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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The empire which you saw, was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction. And those who dwell on the earth, whose name has not been written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, will wonder when they see the empire, that he was and is not, and will come.

Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the Vatican sits in Rome,

and there are seven emperors, five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when the anti Christ comes, he must remain a little while.

The empire which was and is not, is himself also an eighth manifestation of the beast and is therefore one of the continueing line of empires of Eurasia in the seven, and he goes to destruction.

The ten horns which you saw are ten rulers who have not yet received a nation to lead in Europe, but they recieve authority as kings with the beast for one hour.

These ten have one purpose and they give their power and authority to the empire.

Revelation 17: 8 - 13

The final cycle is 7 years in completion of the Prophet Daniel's vision. It will be 7 years proclaimed by a false peace. The first 3 1/2 years will be one of manipulation. The final 3 1/2 years begins the destruction of the world by the abomination which makes desolate, or the Temple which has been reconstructed will have upon it's altar at Easter, a sacrifice to satan, then will the entire world be made desolate by God's nature, by earth and sky quake, by famine, by slaughter of martyrs and by war.

In the final 3 1/2 years of the eighth empire and the anti Christ with the Pater of Rome, will these events be, and the Mark of the Empire or Beast will be accepted by those who desire to buy and sell to profit from this world system.

Unless this period is shortened, there would be no survivors on earth. Know, understand and realize, that the mania for Barack Hussein Obama is a shadow of this in his messiah halo, for when the anti Christ appears, that son of perdition, will have an even more blind and blasphemous following, and his accomplishments would deceive even the real Christians, if that were possible, as the anti Christ will appear to be goodness.

There is coming a tribulation on the entire world like none other, as evil abounds, and the very nature convulses over this evil ascending to God's footstool of earth.
There will be Two Witnesses in this global trial and travail, who will in this court chastise the world population for their evil. satan will murder them in Jerusalem and in 3 days, they will rise from the dead and be caught up to Heaven.

All of this focuses on the Temple Mount at Jerusalem, and it is there the anti Christ sets up his global regime, and it is there that the war against Christ, at the place named Har Megiddo on the Plains of Sharon where Armageddon is fought and Christ conquers.

When the world was captured by the lower order of demons which ascended B. Hussein Obama, how much more will the world be captive when satan is initiated with the principality demons of the old order.

This was my reading today at the end of this April. The Holy Ghost fills the silent places in Prophecy and I look for those Two who are to come.

Know this, that Paul and Apostles, all were veiled in thinking the end was in their day, but it was not. God has purpose in His time and choosing. Your purpose no matter the hour is to keep the Faith, obey God, and to not be deceived.

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
 42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:
 43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.
 44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?
 45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.
 46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Matthew 25

You treacherous people do not comprehend that you are in the Bible, for how you have treated me, is how you have already treated the Christ, and will be reckoned with as the Lord has sentenced by your actions.

agtG 265

Young man's Game

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.........

You will notice that now that the Wall Street robber barons have drilled all the oil in North Dakota in securing that rapine, that you never hear Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or company commenting about that unknown region of Ummm Dakota.

This blog though is going to make a few more enlightened comments which begin with the oil industry is a young man's game.
A young man's game is on which requires a very quick pace and long hours. It means that in Arctic cold chains for your truck burn your exposed skin in freezing it. It means that you spend a great deal of your earnings on local inflated prices. It means like in all California 49er's gold strikes, that it is never the workers who made a dime,  but it was the merchants and large financial interests who gleaned the billions from all that boom.

The fact is that Rush Limbaugh or even Birther Hussein would not last a month at any oil field. That energy development used up the best years of numbers of good people. It aged them and it made them grow old due to the hardships of that living.

No one mentions any of this, because it never occurs to most people, and it never is expressed because conglomerates do not want to be exposed as being no different than Chinese slave labor.
In the 1880's railroads published fliers in Europe to entice people to a waste, but told them it was a Garden of Eden. It was no different in the North Dakota oil boom years, in the Mockingbird media told all sorts of idiots that their dreams were going to be fulfilled in the oil fields.

It is called exploitation and once again Wall Street got away with the crime, as those investors made the billions and the people were once again used up and spit out to become a worse burden on society in healthcare in the future years.

This blog often sounds like some bleeding heart rant, and I detest having to make points as the above in making these realities a known issue. I detest it, because it means American conglomerates are not behaving morally and the entire media Mockingbird is running the same "Go west young man", in order for Obama states to get rid of their surplus non working populations to not be a burden on those unemployed states.

It is all human traffic and GOP North Dakota exploited everyone from the local landowners in endangering them, inflating prices and leaving these workers dotted across the landscape like so many buffalo skulls of a centuries ago.

Yes, the issue is, the exploitation of people for the patricians to have millions more.

America was built by exploitation in taking all the riot mobs of Europe, and placing them into wilderness with the promise of lands for wealth. Those peoples then were all buried by age 60 in working themselves to death. Later in the 29  Stock Crash which was deliberate as the 1970's farm crash, stole those lands from private hands to corporate farmer hands, who now are conduits of Chicago Monsanto poisoning the world.

Where is any compensation for that? It is no different than White Rhodesians, Kenyan, Afrikaans, all having their properties stolen, and confiscated by the same financiers.

