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This means World War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the economic war now in full engagement against Russia and the Russian people, so they will rise up and assassinate President Vladimir Putin, in order to install a National Socialist of the cartel order, the reality is now that the stage has been set for World War, centered in Europe.

President Putin stated plainly that 2 years is the window. This time frame if Russia weathers the economic terrorism from the cartel, is based upon the reality of the Saudi led Islamics are initiating another war starter against American Big Frac in shutting down the wells in the American oil boom, as American oil barons will not pump oil as they shut it down in the 1980's when the Reagan inspired oil deflation took place.

The WashPo words are the basis of this:

But, in general, he (PUTIN) blamed “external factors, first and foremost” for creating Russia’s situation — accusing the West of intentionally trying to weaken Russia.
“No matter what we do they are always against us,” Putin said, one of a series of observations directed at how he said the West has been treating Russia.
Putin attributed Western sanctions that have targeted Russia’s defense, oil and gas and banking sectors for about “25 percent” of Russia’s current difficulties.

So the stage is set in America and Western Europe against Russia, and this means China who is benefiting from low oil prices and their faux economy being built by the cartel and the Obama regime.
We now are faced with the next steps in this, and they have already started. Examine the Russian nuclear sword rattling and the Chechen terrorism, in both sides are probing each other. The logical next step in this war is LAND LEVERAGE, and as it is an arena of control, it will not be the Mideast, but eastern Europe where this contest will take place. This means the Slavic lands will be the friction point in terrorism as assassination will according to the Catholic oracles erupt this into a global war.

Do not miss the reality of the Vatican brokering a Cuban deal to appoint new controllers in that island crime regime. The Pater Pope is dividing lands, and is overseeing control exactly like the Holy Roman Empire. These are the signs of the start of all of this. The Pater Pope will require a sword, and as the Vatican does not have an arsenal, they will need to hire a leader, and the Bible points to the political leader of the age being the anti Christ, which Obama was a prototype of in mass hysteria.

For the next two years, Vladimir Putin is going to be put on a more cutting edge as he is honed in fury over those cartel forces trying to cut his head off. The entire Russian focus will be on issues of how to weaken America, survive Russia, and then when the moment arises to strike itself.

The Kremlin mindset is formulated, as Vladimir Putin is focusing upon the taking of Texas from Mexico in being American fair. The reverse of this is the reality of what America took, can be returned to Mexico backed by Peking. That is the hidden threat in what Mr. Putin was really stating.

“Taking Texas from Mexico is fair, but whatever we are doing is not fair?” he said, in comments seemingly directed at the United States."

This is what the Asians in control of Europe are angling for. Pitting the powers against each other, to their destruction, while the minority few rule the world, all from their political head at Jerusalem.

Mr. Putin is the best at this in the KGB and FSB is expert as cold war terrorism to advance their agenda against the west. Yes they make mistakes, but they do massive amounts of damage, just like the Ashkenaz sponsored al Qaeda war.

None of this has to do with fair. It has to do with the implementation of world war in establishing an old satanic order.

nuff said.


Hale Merry, Full of Cuba

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As none of you are going to get this right on Cuba, the answers will be found here, and for those with more than dimwits will be reminded of an entire series on the ousting of Pope Ben for the Pater Pope, and how Jesuit installed Obama was involved in that.......and how all of that black liberation of Jeremiah Wright was what weaned Obama and is what the image has been part of.

USA to release three Cuban spies...
'Normalize' relationship with Castro...
Shockwaves through Miami exile community...
Protest In Little Havana...
'Traitor, traitor'...
Travel Industry Eyeing Cuba Tourism...
RUBIO: 'Terrible setback for the oppressed'...
Dem: Rewards 'brutal behavior'...
Pope Heavily Involved...
Secret talks in Canada, Vatican City...

That is why the Pope was here...........ah you remember that comment from this blog when the Pope showed up in America, and how it was recorded about what the Pater was dividing up?
Yes the Lame Cherry told you in Inspiration all of this, and now you see from the headlines that the Vatican was busy dividing up America as the Jesuits import millions of Latin slave laborers to be exploited by American Chamber Choir boys as the political controls are placed into permanent Feudal State Power.

