Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reince Priebus's Dirty House

Katie Walsh's fiance Mike Shields with former Speaker Boehner, fall 2015

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a matter in the situation of White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, which reveals that this is a person who does not belong anywhere near the President of the United States, because his entire past is nothing but filled with ethics violations and criminal dealings.

Reince Priebus arose to power by performing a coup with a GOP operative who was awarded part of the GOP data mining scheming of FLS in the L being Operative Larson from South Dakota, transplanted to Minnesota. Priebus successfully brought down the Obama of the GOP in the corrupt and ineffective Michael Steele of Maryland, but the entire action was one of a coordinated effort and quid pro quo engineered by Priebus in a power grab.
Priebus would oversee the exact replica of this in Trump Trans where Christians were booted to the curb, for paybacks to Big Koch, the Indiana Mafia of Mike Pence, the Kurschner Ashkenaz liberal mafia and Bush fam putting Jeb Bush's advocates in 1600 Penn.

Priebus as head of the GOP chose as his top lieutenants Mike Shields as Chief of Staff and Katie Walsh as chief finance officer. The problems with this arrangement were Walsh was living in adultery with leftist GOP Senator Kirk of Illinois, and after he stroked out as an old man, Walsh bed hopped her way over to Mike Shields.
Again a problem, because Shields left the RNC for the House election control, and the woman he was sexing in Katie Walsh, was given his job by Priebus, as Walsh gave her job to her best friend.

This is unethical, scandalous and criminal. This is what Reince Priebus was overseeing as head of the RNC in a sex ring of quid pro quo of cronyism and nepotism.

It degraded worse as both Shields and Walsh were #NeverTrumpers, and coordinated working against Donald Trump for his defeat and it was Priebus who approached Donald Trump and tried to get him to quit the race.........for Jeb Bush.

The prominent conservative group American Action Network has hired Republican National Committee chief of staff Mike Shields to be its new president.

Shields, who joined the RNC in 2013 as part of an effort to diagnose the party’s failings in the 2012 election cycle, will also head the group’s sister PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, which has close ties to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

And promoting the same corruption, Shields moved against Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and American mothers who had their children raped and murdered by Mexicans, for his traitor Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan Demolished His Primary Challenger -

... the same platforms as Republican ... Congressional Leadership Fund president Mike Shields told ... So We Asked a Woman Who Was Born in Nazi Germany

Priebus' dirty house house was plotting a scheme from the start of this for Jeb Bush. It was a replay of HW Bush's machinations in using Christians for his election and then telling them to shut up and go away. Priebus oversaw with Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner an exact replica of this in Trump Trans as the massive money laundering scheme which Priebus had overseen in the GOP in making certain that no funding donations went to Donald Trump and the other 200 million went to the data mining operations and select GOP minders in the media, in this ACORN kickback scheme, is something Priebus, Shields and Walsh should be indicted for, and upon victory cut the Christians out of the entire appointment loop.

This degrades into a strange world if one tracks Mike Shields as he was supposedly working for the GOP. In online posts, Shields is found in England and Germany, assisting their political operations. This is something which one has to question in who is funding this, and why are foreigners meeting with Shields who was supposed to be working with the GOP as the priority.
Shields was inside England's 10 Downing Street and in the headquarters of German Angela Merkel's campaign. It is a fact that Shields was part of a group in Germany which is international with offices in DC and across Europe which was founded by a Nazi and advocated the annexing of other parts of Europe.

Trump tramples on Republican orthodoxy -

Thinking the unthinkable on Germany going nuclear ... "It's almost like he's running a third-party candidacy within the Republican party," says Mike Shields, ...

Yes it was Mike Shields spreading the damned lie that Donald Trump was 3rd party and Shields was doing it in the MI5 British press.

Mike Shields, the chief of staff at the Republican National Committee who is at the core of the GOP’s efforts to reboot itself ahead of the 2014 mid-term elections and the next presidential race in 2016.

