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How to Shift an Obama Tranny


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You naughty children, peeking at Commander Jinn's drone assassination of RFID tagged operatives with no big donations. Well enough of that, as it is time to move on to another LC exclusive in matter anti matter sure to inform you.

Contents below.

As no one likes looking a fags, of course Anthea is our eye allure.

But first, let us listen to some music, German eh, and yes it is to put us in the mood for the brilliance here illuminating all of you. Come on now behave and follow orders, open a window and listen to the song as you read on, as it will all be more enjoyable.
Someone should have written Enigma for me and not a fictional character.

Do we have French Toast with this?

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Sherlock Holmes Theme song - YouTube
May 15, 2010 - Uploaded by grafou194
By Hans Zimmer in 2009, the name of this song is Discombobulate. I do not own this song. Sherlock Holmes ...

Here are some dots ......................... I give them to you, as you fail to connect them my children and brats. No I will not give you the lines, what do you think this is........a Bic factory eh?

Ok now the games on, so let us play. Sorry no appearances by Benedict Cumberbatch or Jeremy Brett.

You do like the music yes? Click it again when it runs out as it will in another 1:39 not check or you will discover how slow of fast you click while enjoying the tune.

So what is this about, but let me remind you of did I not inform all of you children  of how all those homosexual children just started appearing at the families of the heads of the Tea Party and the GOP a few years back.......and how it was all brought about by electronic conditioning?

Of course I did, and pleased I reminded you.

Do you remember how I told you all about Obama's brain being interceded? Yes yes, but this is different stuff.....more advanced than what the jinn's copy was administered.

So back to the game.........

There was that Bruce Jenner. The Wheaties Bi Athelon or something champion from the Olympics in giving a gold to the Americans back when the world was still the stoned ages. Yes pun on words.......I am brilliant by God eh?
No question, that should have been a rhetorical.

So this was interesting me for some time in this Jenner twat thing. Not the twat, but I knew something was afoot as I know such things. I have no money nor time though as the big donors do not pony up that 350, 000 dollar donation, but then here am I again appearing on the center stage.

So there is Bruce and his medal. Yeah they did not like that in East Germany. Oh yes, back before the wall fell, and then there was this woman who was getting dicked by one of those steroid athletes behind the Iron Curtain, and she was all upset that Bruce won the on Wheaties boxes. I like Wheaties, heavy crem fresh and sugar, is a pretty good taste, except for the chems.

That is the deal in this in this pedophile legalized agenda. You got your Tea Party and GOP all being straight, and then fag Obama before he was a chicken entree and those people having their children all going gay, and silencing the opposition. Then you got the next step as Obama jinn just loves those silky panty boys and those dykers who wear burlap undies scratching their snatch........all progresses see, and the German frau who liked Olympic dicks, is running that phase now, and sure enough she presses it hard on poor Bruce Jenner.
Man that man sure has had a time in being driven nuts by those Kardashian tramps and then the Berlin babe turns a wave into his brain to turn him into a man who wants his dick and balls cut off........without Lorainna Bobbett included.

If I need to decipher the mind of Lame Cherry, here goes for the slow at grey matter. The cartel is pushing their destruction of Christianity for the illuminated one, and these elite like sexing up children as it is a power thing in the the Greeks used to sport kids for the prestige.
It just so happens that the East German frau who was being dicked by the East German olympian who Jenner beat, is in charge of this phase, and she in revenge turned an alpha brain wave realignment onto Bruce. Yes is duality, but why not castrate the Wheaties box boy as you are pleasing the cartel masters.
Has something to do with she didn't want a loser dick in her frau box, so that sort of ended the romance, but hell is a woman scorned, as has a long revenge line in keeping that flame stoked up to make Bruce an oddball step to legalized pedophilia.

I leave that at that in explaining how Bruce Jenner went odd and why. Story is probably more interesting now. See they got an implant in him and are still zapping him.....if the current was turned off, Bruce would go normal again. They fed it to him unaware...just need the wave and it all tuned in......that is how you get right wing children to be fags and Bruce Jenner waving his American flag desiring now to be a freak with a grin.

Suppose that will up my security watch level now.

Nuff said.


a more moral regime

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us not quibble that America has any form of government in the 21st century. It is a regime like all the rest of the feudal world and made that way by the image of Birther Hussein Obama.

