Friday, May 6, 2016

The anti Trump Wrist Slitters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is loose in the Republican party now a suicide demon literally influencing numbers of very deluded paid propagandists to influence the Patriot, Christian Cruz supporters to commit political suicide.

Their pounced-upon propaganda is a statement by Alexander Hamilton written to Theodore Sedgwick, concerning a rift of the power elite of New York in 1800 AD in the year of our Lord, concerning John Adams leading the Federal or Republican Party. This is the quote:

If the cause is to be sacrificed to a weak and perverse man, I withdraw from the party & act upon my own ground—never certainly against my principles but in pursuance of them in my own way. I am mistaken if others will not do the same.

This has now been indoctrinated into these disturbed paid propagandists to drink the kook aid, in offering it to Cruz supporters to kill themselves.

My purpose is to speak to the Cruz supporters who I have called boogers, because they followed a booger eater, in the same slap in the face General Patton gave a wayward soldier, who needed to be awoke to their American souls, and tell them the story of Alexander Hamilton's "high ideals" which are now championed as the Cruz ideals of #NeverTrump, so you understand what you are being asked to do, as Mr. Hamilton advocated the election of Thomas Jefferson, a liberal Democrat, over Republican John Adams, as the Hillary Clinton of the day against Donald Trump.

Thomas Jefferson was an absolute disaster for America, contrary to what the propaganda states. Jefferson was wonderful as a political theorist in the Declaration, but a disaster as President, and the same issue will take place with Hillary Clinton.

Jefferson dismantled the US federal military for the militia. Jefferson championed the French terrorists destroying France, which brought about Napoleon. His one win was the Louisiana Purchase, which was in fact a bribe by Napoleon. Other than that, America stagnated under Jefferson.

For Moms like Jenny Erickson, power just does not end, once you get a Hillary or Jefferson into office, as the mob continued on with electing another political theorist in James Madison, who was Jefferson's poison pen against Republicans.

So what fruits did Alexander Hamilton harvest for America in his most principled Conservative who like Jenny Erickson hates Donald Trump, for being a strong male?

With Americans disarmed, and allied with terrorists, Britain began seizing United States property and citizens on the high seas to serve in their military.
This led to the War of 1812, a British invasion, the American militia fleeing, and Washington DC burned by British troops as Madison fled. If not for 4 frigates, not line ships, purchased by John Adams and the Federal Congress, America would have ceased to exist and become a British colony again, for Hamilton's high principles.

And what was the outcome from Alexander Hamilton and his political writings? Madison and Jefferson so poisoned America against Hamilton, that Hamilton was called out to duel with Vice President, Aaron Burr, and Burr shot him dead.

So I am asking all of the Cruz supporters, as I am the only one looking out for you right now, history has proven that a mania against John Adams in his defeat is the same mania against Donald Trump. John Adams kept America out of war with Europe, stabilized America's economy and security, and left America with George Washington's legacy.
That is what Donald Trump is speaking to in that no foreign entanglements, building the military, securing American borders, are all John Adams policies.

There is not going to be an America left if Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan are in office, in this same insider GOP elite of New York ramping this up against Donald Trump. America has already been invaded by Jesuit and Muslims and they will win this time, because that is in Hillary Clinton's interest. The only reality with Jenny Erikson has not factored in, in her Mom attack, is that she is going to be dead in her streets as Alexander Hamilton, because that is what history proves.

Actions cause consequences. When you advocate political suicide for a nation, political assassination follows and overthrow is completed in a foreign regime seizing power in the upheaval.

I do not believe for a moment that Cruz supporters are going to abandon America and put Hillary Clinton into power. I do believe that numbers of these MOG's like Matt Walsh are as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, looking to bring America to the conglomerate heel and boot on the throat.
I told Cruz voters that Ted Cruz would come for you first, and sure enough, the first mantra has been for Cruz voters to commit political suicide, as Ted Cruz has abandoned them to his final solution.

If all of these traitors to America, preying on Cruz voters, are advocating for Hillary Clinton, the defeat of America and the political assassination by the left of all the Republican leaders, then they should be more blunt in simply writing about their lusts for blood, because that is the reality of Alexander Hamilton. If the Jenny Erikson types are ignorant of historical fact, then perhaps they should return to what they are good for, in being the mop to clean up the cheetos Glenn Beck fornicates with.

The Mantra of #NeverTrump Shall Be This - Politics - The ...

"If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, ... who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad ...

If Trump Wins The Nomination, I Won't Vote

If Trump Wins The Nomination, ... enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can ... not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish ...

