the answer in increasing numbers is George W. Bush, it is a matter of the black mystique having worn off the Designer Negro.

With 1/3rd of Americans demanding Obama be impeached, 1/3rd wanting him to supplant Idi Amin and would still 98% vote for Obama, and the final 1/3rd setting the impeachment bar at a felony, the thing lost in this is the subject of impeachment is on all of American minds.
Yes the regime can jinn up this circus for evaporating support in trying to rally the troops, but the reality is much larger in this in the two Lame Cherry points:

1. Obama's image is going to create 3 million more Negroid prison inmates in the next years, by his importing Mexicans to take black jobs.

2. John Boehner simply needs to order the state militias to the border to secure them as that is Article I mandates for Congress.

When one has English press reporting that Obama's image has already left the building in only partying, shopping for California gated community property to retire at, and rumors of divorce or a Hillary and Bill arrangement in separate dwellings, America does have a sever problem in this, as America honestly does need someone in charge, as the minute others start figuring out that no one at home at 1600 Penn Avenue, then Mr. Putin moves into more than Ukraine, the Jews blow up Gaza in a first strike, and then there are the Peking girls and Kim Jong Un just waiting to acquire territory.

This is a vulnerable time for America, where Americans are more prone to be murdered by terrorists, or be dragged into a non staged war for Obama's image, where real armies are involved to slaughter tens of thousands of United States Soldiers.

Liberals which smear this blog might discount foreigners like Putin, but how does one discounts 40 million Mexican voters. Mexican leftists, still detest aborticide, still listen to the Pater in Rome and the local Priests and they hate blacks they are in competition with.
So liberals get this, yes the image of Obama can change the face of America from GOP to democrat, but it will forever change the democratic face. It is no longer going to be rich Jews who own movie studios, Jesse Jackson blacks, and ugly white women who hate men. Those are the 3 primary democrat voting groups, all trumped by a Mexican group which likes women pregnant, likes people not black, and likes soccer better than Hollywood or the NBA.

What is going to emerge is a Latino Catholic democratic party, a third party made up of liberal fringe now running the DNC, and then the Boehnerites and Rovians.

You have to get this, in the image of Obama, has doomed what is the democratic party of Pelosi and Reid and Waters. Taco Castro is the face of the DNC and it will be his hand minding the mob which is necessary, and the Latinos will not give a coyotes howl about skanky white hags and Afroids, but will be pushing to have the Pater in control of Jerusalem.

Seriously given the choice between Boehner and Obama, I have the least problem with a Mexican mob answering the the Church of Rome, who are working and hate blacks more than whites.
The clinker in this is, these Latinos are not registering to be Americans........why they hell should they want to be thrown into wars, have rationed death and answer to American laws.........easier just to skim the cream and head for the border when the Chicoms invade.

The image of Obama has now descended into Caligula delusion in the world and America are becoming unsettled at how odd this regime is.
None of this honestly bothers me any more, and I no longer care, as America is dead, and I am more intelligent than any liberal or their minority report in outsmarting them. Geez Louise, just look at the shit hole Mexico is and the shit hole ever liberal state is..........hell everyone is fleeing those turd lands. This Obama invasion will do the same thing to America, and have you ever seen Latins in charge of their own or leftists in full charge of their own? Broom handles up the ass and Stalin holes in the frozen ground. Liberal elite eat their own.....and I say cannibal away.............just let me get some jerky and chips to watch the show proper.

So yes, I detest the Obama cartel destruction of America, but in analyzing this, it all points to the historic reality that the Mexicans will eat the liberal cancer to a canker pedro state........just like the mafia runs Mexico now and all the white leftists are behind iron gates or in London living.

The elite want you to waste time in impeachment diversions and ............oh yes that the next election will fix it all. This could of all been fixed by Congress, but no one in power wants it fixed.........the want this feudal control to genocide Americans. The only thing that can be done is to enjoy the show and wait for Jesus to come back.

You Americans built a nation by God's hand, and now God's hand is going to bring in the scorched earth to settle the accounts, as your home is not here, as you are in exile here, and where you will be living is what is getting weeded out just northeast of Jerusalem. That is where your people came from in the Israelites of Joseph. Perhaps is not so hard in your comprehending that your ancestors were pushed out several times to get you is only fair that you are around to be taken back.

Until then, you got a Jinn in the White House which is out of touch with reality and all the lemmings of the left are following it over the ledge. That sounds like great news to me as I don't have any use for butt ugly white chics or face ugly black homers, both too stupid not to be suckered into voting for messiah  Obama.

Let the Mexicans eat them as they'll eat anything, and damn certain a coyote won't eat a Mexican. It all works out in nature in the bottom feeders like ebola cleans out the culls, and that is what the democratic party is, a mob of culls for the Mexican entre.

You just wait in those Chinamen imports. They ate each other under Mao and they eat dog......natural order of things, Latins eat the blacks and pasty whites, and the coyotes won't eat the Mexicans, but the Woks will be full of coyote meat in the survival of the filletists.

nuff said


Millions of years of Evolution

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.....

