Monday, December 31, 2012

The Blank Screen

The lesson this week is one which seems to be confusing a lot of people these days and it is homosexuality. We see on the news one person saying it is wrong and being vilified and the next person ordained and in the pulpit in some churches.
I always defer to the Bible, since it is the literal Word of God. Thereby stating what God’s will is on this and any subject. Because the truth of the matter is, Jesus will be judging all of this when He returns as the Word. So what He says is the Way it is, no matter what someone else says.

In Leviticus 18:22, we find the first time homosexuality is spoken of in the Bible. The Lord of the Old Testament who is Jesus is laying down the laws of social conduct.

It is written, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is an abomination.”

If You need a better rendering of what Jesus is stating, it is, “There will never be sexual relations between men as is the accepted intercourse which I have given between a husband and his wife. Such homosexual actions are a disgusting hatred to God.”

Again in Leviticus 20:13, It is repeated, “If a man has sex with another man as is between a married man and woman, both of these men have committed a disgusting act which God hates. They will surely be judged and put to death, and, both their death and sins will be upon them.”

That is what the Bible says in plain understanding. If You hear someone stating otherwise, they are not speaking from the Word of God.

In fact St. Paul in the New Testament in Romans 1:26 –27 in being moved by the Holy Spirit writes, “For the reason that people loved themselves more than God, He gave them over to vile lusts; for even their women had sex with each other against God’s plan.
Likewise, the men leaving God’s plan for marriage with a woman, left them and desired each other and committed homosexual acts and receiving for themselves a judgement which fit their actions.

So, whether it is called gay, homosexual, lesbian or bi……it is all disgusting to God and the people who carry out these actions will be judged on them.
It makes no difference how much people twist what is said, come up with spin words like homophobe or any other nonsense…in the end they will be judged and sent to hell (the lake of fire) just as all unrepentant sexual actions will be.
See, the only sex, which is legal, before God is between a married husband and wife with each other. God is not “picking” on homosexuals, as they would say.
For, 1 Corinthians 6:9 states, “Fornicators (sex outside marriage) and idolaters (people who look to other things than God), adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, those seeking the world’s wealth, drunks (drug addicts), liars and blackmailers will not see the kingdom of God.

Our God is a Loving God. He is our example as Christians in how to deal with homosexuals or any other sinners who are at enmity with God.
For what is more loving, To tell someone the activity is wrong, will destroy them emotionally and lead to death…..or to tell them to do their own thing?

This is God’s Law and what He states in both what is acceptable sexual activity and what will happen to those unrepentant in violating His Law.
If people have a problem with God’s Laws, take it up with Him. He will never change His Laws, but at least the sinner will be talking to God instead of sinning for the moment…..and that is a start.

God watch over and keep You all.