As you can see, someone is coordinating for their own purposes the election of Hillary Clinton and the destruction of America, and her right wing political leaders by the left.

If you desire an exclusive in this, I will tell you that this is Ted Cruz, in his sulking vision of a Nixonian from the political ashes to rise to beat the unbeatable Clinton machine, expecting America to still be viable in 2020 or 2024.
Amanda Carpenter talking points.

Beware of your leaders handing you razor blades and running a hot bath for you, telling you that this will not have consequences.


Trump White Paper: USPS Revamp

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While Cockerboy Limbaugh and Cucker Matt Walsh, have joined a sadist chorus in trying to sabotage Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton and damning themselves for a premature pull out of Ted Cruz, I am moved to begin something, as I have had more than enough of the abrasive Ted Cruz and these MOG's tearing everything down. My policy is to promote solutions which as Benjamin Franklin carried out in America, is intended to solve things for all of us, and it is my hope that the Trump Administration will examine them and improve on them.

The Lame Cherry first advocacy is solving the United States Postal Service. No one likes it. It loses a fortune. It serves spammers and it is in desperate need to be modernized.

What if I were to tell you that the Lame Cherry's solution for the Trump Administration would make money for the US Government, drop the postal rate for letters to 20 cents per letter again, drop bulk shipments under UPS and Fed Ex in costs, and make the USPS a place where employees would be happy again.

It is all simple and it begins with the Postal Money Order. I move that the USPS modernize to compete at a cheaper rate than Paypal, for moving finances securely around the globe, as one of the premier currency transfer centers in the world.
Anyone could buy anything on line, send money anywhere, and do it from bank accounts or credit cards, instantly.
The Postal Money Order would become the most efficient ATM in the world.

This would be the profit share for the USPS, which would then be utilized to drop postal rates in underwriting them, and increase traffic of mail and shipping again, which would in turn increase the profit in bulk.

There are numerous things which can be implemented in this new era of technology, from automatic stamp machines, to the eventual selling of 49% of the Post Office to interests who would operate this in a public trust for profit, as a PUC, and be chartered for examination and renewal.
Americans would be silent partners at owning 51%, making profit for the work that each postal zone would generate.

Consider the world of drones, where the postal service will transform into. I seek not to end postal employees, but transform their work where they would operate robotics to deliver mail more efficiently.

Consider a USPS which could market, pay as you go, WIFI, which was affordable.

This is a simple solution, which would free Americans from this money pit of debt that is the USPS. The postal service should be self funding, and that can now be accomplished by transforming it to an inherent entity, a technological platform, and have this all managed by the best of capitalism in competition working for Americans.

Everything is solvable and can be made to work more efficiently. The USPS is such an entity.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sure this does not sound important, but try and make buns and you will find out that all that is buns is not equal size.

Mom used to just slice it off the main mother dough, but I am not that proficient in bun size, so the Holy Ghost said to me today, or weeks ago when you read this, "Roll it out into a dough log like you do for rolls, and then just slide it off".

God is very extremely bright, so you after the first knead down of the dough, just roll it into a log about 12 inches or a foot long......don't ask centi, milli or decimeters as I do not know....about the length of your radius is the measure.

Then just cut it in half with a sharp butcher knife as you are butchering the dough.

Half that again and you are in 4 pieces, and then divide them up to 3's. Go on the bias on the ends, as there is always less dough.

Then just fast shape them to a bun size....parchment paper....rise 30 minutes and you have buns.

I use a recipe by Anna Palmquist who has been deader than America before most of you were born. She was a sort of school marm they said, but she made good buns.

Recipe is something like........

4 cups flour
1 1/4 cup warm water with 1 tablespoon yeast and a shot of sugar to feed it.
2 tablespoons lard....hog lard or butter, but pigs make these heaven tasting.
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup cream

You might need to dust her down after the first raise as it will get sticky, but bread is always alive in one time it is sticky and the next time is dry and the next time it is just right, depending on the weather front.

The something like is just my roughing it out as she had 14 cups in her recipe, with cups of lard and sugar and things. It took a couple of batches of buns a day to feed threshing crews, and in my wee memory of Mom making these things I used to eat them by themselves like they were candy.

I always add lard and sugar, because wheat flour is sour. The cream helps too, all in that crumbly thing going on.