When one realizes that John McCain can not meet and or quote enough Nazi's in attacking Donald Trump, one has to ask the glaring question of what in the hell is someone who is running the House election division belonging to a Nazi group in Germany, as his fiance is the Deputy Chief of Staff to President Trump, both appointed by Reince Preibus.

This is the Dirty House of Reince Priebus. It is money laundering, political sabotage, insurrection against the Government of the United States, philandering, coup plotting, betrayal, unethical, anti Christian, adulterous and just criminal.

Republicans and Democrats threw out Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Boehner and Big Koch oligarchs, and yet under Reince Priebus, we have Mike Pence in the Indiana mafia bringing in Big Koch, Mike Shields has brought in John Boehner's Big Koch Ohio Mafia, the regime of Obama and Clinton leaks non stop and Katie Walsh has brought in the entire Bush Machine with the help of Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner.
Every damn thing that President Trump and the American People flushed, Reince Priebus was grabbing in the sewage with both hands bringing the shit back in.

The Lame Cherry has posted of the qualified Americans who must be brought in to replace this junta which is sabotaging the Trump Agenda, and it begins with Chris Christie who will remain loyal to President Trump in driving for indictments of Mike Shields, his sex kitten Katie Walsh and their pimp Priebus as a start, as no one is asking questions in this in the media and that includes Sean Hannity, which makes you wonder why are Hannity and Levin not aware of what the hell is going on in the underworld of Reince Priebus for the oligarchs, when a popular girl without resources can dig up this information which is posted in these criminals' profiles.

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SALVATION BATMAN: Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has come to the attention of the Lame Cherry that Ben Affleck has homicidally murdered the Batman franchise, in a forever film, which was too much for the fat old bearded liberal male to not be enough high energy to deal with, so in that, Lame Cherry Productions announces a Lame Cherry project as only Lame Cherry can create in:


Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix

Yes, whenever the Lame Cherry is puzzled about things in life, the Lame Cherry asks, "What would Joaquin Phoenix do?", and in that we have the answer to SALVATION BATMAN, we simply pit Mr. Jennifer Garner against Joaquin Phoenix in, SALVATION BATMAN, Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix.

The movie opens with Robin slapping Batman who is out making propaganda films about Jimmy Carter not being a failure, gambling and having carnal sex with women who mistake him for Ryan Reynolds.

Attention Alert, Ryan Reynolds and the wife, appear as Barack and Michelle Obama on Virgin Island, wrestling with Dick Branson in debauchery.

Next we have Robin going to Commissioner Gordon, pleading for an intervention, and that is when Commissioner Gordon picks up the Red White and Blue phone, and makes an emergency call to President Donald Trump, who Tweets a special coded message which states: TO JP: HELP:DT

Immediately Joaquin Phoenix knows what to do in ordering Lame Cherry to write a script worthy of the greatest actor, like for all time, and immediately Batman Ben smirks and says he has a message from Birther and the Lurch to save jello from Bill Cosby.

Immediately Joaquin Phoenix responds in taking control of the German Waffen tank corp, and attacks Batman Ben.

There stands Joaquin Phoenix, white scarf in the wind, sunglasses on, dressed in leather, taking heavy fire from the Bat Cave, and at the opportune moment, stuffs Alec Baldwin into a 105 Howitzer and shoots Batman Ben with Alec Baldwin.

Next Joaquin Phoenix rescues Jennifer Garner and children from Ben Affleck, and they immediately adore Joaquin Phoenix, and life has never been so good.

Scene two opens with Batman Ben in a fury, and knowing he is not man enough to take on Joaquin Phoenix, even with Alec Baldwin protruding from his anus, Batman Ben enlists the help of Nasty Woman, Ashley Judd to kidnap the happy family of Jennifer Phoenix and children.

Immediately President Trump signals on Twitter, JP: HELP: DT, and immediately Joaquin Phoenix takes command of the B2 Bombers of America, and personally flying his own F 35 fighter, leads the command where he personally drops Joaquin Bombs, specially designed bombs to eradicate all who are not fond of Truth, Justice and the American Way, and those who do not appreciate the great talent of Joaquin Phoenix.