What right is there for a Wall Street investor, to use up thousands of people in the oil fields, who might save 50,000 dollars compared to their stock dividends worth hundreds of thousands?
Does not an American working, deserve a greater share of that wealth for having their lives ruined?

No one stands up and expresses any support for the people who are working themselves to death. People who brought you oil, were exploited and not paid what that labor was worth in fair market share, while the lion's share was stock piled in the accounts of the wealthy.

America's best of youth have been used up in these terror wars, oil fields and other exploitations which are literally nothing but "bond holders wars".

It is an issue. It is a reality that when Ronald Reagan could create an economy which people were fairly compensated for their labors, that when it is an Obama regime heading a nation rapist group not compensating workers for their labors, that the process was geared to exploit people and use them up.

This is the Continentalist Party Doctrine of exposing this and making it an issue, as people deserve better and those people with money deserve not to be ashamed in how they make money without working for it.

nuff said


you will to be a general

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone quite popularly believes they have it in them to be a general.

What kind of general though?

Some generals are like Eisenhower who do better at soothing coalition warfare. Other generals like Patton are best as field marshals directly over their forces. Some predicate the ability of both in a Grant.

Warfare though is no secret to success and below General Sheridan reveals the simplicity of warfare, that if all employ it, they may win, and the "may" is the caveat for there is more and General Sheridan knows this.

"The movements of the different armies and corps being dictated and governed by the same general laws that have so long obtained, simplicity of combination and manoeuvre, and the concentration of a numerically superior force at the vital point."

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

I remained in Paris till the latter part of March. .........I visited the fortifications for the defense of the city, and found them to be exceptionally heavy; so strong, indeed, that it would have been very hard to carry the place by a general assault. The Germans, knowing the character of the works, had refrained from the sacrifice of life that such an attempt must entail, though they well knew that many of the forts were manned by unseasoned soldiers.
With only a combat here and there , to tighten their lines or repulse a sortie, they wisely preferred to wait till starvation should do the work with little loss and absolute certainty.

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

The two above methods are the sound protocols of warfare. One is blitzkrieg and the other is seige warfare. Both of which take intelligence to know when to move and when to stay, for moving not soon enough develops a seige and moving too late causes mass slaughter of your forces on the enemy's works.

Militaries require devotion to fatherland, motherland, cause or leader. The Germans were devoted in the Franco Prussian War to their leaders. They turned out in unison, and they marched in unison, and when the French accepted battle with inferior force and were beaten, the German confidence grew while the French confidence sagged, causing the German victory to be obtained sooner, rather than later.

The Spanish Conquistador against the superior Latin American Indians violated the superior numbers mandate.  The English of Henry V violated the superior numbers against the French. The Greeks violated the superior numbers against the Perisans several times.
There is a rule that in attacking any force one must have 7 to 1 superior odds in attacking. The Americans in the Iraq Wars violated this against Sadam Hussein's forces and the ignorant mocked as much the fall off in the 3rd largest army in the world in Iraq to others, but it all has to do with key elements in the nuance of battle.

The Confederates were often of less numbers, but had greater intelligence, greater faith in their leaders, and greater mobility.
There was a moment in the close of the Civil War in which General Sheridan had deployed General Custer's division at Petersburg which was then attacked by General Pickett. Custer's division was armed with repeating rifles and threw up a devastating fire which shattered the Confederates.
The British in their "mad minute" did the same against the Germans in World War I as they were firing their rifles so fast and furious that the Germans thought they had come across massed machine guns.

General George Patton violated almost every military doctrine in his campaigns in World War II. His adage of "grab them by the nose and then kick them in the pants" was the doctrine of Nathan Bedford Forest of the Confederate Cavalry in "hit em on the end" or Thomas Stonewall Jackson in "moving a smaller force on flank would roll up a larger force".

The German military did not know what to do with General Patton as he was surprising them in moving his tanks over mountains in his own blitzkrieg. Patton used air cover for intelligence and bombing strikes, along with his tanks and infantry in constant motion.
He comprehended  that by attacking, the enemy was reacting to him, and it lessened the casualties he would experience.

From the Conquistadors, to Alexander to Patton, none of the military commanders were fools, nor was General Sheridan foolish even in hard situations which mauled his troops. None ever attacked obliterating forces on suicide missions, although some in Sheridan's case were the most difficult in high losses which could not be helped as a divisional commander.
Sheridan never repeated those losses again when he was in command of his own Army.

The feel of battle is and the ground on which to fight is vital. One of the issues I have from chess to battle is the oldest of adages in "tidying up my battlefield". One must be ever vigilent in deployment of your troops in lines, the softening up of the enemy's lines in blowing holes in them, and when the attack comes to overwhelm the enemy, so it stops fighting quickly and is more interested in fleeing.
You must be as equally aware of not over extending your forces so they will not be counter attacked, and know where your enemy is most likely to regroup, and be ready to hit them as hard there to smash all resistance or you will have worse days ahead.

In reference to Sadam Husseins Iraq I War, I recall as a youngster looking at the field of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Mom was with me as I was yelling at the television set how Saddam had concentrated his forces at Kuwait, which left his entire left and flank exposed to an American end run.
Bombing had pinned the Iraqi's down and when it came time to make the end run, the Americans ran in complete rout.
When the Iraqi reinforcements came up in the Soviet T 58's, it was a matter that the American M 1 tank simply had a quicker targeting system of approximately 10 seconds which was the margin of victory in that equal engagement.