This makes a dozen buns and I am at a point in this life that just like ocean swells and not so tame horses, I like bread, as its dough does not intimidate me. You just need to work with it and not be bluffed. Rubber yellow gloves help my bravery in the issue along with the lovely heavy stainless steel pans which I now have that I could wear for a helmet.
Get a big stainless steel bowl, with curved sides so you can get a hold of that dough, otherwise I am told it is like sex in a Toyota, too much hands and not enough room to get at things.

Some day I want to make Finn rye bread, or German pumpernickel, as the secret to making that sweet is to leave it go beasty for a few days in the rye starches or whatever change to sugars and you get a nice Christmas thing going on.

How lovely it would be to eat Christmas cookies in Deutschland and go blast one of those big grouse they have, and have a Draathaur fetch it up, and serve it up with cranberry and cheesy potatoes .....a Butterball type with crackling fire and some kind of schnaps, but no singing as sometimes Christmas should be seen and not heard.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cockerboy Limbaugh

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rush Limbaugh told every enemy of Donald Trump, as in Chicoms to Islamocommunists, Cruz boogers and Hillary Clinton trolls, how to psychologically assault Mr. Trump today, and Limbaugh's treachery stated that all you had to do was call Donald Trump a "loser".

I hope that the Limbaugh half brains do this, because honestly, I know exactly what it is which would set off Donald Trump. I am not about to aid terrorists or trolls though as this cocksucker Rush Limbaugh did, because I am not a petty pervert seeking to destroy America and cause World War IV, for Big Koch profits.

For once my children, I am not going to tell you the forensic psychology of Donald Trump, because you do not need to know it, and these evil creatures which Limbaugh goads on would only use to to elect Mrs. Clinton.

Instead, let us in this adult game, upon inquiry, ponder Rush Limbaugh, the cocksucker, leading the COCKSERVATIVE movement of the cuckservatives.
Let us wonder about a Valentine's Day when little Rusty Limbaugh was having to have his mommy find a job for him out of failed college, because little Rusty was just laying fat on the couch having mommy make sandwiches for him.
Yes that year of 22 year old Rusty in Limbaugh's own stains, not upon a Monica dress like Bill Clinton. The cocker boy Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, who somehow got caught in a Florida airport with a suitcase full of Viagra, while in the company of Hollyweird males, on junket to the Caribbean, just like Jeffrey Epstein was flying Bill Clinton down to the West Indies to have children massage him.
Cockerboy Limbaugh thinks the mic has no Cassius consequences.


President Trump as of May 5th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Personally I am offended for the Cruz boogers. No not offended by them, but offended for them, because either they were the paid MOG's who were these quasi intellectuals doing the Limbaugh talking points of "principled, only conservative Ted Cruz" with, "well those trumpsters just are fans and have not thought this out", to the Cruztards who were drained of money by Cruz, were suckered he was a Conservative and just don't trust that Donald Trump, because Lyin' Ted told them Donald Trump changed positions on issues.

Rush Limbaugh today in his finger to wind, put the last shovel of dirt on Ted Cruz, as Limbaugh was under orders to bring the Cruzlings home. This is not genuine with Limbaugh, but his Mockingbird group is not quite powerful enough to withstand a Trump Administration retaliating on them, so they are busy as cuck ups, sucking up and doing the job of convincing brainwashed Cruztards that being retarded is legitimate, but now they can put their name by Donald Trump's name and not have the ghost of Reagan appear and have them dragged off to hell.

That sort of manipulation offends me, as the Cruz voters have been lied to and were a bit paranoid to begin with, and were just Cruz shock therapy for months, to drive them mad. What was done to Cruz voters is exactly what the Ashkenaz elders do to Jews, to make them paranoid to the world, to herd them into a group to keep them under control by terrorizing them.

My one point in this is simple to Cruz voters who have been so maligned and misused. Do you want to be in the group with Rob Meathead Reiner in supporting the election of Crook Clinton? That is the company you keep and Rush Limbaugh is now being paid to brainwash you away from that. I know you are intelligent people that when presented the reality and not electro Beck torture is not shocking you daily, you will get this figured out.

Here are the facts of what President Donald Trump will do, by his executive office on day one and the first 100 days. This will not require Congress or Courts, so you understand how he is going to start making a difference for Americans.

Donald and Melania Trump are going to be Ronald and Nancy Reagan, attending elegant galas to restore the Presidency to the honor it was. George Washington set that standard and that standard will be established for people to look up to that office with dignity.

President Trump will seal the United States borders, followed by implementing building the Trump Wall in the 2 year promise which he made.