The bombing obliterates all of California sedition and Joaquin Phoenix personally unloads Rosie O'Donnell as a fat bomb, which obliterates Nasty Woman.

Unfortunately when Joaquin Phoenix unloads his fat bomb, the weight adjustment is too much and the F 35 pitches and Joaquin Phoenix must parachute to Batman territory, where he lands at Wayne Manor, where Batman Ben is throwing a party for Muslim Invaders.

In a hail of gunfire and gore, a fight from hell, a scene as horrendous as Madonna's nethers, Joaquin Phoenix with his Colt 45's blazing, fights his way to the Mansion, with a protective shield of lead, and and picks up David Letterman, rips his leg off and beats 100,000 Muslim terrorists to death.

In an epic chase, Batman Ben flees in the Bat Mobile with Joaquin Phoenix on his trail riding the Bat Cycle.

On Golden Gate Bridge Joaquin Phoenix catches Batman Ben, and they fight their way to the top of the bridge, and plunge into the troubled waters below, where a Great White Shark awaits to attack Joaquin Phoenix, but Joaquin Phoenix, punches the shark and as Batman Ben makes his way to shore, Joaquin Phoenix throws the shark like an arrow, and engulfs Batman Ben in a shark cell of razor sharp teeth.

Commissioner Gordon arrives with Robin, and they take Batman away to be rehabilitated by listening to Joaquin Phoenix rock and roll, and being made to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

With the credits rolling, Jennifer and the children say, "Why can not all men be like you?" Joaquin Phoenix then says, "They all could if they just tried".

At which point, Matt Damon appears and says,  Mr. Phoenix, can I be your friend?"

"NO", Joaquin Phoenix says and orders ICE to arrest Matt Damon, for impersonating an American.

Yes, a Lame Cherry production and creation, Batman vs. Joaquin Phoenix, SALVATION BATMAN.

Seriously realize, what a disaster Batman has been since the great Adam West left the role, and what Batman would have been like if the great Joaquin Phoenix had starred in this series for the past decades, compared to the horrid ensemble and now with Ben Affleck having killed the franchise.



Bedtime Stories

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a rather unfortunate fortunate story, as I collect Bibles...yes no revelation, but if a little girl had not thrown away her picture Bible, I would not have any idea such a thing existed, and it really is a pretty good Bible which would work for reading to children and grandchildren before bed.

That is one happy memory I have is Bible story books as a child before bed.

This is The Picture Bible by David C. Cook with illustrations by Andre Le Blanc......yeah sounds Canadian.

David C Cook | Children's Books | Children's Bibles

Children's Bibles. Bible Storybooks. ... The Picture Bible. by Iva Hoth. ... ABOUT DAVID C COOK. About David C Cook. Employment. Integrity Music.

So any way, what I appreciate about this, is it is the entire Bible and with cartoon pictures. It covers all but Revelation, and in checking out the porn content like David and Bathsheba is it covered with the naughty bits left covered, so a child will get the message to behave and being bad has consequences.

I have numbers of Bible story books I have collected, for when we have children, but this one is about as close to perfection as I could have created. The Le Blanc illustrations are vivid colors with attractive people, so it will hold a child's attention for the few minutes before bed and sleep.

Mine I obtained free as little Haley tossed hers, but sodomite Amazon has it listed at 15 bucks hardcover, so it is an affordable and good investment that Mr. Cook is not profiteering off of his picture books like some Rush Limbaugh types.

I am not jumping to conclusions as perhaps Haley threw this book away or her Mum did in thinking it would go to some other miscreant child, but why anyone would give away a childhood memory is beyond me, especially when your Church bought it for you and your name is in it.

Whatever the reason, it allows me to do a book review as this is a nice book which has never been read by the looks of it, and few people are aware of it.

Post Script: I did some investigating in Haley was born in 2007, so she is 9 years old and it would appear the mother must have tossed the father died in 2010.

God help that child. I presume this is someone I will be praying for as the indications do not look good in what is going on with the Mum.

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Lee Marvin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Talent is something that you either have or don't as Hollywood sure as hell doesn't .

