Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Obama Nig

Look if you do not like the racist titles, then complain to the Letterman Cocktail Crowd, Jason Whitlock....he only get to look in the window at the white rich folks, or some other feudalist as there are loads of them who always have something to say starting with the saltines like you reading this.

Where was I?

Sure Marco Rubio is joked about being the Obama Nig. I told you exclusively that Obama was the pony to replace Jesse Jackson in 2008 to herd the Jason Whitlock voters of Afroids into place. I still do not believe the cartel figured the white whores and the white pimps in guilt who wanted to get it stiff from a black man to dirty up the biotch, but the end result is Hillray Clinton got politically raped in 2008 and was on her knees in front of B. Hussein for 4 years of humiliation.

Hillray sounds better than Hillary.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Rubio is Jeb Bush's Desinger Deigo, you know the hispanic that Obama was the black to bring in that Mexican vote.
Rubio is joked about......yeah I liked Rubio, until he sold out and the reason he is in power now is he sold out to the Aspen Hippies, that Prescott Bush crew, and Rubio has one purpose in this and that is to prance around in Iowa showing all the white folks that beaners aren't scarey, and do all that Sarah Palin stuff, before Mitt Romney is handed the prize.

Is all simple once somone like Ms. Cherry points this stuff out.

Look, the book is in......literally. I told you Jeb Bush is having some libertarian write his book for him. Jeb is remaking a new coalition of perverts and Mexicans to win in 2016. It is these libertarians who are now Godless, but gay, and dope heads that Bush wants with his Mexican base.
Problem for olde Jeb is he is fat and old and Jewish. That does not appeal to Mexicans, even if you are laying the latino in bed.

So you got a George Jr. or something chattering Mexican, and then you run this cousin El Busto in Texas to campaign for your Mexicans then. Then you send out Marco Rubio for all the rest of them that word now more and more as Mark Levin hates it as Richard Nixon generated it.....

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so Rubio is the Designer Deigo.........the Obama from 2008. The herd master of the Mexicans...........

Got to say this, really baffled them patricians how hard them black mamas voted for Obama. They used to spread hard for the white man, but dropped fast for Chinese Obama, as they just love that power thing. Joke is that if they put in Banana the Gorilla from the Cincinanti zoo, that black women would be down for the count for him too.

Hey, you don't like it, complain to the racists as those are the types of jokes..............

Did you hear the one about Bob Costas?

How does Bob Costas get Obama into the Lincoln Bedroom?

He has Jovan Belcher shoot Kasandra Perkins.

I never said they were funny to normal people, but they get a big chuckle from the Letterman cocktail crowd. Is really funny when you got Eddie Murphy with the white whore he is now pounding walking about the party trying to be Bill Cosby smart and everyone is laughing at him.

You had to be there pissing in the cognac bottle, as the patricians just love that salty taste........

You didn't know that all the elites think booze has a salty taste?

Hell yes LaBelle, the help and the popular girls have been pissing in the punch for generations and that is why the bigs always think booze has a salty flavor.
Just only accept drinks from the bottle you pissed in.

Where was I?

So the game is Rubio is sent out to herd the Mexicans into Jorge Bush's voting block with Rand Paul........he sold out the Ron Paul folks to sniff the slipper.

That leaves Hillary Clinton with Rahm Emanuel..........Deep Tutu wants to run for higher office to get picked for Vice President...........Newt can be Secretary of State or something.

Sets up 2016 and now you do not have to pay attention to things as you are going to be financially wiped out...........I see Lowell Ponte is saying all that now just like this blog. I like intellect I admire.

Enough of this as am rode hard and put away wet wore out.

Who wants wings of bird to fly away when a million dollar wing would buy a winter's sleep.

Odd in I have always been a good enough person. Give credit to God, Jesus is my Lord, do what is write, am not a whore and yet I'm the poor one, while these Mockingbird racists like Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock who are going to hell are the rich ones with the gonzo bucks.

Jesus Christ, literally, You would think a bunch of God cursed sinners going to hell would be hounded in guilt to donate to this blog as some sort of penance to make them feel like they are not going to hell and nothing but damned trash.
Be better than hiring a whore or getting stoned with a gay sex boy.