Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Welsh Corgi

This might sound odd but up until a few months ago I did not know who Christian Bale was no more than a bale of hay. Yes I am out of touch with the popular people. The Tiger Lily informs my world of things and I often ask them in the grocery line at the tabloids who people are and the reply does come they don't know who they are either. TL just had me listen to a Christian Bale meltdown from the Terminator set. It is an amusing F word rant and it reminds me of the fact that some actors are tennis actors and some actors are soccer actors.

By this I explain that long ago Dustin Hoffman was on set with Sir Laurence Olivier. Hoffman was character acting beating himself up acting like he was a woman in labor over every scene. Sir Laurence finally being fed up with Hoffman cut him down with the phrase "My boy, you must really try acting sometime."

Now I like Mr Bales' acting or I should say I like the writers who put words in his mouth, I like the directors who teach him what to do, I like the lighting people that make him look good in setting moods, I like the costume designers who make him look in character. But taking all that away, Christian Bale is like most actors Christian Bale playing the same role over and over again in the same likeable way. The reality is Christian Bale goes Sandy Hook because he does not have it in him like most tennis players or golfers to be able to do a job like a football player or a soccer player with distractions going on. Imagine you at your job with someone walking in the background and you screaming like a maniac because it distracted you. People are asked to perform all the time in their jobs under what is considered life. Some people are multi millionaires who think acting actually means something in a pretend world that pretending what they are doing actually has value. As Heath Ledger proved, when the lights go out the world lives on.

Christian Bale should remember that real people do not have jobs and that Christian Bale should really try acting.


PS: Mr Bale, penance can be made by donating to this blog in six figures as I actually have your Obama operatives attempting to assassinate me and I can't F word my way out of things and I still have to do the job.
Easy there Sparky.