- Lame Cherry

I was thinking about Lee Marvin and a film I really enjoy in The Dirty Dozen, a film he hated as he said he sold out for the money. If only actors who could act, actually made movies they sold out for the money, then Hollywood would not be bankrupt on Obama liberals.

Lee Marvin was not your typical American. He was a New York patrician, directly descended from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Yet in World War II, he was one of the best Soldiers America ever produced.

Served as a marine in the Pacific theater during WW2. In total, he took part in the invasions of 21 islands, and was wounded and nearly died as a result during the Battle of Saipan. He was a sniper, and would be sent in during the night in a small rubber boat, prior to the rest of his platoon. His wartime experiences deeply affected him for the remainder of his life.

Marvin was shot in the ass, and it affected his sciatic nerve, which got him a job as a plumber, and moved him into acting.

I would not agree with Lee Marvin on politics as he was a Kennedy and McGovern voter, but that came from not enjoying war and hating it which clouded his vision. A vision which was bizarre as if you realize the greatest movies of all time that cemented stars in classics, Lee Marvin turned down the roles.

Marvin got into a fight with Sam Peckinpah and left the Wild Bunch, and William Holden starred.

Marvin refused Dirty Harry, as John Wayne did, and it cemented Clint Eastwood as a star

Marvin lost interest in Death Wish as the director left, and Charles Bronson starred in that series.

Marvin was even up for Col. Trautman in First Blood, the Rambo series as he refused to play a Colonel. The role went to Richard Crenna.

People like Lee Marvin are interesting, because of their ability to not give a damn about saying things, and this observation was something vintage of Lee Marvin.

Newman has it all worked out. I get a million. He gets a million, too, but that includes $200,000 expenses. So, if that's the game . . . I never talked to Newman in my life. No, I talked to him on Park Avenue once. Only to give him a piece of advice. This 15-year-old girl wanted his autograph. He told her he didn't give autographs, but he'd buy her a beer. "Paul", I said, "she's only 15". "I don't give a shit", he said. I think it shows. With Newman, it shows. Cut to an old broad in Miami Beach looking at his picture in Life magazine: "A Gary Cooper he ain't."

Yes always wonderful to be educated about American blue eyed pussy throb literal Paul Newman was a pedophile, and Hollywood celebrated it.

That though is Lee Marvin and he was the one man who could hold his own with John Wayne on screen in the Comancheroes. Most stupid thing ever was the film killing Marvin off in the first part of the picture.

I know my career is going badly because I'm being quoted correctly.

- Lee Marvin

Now that he is gone, I am pleased he never shut up.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

President Donald Trump and American Moral Doctrine

Bush Fam Plays Nuclear Roulette With American & Korean Lives
in a #NeverTrumper Intrigue Gotcha

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a fact that North Korea has the absolute right, as  the Japanese had the right to exterminate Filipino headhunters on the north island in the 1900's as that was Japanese territory, for Kim Jong Un, under his system of regime to regicide his brother Kim Jong Nam.

There is also a President Ronald Reagan fact, that in morals which have been shattered under Barack Obama, that evil must be defined as such and not rewarded. In this, President Donald Trump was exactly correct in cancelling a "diplomatic" meeting in New York, which featured the very characters in the past Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes to negotiate on American soil, more of their failed diplomacy which has taught Kim Jong Un that nuclear tantrums bring American bribes.

“I suspect it was a combination of the VX attack and the president’s personal pique that caused the reversal,” the person said. “Someone obviously looked at the fact that the United States was going to issue visas to representatives of a country that had just violated international law, carried out a murder and intentionally violated the sovereignty of another country, and decided, ‘Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.’”

The Lame Cherry maintains that Kim John Un has every right to execute his brother who was plotting the overthrow of Kim Jong Un as leader of North Korea,  even in Malaysia, as Barack Obama had no problem in the murderous regime changes in Libya and Syria.
What is good for the Americans is as fitting for the North Koreans.