Quartermaster, speed, supply, effective use of numbers and concentration of weaponry with organized deployment in lines connecting or anchored to prevent flanking operations, with adequate breastworks which now require 4th Dimensional not overlook space in hypersonic rods or pulse weapons, as the human soldier is now an obsolete instrument of warfare in only by ingenuity of brain matter holding the edge on machine and computer abilities.
In 21st century warfare, the human is but a worm and as useless as one compared to hypersonic munitions and cyber functions.

The Germans in 1868 relied upon the local populations for shelter and food, not having long supply trains. The Americans in 2002 relied on long fuel supply trains. The poisoning of food and water supply would have negated the German advance as much as the disruption of the American supply of fuel would have negated their military.

There is always weakness in every powerful system and the fluidity of combat requires an essence of the feel of battle to direct effective victory and holding that victory after it is gained.

This lesson concludes.


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Lame Cherry Proven Right On Benghazi

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First thank you for the kind words and the assistance. God bless you and God will keep you safe as you are as the widow assisting Elisha, in the covering protects those on the inside.

Second, the UK Press has now confirmed what this blog exposed in ANALGATE  from day one in what Benghazi was about.

Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn't 'switched sides in the War on Terror' and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report

  • Citizens Committee on Benghazi claims the US government allowed arms to flow to al-Qaeda-linked militants who opposed Muammar Gaddafi
  • Their rise to power, the group says, led to the Benghazi attack in 2012
  • The group claims the strongman Gaddafi offered to abdicate his presidency, but the US refused to broker his peaceful exit
  • The commission, part of the center-right Accuracy In Media group, concluded that the Benghazi attack was a failed kidnapping plot
  • US Ambassador Chris Stevens was to be captured and traded for 'blind sheikh' Omar Abdel-Rahman, who hatched the 1993 WTC bombing plot

The fact is I stated:
      • Obama was running al Qaeda out of 1600 Penn Avenue
      • Obama murdered Khadaffi
      • It was Obama imported terrorists who pulled off Benghazi
      • Libyan munitions were sent to terrorists for revolts
      • Chris Stevens was to be kidnapped 

This is just starting to sort out, and is not the complete story. al Qaeda was told it could get the blind sheik in order to pull this off, but it was about Obama 2012 electioneering to trounce Romney so Obama would not have to expose hisself to electronic voter fraud again.

I have been proven correct in this every step of the way by God's Grace. Just noting so you realize how important this blog is, as no one else reported any of this.

...and yes I am still in the library, with the two sex perverts, but now have an old man pretending to read a paper with a front row seat.

That is not just 500 million in Khadaffi weapons though, but other sources in fronts for the Obama intelligence network.

Thank you to those who reached out and have helped. It is my hope that some rich person will respond to God's will and donate 350,000 and I will stop harping on it when the posts run their course.

Gadfree, how would you like to be sitting here with a female giggling  and a fat boy acting like he is don juan...........even the old white guy got up and moved.

Lame Cherry proven right again in matter anti matter exclusives.


The Reason Vladimir Putin is Beating the Sinful West

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Here is what I go through today to bring you this blog post, in yesterday I had Blogger not allowing posts even with security checks.

Today I have this 30 something couple moving furniture around in the reading room, as the woman is about crawling into this big dopes lap as they talk ........yes in the quiet library where it seems this is more a day care and black folk depository than a place of concentration.

So any way you rich people in your high speed internet homes and text messages trying to run me over on the pavement, the following is why Vladimir Putin is winning in the short and long term against the sinful west as stipulated by the retards over at NPR whose resident writer, Chris Arnold is quoting a flat world retard named Kenneth Rogoff.........yes it rhymes with Jack Off, as I suppose at this moment Rush Hudson  Limbaugh is nattering at the EIB mic in getting this flat ass wrong too.

Rogoff, happens to mention that this is an economic war against a real war, and the west will progress the economic war and will win as Putin is weak..........

That kind of moronism is what is wrong as there is not God given Inspiration.

Have you ever heard of espionage wars and terrorism wars or spiritual wars?

Rogoff is flat world as he does not assess that Obama debt at trillions does not make the west strong, but weaker than Russia. Russian manufacturing is weak, but the west has none as it has all been outsourced to Asia.

Pardon me as I glare at the backs of the heads of the two idiots talking loudly as I try to write this.

Now we know that Russia has superior industry than America. We know that Russia by reality has by intelligence snatched Syria away from the Obama cartel regime and now has Assad winning over Obama terrorists.
We know that Putin won at the Olympics, won at Crimea, won against the assassination plots in the coup against him in booting out a thousand CIA spies and is winning in Ukraine.

That is short term win and with Obama and the cartel not responding effectually with troop deployments into the Slavic states, the Slavs will start cutting deals with Putin and the pro Kremlin Christians not pleased with fagland sodomy as a social order will begin leveraging a pro Kremlin relationship against ineffectual NATO.

This is the problem with the western assessments in the always experts take nothing into account of literal tactics of thee entire scope of operations, just as Lame Cherry just did again exclusively in matter anti matter.

