Sunday, February 7, 2016

III Percenter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am asked often enough in exasperated letters, as to what people can do, when they witness assassination attempts on Donald Trump, witness the murder and imprisonment of Americans in LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy, and witness election theft in Iowa condoned by the establishment parties, and I will to explain something that you can do, and this is a message to EVERY one of the Oath Keepers and III Percenters, who are the armed militant wing of the Tea Party.

The III is named for the only 3% of Americans like George Washington who rose up in arms against the British in 1776 who were beating on, imprisoning and murdering Americans who they said did not have rights any longer.

I am going to start this out with the reality that these groups target military and law enforcement personnel. This is exactly what America needs, but in a world of NSA lists, and Ron Paul as much a tool of the establishment as Marco Rubio, please understand that list is in the hands of the very police state that planned and carried out the murder of LaVoy Finicum.
Everyone is targeted who is American, but your name on a list, means there are FBI minders in every one of those groups for every 10 people, and your new best friend is going to be an informant, being paid to betray you to the police state, and they will get a bonus for your being murdered by the state, just like bonuses were paid for LaVoy Finicum's murder.

We begin this with a quote.......and you want to glean your overall information from Mother Jones and The Nation, as liberal publications will set up a different tracking of you, than visiting the main websites of Oath Keepers and III Percenters.

THE .50 CALIBER Bushmaster bolt action rifle is a serious weapon. The model that Pvt. 1st Class Lee Pray is saving up for has a 2,500-yard range and comes with a Mark IV scope and an easy-load magazine. When the 25-year-old drove me to a mall in Watertown, New York, near the Fort Drum Army base, he brought me to see it in its glass case—he visits it periodically, like a kid coveting something at the toy store. It'll take plenty of military paychecks to cover the $5,600 price tag, but he considers the Bushmaster essential in his preparations to take on the US government when it declares martial law.

The star of this story is a PFC, In forensic psychology he is deemed by the FBI labs as a young white male, who feels unempowered, so he goes off and buys a big gun........other males go off and notch women on their belts, get loud cars, fast motorcycles or drink volumes of beer. The FBI worries about the PFC as he is directing his attention to the symbols of America, which are in protocols supposed to be Brokeback Mountain was sodomizing cowboys and LaVoy Finicum being shot down like a dog with his cowboy hat on.......You get the picture the Mockingbird is conditioning you with in this broad programme.

So what did you glean from the above? PFC, big gun and martial law.

That is why you have me, as I will solve things for III Percenters who are poor, as for some reason, Glenn Beck in his multi millions will not buy all these Patriots, he claims to love, a new gun and 1000 rounds of ammo......
Told you to think about this in Big Koch terms, as Big Koch is the one chosen to front that "right wing" in herding it to be monitored.

I am not going to invest a great deal of time here, as people get lost in too many words, but here is what you can do as Oath Keepers and III Percenters.

The PFC is saving to buy an expensive gun. That is a notable virtue, but the PFC has been disconnected from his boyhood reading in Fur Fish & Game, and other outdoor publications. So I will explain what American boys used to do, and what Oath Keepers and the III Percenters should be doing.

Little Boys used to go trapping to earn money so they could buy guns. That would be muskrat and raccoons, I would suggest that the Little Boys of Oath Keepers and III Percenters, save up for a nice cheap Ruger, bolt action rifle, in the 300 dollar range, put a nice cheap 9 plus power scope on it, and then take that 223 out with nice cheap FMJ ammo, with either a Crit R Call or an electronic call in the 75 dollar range, and go out and shoot coyotes as the feds and state police wardens are growing tons of them to murder bambi and your poochie in your yard, as no deer means no hunters with guns and no poochie means you feel cowed.

Now why would I suggest this to Oath Keepers and III Percenters? It is because as Theodore Roosevelt taught his American children and what made the Veterans or WW I and WW II Soldiers, is they all grew up hunting bunnies to deer to ducks.
The PFC needs to understand live fire exercise, and there is nothing that is a better teacher than a killer coyote, whose nose and ears are better than the electronics in warfare. The PFC learns the terrain. He learns how animals use it by instinct. He learns how he would be hunted as a dying rabbit by one of the best predators in the world. It is the ultimate in training in patience, shooting in real conditions, and how the skills he desires to have, will be honed to an edge, like the American Rangers of New York who drove the superior Indians out when they were terrorizing New Yorkers.
Americans were not born great Soldiers. They learned how to fight like Indians, and beat the Indian terrorist on one on one fighting.