International law is a lawless bastard of nuclear might makes right. It has violated national sovereignty when it fits the globalist purpose in destroying Syria when Rhodesia has blacks genociding Caucasians there.
It is the full right of any nation to do with it's subjects as it sees fit, and unless the people stand up and depose the tyrant, it is simply another LaVoy Finicum dead.

The Lame Cherry offers that President Trump is morally right in his actions concerning North Korea. It is a fact though that North Korea will devolve to another nuclear tantrum for attention. American policy though must not be based on who Kim Jong Un is executing to protect his regime. American policy must not be based in the failed globalists of past American regimes. American policy must be grounded in Christian morality with the pragmatism of understanding that North Korea must be dealt with not in past failures to repeat mistakes, but dealt with, so it is not dealt with in a war which will take tens of thousands if not millions of lives.

The Lame Cherry revisits the solution which was posted here, free from Clinton, Bush and Obama failed negotiators, and places this in American negotiations who understand North Korea.

It was an absolute mistake of bringing North Koreans to New York. That is not a first step, but a final step.

What the Lame Cherry progresses again is now a new necessity, whereby the United States stipulates that all diplomatic negotiations take place through Taiwan first who will convey messages to Pyongyang.

What must first now  take place is that diplomatic effort on Taiwan soil. The North Koreans must be informed that they show the good will as the cultural exchanges which took place between Peking and DC in the 1970's.
The United States will suggest that a series of cultural events with Mrs. Kim Jong Un will take place first in Tokyo, then in New Dehli, then in Berlin and then in Paris, will be a framework of western exchanges of North Korean performing artists, and Japanese, Indian, German and French artists in Pyongyang.

If no such incidents on either side are generated as in Nam incident, then a diplomatic step will be undertaken at a cultural gathering in Moscow under the offices of President Vladimir Putin.

This is a positive direction which both the Americans and North Koreans can exhibit behaviors by repetition to step back from the swords of words and war. The purpose of the Moscow meeting is understood to be the solution of a Peace Treaty to end the Korean War, and with that document signed, to begin START or arms reduction talks on the Korean Peninsula, along with crossings of the DMZ of Korean families and integration of trade between the Koreas.

That though follows, providing both parties maintain peaceful relations during the cultural exchange period.

President Trump was correct in his Reaganesque stand against evil empire, but until the American Government and all other Nationalist States remove themselves from the bounds of international laws which had the Obama regime murdering Colonel Khadaffi and not being arrested, while Kim Jong Un is penalized for legally protecting his regime from treason, then there will not be any foundation for any peaceful settlement.

Seriously, whoever signed off on this New York meeting with North Korea was sowing intrigue against President Trump again, in this treason of allowing North Koreans on American soil without any conditions having been met.
President Trump has taken the first step in denying North Korea. The second step is arresting those behind this intrigue of this "American delegation" and I would bet that damned Jim Baker who Mike Pence was hauling into the White House for Ivanka carbon taxes had a hand in this manipulation to drop a nuclear hot potato in the President's lap.

The Americans in the group represented a wide range of views on North Korea. Winston Lord, a former ambassador to China who was on the list of participants, recently wrote in a dissent to a report for the Asia Society that the United States should immediately step up sanctions on North Korea.
Others in the American delegation were Robert L. Gallucci, a negotiator on North Korea during the Clinton presidency; Victor Cha, a senior adviser on North Korea to George W. Bush; and Evans J. R. Revere, a former principal deputy assistant secretary of state specializing in North Korea.
Mr. Gallucci and Mr. Cha wrote a report for the George W. Bush Institute last year that emphasized the human rights abuses in North Korea.

 The evidence is this was Bush fam intrigue for a Jeb Bush "I told you so". Arrest these plotters Mr. President.

Nuff Said

No one cares where Jeb Bush shit. They care where Jeb Bush is pissing.

- Lame Cherry



The Yorkroid Evolution

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Caught On Video: Chairs Fly As Nearly 40 People Fight In City Island Restaurant

Logically, one would deduce in the law of averages if one assembled 40 riotous drunken humans in a confined space, where chairs were being thrown, and a mob fight took place, that the odds are someone would have been knocked unconscious or killed.
Or at least an injury of incapacitation or broken bones that the unfortunate or unintelligent, would require EMT's to treat their condition.