Let us not though neglect the words of Lame Cherry in the need for responsible Liberty, or more to the point the words of President Theodore Roosevelt on his South American expedition, in which he explained the reality of the fact that, as these United States have become an uncivilized and barbaric people now, it is required to build civilization that a more moral regime must once again arise.

Theodore Roosevelt

"The bulk of these good people who profess religion will continue to be Catholics, but the spiritual needs of a more or less considerable minority will best be met by the establishment of Protestant churches, or in places even of a Positivist Church or Ethical Culture Society. Not only is the establishment of such churches a good thing for the body politic as a whole, but a good thing for the Catholic Church itself; for their presence is a constant spur to activity and clean and honorable conduct, and a constant reflection on sloth and moral laxity.

The government in each of these commonwealths is doing everything possible to further the cause of education, and the tendency is to treat education as peculiarly a function of government and to make it, where the government acts, non- sectarian, obligatory, and free—a cardinal doctrine of our own great democracy, to which we are committed by every principle of sound Americanism. There must be absolute religious liberty, for tyranny and intolerance are as abhorrent in matters intellectual and spiritual as in matters political and material; and more and more we must all realize that conduct is of infinitely greater importance than dogma. But no democracy can afford to overlook the vital importance of the ethical and spiritual, the truly religious, element in life; and in practice the average good man grows clearly to understand this, and to express the need in concrete form by saying that no community can make much headway if it does not contain both a church and a school."

That is the essence in this, that it is not the intellectual nor the clergist alone which creates a community to raise a child, but a family, led on Christian principles and educated to higher understanding for advancement, so as to not become degraded by superstitions, any more than be retarded by too much university dogma.

Comprehend all of that in this Continentalist era of the Lame Cherry to come.

Do not expect decency or humanity from a world now established with self serving regimes, whose only objective is to steal resources with the claim of redistribution to the masses, when in reality the scheme is nothing but stealing from political opponents, and then laundering those funds through the political slave masses to be reassembled into the accounts of the feudal few.


Friday, April 24, 2015

The Obama Commander


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As all have been lied to and have not figured out their ass from a hole in one, about Obama taking responsibility for the murder of two hostages in Pakistan........I ask you when in the hell has this Birther image ever taken credit for anything, but other people's success?

American, Italian hostages killed in US drone strike
WASHINGTON (AP) — Blaming the "fog of war," President Barack Obama revealed Thursday that U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan inadvertently killed an American and an Italian, two hostages held by...

Now that you got your head out of the first hole, I will give you the information on this, so you can stop being ignorant.

First, the image announced this as commander in chief of the US military, not to take blame, but to give warning to his terrorists, that it is protecting them from 1600 Penn Avenue.

What you do not know is the "hostages" who were murdered, were done so, because they were shadowlands intelligence operatives in a distinct operation. These agents were implanted with RFID tags in order to track them, and locate the entire terror network which image Obama has constructed since 2009 AD in the year of our Lord.

That is why they were hit by drones. These operatives were taken out in order to protect the terror network. That is why the image was acting chieftain in taking responsibility. It was informing it's terrorists that it controls the US military, and will use that military to protect it from shadowlands agents, in the same way the SEALS were hit previously who had assassinated the actor playing  bin Laden, something that got Andrew Breitbart snuffed.

Do not have much time for this as I am poor. At least you now understand the groundwork of this and what took place.

Why the hell is they?

They murdered the agents who were sent in to track the Obama terror network, and they did it with full protection of the entire police state.

Patagonia Puma

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dr. Francisco Moreno, was one of the preeminent naturalists of South America, suffering from a mountain lion attack in personal experience. What follows is a reality that certain animals in specific states do indeed become deadly toward man.

L. Craig OGorman related the public information that the Yellowstone coyotes actually became aggressive. The Yellowstone in North America is a unique niche of bad behavior, as the wolves there as certain as the grizzly bears are notorious for being quite  aggressive toward humans.

The following is the reality, and with the cartel now breeding and stocking dangerous predators across the globe, there will soon enough be not just Bowser and Tabby being eaten, but the Man Eaters of Tsavo will return.

"But there is one particular spot in southern Patagonia where cougars, to the doctor's own personal knowledge, have for years been dangerous foes of man. This curious local change in habits, by the way, is nothing unprecedented as regards wild animals. In portions of its range, as I am informed by Mr. Lord Smith, the Asiatic tiger can hardly be forced to fight man, and never preys on him, while throughout most of its range it is a most dangerous beast, and often turns man-eater. So there are waters in which sharks are habitual man- eaters, and others where they never touch men; and there are rivers and lakes where crocodiles or caymans are very dangerous, and others where they are practically harmless—I have myself seen this in Africa.