The thing no one is going to write about is what this was all about and it is about NARCOTICS. You have to know that Cuba was olde mafia in the Sicilian and Jew mafia........same patriots who kept the docks Nazi free in FDR and J. Edgar Hoover's World War II. Same patriots who were fingered for shooting John Kennedy when the cartel crew was behind it all.
What you do not comprehend was that was about DOPE then, and the replacement of those old world dope lords for Marxist Castro dope lords. The days of Bob Vesco running CIA fringe is what this was all about. Fidel Castro was the biggest dope lord in the western hemisphere, and all that money ended up in Rockefeller banks.
Now you should be able to figure this out, as this blog informed you in 2008, that Obama was building a new dope pipeline into Europe out of FARC South American communists. It was why Hillary was all tight pussy about the Hondurans ousting their damned cowboy dope lord el presidente in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord.
 A change was coming and al Qaeda was getting the mule routes into Africa out of South America for European dumping, and by passing the British London Heathrow drop points. The Brits were upset over all of this, but this all went into the Balkans as I told you, and has as of late gone directly through Spain.

Now what is taking place is the Castro's have been replaced and a more Obama refined dope ring is being put into place in Cuba. The old order is gone and the Obama image order is in place, and the center of this hub is now Vatican City, Washington City and Sin City Havana for playtime of the elite.
Cuba has a history of being the most notorious place on the planet and it now is going to be open season as this Islamocommunist Iranian, new Havana and Vatican group which the Obama regime is managing out of 1600 Penn Avenue rapes the benefits.

No one gives a damn about those pesky Florida Cubans. No one cares about a free Cuba, as this is all about laundering money and whatever else will now be overt mafia criminality, but the old mafia is not going to be getting the cut they should have.

That is what is behind all of this, and can be found in the archives of the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter. This is the Vatican black robes of the Jesuits, the international Islamic dope mules and how it is all managed out of 1600 Penn Avenue by the image of Obama.

The world has been divided again, and you just witnessed the latest prize which is not for Americans, not for Latins and not for anyone but the same cartel feudal lords and priests gnawing off nations caught in their clutches.

I leave that at that as Lame Cherry does not live by donations alone as who the blessed Virgin could eh on what you rich people involved in this Vatican state of Obamerica are raping the Latins as slave labor, genociding the Negroid and murdering off the white classes who built all of this competition to the old world order.

nuff said


cuke sex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been upset as my Kuri squash arrived a female blossom, but all the male blossoms had given up the pollen days previous...........

I know a great deal about pumpkin and squash sex, as I have been involved in their procreation for years, but when it comes to cucumbers, I really had no comprehension in how to deal with any of this.

For those unaware, vines have male and female flowers. The females have little melons on them, and the males just profusely appear in record numbers, weeks before the female event to lure in bees and then constantly afterwards.

In squash and pumpkins, the pollen is often so full that there is absolutely no worry about it if one arises early enough in the morning. I frequently use the leaf stem of a pig weed or a lambsquarter to dispatch the pollen to the female flower.

The problem with cucumbers though is one can not see pollen if one has access to the pollen, and in that a new system was to be worked out for these Armenian cucumbers or melons as they are called.
This was my first attempt at this genus, and I was surprised how the first melons were on a runner off by themselves. It certainly made locating them easy.

What follows is the million dollar knowledge again, as I soon learned that the best way to deal with this was to carefully pinch off the male flowers from the vine, and then expose the male flower part by removing the petals and lower covering.
This along with the stem attached provided the best sexual intercourse with the female flowers.

In this, the older the male blossoms were, the more prone they are to snapping off at the flower, not leaving the stem for handling the fertilization part most easily, so that is part of the nuance of this which is most important.

I believe it is best to pollinate with a few male blossoms, and it does not hurt to reuse them on other female flowers. This worked very well in I successfully have two cukes now set on with two more hopefully pollinated today.

Out of necessity, I had to use a planter this year, which God provided in the trash. I am watering about 1 gallon a day, in half a gallon in the morning and half at night. I have been fertilizing once a month with an organic fertilizer which smells like animal lure from trapping, and the little flies like it immensely too. The point being in one can grow things in earth boxes or planters, but it requires a reservoir watering from below and above, along with fertilizing so the plants are growing like hydroponics wards.

I had no idea if this would work as the container is like 2 gallons and I have one squash and one cucumber in it. They seem to be behaving and the only problem I have had is the missing male flowers on the Kuri.

The roots are poking out the bottom of the planter and growing in the reservior soup and there is not the least problem with any of this. I fill the gallon milk jugs, and allow the chlorine to evaporate and do my deluge twice a day.

This has worked out exceedingly well and I am thankful and pleased. The tomatoes in planters need a bit of a catch up as I look for little blossoms on their barely 6 inch plants. It is all in the learning and I am hoping for a burst of growth from them soon.