Yet in 40 American Afriods fighting, no injury at all was inflicted in the above altercation, and apparently in two other altercations, no injuries were inflicted either.

It is obvious now that the American line breeding program of the African Negroid for a large slave class of workers who now inhabit professional athletics and not cotton fields, and crossbred with Caucasians in the creation of the American Afroid, has now like varieties of corn or flocks of chickens have produced  now divergent and distinct subspecies.

It is most interesting to compare these species of Afriods in for example the Yorkoids to the Chicoids. The Afroids of New York can gather on three occasions in what would be 100 plus violent Afroids and in gang violence not injure each other. By contrast the Chicoid of Chicago, those Afroids not in confined quarters, but the streets have bagged over 4000 of each other to the morgue in a remarkable exchange, which proves that the Chicago Afroid is superior to the New York Afroid in coup de grace, or intent to go for the kill.

Granted the Chicoid are not armed with chairs, but then again the Yorkoid are and absolutely inflict no damage on their victims.

As both Chicago and New York are gun control zones, that can not be a factor in this. In this though we know that the bar brawl in New York featured fried seafood. Perhaps there is something which causes the eating of French fried seafood to manifest non lethal psychology. No evidence is though in this if Chicago does not provide fried shrimp for their natives, which is why they are more aggressive.
The eating of seafood though is a factor in Japanese ancestry, but the Cantonese ate the same diet, and were not as aggressive as the Japanese.

The Asian perhaps are not affected by diet, and it points to something of genetics, in the Chicoid are more aggressive and successful, while the Yorkoid are not. In examination of Michelle Obama, she certainly is not hosing down the ho's and bro's with guns being of Chicago, so the aggression is not widespread in the genetics, as apparently the pacifist Yorkoids are widespread in their inability of injury to each other.

On the primate scale, it appears the Yorkoid are more akin to the Indian monkey in doing a great deal of screaming but no injuries are inflicted, while the Chicoid are more of the orangutan in harming each other in territorial fight.

It appears that certain species of the Afroid in America are more aggressive in distinct localities, such as Coloids of DC, the Baltoids of Baltimore and Angoids of Los Angeles.
For the safety of the American Afroid, it would be best if the government could transplant Yorkoids to these various aggressive communities to create Barack Obama mom jean types, as protected species from the more aggressive local species, and in Planned Parenthood sterilize these aggressive blacks and utilize the welfare program to promote breeding.
It is suggested when both Obama adoptive daughters become of legal adult age, that they be sent to their nativity to become breeders, in producing perhaps 18 peaceful Afroid children to populate Chicago with an Afroid like the Yorkoid, whereby no harm will occur in Chicago gang wars again.

This should be the national breeding project of the promotion of the Yorkoid subspecies so the American Afroid does not become extinct in the Obama Negroid Genocide of Blacks in America, whereby the Afroid must also be a protected species from the more violent Muslim and more aggressive breeding Mexican.

This concludes this anthropological study of the subspecies of the American Afroid.


George Clooney in attacking President Trump quotes Communists and Assassins

The honorary Cesar Award traditionally has been handed out to Hollywood stars in years past, with Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Costner receiving it during the last four editions.
A communist Award

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There apparently are lasting effects of brain damage for voting for the Clintons and Barack Obama, as Jodi Foster was quoting Frederick Douglas, a Black Republican, as Henry Louis Gates jr was castrating this historical black  for not be black enough, and now we have George Clooney, on  French soil, quoting communists and assassins while attacking President Donald Trump.

After a few more mistranslations by Dujardin, Clooney concluded by citing Good Night, Good Luck's Edward R. Murrow, who attacked Joseph McCarthy and his Communist witch hunts in an impassioned speech from 1954: "We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine and remember that we are not descended from fearful men."