Vladimir Putin's end game has little to do with Russian pride. It has to do with protecting against Russian genocide by not producing enough babies to not be overwhelmed by dark skinned Muslims. It has to do with protecting his person from assassination, followed by a balkanization of Russia.

Forgive me, but I have a giggling couple about sitting in each other's lap now. With them cooing at each other and in my assessment she is laying on him now, and giggling at glasses wearing fat head and he is so in macho command of a rather not attractive female........yeah she is using her snatch for control and he thinks he is in control in being such a catch....until the I DO takes listening to her, she is either coke loaded in her brain or is a retard he picked up out of special education.

The above sounds a great deal like the Limbaugh and NPR incorrect assessment of Russia.

Yeah Rogoff is Obama Harvard flea brain.

Yeah a flagged CIA agent has been sent in as an "American" to be detained by CIA agents in Ukraine to give a conflict point if necessary for a "rescue".

Pardon, but the retard with the snatch is now laying down in the chair......yes engaged as I presumed with sex as the control in the relationship, in another fat head male being manipulated by a retarded female to think he is in command, whereby she will be spending the money  and probably doing black dick in a few years after the ass gets big from a few anchor kids to keep the husband in line.

I realize the library reading room observations are more interesting than NPR assessments, and equal to my correct assessment of what is taking place in east Europe.

The point is, Putin wins on energy as the cartel is using energy to rob the west in prices, so they stay high. Putin wins on industry as the west has only Asian industry. Putin wins in food production as he sells to the fringe Muslims. Putin wins in gold as he had it. Putin wins in nuclear arsenal as Obama disarmed. Putin wins in nuclear cities as he built one with Russian oil money. Putin wins in no debt for Russia while the west is nothing but debt. Putin wins in terrorism over Obama terrorists. Putin wins in espionage as he has proven.

Vladimir Putin only loses if he is assassinated or he goes sodom. You will notice that when Mr. Putin went Russian Orthodox in being pro family, protecting Russian children from sodom slave adoptions and called the west evil, that he has been winning with each step.

This is not some one dimensional game of Mr. Putin looking at Kiev. Mr. Putin is in eastern Europe, Poland, Germany, France and England and he has allies.
The Serbians love him for protecting them from Maddy Albright. He is a Slav and has allies all through the Muslim world, in peoples who were attacked by the Obama regime.
Putin has China, and that big BRIC factory of Brazil, South Africa and India included, and those Persian Islamocommunists.

Obama for his world order of Marxist feudalism has dismantled all America had, and it takes time to cement regimes into place.

None of this Rogoff nattering mentions any of these realities. So it is an educational thing for you that they are examined here.

One more thing, you rich people, would you like to have to sit in a library with two people dressed in purple, laying into each other, as you try not to throw up in a fat head thinking he is beefcake and a retard woman laying all over him chattering at him in such adoring tones?
It is not bad enough that I have Homeland jerking me around in trying to create this blog without rude sex organs dripping all over my world in attempting to include me in a creepy three way in a library reading room?

Hit that DONATE  button you rich people. Hit it now!!!!!!!!!

or do you want for your information idiot NPR or Michead Limbaugh leaving you in the abyss?



Oh, look at this, the Obama regime invades Poland and Vladimir Putin sends Russian nuclear bombers to strafe little Dutchland and send NATO scrambling.

Obama, Biden, Kerry elevate the game and Vladimir Putin elevates back with strategic purpose.

NPR and Rogoff  exposed as ignorant.