Without bees this is the only sure method of pollinating vines, in the melon class of cucumbers, watermelon and cantelope types. I am thinking of maybe trying to leave the first one for seed, as if this works out, I do see two other cukes appearing on the vines.
I think TL and I ate five meals off of one last year, so is not like we are going to be short on these which is extremely nice in having this type of production.
It reminds me one year when I had 4 Collective Farm Women melons started early and I think we were blessed with like 16 melons, and some were very large...left them on the lawn for a month and they kept as good as the grocery.

I am going to re examine planting and paying attention to things as husbanding these crops definitely has an advantage.

nuff said.


crown of ishmael fallen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a strange horizon event, strange as in inquiry I am not making sense of it. It is tied to the October Surprise Texas event, and involves Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.

Inquiry points to chemical weapons and Saudi Arabia deploying them.

This is coming from the Obama regime and the cartel.

Shia not involved, but retaliation against the Shia.

Jews involved in a bombing campaign against fictional targets.

This is meant to further erode the overlord status of Saudi Arabia.

It is about too getting further control over Jerusalem by those behind this.

This the triumph party of the tragedy which was written of here in the October Surprise.

This points to focal point in May, 3rd week, 2015 AD in the year of our Lord.

Making more sense now, is operation designed to replace the Saudi hold in the region, with the cartel hold.

I apologize for the one line posts, but this is the last step in removing the olde regime control set up by the British Empire and a new order in the Mideast, to carry out the order. Saudi Arabia was the last of the guard. The Obama regime has obliterated and crippled all others, since this started under Zbigniew Brzezinski in removing America ally, the Shah of Iran.

agtG 223

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lame Cherry Grab

My children and my brats, I find it interesting that a whopping 65 people were listed in the main Google states in having viewed the blog today in numbers suppression as "someone" does not want the extent of this blog's penetration to be known.

Yet in actual snap shot of the moment unique visitors to the blog, the data reads in real time as this:

United States
United Kingdom

The Popular Girl does have an international following and if you notice in the light green ghetto vomit shading, that there is not a region in this world which does not have someone lurking about checking out what this blog is nattering on about. Yes the Obama puppy press and choir chamber press censors this blog, but there are hosts of powerful people in world regions and intelligence circles most interested just what is being revealed here.

Odd how a Prophetess is not given honor in her own country, but is cherished and skirt peeked up in other lands.

This blog has a larger global audience spread than FOX, Limbaugh, CNN, MSNBC and whatever else is being championed as oracle of Lame Cherry.
Still working on the internet free Mongolian audience and pleased the 187 party members of Kim Jong Un's utopia are part of the mandated viewing family.


PS: I would enjoy the vacation photos of the Mid Asian adventure. Thank you for offering to share them.

Command and Control

St. James teaches us that people do not have what they ask for from God because they would consume those things upon their lusts, instead of rightly utilizing them to Glorify God.

I add to this by Inspiration that there is a triad in this, including a base of satanic resistance as St. Paul teaches that he was hindered by satan on missionary work that he desired to embark upon, and that is people do not understand the COMMAND and CONTROL principle of prayer.

I would submit that all of you tell God how to do things in prayer as you know what you want. God though is the One in control and God teaches in Isaiah that we are not supposed to be lecturing Him how to do things.
In the same reality, Jesus teaches us that we are to command in "mountains" or obstacles being moved. There is a vast difference in all of this in commanding objects and situations, and commanding God to snap to it, to come up with the winning lottery numbers, and then being furious at God for not giving us the fortune that we have proven we can not even maintain a credit card and have been wasting His money on swimming pools or piled up in Wall Street.

There is nothing wrong with informing God that we want things that appeal to us. TL is a perfect example in this, in I had to wait a long time for TL, and I made mistakes in impatience in looking to others, in trying to make things happen, instead of waiting on God.
Yes we are told that God helps those who help themselves, which is not in the Bible, even if God requires actions to act upon sometimes, but praying to God and expecting results is the correct prayer as God does have the best out there for each of His children, even if the waiting is frustrating at times.

Your mouth speaks great amounts of evil for you and others do the same. My brother in the last conversation was telling me that "he knew it would be hard to find land", but I was not about to let that stick for satan, so I corrected, "We will pray to God and God will come through with the land", and with that my brother backed down. I am not about to allow things to be made harder or the same, as a great deal of this problem came from others interfering who I had trusted, and I know that things will sort themselves out and God will make it easy, as He always does, but it takes Joseph keeping the Faith, even in setbacks in Egyptian slavery and prison, as God does have the Promise and the best outcome is waiting.