He then concluded with a quote from Cassius in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

The reality in this is as President Gorbachev of Russia stated, is that Senator  Joseph McCarthy before he was assassinated by the world citizen communists, in his investigations against the Reds in America, had set the communist overthrow of America back decades.
It was the fellow travelers like Edward Murrow who were the traitors to America in  protecting this ilk which gave rise to the Birther Obama.

In addition, Cassius was the assassination plotter against Julius Caesar, who conned an ignorant Brutus with words to betray the leader of Rome.

The fault is in George Clooney and his #NeverTrumpers and continues to be so, as this group of genocidists which mass murdered over 500,000 Syrians and are now attempting to put Europe as scorched earth in their propaganda war against Russia, are the problem, not President Trump.

The time has come for the Citizens of their Sacred Nations to rise up and detain these George Clooney coup plotters and put them into the same "safe zones" their Muslim pets are required to return to, as there are numbers of mentally disturbed and retarded individuals in the wealthy elite who are becoming terrorists and militants, because of the Cleric Clooney type.

Nuff Said


Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti-matière.

Il ya apparemment des effets durables de dommages cérébraux pour voter pour les Clintons et Barack Obama, comme Jodi Foster citait Frederick Douglas, un républicain noir, comme Henry Louis Gates jr était castrating ce noir historique pour ne pas être assez noir, et maintenant nous avons George Clooney, sur le sol français, citant des communistes et des assassins en attaquant le président Donald Trump.

Après quelques autres erreurs de traduction de Dujardin, Clooney conclut en citant Good Night, Edward R. Murrow de Good Luck, qui a attaqué Joseph McCarthy et sa chasse aux sorcières communistes dans un discours passionné de 1954: "Nous ne serons pas poussés par la peur à une époque de La déraison, si nous creusons profondément dans notre histoire et notre doctrine et rappelez-vous que nous ne sommes pas descendus des hommes craintifs.


Il conclut alors avec une citation de Cassius dans Jules César de Shakespeare: «La faute, cher Brutus, n'est pas dans nos étoiles, mais en nous-mêmes.

Le président Gorbatchev de Russie a déclaré que le sénateur Joseph McCarthy, avant d'être assassiné par les communistes de la planète, dans ses enquêtes contre les Rouges en Amérique, avait mis le déversement communiste de l'Amérique pendant des décennies.Ce sont les compagnons de route comme Edward Murrow qui ont été les traîtres de l'Amérique dans la protection de ce genre qui a donné lieu à la Birther Obama.
En outre, Cassius était le complot d'assassinat contre Jules César, qui a poursuivi un ignorant Brutus avec des mots pour trahir le chef de Rome.
La faute est dans George Clooney et son #NeverTrumpers et continue à l'être, car ce groupe de génocidaires qui ont assassiné plus de 500 000 Syriens et tentent maintenant de mettre l'Europe comme terre brûlée dans leur guerre de propagande contre la Russie, sont le problème, pas le président Atout.
Le temps est venu pour les citoyens de leurs nations sacrées de se lever et de détenir ces George Clooney comploteurs et les mettre dans les mêmes "zones de sécurité" leurs animaux de compagnie musulmanes sont tenus de revenir, car il ya un certain nombre de personnes mentalement perturbées et retardées Dans l'élite riche qui sont devenus des terroristes et des militants, à cause du type clerc Clooney.

Nuff Said


Als eine andere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Materie Anti-Materie.

Es gibt anscheinend dauerhafte Effekte von Hirnschäden für die Abstimmung für die Clintons und Barack Obama, wie Jodi Foster zitiert Frederick Douglas, ein schwarzer Republikaner, wie Henry Louis Gates jr warf dieses historische Schwarz für nicht schwarz genug, und jetzt haben wir George Clooney, auf französischem Boden, zitiert Kommunisten und Attentäter beim Angriff auf Präsident Donald Trump.