Mr. President is not going to call foreign leaders, as he is not going to be tangled up in that at the start. He is going to phone up Nabisco and Ford and inform them that 35% tariffs will follow, in American companies employ Americans.
(I would add that even though Mr. Trump did not state this, to refute those on the tariff needing Congress. that the President controls Customs. Literally President Trump could shut down every Ford and cookie coming into America, to make the point to these conglomerates.)

President Trump is going to negotiate from the Oval Office, directly with Republicans and Democrats to create legislation that Bernie Sanders voters and Donald Trump voters will support so these horrid Congress people will put America first.

President Trump at 100 days in negotiations will ban Muslim entry into America.

If necessary, I will refute all of the MOG's or minders of government who say Donald Trump is not a dictator, so on trade and immigration he needs Congress. In principle that is correct, but I have written previously of Donald Trump, through the Treasury signs the checks which run the regime. Congress appropriates and spends money, but it is the Treasury which has the money and if the Sec. of Treasury enters into a Line Check Veto or he only signs checks to pay for Trump policies, the EPA would be dead in a month, and Congress can do absolutely nothing about it......and that includes Donald Trump can stop paying Congressional salaries as the Treasury has the money, and can refuse to cash Congressional checks.

The executive basically controls the military, law enforcement and the militia. Congress controls the money, and the Judiciary the trial process. It is checks and balances. If Donald Trump does not want something funded, he can stop payment or he can stop corporations dumping their foreign produced goods in America......and in fact, Donald Trump can seize every Ford coming into America, and then auction them off to Americans just the way law enforcement does.

We have witnessed the improper use of the executive under Bush41 and 43 in trying to bribe Congress with taxes. We have witnessed the criminal dictatorship of Barack Obama. For those with memories, we experienced Ronald Reagan, firing every airport union person on strike and replacing them, again the power of checks and law enforcement at work. That is what Donald Trump as President can do, and is what is legal Presidential authority.

I hope the Lame Cherry suggestions will influence the art of the Trump deal, because Donald Trump is not bound by Congress, and only checked. He has complete authority in many areas to protect America and Americans. He can not write laws, but he certainly can enforce the laws on the books to gain the policies needed for Americans.

Put it this way, when Big Koch is nation raping Americans, funding Congress to thwart Trump policy, is it improper for the FBI and IRS to use the courts to freeze all Koch assets in a legal investigation, and to take them into custody? If these nation rapists like Buffett and Soros and all of these billionaires begin realizing that their oversea investments are no longer going to be protected by the United States, and foreign regimes figure out that the Trump Administration will not look kindly on those nations who have a Buffett conglomerate in their midst.........chances are that asset will be seized and nationalized, which sort of has investors screaming at stockholder meetings and deposing these tycoons.

There are many things a President can do legally to bring the traitors in Congress to an Americans first way of thinking, instead of Koch first.

I am still here my children advocating for all of you. I intend to reawaken the memory of what a real American President is, from the notorious Abraham Lincoln to the executive George Washington, to benefit Americans first and last, and not be neutralized by a civil service state or a Congressional and Judicial group of traitors owned by the oligarchs.

Seize a half a billion dollars of Fords out of Mexico, and hand them off to Americans and see if Americans protest for Ford or cheer over their new Trump cars.

In most instances, the threat is all it will require as Ronald Reagan turned Americans loose on Congress and brought them to heel.

Nuff Said


Why Ted Cruz Fled The GOP Race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not my intention to belabor the subject of Ted Cruz, as everyone has had enough of him, from those who dislike him, to those were assaulted by him, to his supporters, whom he betrayed. There is though a reality in Lyin' Ted, was lying on his way out, and the Rush Limbaugh eulogy which Limbaugh spoon fed his audience about Ted Cruz getting out of the race was another 99% Limbaugh fiction.

So I was moved to inquire to fill in the blanks and this is what the matrix was revealing.

You have noticed in this that Ted Cruz, betrayed all the people he was funneling money to in Cruz blindsided Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh in not alerting them. If Cruz had any semblance of humanity in him, he would have had Amanda Carpenter make the calls to the few on top, so they would not go into meltdown like Mark Levin did.
For the record, this is what Ted Cruz was always about in giving Conservatism a loser and a bad name like Limbaugh gives the cause, and having Mark Levin froth at the mouth, simply was Cruz carrying out the agenda again, in manipulated Mark Levin up to the last in following script.

Each of you remember the confrontation which Cruz set up in Marion Indiana in trying to ambush the Trump Supporter which Rush Limbaugh smeared as Brain Dead, even though this American mopped the street with Cruz.