So by managing or guiding your tongue, you have authority in Christ to command all in this world, including rebuking and  binding demons who are against the Faithful. You have the Promise to take all things to the Father and the Father will sort things out for the best for you.
St. Paul wanted a wife, but God told him NO. Think of it if Paul served a spouse or Paul had children he would be swayed by, or children who like most children of risen people, turn out badly. God saw the future as much as Hezekiah who was supposed to die, and then by prayer lived to have a son he wanted, and that son, Manasseh, turned out to be the most apostate ruler in Israelite history, bringing her to exile.

The lesson of Obama is a perfect example in that. Americans and Europeans thought putting a faux black into office in vote fraud, in order to end their guilt and prove they were not racists. All the Obama image did in replacing Christ was making sinners worse sinners and destroying America.
People always think they know better than God in grabbing the steering wheel, and in the end, they go off the cliff into the abyss to their destruction.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righetous and all things will be added to you. That is pretty simple, but people neglect the God first part in His Plan and being in Right Standing with God in obeying His Laws, and then the things of this world are there for you to manage.
Jesus taught in the parable of the talents, how the servants were first given one coin to prove they were faithful in His absence, and then they got the city Governorship after proving by actions they were Faithful. People lose sight of that reality, as they grab for crowns.

The reality is, God knows all you need, want and desire, even lust for. He knows what will destroy you and what will make you unhappy. Sometimes, He might give you what you want to teach you a lesson you will not learn to prove the point, but often enough, He will protect you just like you would protect your idiot children or dog, from playing in the street. You have things you need to do, and that is to with the Holy Ghost become a Spiritual creation for the Kingdom of God. You need to obey God's Laws, then when you are asking God for things to be provided for you, that you trust God to work it out in His Way to give you those things. In most cases, God's Way is far too creative and far too much waiting and upheaval, but you will receive what you asked for, not for your destruction, but for God's Peace.

The meaning is to believe God in prayer in asking God for what you want, no matter how silly others might think it is. God never thinks prayers are silly. He made silly things to be enjoyed as much as serious things. You have authority in Christ to move things, obstacles from your life in commanding them, but you do not command God to do things.

You are responsible for policing yourselves. You do not get a nice care to drive around rubbing it in other people's faces or to fornicate in the back seat. You do not get a nice car to replace God in thinking about it more than God.

God never forgets things I prayed for, even years ago, and He still fulfills them. I do not like the wait, but I am not God in figuring things out and knowing better. Some of my prayers probably require people to die to free up things, as like my neighbor said this morning about some machinery, the guy who collected his, had like 25 balers. Yes America has enough money, but when the horders on Wall Street have it all, that means the majority of people who created that money are poor.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Bless we the Name of the Lord. That was Inspired by Job, a man who had it all, and satan took it all away, and God restored it many fold more. Most times, you are going to have to sit in the ashes and your best gem is a broken pot to scrape your boils.
God does watch you in adversity to see how you trust in Him, and not retaliate on others or go off and vote yourself a new Obama to messiah you to a moment of delusion.

Most people are failures, and rich failuers, and God is not going to enable that. satan will to enabling you to hell, but God does not fashion you that way. You are either on God's side or satan's side. If you think you are going to drag God to your way of thinking, you are of a satanic mind warp, as you get on God's side and stand there and trust in God to bring about all things for your good.

I can point to the good children of this blog, and none of them in writing to us, has a perfect life. They have good things in those lives God is building, but they have attacks of illness, bad relatives, family upheaval, poverty, things going wrong and all the things that sinners have. The difference is in the good children, is they remain Faithful to God and God nurtures them and sorts things out in this Spiritual journey.

 Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

- Aristotle

When a Greek egg head can figure it out, that it is discipline and not license which forms a pattern in life which produces a better life, then anyone should be able to read that same thing in the Bible and work on that construct to bring them a Cratchet and Fenniwig life from A Christmas Carol.
satan often enough makes certain that no good deed goes unpunished, but you still keep doing the good deeds, as no one ever loses sleep or feels bad about doing something good. Last week in town, I took a shopping cart back for a gal in wheelchair and helped an old gal in relieving her from the shopping cart I just had which was hard to push. I do not state that to brag, but God does put things in all people's way to do good, and it is the little things that matter and never get noted here, but God notes them.

Work on pleasing God in being right with Him. Control your out of control tongue, start the process of receiving things from God in praying for them, expecting them from God, and command the demonic to not have place, and those things which are in the way as obstacles to be moved, so that you can have those things to Glorify God.

This is not a 30 second prayer, a 12 hour sleep and a 12 hour television watching thing. It is a work in progress which progresses, exactly like a job. What you put into it correctly is what you receive out of this.