Nach einigen weiteren Fehlübersetzungen von Dujardin schloss Clooney mit der Guten Nacht, Good Lucks Edward R. Murrow, der Joseph McCarthy und seine kommunistischen Hexenjagden in einer leidenschaftlichen Rede von 1954 angriff: "Wir werden nicht von Angst in ein Zeitalter getrieben werden Unvernunft, wenn wir tief in unsere Geschichte und unsere Lehre graben und uns daran erinnern, dass wir nicht von den ängstlichen Männern abstammen. "


Er schloß dann mit einem Zitat von Cassius in Shakespeares Julius Cäsar: "Der Fehler, lieber Brutus, ist nicht in unseren Sternen, sondern in uns selbst."

Die Realität in diesem ist, wie Präsident Gorbatschow von Russland erklärte, ist, dass Senator Joseph McCarthy, bevor er von den Weltbürger Kommunisten ermordet wurde, in seinen Untersuchungen gegen die Reds in Amerika, den kommunistischen Sturz von Amerika zurück Jahrzehnte gesetzt hatte.Es waren die Mitreisenden wie Edward Murrow, die die Verräter nach Amerika waren, um diesen ilk zu schützen, der zum Birther Obama führte.
Darüber hinaus war Cassius der Ermordungsplotter gegen Julius Cäsar, der einen unwissenden Brutus mit Worten verurteilte, um den Führer von Rom zu verraten.
Die Schuld ist in George Clooney und seinen #NeverTrumpers und ist weiterhin so, wie diese Gruppe von Genocidisten, die Massen über 500.000 Syrer ermordet haben und nun versuchen, Europa als versengte Erde in ihren Propagandakrieg gegen Russland zu stellen, sind das Problem, nicht Präsident Trumpf.
Es ist an der Zeit, dass die Bürger ihrer heiligen Nationen aufstehen und diese George Clooney-Coup-Plotter festhalten und sie in die gleichen "sicheren Zonen" stellen werden, die ihre muslimischen Haustiere zurückgeben müssen, da es Zahlen von geistig gestörten und zurückgebliebenen Individuen gibt In der reichen Elite, die Terroristen und Militanten werden, wegen der Cleric Clooney Art.

Nuff sagte


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Там, видимо, являются долгосрочные последствия повреждения головного мозга для голосования за Клинтонов и Барака Обамы, так как Джоди Фостер цитирует Фредерик Дуглас, черный республиканец, а Генри Луис Гейтс-младший был кастрации этот исторический черный для не быть достаточно черным, а теперь у нас есть Джордж Клуни, на французской земле, цитируя коммунисты и убийцами, атакуя президента Дональда Трампа.

После нескольких неправильных переводов по Дюжарден, Клуни пришел к выводу, ссылаясь Спокойной ночи, удачи Эдвард Марроу, который напал на Джозефа Маккарти и его коммунистической охоты на ведьм в страстной речи с 1954: "Мы не будет зависеть от страха в возрасте безрассудство, если мы будем копать глубоко в нашей истории и нашей доктрине и помните, что мы не произошли от страшных людей. "


Затем он заключил с цитаты из Кассия в Шекспира Юлий Цезарь: "Вина, дорогой Брут, не в наших звездах, а в нас самих."

Реальность в этом как президент Горбачев России заявил, что сенатор Джозеф Маккарти, прежде чем он был убит мировых коммунистов граждан, в своих исследованиях против красных в Америке, поставила коммунистическую свержению Америки несколько десятилетий назад.Это был попутчики, как Эдвард Murrow, которые были предателями Америки в деле защиты этого рода, который дал начало Birther Обаме.
Кроме того, Кассий было убийство плоттеры против Юлия Цезаря, который обманул невежественное Брута со словами предать лидера Рима.
Неисправность заключается в Джорджа Клуни и его #NeverTrumpers и продолжает быть так, как эта группа genocidists которой масса убитой более 500000 сирийцев и в настоящее время пытается поставить Европу выжженной земли в своей пропагандистской войне против России, являются проблемой, а не президент Козырь.
Пришло время для граждан их Священных Наций подняться и задержать этих заговорщиков Джорджа Клуни и поместить их в те же самые "безопасные зоны" их мусульманские домашние животные обязаны вернуться, так как есть числа психически больных и умственно отсталых лиц в богатой элиты, которые становятся террористами и боевиками из-за типа Клирик Клуни.