Get yourself a cheap license for varmint hunting, a cheap rifle and cheap ammo, and start honing your skills and start being paid to do it in coyote pelts. So when the times comes for a fancy 50 Caliber rifle, you will have already become by instinct an American who will survey any street situation, in knowing the escape routes, the firing lanes, the vantage points and how to do it all under cover.
You will begin thinking of your heat signature as the police state will have those expensive tools. Thinking of mini cams, drones and all of those toys which will be hunting you. You will think of that, so when that 50 Caliber tool is in your hand, you will not have it thinking it is the most powerful person in the relationship, but you are, because you are not going to get that owner killed.

You will start noticing things like muzzle blast signature, the echo on the hills, barrel smoke, and think of flash suppressors and silencers which you can legally have with an ATF form, as they are in vogue now.

Americans are not ready, any more than Europeans for what is coming. You have purchased all the most mass murdering tools for your police state, and they have  turned it on you. You have your guns, but you have absolutely no skills in using them. You are one dimensional with your gun, when you have to first before any operation, figure out every last move those who are hunting you, are going to deploy and engage in. A coyote is going to teach you a great deal, and he will reward you with a pelt, teach you about all those things sniper school pretends to teach you, and then that coyote will buy you your pretty toys.

After you begin learning this in expanded dimensions, you begin to understand that two are better than one, and three are better in triangulation, as it increases the odds in your favor.

.....and you learn that coyotes listen to every whisper to your buddy, so instead of bragging about all you are doing on Facebook or to the Suzy at the bar, you are instead secure in your knowledge in it empowering you, and you are content to be that dumb ass who knows nothing, who has learned urban camouflage in your sheep suit, looking like a Bernie Sanders voter.

It does not matter if you have testicles or ovaries. You practice, even if it is your female fanny with a pellet rifle shooting grasshoppers in the summer. Colonel Charles Askins, one of the greatest Olympian type pistol shots in the world, daily fired rounds off in his air rifle for practice.

It took George Washington some time, to create a militia and then an army out of log house dwellers. Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders were self made in being hunters and trappers from their youth. You need time to hone your skills, and through cheap investment fund your choices by animal pelts.

In time, you might discover like the best old wolfers who killed the most rogue wolves, more intelligent than humans in survival, that sometimes a big bang toy is one dimensional, and other dimensions exist, which begin with opening books to learn of quiet vocations.

You have made yourself into pretty targets now. Now how does the rabbit defeat the coyote.

Lesson is over.


I once knew a little boy........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I once knew a little boy, who was and old man, who had wasted his entire life in lack of Faith, preaching to anyone who would listen before running away, that it required witnesses and proof, in Who Christ is, because that is what Biblical Law taught.

I was discounted in the matter of Faith, Faith being the Law of God on which all Salvation is built, for without Faith nothing is accomplished, and with Faith God's Plan of creating you to be a new Spiritual child of His is completed.

St. Thomas Aquinas is in fact, of the 13th century, thee most genius of minds in the categories of the scientific age. His summation of his Summa is the most simple of answers, as brilliant as that of Joan of Arc to the governors of the Church of France, in 'If I am not in a state of Grace, then I pray God places me in a state of Grace', for Thomas Aquinas stated this:

"God has provided the proofs, scientific and in experience, and it is not the proof which is at fault for the unbeliever, but it is the responsibility of the unbeliever in having too feeble of mind to not understand the proofs already presented."

I think of the largest waste of brain matter in this 21st century in the acclaimed Stephen Hawking denying God. I consider the retarded nature of minds which deny God, out of their own fears. They can not trust God to love the creatures they are, so they assemble theories to hide behind, to protect them from a God of love as they judge themselves unfit.

The little boy, was from a broken home, and then decided to break his home, and his life. His example were his rich parents, in trusting in stocks and that is the value of life in being measured.
He wed a foreign woman as his father did, not for a wife, but the brown skinned race was a validation in having a servant in the home. The children became hammer and chisel in their being abused by parental dogmas which were to transform the unbreakable stone with the irresitable sculpture of creating a life which could not be felt.
It was a matter of the failures of parents, being placed upon the necessity of the children must accomplish all which the parents gave up in passions, and expecting the children to succeed building a life on a foundation of shifting sands.