Command yourself first and give God full control into bringing things to the conclusion you are looking for.


Cripp's Pink

My children, I did not think I needed more apples, but TL purchased some Cripp's Pink apples from Chile, and in butchering them, out popped a number of sprouted apples. As the season was late, and we were on the move, that was not something I had intended to become involved in, but waste not and want not, I took some of the last gumbo sticky clay soil from this spring, and poked the roots into the soil contact and left the seed hull just above ground.

I used the same methods of the clear plastic container from a fast food place, which has the clear top. This helps immensely in keeping the seeds moist, so when they sprout fully, they can shuck the hull from the first leaves.
A reminder, just make a hole in the bottom of the container for water draining.

As the thermostat is set at a constant 75 degrees, I know that was the temperature, with clear curtain sun in the morning in an eastern exposure.

I planted 4 the first time, and the second time I think there were 9. The first four turned into trees in a few days, and the second batch are beginning to grow in various stages too within a few days.
I make mention of this as Mom had a Granny Smith that never did grow for her which was sprouted, like many of the times I have tried such things. These Cripp's Pink though are like weeds in their children at least in this test and very robust.

I will mention that the second set of roots  I was busy making chicken and sweet potatoes, so they were in the fridge for almost 4 hours. The roots did look a little brown in spots, but it seemed not to have bothered them as they are beginning to grow.

I am hoping that in the next apples there are no sprouts to deal with and just seeds to save. I had good news that Mom said my Wealthy had one apple on it this year, so those seeds will be saved too. Just need the money and land to have these trees come home to.

I will not know how the unsprouted seeds will react in the Cripp's until the day I try them, but in this scenario, all are growing like weeds in being sprouted in the apple.

It appears that the entire problem I had earlier was in that Scotts fertilized soil, which burned the roots off and killed the sprouts. Is odd as earlier there was some of that bark soil too, which the plants never did respond to either. This lot though is growing like one would expect a seed to germinate, sprout and then keep on growing, instead of just laying there dead.

I assume Cripp's is a USDA Zone 5 which is not for most of America. Perhaps in the northern zones, it will be kind to these seedlings and not freeze them all off or any of them off. I just would prefer apples that are sweet, instead of the apples I had growing mostly in the Honeycrisps and Braeburns.
Thing is I think there is a Pink Lady and maybe an Ambrosia growing in the first group, and the Pink Lady is dwarfish while the Ambrosia is as large as the rest of the apples.

I see the one red leafed tree is still putting out reddish leaves again in cooler weather, and the one tree I thought was going to die, actually is the most robust of trees. Pathetic little round leaves for the first 6 leaves, then it turned out apple leaves and has been growing like on a mission.

So I do not know or vouche for Cripp's Pink as a seedling, but I can say that this group which is the same apple of all the other clones, crossed with other clones, are very weed like in growing. I have them in that sticky clay as stated, which is not the best,  as it turns concrete when dry and is like dog poop when wet in coming in globs, but these might be worth a try if the other seeds are not behaving as you hope.

Will leave it at that in more information for the wall.

Additional Note* Second apple showed brown roots on the seedlings after short period. It seems to be in connection with oxidization and sugars, as the fruit of the Cripps browns readily after cutting.

After research, Cripp's Pink is Pink Lady, an Oz apple of Lady William and Golden Delicious perhaps. It is a 200 day apple, which is one of those rare types which prevailed among early apples of the 1700's. It was not uncommon to have apples listed as maturing in November of December.
That along with USDA zone 5 hardiness, means this is not an apple for the north, as it will not mature the fruit. Then again these apples sprout like weeds which is remarkable and as apples do call in old genetics, perhaps I might be blessed with something that will do a north zone like a Wealthy out of thousands of seeds.
Never know about things God does, so you just do them. Am not going to be like Minnesota U in killing thousands of plants off that do not fit a category. Holy Ghost says I can always graft on a Wealthy if the roots survive.....deer eat unripe and sour apples do pies.

*Additional Note as this is archived and written over days, the sproutling which I broke the root off in the apple pod, not only sprouted a leaf, but has pushed up to the light. I placed this sprout on the edge of a clear plastic cup, so I could monitor it, and it is turning into a tree. I have not seen roots but it is now 1/2 inch tall and trying to become a tree.
I had a maple seedling which broke off, at what I deemed was  the bark, and that turned into a tree too this past summer, so it remains to be seen, but I do not believe a tree grows from trunk alone out of the hull.
These really are remarkable apples in Oz stock from Chile in their vigor.