Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the end

That same Hillary. She must have 5000 yr old mastodon nuts for as tough as she is. That is one ballsy old woman. Think of it my children. Almost a month ago she got the Obama flu and could not fly to the middle east on her victory lap with huma and she survived that brain cancer scare but it was all a big ole blood clot swimming around the gray matter.

Yes ma'am that Hillary Clinton is one tough hombre.

Sort of odd though isn't it that a big ole blood clot which should just produce massive headaches instead was giving Hillary the tummy ache but she gritted it out for a month. Some stories just don't add up like Richard Holbrooke having his heart pulled after a conversation with Hillary Clinton and no one but this blog bothered to note the dichotomy of the story.

 Listen my children and you shall hear a new little tale upon this new year. It was in the winter in a Benghazi dive where hardly a man is now alive.

Analgate is bigger than the failed kidnapping  of Obama Chris Stephens for his 2012 campaign. It is bigger than Obama terror camps. It is bigger than Obama transporting al Qaeda out of Afghanistan. It is bigger than the caliph. It is bigger than it all. We know this my children because Hillary Hamrod Clinton just got the bill Casey treatment. She is now brain dysfunctional and nobody wants a saggy old retard corpse for 2016. They didn't shoot Hillary Clinton's wad. The cartel for Obama just neutralized Hillary Clinton for 2016.

Those radar waves leave signatures and tracksthat I have been speaking about. You cannot feel the damage they are ddoing. You will not notice a thing. Your eyes or your brain will just start bleeding. The censors will pick it up though and in DC that entire area is either Faraday or under satellite. To zap Mrs Clinton there was the shadow lands at work.

This only happens by the real powers.

You figure the rest out