The introduction of the Summa by Thomas Aquinas, carries now more information in a few pages, than the entire doctorate of every university upon this planet.

The denial of Christ is the denial of the Good people can be, for people reject that Goodness in the certainness they are evil. God can not exist in Faith, because they can not believe that God has Faith in them to love them, in seeing them more than the failures they are.

The self confessed brilliant mind of Stephen Hawkings, professed by a group of physicist retards, are a group of handicapped minds, who upon finding their last theory was flawed, create several more to comfort their lack of intelligence, until a new group of tormented minds appears to worship at mathematics to be ensnared by it to futility.

They simply can not exist as an act of love, as they hate who they are.

Life is as difficult as people choose to make it. Salvation is as impossible as people choose to make it. God makes life easy in teaching people to be content with what they have and to let tomorrow's worries be in tomorrow as you have enough to take to God today.
God made Salvation simple. Just listen to God's Word, believe what God says, and you are saved.

People have the choice to waste their own lives. They can destroy the lives of their spouses and children. They can shatter friendships. They can create God in their own failed image. They can chase one obsession after another. They can suck the life blood out of others in their stinginess, instead of being humble in looking to serve others in the most basic of ways.

Life is hard most of the time. Life  is filled with all the curses humans brought about by sin. Life though has good in it, which is amplified by the Good of God. The Goodness, the Love, the Faith, that is all the treasure which we take with us, because in Heaven, all there is, is Goodness.

All have failures and flaws. That is what Jesus joined to humanity for, in being Perfect so that we could put forth our efforts to growing to a perfection, but Jesus earned it for us and that is how God views each of us, when we are Christs.

We all have feeble minds and fat for brains. It is the trust that God is more than us, not to condemn us, or as we condemn ourselves, but God loves us, when we can not love ourselves or accept what we are.

It is what Christ teaches in denying ourselves. It is not to rid us of ourselves, but to accept that He fulfills all and brings us to all the things we want to be.
I can do all things, not because Christ strengthens me alone, but alone Christ has accomplished all of this, and I simply receive those victories.

I once knew a little boy, who never grew up like most people. He never gained the whole world, but clung to a part of, and lost the Spiritual Life daily.

I once knew a little boy............


The Amazing John Banner


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I child I watched endless reruns of Hogan's Heroes. As an adult, the only television I have watched are reruns again of Hogan's Heroes on over the air broadcast. I think Mom has like 15 channels now, as there are piggyback channels on the main channels and honestly this is better television than satellite in 150 channels.

This though is about John Banner, the actor who portrayed Sgt. Hans Schultz. As I watch this actor perform, I see one of the greatest actors ever on this earth, and he never received any credit for his work.
I watch in most cases, the background actors and scenes as  in most cases, that is what is more interesting than what is the main characters. In John Banner, this man never stands there, but is always doing something to add to the scene.
The nice part of this Bing Cosby Production is the directors and writers, actually wrote for Banner in his nuances, and they captured a great deal of it on camera.

For example, there is a scene in the Col. Klink's office where Klink is the focal point, but the camera is instead focused on Fraulein Helga coming in, and Schultz and Hogan pulling her chair out for her, with Banner acting ridiculous as always.

He never steals scenes, but is always that cherry on top, to just add so much to anything which is taking place.

I love his DONNERVETTER, which is German for "thunderstorm" as in  "You could knock me over with a feather" which is English, but not as fitting.

Good acting is non existent now. People just stand there wooden, and those not speaking, are never adding to the scene in reactions or the things that John Banner was so natural at. A man who weighs 300 pounds, and he never walks, but like Jackie Gleason glides or has a lilt in his step, making each motion count.

The wonderful Allan Hale and Jim Backus of Gilligan's Island were equal to this type of acting in the reactions which they always were skilled at doing, but John Banner was the perfection of knowing how to be the biggest man in the room literally, and shrink back, and knowing how to add to a scene and not steal the scene.

John Banner was something wonderful and he has never been given the due credit he deserved. He is my favorite character on Hogan's Heroes, and his equal was the bit actor of Vito Scotti who portrayed Major Bonacelli, who also played the mad scientist on Gilligan's Island and the infamous Japanese miniature sub commander in one of the most hillarious scenes in television. I make that known, as you probably would never recognize Vito Scotti in these roles as he is so good at acting.


