Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The American fag

I really do not get what it is with the American fag, because being queer is just not enough for them really, as they just can not be having feces penis sex or stink kitty sex, but they just have to gay parade it all.

When AIDS broke in the 1980's there was Rock Hudson bragging that he laid a wet sloppy kiss on one of John Derrick's vixens..........you know John as Aarron from 10 Commandments, but he had Bo Derrick later and that Crystal femme on Dynasty.........forget her name and am looking up Joan Collins blonde balance in Linda Evans.......yeah she was with Heath, Fall Guy in the Big Valley.

Point is AIDS was scaring the hell out of people and Rock Hudson thought it was a joke slobbering over this Evans woman spitting in her mouth when he was full blown HIV.

That is what is so bizarre about Neil Patrick Harris in the poster fag for Hollywood. Anyone trying that hard to be funny and prove he is happy in being puffy lips, is protesting a bit too much. CBS goes out of it's way to pamper this guy and he gets all the big hosting jobs as he stars in How I met Your Mum, which I never watch as the show drags major, but Harris is talented and amusing on it.

He also though is not a fag, but plays a Charlie Sheen type man whore, and his latest whore was Coby Smulders pictured above. That woman really has one rotten name, but with make up she does look ok if one does not look too close at her.

I just do not get why Harris is in need as a character to prove he is attractive to women times 10. Would it not be as funny if Harris was out dirty dicking new man toys every night and puting the lip gloss on them?
Why is a fag only funny in England and in America they have to over the top like Ellen or Rosie in being so lesbian screamer, that it is just loud and obnoxious.

I get none of this as I do not practice nor master abomination sex according to God's standards.

The internet is interesting in I used to lurk about and was constantly propositioned by lesbians mistaking me for one. One even hit on me on Newsbusters............weird event yes, but Noel Sheppard digs Camille Paglia.
I even had a gay male come onto me once in mistaking me, to which I set him straight on the facts of life and literally ministered to him in Christian terms. It was interesting on chat and he literally dropped his bravado and in closing thanked me for the lecture in telling him he was wrong.
Point is, if men are so sodom in being born that way, one conversation with me would not have shaken him to his core and had him stop what he was doing in being queer.

Do I really think Doogie Howser is gay? Not in the least. His wiring is just screwed up by something that happened to him, and now he is a straight man acting out on stage crying to be set free.
Same with Ellen in she is just an ugly dyke who just needed a man to make a woman of her.

Being gay is horrid, and is why they go by gay and not sodomite, fag or queer, as they do not want to face the reality of what troubles them. No one in their right might wants to be defined by things shoved up their unmentionable areas. It is as I have stated forever it is like being labeled if your navel was in our out and basing your entire life on that.
Certainly is not reason to marry someone and yet gays base their entire existences on sex as their defintion and sex always runs out.......that is why gays never stay together as the thrill is gone and there is nothing Christian, hobby or Spiritual in the connection.

I would that Neil Patrick Harris was really happy, but he is not. He is miserable and desperately seeking something which he can not find. The answer is Christ in a Spiritual nature in changing Mr. Harris into who he is supposed to be and not the fag he thinks he is.

The American fag is really a troubling creature. As troubling as these Obama women who want to be dirtied up by voting for him as punishment and the fairy boyfriends and husbands who vote for Obama hoping he will tame the bitch they can not tame.
When people, male or female, are acting out in gaining attention, there is something wrong inside with them and they are hiding by pumping up the volume as when they are alone at night in the darkness the reality of all they are crashes down too loud for them.

I for one could not be a Coby Smulders acting, taking it home to my spouse, knowing I had my lips on Doogie's lips, which were on a male penis which had been covered in feces. I certainly could not be the husband of Ms. Smulders knowing where her lips had been, no matter the fortune nor the fame.

Just is all sad and nothing happy about any of this. People acting out to try to hide out of the closet and then putting the excrement lips onto someone's wife who takes it home to the husband and kids.

Wonder if Neil Patrick Harris ever thinks about that in the dark of the night. That would trouble a normal moral person.

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