There is a great conundrum concerning "science" in their geological formations which are said to require millions of years to form, which is absolutely a fabrication like "carbon dating".

I place here a simple recording by naturalist Ernest Seton in the year of 1905, as evidence of how fast a land can be changed, not requiring millions of years, but sometimes in an hour, year or period of a few years.

I want people to realize this, for the simple reasons of stopping the questioning of God's time tables and the reality that "petrified forests" did not take millions of years to form, but were formed much more readily.

Many an island is wiped out and many a one made in these annual floods. Again and again we saw the evidence of some island, continued long enough to raise a spruce forest, suddenly receive a 6-foot contribution from its erratic mother; so the trees were buried to the arm-pits.

Many times I saw where some frightful jam of ice had planed off all the trees; then a deep overwhelming layer of mud had buried the stumps and grown in time a new spruce forest. Now the mighty erratic river was tearing all this work away again, exposing all its history.

Ernest Thompson Seton. The Arctic Prairies

The above is evidence how petrified forests or piles of fossils were deposited and covered up. It did not require eons, but was done in hours in most cases.
It could be accomplished by a cauldera, or massive volcano erupting or in a Noah Deluge or lesser local floods.

The Grand Canyon did not require millions of years to form, as was always tauht, but was carved out in hours when a huge earthen dam in the Utah region gave way and the water simply rushed out carving the canyon at that point.

I firmly believe that there were no Rocky Mountains before the Flood of Noah, as there were no Himilayans. The chief mountains appeared the Appalachians which were eroded during the flood, and later in the dividing of the earth, these masses pushed up as the continents separated.

This is just a sojourn of a few moments in all of this and it requires mentioning that the earth has places in constant upheaval still taking place today, but ignored like the reality the world is frigid in this global warming scam.

nuff said


Military Rule of these United States

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As your tid bits of history now censored, most will not be aware that Congress passed the Reconstruction Laws after the Civil War after murderous riots in New Orleans, Louisiana, in which Confederate States were put under Martial Law.

That means a Military Governor ruled those states. Martial Law in America is not something foreign.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the President to assign to the command of each of said districts an officer of the army not below the rank of brigadier-general , and to detail a sufficient military force to enable such officer to perform his duties and enforce his authority within the district to which he is assigned.

nuff said


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prophetical Obama Quotes

I wonder if this Georgia dumb ass regrets her 15 minutes of fame included Birther Hussein Obama.

...and now for something completely different.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Nigger Jigs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.......

Peer pressure used to conform people to being normal. You went down to the stage to see oddities, as except some nice sounding recitation or singer, it has always been the odd which attracted attention at the Circus freak show.

The reason the black was an entertainer, was they were as strange as the man on the moon, as no normal human would act that way.

For example Jazz is not music, it is a gyration of sexuality, inducing a former coke high, the same way that rock n roll began as a sexual craze based on blackness.

I post here a quote from a New York City white patrician as example:

"I saw a crowd of the Indians about a lodge and strange noises proceeding therefrom. When I went over the folk made way for me. I entered, sat down, and found that they were crowded around a cheap gramophone which was hawking, spitting and screeching some awful rag-time music and nigger jigs.

I could forgive the traders for bringing in the gramophone, but why, oh, why, did they not bring some of the simple world-wide human songs which could at least have had an educational effect? The Indian group listened to this weird instrument with the profoundest gravity. If there is anything inherently comic in our low comics it was entirely lost on them."

Ernest Thompson Seton. The Arctic Prairies

Yes the great sin in this was exposing drum pounding and Indian wailing Aboriginals to the rag time and nigger jigs polluting their minds, as what would an Aboriginal know what to do with nigger jigs.

Canada was a good place for this as a study, as in Canada you had the leader, Lord Earl Grey, yes the same guy of tea time. Earl Grey is not some European blend, but a Canuck blend which took on royal tones being he was the big chief, and all the other mimicking minions just thought it was the cat's meow in all that was good.
Personally, Earl Grey is diluted Lipton Tea. If you want real robust tea, like bilin' the kittle which the Aboriginals do at all opportunities, you boil up some Lipton, as Earl Grey can not overcome a dose of canned milk and sugar the way Lipton can.

A snob drinks Earl Grey and thinks they have something they like due to the name, when in reality Earl Grey is a lesser Lipton. If you do not like tannin and strong black tea, then hose yourself down with some Ceylon as that is a placid tea which has little flavor as tea in having not tannin, and it literally hides from dairy and sugar in being obliterated.

Tea and entertainment have a degree of snobs not realizing what is tea or entertainment. There is nothing entertaining about Nigger things, no more than one is entertained by a freak show. It is as if one desires to see sex in a film, the perverted place to see it is France, the inflamed place to see it is in America, and the place to be bored by it is England.

It is past time to label all black "artistry" as a freak show, in having no talent, no more than watching a bearded lady. The words black and music do not exist.

Just because you see something black on media does not make it Presidential nor entertaining. The same is true in just because tea comes in a Wedgwood pot with some royals name on it, does not make it good tea.

nuff said