It was sometime after this event that the Truth of Ted Cruz getting out of the race began, because it was not some decision on his part which was thoughtful, because it if was thoughtful Rush Limbaugh would have gotten the call.......instead this was Ted Cruz saving himself as always.

A phone call was made to Ted Cruz sometime after  the confrontation. This phone call was from one of Cruz's billionaires. The billionaire had been contacted by the cartel, who had been advised by the Control, that the disruption of continuity in the American elections would cease.

There does not have to be any threats involved in the upper echelons as there are only understandings of what people are capable of in agreements made. The cartel contacted the billionaire who was assured that they would be discovering all sorts of legal problems and complete ruin, with imprisonment if Ted Cruz was not informed to cease his guerilla warfare which was about to set off a civil war in America.

The contact was about several Ted Cruz financial issues from his David Panton scamming in the West Indies for economic rapine, and the latest in Ted Cruz funneling billionaire Super Pac donations to a certain one man venue in Texas of around 8.3 million dollars, who like ACORN with Obama was cleverly laundering those funds to certain Glenn Beck propagandists for Ted Cruz to make up for financial shortfalls and to keep Limbaugh and Levin creating fantasies of Ted Cruz walking on water.

Mr Cruz was made to understand that his world was going to be orange jumpsuits and Vaseline as he became a black inmates girlfriend for life plus twenty years.

Mr. Cruz was made to understand that all backing, all CIA cover, all funding, and all assistance had ceased, and what followed would be indictments for his numerous crimes.

That is what set off the series of events of the Cruz meltdown and an exit where no one in the campaign was notified, nor any of the Limbaugh mouth whores, as it all happened so quickly. It is why Heidi Cruz was pictured so disgusted in she was going to be waking up with Ted Cruz until her divorce, after 'the deal' had been worked out, that Ted Cruz would have the nomination stolen for him, exactly as Obama did from Mrs. Clinton.

I had no intention of ever mentioning Ted Cruz again, but the inquiry from the matrix required posting, and I am not about to leave dangling Ted around trying to pick up Cleveland pieces, or trying to join the sabotage of Trump 2016, as Ted Cruz fully hopes like Mario Cuomo did of Bill Clinton, that it will be Ted Cruz 2020.

Ted Cruz is going to stay gone, because his crimes are still out there, known, and for this chorus of Limbaugh saboteurs against Donald Trump, they honestly need like National Review and the Weekly Standard to find themselves in court for their interesting funding and contacts, in how all of this money laundering brings you all this brainwashing.

This appears to be the "Nuff Said" part of the post as none of this interests me, other than having you aware that the Cruz Limbaugh version does not match, and the reason why Ted fled for his life, betraying his staff and all of his supporter, as he ran, leaving them looking like fools.

Nuff Said.



12.7 x 44r

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a secret.

It is not much of a secret as numerous other people know this, so it is not much of a secret. It is about the 12.7 x 44r.

I know that does not make sense and people are already turning off as they do not like to think, but the 12.7 x 44r is why Muslims are raping women in Sweden and Norway.

See long ago there was an American named Frederick Remington who was a genius at firearm design during the Civil War, and while you remember the Sharpes Rifles of the buffalo plains, the Remington Rolling Block was also the rival of Christian Sharpes.

The Rolling Block was an ingenious design. It was simple. It was strong and the Remington Creedmore would win the infamous Wimbledon, the real Wimbledon, not that fag tennis match, but the long range rifle shooting match.

Like all good wars though, the Civil War ended too soon, as Remington had tooled up to build these beautiful rifles under contract, and the US Government cancelled the contract after Remington had already spent the money to bankruptcy.

Not to be destroyed, Remington took his rifles overseas, and numbers of Europeans and South Americans purchased this model from Argentina, Spain and the crown Scandinavians of Norway and Sweden.

That is where the 12.7 x 44 appears, as the Swedish Crown had all these old muzzle-loading rifles and found that by putting the muzzleloading barrels into the Remington Rollingblock, they had a new modern rifle.

There were 40,000 of these turned over the Home Guard or the Norwegian and Swedish Militia. Yes Europeans were once like the Swiss and Americans, in they armed their people and taught them how to make war.

The 12.7 x 44 was the European version of the American 50.70 military cartridge. To decipher that the title might be 50 - 70 - 420 which would mean a 50 caliber ball, with 70 grains of black powder, which fired a 420 grain bullet.
You will recognize two names in Col. Buffalo Bill Cody and General George Armstrong Custer in firing the 50 70. General Custer did all of his hunting with this cartridge and wrote a long letter to Remington commending them on their rifle. It is still one of my regrets that the General did not survive to pen several hunting books on rifles, for us to learn from in the modern era.