The game of chess is a national pastime in Russia. And you might say that Vladimir Putin is playing a high-stakes game of geopolitical chess when it comes to Ukraine.
Western leaders are plotting how to counter Putin's latest moves with economic sanctions. So to get some insight into what might come next, we talked to an economist who knows Russia — who is also extremely good at chess.
Putin Playing From A Weak Position
Kenneth Rogoff is a world-renowned economist and professor at Harvard. He was also recognized as a chess prodigy when he was a teenager and became a chess grandmaster when he was 25.
Back in his chess-playing days — and later as an economist — Rogoff made friends across Russia and Ukraine, including Gary Kasparov, the former world chess champion who also ran against Vladimir Putin for president.
"Putin is playing from a very weak position," Rogoff says of Putin's game plan. "But he's very good at it. That doesn't mean he's not going to win. A really strong chess player doesn't need a good position to win."
Putin's position is weak because Russia's economy is weak, Rogoff says: It's too dependent on oil exports, which aren't supporting a decent standard of living for most of the country. Corruption is rampant, and most industries are not competitive with the rest of the world.
Most Russians live in near poverty by U.S. or European standards.
Russia has a large military, but an actual war with the West is extremely unlikely.
"Putin is playing from a very weak position," says Kenneth Rogoff, a world-renowned economist and professor at Harvard.
"Putin is playing from a very weak position," says Kenneth Rogoff, a world-renowned economist and professor at Harvard.
Eduardo Munoz/Reuters/Landov
"It's going to be an economic war, [as] far as we're willing to push it," Rogoff says of this contest.
Putin's Style Of Play: Good Tactics, Bad Strategy?
In chess, you also want to know your opponent's style of play. So, what kind of player is Putin?
Chess players draw a distinction between strategy and tactics, Rogoff says.
Strategy is "where you're really looking far down the road: If I take the Ukraine, what does that really do for me? Does that make me better off?" he explains.
Tactics, on the other hand, "are very short-term ways to gain pieces and positions," he says. "He's a master of the tactics. He sort of sees a few moves ahead and he's very good at it. But what is the long-term strategy? It's really hard to see."
So far Putin's move to grab Crimea has helped and hurt him. It helped by making him more popular at home in the short term, the former grandmaster says.
But longer term, taking Crimea is probably hurting, he says. Nervous investors are pulling tens of billions of dollars out of Russia. Russia now has to support Crimea, and it is a poor region. The West is imposing economic sanctions, and if they haven't been tough so far, they may get tougher.
That leads Rogoff to think that Putin has not carved out a long-term strategy.
"I just don't see it," he says. "This definitely seems like they're flailing out, looking to try to grab some pieces, grab some territory, without thinking what they're going to do with it."
Putin's Endgame: Russian Pride
So what is the ultimate goal behind his moves? Rogoff says, "I think there's no question the endgame for him, what he's looking for, is pride."
Rogoff thinks Putin is most interested in returning some greatness to Russia. He says, "I understand he has portraits of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great in his office, and I suppose he would like to have [himself] thought of in those terms — of restoring greatness to Russia."
If Putin's weakness is the economy and his endgame is pride, Rogoff suggests the West should show Putin an opening, something bigger than a few pieces in Ukraine.
"The best thing for us is if Russia starts doing well and feel that they're benefiting from the world order," he says.
What moves should the West make to push Russia in that direction? Rogoff says world leaders are still trying to figure that out.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to finally address something as when Snopes starts posting on things, it is time to set the record straight, as this is from the same site which is nothing but a liberal enabler of Constitutional theft in claiming Obama's papers are real and not forged.

The subject today for you rich people who have not yet made the 350,000 dollar donation is FATCA. I will not go into the nomenclature, so for those unaware of FATCA, just think of it as an IRS international tax aimed at foreign investment companies and Americans who have their money invested through them as tax shelters.

This illegal law was supposed to go into place on January 1st but was delayed until July 1st as foreign firms like all Americans in not knowing anymore than Donald Rumsfeld how to comply with this complicated tax, because these companies have to figure out if people are Americans, then pay taxes to the IRS in America on investments, and if they do not comply there is a 30% fine on these companies which would bankrupt them.
So you comprehend this, King George III passed laws against Americans without their being represented, and against other foreigners, which the English Parliament had no authority to. It was like George H. W. Bush prosecuting Panamanian Manuel Noriega, President of Panama in America, for things Noriega did in Panama as their sovereign. The United States has no jurisdiction in foreign nations over foreigners, and the United States has no jurisdiction over money outside of America that Americans have, which is being invested by foreign traders.

I will be short in this to explain, all this is, is the same scheme aimed at drying up political funds which would be used against the regime. Eric Holder went after Swiss accounts first which American held, as Obama cronies bought up for pennies on the million dollars the American derivative trading houses, and this is aimed at wiping out foreign trading houses in competition with the cartel, and not allowing Americans their right to have money offshore and invested beyond the IRS reach.

There is a trader who has been stating that on July 1st, the US economy could collapse. Everyone is not reading his caveat in COULD COLLAPSE, due to FATCA being implemented, as it could start a run on the markets in companies cashing out as much as investors.
The reality is, that investors are already moving those funds, and that is why there have been plunges in the market as money is being moved before July 1st. That though is not the real problem which is not being explained, so it is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you noticed as this blog was the only source on this in revealing that there was a massive tax hike in income taxes for Obama year 2014. Drudge stated record revenues were coming in, which translates to record amounts of money was being confiscated by the IRS for the Obama regime from the US economy.
I mentioned my taxes went up as someone in poverty tens of thousands of percent and I am poor. That means I do not have money to spend to buy improvements like tin for a shed, which means my Home Depot does not get that money, which does not flow to some distributor which is employing people.

What Rush Limbaugh and none of the Chris Matthews horde have explained in this, is the reality in this, in due to Obamacare, 2 trillion dollars just came out of the United States economy and will be concentrated into regime monopoly spending for the conglomerates in food, medicine and stocks benefiting the few.

Now revisit FATCA in the next year almost 1 billion more is going to be pulled out investments. You must understand this in the Obama Geithner scheme, that the Treasury has been funding stocks and bonds for their price spikes. When investors are divested of 1 billion dollars MORE, that means that 1 billion dollars will not be rolled over into more stock purchases.
That may not sound like a great deal, but it is, because it means points shaved off of stocks, and it means a few more workers being fired from the job market.

I have been noting how Cabelas has gone to an almost part time employment now due to Obamcare, and there has been a shift in all industry to firing a few workers in every company. That starts a domino effect, and that is what the trader warning of a collapse is speaking of.

It is not just trading house trying to avoid 30% penalties or an investor trying to keep more of their profits, but it is investors taking their entire portfolios out of investment circulation where it can be tracked and penalized, but it is investing those assets into dead end economics.