In March, 1877, Doctor Moreno with a party of men working on the boundary commission, and with a number of Patagonian horse-Indians, was encamped for some weeks beside Lake Viedma, which had not before been visited by white men for a century, and which was rarely visited even by Indians. One morning, just before sunrise, he left his camp by the south shore of the lake, to make a topographical sketch of the lake. He was unarmed, but carried a prismatic compass in a leather case with a strap. It was cold, and he wrapped his poncho of guanaco- hide round his neck and head. He had walked a few hundred yards, when a puma, a female, sprang on him from behind and knocked him down. As she sprang on him she tried to seize his head with one paw, striking him on the shoulder with the other. She lacerated his mouth and also his back, but tumbled over with him, and in the scuffle they separated before she could bite him. He sprang to his
feet, and, as he said, was forced to think quickly. She had recovered herself, and sat on her haunches like a cat, looking at him, and then crouched to spring again; whereupon he whipped off his poncho, and as she sprang at him he opened it, and at the same moment hit her head with the prismatic compass in its case which he held by the strap. She struck the poncho and was evidently puzzled by it, for, turning, she slunk off to one side, under a bush, and then proceeded to try to get round behind him. He faced her, keeping his eyes upon her, and backed off. She followed him for three or four hundred yards. At least twice she came up to attack him, but each time he opened his poncho and yelled, and at the last moment she shrank back. She continually, however, tried, by taking advantage of cover, to sneak up to one side, or behind, to attack him.

Finally, when he got near camp, she abandoned the pursuit and went into a small patch of bushes. He raised the alarm; an Indian rode up and set fire to the bushes from the windward side. When the cougar broke from the bushes, the Indian rode after her, and threw his bolas, which twisted around her hind legs; and while she was struggling to free herself, he brained her with his second bolas. The doctor's injuries were rather painful, but not serious."

Theodore Roosevelt. Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Experience number two observed by Dr. Moreno:

"Twenty-one years later, in April, 1898, he was camped on the same lake, but on the north shore, at the foot of a basaltic cliff. He was in company with four soldiers, with whom he had travelled from the Strait of Magellan. In the night he was aroused by the shriek of a man and the barking of his dogs. As the men sprang up from where they were lying asleep they saw a large puma run off out of the firelight into the darkness. It had sprung on a soldier named Marcelino Huquen while he was asleep, and had tried to carry him off. Fortunately, the man was so wrapped up in his blanket, as the night was cold, that he was not injured. The puma was never found or killed."

Experience number three observed by Dr. Moreno:

"About the same time a surveyor of Doctor Moreno's party, a Swede named Arneberg, was attacked in similar fashion. The doctor was not with him at the time. Mr. Arneberg was asleep in the forest near Lake San Martin. The cougar both bit and clawed him, and tore his mouth, breaking out three teeth. The man was rescued; but this puma also escaped. The doctor stated that in this particular locality the Indians, who elsewhere paid no heed whatever to the puma, never let their women go out after wood for fuel unless two or three were together. This was because on several occasions women who had gone out alone were killed by pumas. Evidently in this one locality the habit of at least occasional man-eating has become chronic with a species which elsewhere is the most cowardly, and to man the least dangerous, of all the big cats."

Theodore Roosevelt. Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Those are the realities of an animal which easily kills deer and elk, both larger than humans. It only requires one more aggressive animal, to interbreed with other mountain lions in order to create a Patagonia class which preys on all people. America does have such stories in it's past, but have been discounted. America though is a locality of more aggressive aboriginals and whites over the history who killed off the more aggressive predators.
That situation has now all been warped.

When even Wikipedia has an information page on man eating mountain lions since 1900 AD in the year of our Lord, inside these United States, then this is something which is not just a rare event as Theodore Roosevelt was ignorant of, but widespread of the species, a species which the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the cartel is turning these dangerous predators loose on Americans, with the wolf and coyote.

nuff said


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lame Cherry always proven right in time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

From the mouths of Patriot babes.........