As another note in this Hans Conreid, also played Bonacelli, and would go on to play Wrong Way Feldman on Gilligan's Island in another hilarious role.


These are some of the best actors to be ever portrayed, and they never have been given the credit for their work, and they really should be noticed, for all the skill and the joy they brought to this world.

Nuff said



Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bundy Indictment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reviewing the indictment against the Bundy Group in Oregon, and it puzzles me as everything the Bundy's are accused of, the FBI is guilty of as that is what Special Agent Gregory Bretzing engaged in.

Released Thursday morning, the grand jury's indictment says that one or more of the 16 listed conspirators engaged in the following acts:
  • Occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge "by force while using and carrying firearms";
  • Warned the Harney County sheriff of "extreme civil unrest" if their demands weren't met;
  • Brandished and carried firearms inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and "prevented federal officials from performing their official duties by force, threats and intimidation";
  • Threatened violence "against anybody who attempted to remove them";
  • Traveled to Harney County, Ore., "to intimidate and coerce the population ... in order to effectuate the goals of the conspiracy."

The FBI has occupied parts of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by force while carrying firearms.

The FBI warned the Harney County Sheriff of extreme civil unrest if the FBI's demands were not met by the Bundy Group.

The FBI brandished and carried firearms inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and prevented federal officials from performing their jobs by force, threats and intimidation in telling them not to go to their jobs, as these peaceful protesters were there.

The FBI threatened violence against anybody who attempted to remove the Bundy Group, and actually murdered LaVoy Finicum when they tried to seek refuge in Grant County.

The FBI traveled to Harney County Oregon, to intimidate and coerce the population in order to effect the goals of the Conspiracy which Special Agent Gregory Bretzing initiated with the Sheriff, the Paiute Indians, the media etc...

I know it is a stupid question to postulate, but why is it that  the FBI is not under arrest too, especially Gregory Bretzing, as he actually did more than the Bundy Group, in he endangered law enforcement in the chase, fired off weapons and shot down LaVoy Finicum.

So the reality in police state America, that law enforcement, in the federal police can break laws and face absolutely no consequences, but Americans Constitutionally protesting on their own properties, Constitutionally armed, Constitutionally exorcising their First Amendment Free Speech rights, are breaking laws.

All this reveals is that the police state can and does engage in criminal acts, the very activity which they accuse Americans of, but like Obama with the good and bad terrorists, only the Americans end up in jail.

I honestly do not believe that Director Comey of the FBI comprehends how ridiculous this is or he would have had agents who would have accomplished this so it did not look this foolish.

I wonder if the Attorney's in this case in opening arguments will simply tell the Jury as they read the charges off, "Well Americans, the Americans accused before you had Constitutional Rights to protect them from what this regime charges them with, but the reality is the FBI under Gregory Bretzing broke all of these laws and has no protection in the Constitution from his crimes, and he should be the one charged and not these innocent Americans."


The Criminal Darwin Police State.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have never seen spin in the New Hampshire GOP debate like tonight, since FOX with Chris Wallace and Shep Smith were propping up Obama against John McCain.

For the record, Marco Rubio was the sacrificial gay tonight, and Chris Christie was scripted to eat him, as in listening to the ABC propagandists afterwards, we finally know the programme which has been plotted out.

The cartel at this point can not deny Donald Trump the victory in New Hampshire, but apparently after the gay boys of Cruz and Rubio did their election stealing in Iowa, that they are now on the chopping block.

Twice tonight Cruz brain locked on words. He was flat and looked like he had been hit by a Jeff Rense mind fuzzer as he lost what he was saying. Rubio, I thought did well enough, but ABC and everyone else just savaged the gay boy.

So the buzz is on the unseating of Cruz and Rubio. and having Jeb Bush declare victory at 4th place, with the intended punchline being to see what shit hits the wall and sticks in Chris Christie or John Kasich.

I felt sorry for Kasich being a democrat in the debate, as he looked like a turtle and was so unappealing, like Ted Cruz's greased balding hair locks, that one was turned off by everything they were saying.
The big Clinton blow bag Donna Brazille was raving over Kasich and how he might win all of Ohio in March, in this planned and plotted for hung Convention.