I explain it this way to make this easy. You in your 401K have 50,000 dollars saved up as an example through Taiwan Traders, and you note with all these new taxes you are going to have your profit margin neutralized, so when TT invests in Coca Cola stocks, that money benefits Coke as a low interest loan and profit structure for that company.
When you sell those stocks, and buy gold or put those revenues into areas which the IRS has not tagged yet, that money is not working for employing people, but in gold becomes a dead end unit as gold just sits there gaining value in inflation as money becomes cheap.

That is why the FATCA traders is warning what this could be, as it is what it could be as this touches other areas and more constrictions apply to the economies.

I broke the ground in explaining that there are basically three economies in the world. There is the economy you live in. There is the cartel monopoly economy of commodity set prices and Obama money dumps to Wall Street, and then there is the underground economy.
Your economy is stagnant. The Obama economy is debt paper fraud, and the black market economy is the only one generating any revenue in dope and whore trading. You will remember that the European banks after the staged 9 11 collapse for Obama implanting to 1600 Penn Avenue, stated that they would have collapsed if it was not for the black market economy as that is where all their profit margins were coming from.

That is what FATCA is targeting in the fringe trading. You are not going to be able to sell AK 47's or Slavic whores to terrorists nor are you going to get to launder billions in opium and coke money, so you are in the fringe penny curve market, which is being taxed from existence.

Read that Council on Foreign Relations link again in how Obama policy, after laundering 1 trillion dollars to 3rd world nations in a 2009 money dump, which money went directly into Rothschild banks as that money is always laundered, that Obama for the cartel has been doing reverse colonialism in forcing money into areas like Indonesia, which has saw huge money dumps and the spiking of their currencies, as these are Stan Ann Dunham Microeconomic bubbles which are being gleaned by design. They are designed like all bubbles to collapse like Brazil was in the 1990's for cartel control and management by Marxists.

It is a massive transfer of wealth in your money builds up some 3rd world despot and the cartel takes over and takes your money. It is the same programme which imported millions of white slaves into America to homestead the soil, and then drove them off the land in the 1930's and 1970's, so rural America is now run by Monsanto frankenfood and Walmart poison products for feudal control of America Reagan Blue States.

This is the big picture of Obama Feudalism which no one has explained, as all the talking mics are paid to not connect any of these dots. FATCA is but another slicing of the vein so you bleed out a bit more.

Obama Chin Jinn inflation has been pulling trillions out of the world and US economy in high fuel and food prices by design. Obamacare coupled with new firings and new tax confiscation is pulling out trillions more, as much as what FATCA is designed to do, to herd money into new arenas of dead end economics, so that a collapse occurs by design.

I explain it this way. It is like you are climbing Mt.  Everest and the air keeps getting thinner. Each step does not have you pass out immediately, but it all combines, and suddenly when the air or economics gets thin enough, you collapse.

I have warned you that the cartel and the regime designed the Nevada Rancher event as Drudge for MIC is pushing this. As you need reminders, when the Michigan Militia appeared, it was smeared from one end to the other as a terror danger.
That is not taking place in this operation now is it. Instead Harry Reid is calling them terrorists, but they are being allowed to foment, propaganda is being published to draw people into a movement, and this is for a reason of creating a flashpoint as Hutatree was by Obama regime design.

Remember the exclusive here in the Tea Party was warned that Obama infilitrators were in place to make them terrorists, and when Sean Hannity picked up my story, the evidence appeared outing these infiltrators and it was stopped.

Progress out the logic now as I have been warning first and exclusive. You have Mormon shill Glen Beck coming out against a Mormon Rancer in Mr. Bundy. You have the regime allowing a fomenting of armed Citizens against the police state.
You have states now calling for control over federal lands. A fragmentation of America is being staged, as certain as Eric Holder was running Fast and Furious in arming the regime's Mexican drug mafia.

Recall now the reality of the BATF blurting out in Hutatree, that they had hundreds of groups they had infiltrated as in there are hundreds of moles conditioning groups of Americans. The same types of moles who were providing Timothy McVeign and Terry Nichols bomb making materials for OKC. I am telling you in the clearest possible terms, what is taking place and it is being regime generated for the cartel.

When Bill and Hillary Clinton with minder Eric Holder were runing Ruby Ridge, Waco and OKC, those were operations like Hutatree designed for purpose of population control in suppressing resistance. This same group is spiking an armed group and the only reason to create an armed political group is to stage a police state crackdown to divert from an economic collapse due to Obamacare in Dollar resets.

It was not by accident that Mormon Bundy was the spark in this, as it was the Mormon Mafia which Mitt Romney led and has been in their Masonic rites been competing globally. Glen Beck is a stooge and has come out against this patriot group, to provide a dividing to conquer to keep the infrastructure fractured.
This is all an intelligence operation and it is by desig, just as Idaho, Texas and Oklahoma were by design in the Clinton era.
The protocols the crackdown will come in the west and the targets have already been chosen, as have the victims, with complete storyline.

Revisit 9 11, and you find the Patriot Act, already written before the event, for the Bush Administration by liberal Gary Hart a democrat.

By God's Grace this blog has been able to difuse a number of situations in keeping all of you safe by making aspects known of the protocols. What is out there though is something which has to implode as those are the protocols as much as the Gentleman's Agreement for German Genocide which took 10 years to start in World War I by Woodrow Wilson.