Patriots star: Was Obama drunk?
The Hill - 6 hours ago
At least one New England Patriots player thought that perhaps President Obama was intoxicated when he joked Thursday about the team's ...Gronkowski wonders if Obama was 'wasted' when he made his Deflategate joke
USA TODAY - 7 hours ago

From the Lame Cherry blog long ago in Obama being stoned on Benghazi eve............

Lame Cherry
8 hours ago - As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. My children and the brats, of this information some of you will scoff, some will light up ...

Obama was STONED

Obama was STONED on ... STONED on the night of ...

Obama's Dirty Laundry

Obama's Dirty Laundry, second load. As another Lame ...

The reality is that a jinn or shapeshifter can not get drunk or stoned, even in manifesting a human form, as spirits are not affected by alcohol..........this jinn though is affected by "adoration" and got silly with all the festive attention.


The End Times Weapon


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children and the brats, of this information some of you will scoff, some will light up and jump from the boat like Peter before they are sunk and others will rightfully fear it as it is something you are not ready to touch.
I teach you though of things you have no idea of whether you are ready or not, as one day in the darkness you will relate the legend of Lame Cherry and what she told you, as you cower in your deepest fears with the satanic closed around you in death.

You have seen the pentagram, the 5 pointed star of the satanists or the witches, but you have no idea what it is, as it is not part of worship of demons, but ritual. You need to understand the 5 pointed star like the 6 pointed Star of David, are part of the sacred geometry......the line, the triangle, the square, the rectangle, all which form the circle of life.......the Tree of Life.

The pentagram is the number 5 and as it is a number and geometric valuation of the demonic, it is of their number and it has power over them. It is a wet number, where the 6 is a dry number of fallen man, or is it the other way.
The pentagram is not for worship of demons, but it is for capturing them. The five pointed star is where a demon is enticed into, and then captured for use or questioning. It is termed the devil's trap.

The practioners give you salt, ash or stone to construct the pentagram in their rites, but I give you a new weapon to construct in this spiritual warfare in which you are not ready to tread.

The prayer of the mind, the Spiritual Thought, constructs as in the Kaballah, the Sacred Geometry, by this I explain, in Jesus Name, you draw that five pointed star with the Light of God, and you place it in the circle, as you witness it in three dimension, like a cat's cradle, a dream catcher, and that is what you send to the butterfly wind, littering your brier patch with a mine field of these traps, with full intent in them to hunt, capture and bind for hell every demon, dark energy or intent aimed at you.

Last night I constructed a field of these, and slept soundly for the first time in a very long time. I give to you the rest of the day.

The doe goat who was being bothered was out.

Both of my turkey nests were destroyed by a predator.

My coyote trap was sprung.

In trying to move a plant, an object refused to let it's leaf go.

As I was placing the wash on the line to dry, I returned with clothes pins, and an immense gust cleared about 1/2 of the laundry from the line.

I developed a severe rash out of nowhere on my thigh.

Something was trying to get a chainsaw to do damage to me as I was cutting trees.

All signs in the spiritual world that some things were immensely antagonist that my butterflies captured their winged hart as her legions remained.

Never show compassion on a demon, never give them quarter, never concern yourself that you are upsetting God's Plan by imprisoning them to hell, as their like demons will come for you to manifest in every way as this is absolute deadly warfare.

I give you now a bonus you have never considered, no more than the above as you are ignorant and uninspired.

You know of the 5 pointed star. That is the dark spiritual number star. The six pointed star is the physical star. Construct that star and lay it upon evil adversaries in human form, and it imprisons them too.

I have now given you two star weapons, which you are not prepared to use nor comprehend the depth of this complicated warfare, as you are juveniles in this, one dimensional and cowering is what you do best and the worst of you pick up the sword and charge out to cause more problems thinking you will seize glory, instead of Glorifying God.
The stars will not work on the Faithful, so you brats should be warned of that in the cause and effect.

That is as much insight as I will provide in teaching you of these things. The astute will have their eyes open and realize things they have never contemplated exist in the hidden knowledges, which only appear in fringe in amateur works of Jewry and witchcraft.

I warned all of you previously that you know nothing of the depths of what I know and experience, and you are uninspired like worms on a path to Angels. Some of you have traveled far and are beginning to see the Light, but now realize how far in the future I really abide.

Be humble and learn of our Christ and perhaps when you are carried by Him to be able to take a few steps, you will be able to comprehend the weapons above in their effective use.

agtG 268YY