Let us just say at this point, that I found a 12.7 x 44 in the junk, and the wonderful part of all of this which most of you do not know is all firearms older than 1899 are antique, so they do not require any Federal Firearms background checks or records by BATFE. To the federals this gun is no more than a broomstick and I like that part very much.

The reason the 12.7 x 44 is appearing in other nations in Europe and America from Sweden is the leftwing regime there went gun control nuts. Volumes of those firearms were too complicated to own in the regulations or the Swedes outlawed using them against hunting. More moose have been killed by the 12.7 x 44 in Sweden than any other cartridge, and yet it was deemed not big enough, when that same cartridge as the 50 70 in Buffalo Bill's hands set records in the number of bison killed.

This is a very good cartridge, which uses black powder and not nitro powder or smokeless powder due to it being an old firearm. Smokeless powder is clean burning, but it burns so fast and at such high pressures, that it will explode an old firearm. Loaded with black powder though or a substitute these old Rolling Blocks will be firing 200 years from now with just has much vigor.

The costly part is the ammo which is like 85 dollars for 20 shells. The solution is to purchase a 100 dollar set of reloading dies, a bullet mould for casting lead bullets, some primers and a press to put the cartridges together and then the ammo is cheap, save the brass casings.
The reality is though these brass casings last forever in low pressure loads in blackpowder. The old buffalo hunters would reload them hundreds of times, and that is what is going to be the solution once funds are enough to take this 300 dollar step.

The 12.7 x 44 though is European fascinating, as the factories which built the original barrels were off in various margins of error in some are not bored long enough for some cartridges and sometimes the rifling is a bit tighter or more loose. That is part of the adventure in this cartridge as you begin to learn your rifle in what she likes and does not like.

In researching the background in this article, it is wonderful to read of how intelligent people are on both sides of the Atlantic in they are shooting and reloading this cartridge. Some are having difficult times in the guns are not accurate and others who have figured out their rifles are shooting deer out to 200 yards in getting very good accuracy.

The secret to the 12.7 x 44 is that she prefers slow burning blackpowder loads. She loves bullets that are heavy in the 400 grain range, and if you feed her in that manner, she will respond to putting Sarah Palin moose on the table every shot.

The old Finn Aagard formula of moderate load, moderate ranges always ends up in good accuracy and things being dead.
I am a great fan of Elmer Keith also in he was always an advocate of big bullets, as they always were dependable compared  to the high velocity small rounds like the modern 223 Remington or 5.56 NATO.

So that is where the adventure begins: a rather misunderstood child of Sweden, who is becoming more scarce all the time. I spoke with a gentleman who said a few years ago, people from Sweden were being forced to dump these firearms to buyers over there and they would arrive in America by the few hundred every year, but now that number is dwindling to under 100 a year.
Sweden is disarmed and now has armed Muslim rape cock and the women have nothing to defend themselves as Andres Breivik is in the gulag.

This rifle in the junk pile is something which allows me to touch my greatest of heroes for yore in Billy Dixon and George Armstrong Custer in both were 50 men. For my price, this is where the adventure begins as I can not afford the fortune for a new rifle. I can though wonder about a rifle from 1869. George Custer would not be dead for another 7 years. The Swedish Militia was drilling with this gun. This gun no doubt has killed numbers of moose and red deer in Sweden. It had a wonderful history, in it no doubt was part of the Swedish defense in World War II against Germany and Russia. The family which had this gun kept it for almost 150 years, until the leftist regime took their heirloom and confiscated it so Muslims could rape their women in mass.

It now has come home on the range, and will grace my wall, where I will examine it minutely, find the stories in it, and make up stories about, and create stories in taking it along on adventures.

The propaganda always focuses on the non existent assault rifles, but these old rifles did the job in killing millions of Soldiers and killing even more food for the tables in Europe and America. I though with this 12.7 x 44r will be able to commune with this rifle more as I will know him, inside and out, and the adventures will be in crafting reloads on cool nights as I think of blowing holes in coyotes and other vermin.

There will probably be other stories concerning this firearm as people are interested in these various guns, and for those who stick around they will learn things in how all of this interconnects. Remove the guns and the Muslim rape cock replaces them. That loading has never changed and never will change.

I wonder if the French Sabot would work.

Nuff Said