So now we know that brown skins have no place in the GOP, except to suck on Jeb Bush's dick. Otherwise it is George W. Bush having to try and get Jeb Bush in the race in South Carolina.......I doubt that is going to help as everyone is suffering from Bush fatigue.

I am taken aback at how Marco Rubio was turned on by the GOP establishment. It was like watching a wolf pack, eat the guts out of one of their own, with the liberals looking on in glee.

So Christie is supposed to somehow get #2, and somehow Cruz and Rubio are supposed to vanish into a joined at the hip #3, as Jeb declares victory at #4.

Somehow in this vote fraud, Jeb Bush is supposed to come in #2 in South Carolina, and then be the "man" for Super Tuesday in announcing this to be a Trump Bush race to the convention. I will repeat as Jeb Bush looks like he as pre stage cancer on his head in numerous locations, spent 100 million dollars to finish at the bottom in Iowa and is about to finish behind the brown skin Cubans in pasty white New Hampshire.

All of this just disgusts me, as watching this fraud trying to subvert these elections in both the democrats and the republicans is so obvious and so criminal. I personally know that Bernie Sanders is worthless as tits on a boar, is as hind tit as Biden and Clinton, but for the sake of liberal voters, they have the right to vote for a communist without a Clinton stealing Iowa, like the continuous vote fraud and criminal manipulation by the GOP fag elite.

Seriously with what is going on in Oregon, the Clintoncrats and the Klusterfuck against Donald Trump, it makes one long for Kim Jong Un actually having a secret IBM arsenal of H bombs in ridding America of this criminal Darwin Police State.


.....and what is this? Drudge Report is not running a poll after the debate???? Drudge now signed up for the COUP FOR NUMBER TWO?????
Big Jew, Big Koch and all the rest with Hillary Clinton creating the GOP #2.

Jeb Bush Needs Oncologist Medical Attention

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the record, in Jeb Bush's closing remarks at the New Hampshire debate, revealed he has a half dozen cancer spots on his forehead.

These are gross age sun spots that the Jeb really needs to have looked at, as in I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar treatment to remove them, without further damaging his old age skin.

Skin cancer is the worst type of cancer in it spreads like wildfire.

Americans need to factor this in on their voting.


Ted Cruz's Assassination Squad

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What would you think if you saw the following funding:

On December 21, for instance, five seemingly identical donations in equal increments of $50,000 came from five different LLCs -- "LL Baltimore, LLC"; "LL Fort Wayne, LLC"; "LL Peoria, LLC"; ""LL West Allis, LLC' and "PF Fort Myers LLC."

Would you think this is shady money being laundered or legitimate?

These are the sources for the funding of Ted Cruz's super pacs, which are just purchased 4 million dollars in attack ads against Donald Trump and others like Marco Rubio.

LLCs are more difficult to crack. The Texas-based "Stalwart Advisory LLC" and Robinson's "One Harbor LLC" that the group used as consultants are not visible to the public without sleuthing through Texas public records. Stalwart Advisory does not appear in any state's corporate records, according to, which tracks these filings, nor does One Harbor's ties to Robinson.

These are LLC's which do not exist literally. Are you comfortable with this going on in the Cruz campaign?

A leading force behind the group, Lycan confirmed, is Hal Lambert, a Dallas money-manager who was a co-chair of the official campaign's finance committee until he started the outside group and is a close ally of Willie Langston, the Houston campaign's finance chair. 

And largely funding the group is Adam and Tara Ross, a Dallas couple close to Ted and Heidi Cruz who together gave $1 million of the $2.5 million raised. Adam Ross is influential in Jewish Republican fundraising circles and is said to be close with Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire who has remained on the sidelines this year despite being wooed by much of the GOP field.

 This is the reality of Ted Cruz "supporters" or billionaires, who are not supporting Ted Cruz in the spirit of the law,  but are hiding massive influxes of cash in the millions of dollars.

There is a massive problem in this, because is it like Marco Rubio taking money to refinish his floors, the Clintons setting up trust funds for Chelsea, and Ted Cruz somehow out of college buying new SAABs for his Mum and paying for 20,000 dollar a year for military school for a relative.

That kind of crooked money is what corrupts, and we know Ted Cruz is corrupt, because he is setting up dirty money in his finances in all of these shell corporations.

Remember that.