When all of this Obama debt enslavement causes the regime to steal your money in currency resets and inflation spikes, there is going to have to be an opposite and equal CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of the national fury in being aborted into this. A regime controls such combustion by creating their own events and smashing the people to instill fear into the public at large.

FATCA was what was behind the December Wall Street drops, and the money has been moving out to new dead end investments for the July period. FATCA is the tip of this entire leviathan and the danger sign in all of this, is Mormon Bundy and the Drudge conditioning stories of armed patriots in the manifestation of a movement controlled by the regime, whose only purpose in being generated is for a staged crackdown as Hutatree in small scale manifested.

Now you know more of the complete picture in this. I have not inquired as to the actual events or locations for these operations against Americans in specifics, but the protocols are there. An early event will be for the 2014 Congressional elections to keep Conservatives from dominating as Boehner does not want them around nor the problem of control of the Senate where Iowan Charles Grassley is not going to allow through border invasion to be legalized voters.
If this comes later, it will be for the reset with the protocols for some democrat governor to call in federal police of martial law to restore order or to embarass a gop higher office seeker in "their" people are in revolt and they need to crack down on their own.

I leave it at that to bring you out of the abyss again as you keep jumping in and never comprehend what is really taking place as your ignorance keeps manifesting.

You just do not comprehend the historic lessons posted here in revolution and civil war for your education and pass it all by as you are too dense to see what is being taught.

Time for laundry.


Thurmond Breivik

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have decided that with Birther Hussein Obama having so polluted the political gene pool with his being an illegitimate political bastard, that time should be indulged on that most noteworthy Norwegian political leader, Anders Breivik.

Psychologically as Mr. Breivek has been forced to remain silent, that in the plus minus, only two possibilities can project out, either the Viking Knight has been castrated in mind to the system or he will become testicular fortified by prison and ejaculate his manhood upon the world podium upon his timely release.

Der Fuerher, Adolf Hitler benefitted by his political prisoner status, as prison makes a leader out of a man, much like the man behind the Iron Mask, became the leader of France.

In that, I focus upon the need of Anders Breviek in what he can do for the world at this juncture, as I did mention that Europe is going to be in great need of men of his abilities, as sure enough, there is the real man Vladimir Putin, now professing Christian leadership in the Russian Orthodox Church for the salvation of the Slavic Peoples.
Let us examine something in Mr. Putin has been known to oversee assassinations of Polish  Patriots and Polonium Pissing upon his former nationals at London Tea Stops, and people have embraced him.
Let us examine the image of Birther Hussein Obama, so embraced by the leftist in America, in has he not been behind the genocide of Syrians at 40,000 dead? Did he not leave babies to crawl around in bin Laden actor urine and blood as he chest thumped? Did he not allow the Navy SEALS to be ambushed in quid pro quo? Did he not leave American Soldiers to slaughter pits in Afnamistan?

I could go on, but the list of Obama corpse piles would fill this blog, and the reality in this is the reality of when the world can embrace a reformed Vladmir Putin and the left can bow to a malformed image of Obama, is not a time arriving for Anders Brievik to be afforded the same political courtesy?
The answer if of course it is.

In that, I see the first necessary step is the salvation of the Norwegian people who created the mass murderer, Birther Hussein Obama. I was viewing a movie starring Scarlet Johannsen, who I had only seen on the American program, The David Letterman Show, which I found her disgusting like a soppy cunny reeking of crack whore unctions.
In the movie, Scarlet was dressed like a male sperm cell, in all were in white and all the bad people were in black led by Sean Bean. It was about clones like Obama's image, but the main thrust is, Scarlet does have large breasts and large lips, and I think that Anders Breivik could rehabilitate this female creature to give her a Grace Kelly type persona, as he career is on the downslide and she could be of some service in congical visits, and weeping before places where horny lesbian and fag politicians could all associate with her for the timely release of Anders Breivik.

Would not have a Muchelle Obama, a Scarlet Brievik as Empress of Norway, be a pleasant experience as Thormund Breivik ruled Norway and those little islands in the Indian Ocean which I wanted as my own Queendom once upon a yes he can be Thormund.
I made Thormund up, based upon Thor of the Norse gods and should not Anders Breivik have a title fittin for him as leader of Norway in captivity?

The answer of course is right. His title is Thormund and that is settle, and I will allow Scarlet Johannsen being reformed to be called Lady Thormund. It makes no difference if she wants this or how polluted her cunny is, as this has all been decided now like Saul's daughter handed off to a new beau, in Lady Thormund is now the actress formerly known as.

Thormund in his writings, revealed how a strong European race was essential and it should be that he should breed Lady Thormund in giving her something to do besides weep in public. In that, the Thormund, has expressed a need to have the Holy Roman Empire about the borders, and while that is anti Christ jurisdiction, I see some dick action in this, in the Thormund would be like entitled as:

Thormund the Great, leader of Norse, kindred of Swede and Norman, Prince of Iceland, Father of Greenland, Sovereign of Vinland, Lord of Goth, Keeper of the Faith. I could see how that would fit in, in he could be like the Pope of the North, as you got Pater Pope now in black and white robes all in one Vatican, so should there not be a Pope of the North. I put him into a Royal Blue robe with ermine trimmings and alot of gold embroidery things, with a nice Norse helmet.
See the Paters always want some sword as they are like Obama in liking others to do the bloodletting, so Thormund could be the sword of the Vatican.

I see this helpful in things as Vladimir Putin is Prince of the Russian Orthodox Church. The anti Christ has the whore of Babylon, so to keep things at peace in the Northland, there is Anders Breivik, with helmet on and ruler of the north, into Canada, as let us face this reality in the Viking owned a great deal of Britain, France, the islands and North  America, and never gave up title to any of it, and if Obama is giving Texas land back to Mexicans and Mr. Putin is taking back Russian lands.....then the Thormund can take back what is rightfully Greater Norseland.

This is a good place to start really in all this. Saving Scarlet Johannsen from herself, redeeming Norwegians from Obama fraud, and the release of Anders Breivik from his political prisoner status, as let us face the reality in Birther Obama was a greater criminal than the Thormund ever was and in reality, the Obama regime has killed far more children out of the womb tomb than the Thormund ever did in post birth aborticides.
Think of this in the reality of Mr. Obama Jinn rations death to America like a jihad of Islam in Obamacrypt. The Thormund just rationed a little bit of death, like radical surgery on radicals, like cutting out a cancer in it's youth before it grew to consume the body politic.
Think of all the good Anders Breivik did for those liberals in Norway by slicing away those young tumors. The parents did not have to be bothered with raising them and they could be off on vacations and have that money to donate to political movements. These little tumors did not grow up to experience all the misery of being liberals and having more liberal bastards as a burden on society. The Thormund actually saved these unfortunate post fetus tissues all the horror of Chelsea  Hubbles little bundle of cells.
This is liberal policy and Anders Breivik deserves a crown and not a cell over this as he implemented on a far smaller scale than what world liberal Obama has done and is cheered for.

If liberals state that Conservativism is a mental disorder, then certainly being a leftist is a sociopathic manifestation like choosing to be a sodomite or pedophile, and in that type of criminal acceptance,  then of course Anders Breivik must be accepted and not be a prisoner for simply ejaculating lead on people who were going to die anyway.

The only losers in this Norway aborticide operation were the pharmaceuticals both legal and illegal in abortion pills and Asian opium consumed by these now dead Norwegians. I say just take that million back from millionaire Obama and give it to big pharm and the Taliban dope lords which Obama put into power and all accounts will be settled.

Settled of course except for the Thormund. He really needs some historic castle in Norway to be constructed for his rule, and a nice provential palace in all his domain locations. I like the golden Norse helmet. There should be one in some museum which can be gold plated over and some Norse axe which can be adorned with fine jewels.
As for Lady Thormund, I think a nice belt axe with ivory handle and jewel tiara type thing which would  not get in the way of combat, as the purpose of this is to raise the Scandinavians onto their hind legs and resurrect their peoples to their former grand nature.

The Norwegians were quite educated in things in they had a system to deal with strangers they met. See they would just smash their skulls in, and in that, they learned if they were a dangerous wraith or perhaps just a dangerous human. Wraiths did not ooze brain and people did.
The Thormund and Lady Thormund therefore in tradition should have a few liberals stationed at places they tread for resort and these liberals can then be post aborted, in a sort of blood letting to cleanse the soils of their realm to bring back the good old days of Khadaffi dragged about Libya and put on display.

I really believe this will become quite fashionable in a waiting list of liberals who desire to be bopped on the brain, as why should the anti Christ have all those martyrs, when the apostate could be martyred too, as they are too cowardly to commit suicide.
For this I think the Thormund  and Lady Thormund should have reindeer tunics on as blood splatter would be bothersome on ermine furs, and as the Laplanders do alright with alot of blood on their deer hide clothes, it might afford some blood splatter fashion like Wedgwood china is for the English.

The main point in this is saving Scarlet Johannsen with her ample breasts and lips from herself, and to give her a purpose in life in serving the Thormund of Norseland, whose political prisoner status must end, as he has proven himself a leader more than Birther Hussein and most of the world. He has earned his title of the Thormund, and if he withstands the torture he has been placed under, like all the political prisoners at Gitmo and other secret  NATO bases, this freedom fighter should be released to his kingdom and more than Obama did in a million dollars to the China terrorists sent to island resorts from Gitmo.

You can now see the dichotomy in all of this, in how mistreated Anders Breivik has been when compared to how others have been rewarded for the same actions. There must be parody in all of this in legal precident as you can not give Birther Hussein peace awards and a million dollars for murdering tens of thousands of people and unjustly give the Thormund prison for waging war against those who are aborting the Scandinavian peoples.

Free the Thormund, the right and true son of Viking Legend. He has earned equal justice and treatment under Norwegian and international law. When it is the right of women's choice to remove tissue from the body then it is the right of the Thormund like all leaders to remove the diseased tissue from the body politic. When Norway rewards those who use Nobel dynamite to slaughter people globally, then the Thormund must be rewarded in kind for using pyrotechnics to surgically remove by select fire those organisms which are going to die anyway.

Free the Thormund and give Scarlet Johannsen the greatest role of her life.

Free the Thormund!!!!!!!

Free at last, Free from the past, Thank Brunnhilde almightily, the Thormund is free at last!


Just who really was Timothy McVeig.......I mean Anders Breivk